Hair Dryer ION Shine Ceramic

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Product Description

If ionic energy is the future of frizz & flyaway control and the end of static electricity, then Conair makes sure ions do their work by creating a dual ionic port system that insures double the ionic coverage - for all-around shine! This Conair ionic hair dryer has an On/Off switch and it comes with a drying power of 1875 Watts, Cool shot button, 15 settings combination with 3 speed/4 heat settings, Product Color: Blue Metallic.

  • Ionic energy helps to reduce dulling and static electricity.
  • Ionic on/off switch with LED display.
  • Dual ionic ports.
  • Ceramic Heat Technology for even heat distribution and less frizziness.
  • Limited Two Year Warranty.
Customer Reviews:
  • I won't recomend it
    The airflow is very low even with the highest speed! The weight of this dryer is also ridiculous. The only good thing about this blow dryer is the wide range of heat settings, but that really doesn't mean anything with the super low airflow. It takes forever to dry my hair. The air is also very difuse and it makes styling difficult. I am very sure that this is one of the worst dryer in my life!...more info
  • Fewer flyaways!
    I had only bought very cheap hair dryers in the past, but was curious about ionic dryers. I decided to try this one out, and I'm really pleased with it. It's relatively quiet which is always a plus. Also, it has multiple heat settings and intensity of air force settings as well. The hottest temperature never burns my hair, scalp or ears. And the ionic technology leaves my hair significantly softer and I have fewer flyaways than with a normal hair dryer. I think (while you can definitely get this item cheaper at discount stores) this is item is worth the investment!...more info
  • Wrong Price Again
    Once again this hair dryer was At Walmart for $19.00 and Target for $21.99. Have you guys been checking your prices before selling these items. I always thought that Amazon was the cheapest place to shop, But I have not found this to be true in the hair dryers and coffee pots that I was looking for at Christmas time. I am really sorry to find out that your prices are now haigher than shopping at the stores. I would recommend that Amazon shoppers start looking at there stores before palcing an order from now on....more info
  • Faster drying without the damage
    I love this hairdryer! Not only does using this dryer take much less time than my old Revlon dryer, but it does not singe my hair. With my old dryer, I was damaging my hair, and after drying for as long as I could stand, I still couldn't get rid of some of the frizziness. This new Conair Ceramic Ionic Dryer is able to give me smooth hair without singeing and in much less time. ...more info