Final Fantasy I & II Dawn of Souls
Final Fantasy I & II Dawn of Souls

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Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls changes the classic gaming series' at its origins. Now you can feel how it was for those old-school role-players, when they discovered its intense, immersive gameplay! All-new dungeons and dialogue scenes to challenge and thrill gamers

  • In Final Fantasy I, gamers must pick a team of four heroes, then set off to battle the forces of Chaos and try to save the world
  • Choose the right jobs, and use them to fight off the dangerous new enemies
  • Pick up new weapons for use against your foes - and collect Phoenix Down to enhance your magical powers
  • In Final Fantasy II, four orphans will unite and face a powerful threat - and undo an evil empire
  • No leveling up through experience -- weapons and abilities increase in power the more they are used

Customer Reviews:

  • If you liked Final Fantasy II, Watch Out!
    This is a cleaned up version on Final Fantasy I, for the GBA. Mostly everything you loved from the original RPG that started it all is here, with improved graphics and sound. Even the original's impressive music is enhanced, not changed. HOWEVER, if you buy this game hoping to get Final Fantasy II, the adventure of Cecil the Dark Knight of Baron, you'll be disappointed. USA's Final Fantasy II (for the SNES) was released in Japan as Final Fantasy IV! This game pack does not include that game! Which is unfortunate, as it remains a masterpiece. Instead, you'll get a translated version of Japan's Final Fantasy II, which is very dissapointing in comparison, though a fine game in and of itself. In short, if you LOVED FF I, buy this game for hours of fun on your Game Boy Advanced. Who knows, you'll probably like FF II. But if you want FF IV (USA - FF II), either call Sqare Enix (the game developer), or dust off your old Super Nintendo....more info
  • This is excellence.
    This game has exceeded my expectations. It's certainly not just a remake. The music, graphics, items, battle system... Everything was upgraded to excellence. If you've never played or even SEEN what the originals looked like on the NES, search This is a great improvement.

    My only problem was FF I easy difficulty. I can kill bosses in only a few hits. But for every boss you kill, it opens up another path and those paths are much more difficult... yet optional. If you want a true challenge in FFI, head for those new paths when they appear/when you find them. It's probably just easy for me because I've been playing these types of games for so long.

    FF II however... Now that's fun!

    I'm sure the others before me have said more than enough about this game. It is just freakin awesome. BUY IT!...more info
  • Pretty nice
    These two games were pretty nice. They weren't revoloutionary, but they provided me with several hours of good fun. Square did a good job in modernizing them, too. I never played these games in their original era, so I don't have the same nostalgia that others do. Anyway, here's my summary of these games...

    Final Fantasy I was okay. Nice graphics, a big world to explore, not too challenging. I liked the save-anywhere feature. However, the game was a bit mindless, and was very light on story. Also, the improved dialogue removed a lot of the in-game hints, so I had to use an online strategy guide. The new, randomized dungeons that were added to this version were very confusing and not fun at all, so I chose not to do them. I would give this part of the package three stars.

    Final Fantasy II was much better. The story was more involved; the characters had more personality. Thanks to the innovative method of finding information, I was able to get through the entire game without help. I was very happy with this part of the set, and would give it 4 1/2 stars. But the added content for this part is even worse than Final Fantasy I's new dungeons. It's supposed to be an extended storyline with the characters who perished in the main game, but it is way too difficult to get anywhere on. For this reason, I opted out of the extended storyline and stuck to the main one.

    Overall, I liked this game. It is worth buying if you're either extremely nostalgic, or were born after the NES era and are curious about Final Fantasy's roots. ...more info
  • just so u know the 4th Final Fantasy is coming to the GBA.....
  • "But the people who believe in prophecy patiently await its fulfillment"
    Well, I started playing Final Fantasy after I finished Golden Sun and Golden Sun The Lost Age, so the game was at a disadvantage from the start. I was used to the superior graphics and music of Golden Sun. I was also confused about how to equip my characters (it's actually very easy) and the White Mage / Black Mage powers were different from the psynergy I was used to. After playing the game with the help of a walkthrough, however, I really ended up enjoying it. Since it is an older game than Golden Sun, it must have been quite a remarkable game when it first came out. Being two games in one, it is quite a bargain now (shop around, you can find it cheap).

    I completed Final Fantasy I and am almost finished with II. The graphics and music to the sequel are definitely an improvement. The differences between the two games mainly concern the use of magic. In the first game, you buy magic of increasing power as you progress in the game. You can have several of the same power but at different levels (i.e. Cure, Cura, Curaja, or Thunder, Thundara, Thundaga). In Final Fantasy II, you buy, find, or win in battle certain tomes and build up their levels by using them. The higher the level, the more times you have to use the power to increase to the next level. Training is, therefore, more important in Final Fantasy II as you need to build up HP, MP, and Magic levels. You do not conserve Magic like in Final Fantasy I. Train in an area that gives you decent gils next to a town so you can heal up at an inn and go right back out and resume training. Also, all your characters can have any Tome. Powers are not reserved for just White Mages or Black Mages. Learning and asking about certain terms that you store is another difference. They help you interact with characters who guide you through the game but, with a walkthrough, those things are explained to you anyway. The storyline to II is a little hard to follow but, with the walkthrough, it doesn't matter if you understand it or not.

    One thing I do not care for in Final Fantasy II is that your fourth character keeps changing. You'll build up your 4th man's (or woman's) fighting skills and HP and he leaves or is lost or killed. Then, when another character joins you, you have to train all over again. Hint: DO NOT de-equip Minwu, Ricard, or Josef (he'll just have defensive items because he fights better with his hands) if you plan on carrying over to the Soul of Rebirth game which is a bonus that unlocks after beating FFII. Anyway, if you are just starting out on role-playing games, this two-game cartridge is an excellent way to start. You can save at almost any place in the game (except during battles, of course) and can buy plenty of Hi-Potions, Ethers, and Phoenix Downs to keep you alive. The games are not nearly as long and involved as more recent rpgs and, with a walkthrough (I used an excellent guide by Dark Vortex for both games available on gamefaqs), you should have a month or two of fun! P.S.: There is an odd scene in FFII where the Empress seemingly tries to seduce your main character, Firion. Watch for it....more info
  • 2 FF games in one package so why not?
    One time I reviewed a movie that everybody said was a film classic but when I watched it I find it to be laboriously paced and not fairly interesting. So is it a film classic cause of its popularity or is it actually good? That dawned(no that's not an in-joke to the title) on me playing the first Final Fantasy. Everyone says that it's an RPG classic and deserves a spot on the best games ever. Its influence is certainly felt but is it a really great game? I don't know. Final Fantasy II is one of those experiments that has as much problems as it does pluses.

    Final Fantasy

    Story: The world's environment is pretty much regulated by 4 crystals: earth, fire, water and wind. Well lately they've been causing trouble and it's up to the prophesized 4 Warriors of Light to save everyone. There's no backstory for the characters and events rarely go beyond that.

    Graphics: This is an update so it looks more closer to the SNES incarnations. Not to say this is on the same level but it's kind of close. Nothing overly impressive but certainly better than the original.

    Sound/Music: No voiceovers of course and effects are kind of limited to roars and sword hits so everything comes down to music. The music perfectly suits wherever you are, whether a dungeon, a town or the overworld. There's no outright catchiness like Terra's Theme or anything but it gets the job done.

    Gameplay: It falls apart as well as it working. The problem is that the ATB hasn't yet been introduced(which was first seen in IV) so you basically choose your commands for all 4 characters in a row and see how it plays out. It's fine until you hit problematic sections where enemies can smack you around long before you ever got a chance to cure. Also items are EXPENSIVE, moreso than they should be. Potions aren't that bad but Phoenix Downs(which revives fallen characters) are 500 and it's not like enemies drop tons of cash either. Also, did Inns ever bring back fallen characters or did they need to be revived first cause you have to waste a Phoenix Down THEN go to an inn here.

    Final Fantasy II

    Story: 4 people from the kingdom of Fynn have their parents killed during an invasion by the Emperor of Palmecia who wants to dominate the world(what else?) So 3 of them with a rotating 4th have to save the world.

    Graphics: Same as I's really.

    Sound/Music: Songs were given a bit more oomph but it lost its catchiness I found.

    Gameplay: Completely different battle system than what you're used to. Basically here's how it goes: your stats level up according to actions in battle: get hit a lot and your HP and defense goes up, attack like crazy and your current weapon skill and strength goes up, cast magic a lot and your MP will rise and spells become more expensive to cost but are more effective. This made the game easy if you took the time to exploit as you can be overleveled within the first couple hours. It was a good idea to change it and it's a neat idea but it was mishandled.

    Is it a purchaseable game? If you have the other ones of course, it's a nice bit of nostalgia as well as being able to say you beat the original and its sequel. However they're incredibly straight forward with no plot rivaling VI and there's some problematic areas but get it anyway....more info
  • A GREAT improvement over previous versions.
    These versions of Final Fantasies 1 and 2 are by far the best of these two titles, and remedy the many shortcomings of the PS1 remakes on which they are based, namely the obnoxious level of difficulty. They also add new dungeons and items, where you fight bosses from other games in the series.

    Despite these changes, the games retain the feel of the originals very well, particularly the first game. While the first one is not too in depth when it comes to story, it's very, very fun.

    The second one, much less known in the U.S., is more unappealing to most players due to its highly innovative character building system, which is difficult to master. The roots of characters that can be molded in to anything, fighters, mages, etc., are found in Final Fantasy 2. The story is not too bad, and overall the game is enjoyable. Part 2 also introuces a huge number of recurring elements for the first time. Chocobos, Cid, Mysidia, Dragoons, Ultima, and many weapons, spells, and other elements are seen here for the first time.

    This collection is a must have for anyone....more info
  • A Classic RPG Reborn!
    Recently, alot of Old school games have been remade for the GBA, but to my personal dismay, almost all of them have returned unchanged. This Game however, has been beautifully restored with updated Graphics! Old-School fans BEWARE! Although the classic FF1 has been Restored, the FF2 That Old-School fans know & love is not present, WHY? Well, that requires a back-story, the game that was know as FF2 is actually FF4! Back in 1985 Japan, SQUARE made the game Final Fantasy for the Famicom system or as it is know in the US, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Although SQUARE believed that this would be their failing company's last title before they went bankrupt due to the sucsess of larger corporations such as CAPCOM. But to SQUARES surprise Final fantasy was a huge hit in Japan! Years & many sequils later, Nintendo of America decided to bring this popular game to the states, but by that time (1990) Five Final fantasy titles already existed in Japan. So instead of bringing all five titles to the US at once they only brought FF1 to the states, needless to say it was a huge sucsess! Nintendo wanted a sequil,but by that time they were all set to launch the Super Ninteno (SNES) so instead of bringing the old NES version of FF2,they decided to bring the latest Final Fantasy game FF4 for the SNES to the US. But if they called it FF4 this would confuse all of the gamers waiting for a sequil, so they called FF4 Final fantasy 2. So I warn all lovers of FF2 that FF1&2 dawn of souls does not contain the version that they're used to playing!

    Good Points: Upgraded Graphics, Updated sound, New Baddies & Weapons, and All New Bonus Dungeons, and an all new FF title!

    Bad Points: Although Final Fantasy 2 is good, it is not as entertaining as Final Fantasy 4.

    Update: A remake of Final Fantasy 4, (Final Fantasy IV Advance) was released in US stores on 12/12/05 for the GBA & GBM!

    Written by,
    Shadowmage (the game maniac)...more info
  • Eh............
    I was a huge fan of the original Final Fantasy for the NES. As a matter of fact, it's my favorite game of ALL time. So when I heard this game was coming out, I was ecstatic! Well I finally bought it and I must say this : "If it isn't BROKEN, DON'T FIX IT!"

    I do enjoy the updated graphics.

    I enjoyed the fact that the most number of spells you could get in the original was 8. Changing the magic format to the "New style" makes this way too easy. Why did they change the names of the weapons and bosses like Kary? And WHY those stupid shrines!? And this is what REALLY gets me. NO WARMECH! The BEST character EVER (!!!) and they change his name! WHY!?

    If this game was exactly like on NES (Like Zelda and Metroid and Link), then this would DEFINATELY get a 5 star rating but because it isn't, it's LUCKY it gets this rating..

    The second game isn't much better.

    Nintendo just needs to release "The ORIGINAL" (no remade graphics or anything!) and then I'll be happy....more info
  • Nice Spin on the Beginning
    Final Fantasy has evolved into one of the longest lasting and best series in the video game industry. Known for its memorable storylines and traditional battle system, it's unquestionable that it has gained a considerable cult following.

    As a handheld port of the Playstation's "Final Fantasy Origens", "Dawn of Souls" is a great remake that emphasizes the vision on these 2 important games. Although it can be hard to compare these 2 to their epic successors, they offer a journey into the past that can give insight to a FF fan how this series began. It's also a great purchase for any owner of the Gameboy Advance/Nintendo DS looking for a good RPG or a game worth the purchase to spend some time on. Final Fantasy I is the game that started it all, and the remake give life to the game that set the precedent of the battle system and the manner in which the stories take form. Final Fantasy II offers more customization with the characters, and is an early predecessor to the in-depth storyline the future installments would have.

    The only drawback is that the battles can get very repetitive and tedious, being every few tile steps, the player is plunged into yet another battle. Also, a guidebook or online walkthrough becomes almost necessary, as it is easy to get lost, and at times there is no clear direction of where to go to next. This game can be very straining on the eyes (at least on the Nintendo DS) as the monsters are the size of a thumb tack and the numbers and letters are even smaller. You might consider playing this on a TV w/ the Gamecube adapter.

    Overall, this game is a nice addition to the GBA catalogue, and the extra dungeons are sure to add plenty of gameplay to the user....more info
  • Great
    I have purchased alot from this site and I am happy to know that I can trust I am happy with the game that I purchased, for my son. He doesn't want to put it down. It had a problem getting here. I contacted the seller and the problem was resolved quickly and well organized. NO questions asked. Thanks alot for the great customer service, as well, great product.. I would definately buy from this seller again!! ...more info
  • Great Game
    Had a alot of fun with this game. I had it since I travel a lot for work. Both games kept my interest and game me well over 100 hrs of play to complete both games. Well worth the price....more info
  • Exactly what I wanted
    This game(s) is exactly what I wanted in a portable game. It has the fun you need to pass the time, yet isn't going to take all of your attention so that you miss your stop when on the bus.

    The game play is simple and they did a great job at these remakes. True, many of the "true rpg'ers" as they now call themselves might thing the game is lacking, but it was made to be lacking. I'd recommend this to anybody who wants something to do to pass time while out and is sick of all those stupid cell phone games....more info
  • A pretty good game.
    This Final Fantasy game is a 2 for 1 deal. Final Fantasy II was never relished in the U.S.A, so I was glad to get it. Final Fantasy I's plot is you pick 4 warrioers, and you use them to restore light to these cristils, wicth are the elaments of the world. Final Fantasy II's plot is you play as 3 characters named Firon, Maria, and Guy, to defeat the Empirer. NOTE: SPOILERS AHEAD! You'll get new characters, but most will die. You levil up in Final Fantasy I by gaining Exp. by winning battils. If you like actoin games, this isn't for you. But, if you like RPG'S, you'll love this. With a ton of unlockabls, and a good storyline for both, this, my friend, is a worthy Final Fantasy game.
    ...more info
  • Actually...

    FF2 as Americans know it as actually FF4 (its in finaly fantasy chronicles). It tells the story of Cecil. It also has the twin mages, Kain the dragoon, Golbez etc.

    the FF2 in this is the realy FF2, the on released in Japan. It's first appearence in the US was in Final Fantasy Origins, which is similar to this, but does not have the extra dungeons

    I hope that clears up the confusion...more info
  • Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls........
    I'm happy to finally have been able to locate a copy of Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls. Getting to play these two games in the series is quite a joy just to see how the series has evolved through the years. In Final Fantasy I, you pick a team of four to set off on a journey to battle the forces of Chaos. Picking the right jobs are key in this game to beat Chaos' forces. In my opinion, the story was a little lean in the first game but it's a good game nonetheless. In Final Fantasy II, four orphans unite and fight to undo an evil empire. They key to making it through this game is to pick the right weapons and use them alot to do battle with as you don't level up through experience...the more you use your weapons & abilities- the stronger you get. I have to admit, it was fun to finally get to play FFII as it was previously unavailable in america on a handheld.

    Thankfully, Square Enix improved the graphics and sound somewhat from the originals(although not a great deal). It would've been nice to see a little more animation used on the enemies but, then again, I guess we wouldn't have seen how far the game has come through the years.

    If you like old-school roleplaying, you can't go wrong with Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls. You get alot of bang for your buck with this collection. Even moreso than the Phantasy Star Collection on the Gameboy Advance and that's one of my favorites. ...more info
  • Great intro to Final Fantasy, but a bit frustrating at times
    I had never really played Final Fantasy before, and my husband gave me this game to get started. (So many of my friends are into FF that I had to give in and try it.) Overall, it really is a great game and easy to play. The item and character stats are straightforward, as are the combat mechanics and character interaction. I have loved it, but I have to admit it the sheer size of the world can be a bit overwhelming. At times it can be difficult to figure out what to do next and how to get where you need to go. The graphics are primitive by today's standards, but that's part of its charm. All in all, I think it's an excellent fit for the GBA Advance. Just check out an online guide if you get stuck or confused....more info
  • Classic and underrated
    Lots of levelling-up, yes. Get over it. This game has one of the first outrageously deep, huge dungeons in the genre with all emotional tones from dread, despair, paranoia, fear and terror (scaled down, of course) to mind-bending comic relief. You owe it to yourself to find the dancing school. Of course, if you're just another fanboy blood and gore freak, forget about it. FFI will NOT your cup of tea become....more info
  • Awesome game
    These are the games that defined a generation. the wondrous, yet somewhat corny, gameplay style that so many have tried to mimic. all have failed where final fantasy has stood true. these games are definetly a must-play for all game lovers. some may not find them on the same level as say FFVII, but still its better if they are played. FFI start off with hardly any storyline, hardly any instructions, and basically really cruddy communication. but still, this game is great! what FFI lacks in storyline, FFII makes up for. play both all the way through and you'll feel like a million gil!...more info
  • Dramatically easier than the original
    If you're a purist (which I'm not) you'll probably be irritated by how much easier the game is than the original (I'm referring to FF1 here, haven't played the second one yet). Here's a breakdown of the changes as far as I'm aware of them:

    1.) Leveling up is much faster. Stats increase at a greater rate per level. Also, the maximum level has been raised from 50 to 99.

    2.) You can save everywhere, at any time, not just at Inns or with the tent or whatever.

    3.) The magic system has been altered so that instead of certain spells having a fixed number of uses, they have a casting cost that is deducted from your character's MP.

    4.) There are a couple of new potions that make things a lot easier, namely Phoenix Down and Ether, the former reviving a dead character and the latter restoring MP. These make it pretty unnecessary to truck back to town frequently to go to the church or inn.

    That said, it doesn't bother me that much, as I don't have the patience for old-school style RPGs. Remember what a nightmare Dragon Warrior was? Overall I like the changes, but I think they went a little too far. If they'd left out just one of the new "enhancements" I think enough of the challenge would still be there. 3.5 stars....more info
  • Great games. I love them.
    My first ever Final Fantasy was actually FF4, but the version I have is for Super NES and it used to be called FF2. But these are the REAL first two Final Fantasies. Like all the others, these games are spectacular. I wouldn't expect anything less than perfection from a Final Fantasy game, and I definately get nothing less. Final Fantasy I sort of goes back to Final Fantasy Tactics in that there's really no main character (There is actually one in Tactics.) but instead different classes of warrior to choose from. Honestly I like it because it gives me the chance to sort of make up my own characters. I'm an author of books that are similar to FF games so I used the names of four of my characters for the four warriors I chose. The only problem with it is that there comes a point where you're basically on your own, and nobody really tells you where to go except 'out'. It's good that I downloaded the world map so I could see all the different places I can go. The other problem is your boat can't dock on dry land but only on a port. That's ok, but it makes it hard 'cause you need to do some serious walking.

    Then in FF2, you are playing Firion, Maria, Guy, and Leon. They're the main characters. What I like about this game is the new way they give you characters. You've got three who are always there, and then several others who join as the fourth one until Leon comes in and joins you. Plus they also make you have to learn 'key terms', which took me ridiculously long to figure out, because I spent 5 hours trying to figure out where to go until I started the game over again and realized that words in red are key terms, so I felt pretty stupid, but then I figured it all out. The other main characters are Gordon, Scott, Minwu, Leila, Josef, and Ricard. All of them come into your party through certain events that occur and it's a lot like FF4 in many ways. Truthfully, I got this game because I thought that FF2 was the version of FF$ that was on Super NES, but when I saw it wasn't, I was still thrilled because it's Final Fantasy. You can't expect it to be anything but a complete thrill. Now all I need is Final Fantasy III, V, and VI and my collection of FF games will be complete. Oh, and also Chronicles, Crystal Chronicles, Anthology, Origins, Tactics Advance, and XII. There. That'll complete my collection. If anyone has a suggestion for which of those is best, please feel free to add a review that will tell me. I'd love to hear from anyone who knows which one is the best. I know everyone loved FF3 and still do, but there's all those others......more info
    I love the final fantasy series!I think this is a great classic final fantasy game.Plus with new stuffin the 2 games.I WANT THIS GAME NOW!!!!!...more info
  • what a great game exept for.........
    I think this game is real awsome for one reason.Its because i am those kinds of peaple who love adventure games.I like the battles that you fight,but what i hate about this game is that, that judge always give you a penalty for no reason.I think you should get this game because of the adventure that it has....more info
  • The two games that started the Final Fantasy Dynasty!
    Reviewed for Big Boss Games by: Tim

    --- Final Fantasy I Prologue ---

    The world lies shrouded in darkness. The winds die... The seas rage... The earth decays... But, the people believe in a prophecy, patiently awaiting its fulfillment.

    "When darkness veils the world four warriors of light shall come..."

    After a long journey, four young travelers did at last appear... and in hand of each was clutched a crystal.

    You start out by selecting your four heroes. You can select from six different classes. The heroes will change after you complete a side quest that is about a third of the way through the game.

    Warrior = Knight
    Thief = Ninja
    Monk = Black Belt
    White Mage = White Wizard
    Black Mage = Black Wizard
    Red Mage = Red Wizard

    My team consisted of a Warrior, Monk, Black Mage and a White Mage. This group is the most balanced between strength and magic.

    You will have to buy your spells. So save your money!

    Story 6/10 - The story was re-written with much more detail than the original Nintendo version.

    Music 7/10 - You will find yourself humming along to the background music.

    Graphics 6/10 - The graphics were updated from the original Nintendo days. Looks more like an SNES game.

    Battle System 5/10 - Your typical turn based battle system with updated spell graphics.

    Game play 6/10 - This game took me 25 hours to complete.

    Special Feature - In the original NES Final Fantasy you had to walk everywhere you went. In this wonderfully remade version of Final Fantasy they added the run button. Hold it down and you can run. This cuts down on travel time in towns and dungeons.

    Overall 7/10 - For Final Fantasy I, all the updates to this game have truly made a great game into a classic.

    --- Final Fantasy II Prologue ---

    A long-lived peace is at an end. The Emperor of Palamecia has called forth monsters from the underworld and begun his campaign for world conquest.

    A rebel army arose in the kingdom of Fynn to thwart the emperor's plans. But the rebels' castle fell to an all out assault by the remote town of Altair.

    Four youths from Fynn also found themselves fleeing the imperial forces. They had lost their parents at the hands of the empire. But their escape wasn't over...

    Your party will consist of four people. Three of them will stay with you throughout the game, but the forth member will change throughout the game.

    You start with Firion, Maria, and Guy.

    The forth wheels are:
    Leon - A Dark Knight
    Minwu - A White Wizard
    Josef - A Monk
    Gordon - A Prince
    Ricard - A Dragoon
    Leila - A Pirate Captain

    You will have complete control over how you mold your team. So, take some time to think how you want them to grow. "E.g. to be a wizard or a sword fighter?" You will be fighting a lot in this game, so take some time to attack your own team with your spells and weapons. This will help your team members to grow strong and powerful. You don't gain experience points in this game, you grow by casting spells, fighting, and taking damage.

    Story 8/10 - This game has betrayal, revenge and redemption. This game was well written and a delight to read. So far, this is my third favorite Final Fantasy story.

    Music 6/10 - I enjoyed the midi style of music that was used in this game.

    Game play 6/10 - This game took me 22 hours to complete the main quest.

    Graphics 6/10 - Were like some of the best graphics seen on the SNES. Eye candy is out there for you to find. The spells also gain levels by using them over and over, by doing so the animations also become flashier every 2 to 3 levels.

    Battle system 5/10 - Typical turn based attack system. Note: Building your team is slow and painful, but well worth the effort.

    Special Mention--- After you complete Final Fantasy II watch the credits till they end and the game will ask you to save. Save your game and you will return to the main Final Fantasy II start screen with 3 options, "Congrats!" You just unlocked the "Soul of Rebirth" mini quest!

    This Soul of Rebirth side quest is tough, it also added 10 hours of game play and a great side story to Final Fantasy II.
    I would like to see more of this kind of treatment to the remakes of RPGs.

    Overall Time: 32+ hours to finish this game and 57+ hours to finish Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls is a great length for a GBA game.

    I truly liked this game. It was a challenge to complete and that is its charm.

    PS: Don't forget to get a copy of the strategy guide for this game. Official Nintendo Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls Player's Guide...more info
  • Two great games
    The two first Final Fantasy's are fun to play. The graphics are all old-style, because it is an old game, but they have their simplistic charm. The gameplay is simple: fight the bad guys, help the good guys, and get the treasure. But there are many puzzles in both 1 and 2, which aren't hard enough to totally stump you but still difficult enough to make you think. This game is a great buy for long trips....more info
  • Final Fantasy I & II Dawn of Souls
    If you played the original on the Nes you will like this one, the added caves are a very nice feature, just having FF II is nice. ...more info
  • Great facelift for the old school
    I have played FF1 and 2 on the NES, and this game actually adds a couple of new features to each for smoother gameplay. FF1 on the NES was a good basic game, lacking in the glitz of its successors, but decent as a first game to a awesome series. FF1 here is actually more fun to play because of the new features as well as the new side-quests. Buying and using magic and armor are also smoothed out, so what was frustrating about the FF1 game is lacking from here.

    In my opinion, FF2 was the worst game in the series due to its leveling up and stats, as well as some confusion about where to go next. It's not perfect in the GBA version, but it is a bit better. If you liked FF2, definitely try it. If not, you might still like the new/improved FF2. I know I did after playing it, it was much better.

    I also LOVE the bestiary available in both games and the stats that come with them. It was a great idea to add this feature! The fact that bonus quests were tacked onto both of these games made for a real treat....more info
  • Way Too Easy!
    FF1- I am not a sucker for punishment. I do not particularly care for the grueling amount of leveling required to play the original NES FF1. I have been a big fan of the FF series since it came out on the first gameboy up through the playstation versions, (if you haven't played the FF legend series for the original GB, do yourself a favor and play them now!) and I remember working very hard to beat the bosses (granted, I was maybe 12, but they seemed hard at the time) About 2 years ago I found the original NES FF in a thrift store and decided to give it a shot. It was agonizingly difficult to play and after hours of leveling the cartridge battery lost my info, and I just gave up on it. So when the GBA release came out I was excited to give this new, easier version a try. But it's so easy I can't bear to play it. It's not unusual to beat a boss in one round of fighting! I'm trying not to level up, but monsters appear every five seconds and it just doesn't feel right to run away all the time, but that's the only way to keep this game challenging. To make matters worse, when the bonus dungeons are unlocked, the only way to beat the extremely hard (and optional) bosses in them is to be at a very high level! The bonus dungeons bosses are in that regard the best part of the game, but in order to beat them, you have to be leveled so high the rest of the game becomes incredibly boring. I've never stopped playing a ff game before out of boredom, but I've pretty much given up on this one. FF2 seems to be much more promising, and I'm trying to stay at a low level, but I've just started playing it, so I can't vouch for it yet. I would recommend though, that you play the Golden Sun series for GBA and all three of the original gameboy FF Legend series before investing in this game. And if you do still want to give it a try, keep your characters as weak as possible....more info
  • Brings back great memories
    I'll be the first to admit it- Dawn of Souls doesn't have much new content in it. Save for a monster database, updated graphics and menus, a few new dungeons, and the ability to save anywhere, it's pretty much just a re-release of two RPG classics.

    However, one must next ask if this is a bad thing. Certainly, I'd have been more pleased to see one of the later titles in the series (say, 3 or 4) released, but this was the next best thing. Anyone familiar with Square's RPG line will immediately recognize the gameplay style, even if they haven't played the originals. As with the later games, you control a party, visit towns, fight monsters, and battle through dungeons. The quests are typical RPG fare. They're not particularly inspiring, but this fact is oddly irrelevant when you're busy trying to survive against hordes of bloodthirsty enemies. Of those there are plenty, as well as scores of equipment choices and abilities.

    The two games play quite differently when it comes to combat and character building, which should be no surprise to those who have followed the Final Fantasy series in its long, illustrious career. Of particular note is the fact that the second game is the first FF title to introduce characters with distinct personages and stories, which is now of course a mainstay in the RPG genre.

    Both games have a main plot and keep you at least partially reminded of your goals, but you have a great deal of freedom to roam the world and see the various locations and monsters (and, naturally, the loot they're guarding). Though dated, the graphics aren't an eyesore, and there's enough unique monsters and backgrounds to make exploration interesting.

    Lastly, there is of course the fact that these are two complete, long, high-quality RPGs in one game that is for an excellent portable console. This really seals the deal in my opinion, despite the recycled content. Additionally, if you haven't played either FF1 or 2, my recommendation is to click the 'add to cart' button immediately. The new areas also add bosses from some of the other FF games, all of whom are probably even harder than they were in those titles. Though not a selling point, it's a great bit of added fun for fans.

    Dawn of Souls is an excellent throwback title that brings back two great RPG classics. For those that want to relive the adventures with some extra content, or for those that missed out before, this game will surely not disappoint....more info
  • A must own, even if you have the originals
    I've owned Final Fantasy I ever since it came out in the states. And I've had a version of FFII emulated for a long time. Frankly, I was never impressed with them; FFI seemed clunky and slow, and FFXI was largely the same, not to mention unusual. So when Dawn of Souls came out, I wasn't too excited. But it far surpassed my expectations.

    Let me just say off the bat that I realize that there have been a lot of Final Fantasy re-releases lately. This is probably the best one I've played though. Here are the reasons why;

    - No loading time! Unlike the playstation collections, the Dawn of Soul has no load time. This makes the game MUCH more smooth playing and a hoy to play.

    - Portable. Unlike most other versions of FF (whether that be Playstation, original NES, or emulation on a PC), Dawn of Souls is utterly portable. That means you can work your way through the storylines on lunch, between classes, or anywhere else you choose to.

    - Wonderfully updated sound and graphics. Dawn of Souls makes great use of the GBA's capabilities and has updated the old classics so they're a treat to the eyes and ears.

    - Vastly improved gameplay; both games have gotten a much much needed update in controls, battle systems, and playability. The slowness and awkwardness that plagued the original releases is 100% eliminated.

    Unfortunately, there are bad parts about this release that keep Dawn of Souls from being a indespensible part of my GBA collection.

    - Re-releases; as if you weren't already aware, Dawn of Souls is a re-release of Final Fantasy I and II. If you played though these games already and don't feel like doing so again or you despised the games, this game might not change your opinion. Also, those who already own the originals might feel cheated paying so much for games they bought in the past. That said, Dawn of Souls versions are vastly superior to the originals, and are worth a look even if you have such problems.

    - FFI's storyline; Being such an old game, Final Fantasy I doesn't present much of a storyline. While new dungeons and items have been added to the game to give it more depth, there is no increase in the depth of the story, and the game still largely feels like series of sogging through dungeons with faceless heroes.

    - "Where to go" syndrome. Both games have many points in their stories where you will liekly get lost with no idea where to go next or what to do. A lack of hints will make many players wishing they'd shelled out the money for the guide, or at least making trips to GameFAQs. It would help to have more hints, a journal, or at least somethign of the sort.

    - FFII. Final Fantasy II is the weakest game in the entire Final Fantasy series to many people, including me, and Dawn of Souls does little to fix that. While improved gameplay and presentation go a long ways towards improving the general experience, the basic problems of the games poor advancement system, boring story, and uneven challenge plague the game to no end still.

    In the end, if you liked FFI or FFII at all, it is worth it to get Dawn of Souls. If you've never played either, I would still say it is worth it to get the long and well done remake of FFXI; story or no story it plays smoothly and is an engrossing challenge to play through. FFII is just an odd little bonus to this wonderful remake cartiridge....more info
  • The Classics Reborn!
    Are you a hardcore Final Fantasy fan? Then grab a copy of Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls for a quick time travel to the 1980s! A remake of the two original classic fantasies, you'll find there is new crisp graphics as well as a new exclusive dungeon to explore filled with bosses from later Final Fantasies.
    Both games contain monsters, magic swords, spells, wizards, warriors, knights, monks, thieves, mages, dungeons and plenty of butt-kicking boss monsters to beat! Final Fantasy I is a game where you choose four characters out of a selection of six to take with you on your journey and go out and save the world from an unimaginable evil force. Final Fantasy II features Firion and his step-brothers and step-sisters as they go on a journey to stop the evil Empire from ruling the world whilst looking for their lost step-brother, Leon. They are good games, each with their own 'Easy mode' exclusive to the modern versions, to slowly but surely guide ameteur players into the world of Final Fantasy. An excellent addition to any gameboy owner's collection!...more info
  • Great start to a great series
    I'm not the most hardcore of gamers; it is something I do when I am sick and can't leave the bed. But something about the FF series is really fun to me. I don't get as "into" these games as many fans of FF do, but I can still appreciate them for what they are, and this title is no exception.

    Not the most insightful of reviews, I'll admit -- but just because you are not a hardcore gamer doesn't mean you need to be intimidated by the FF titles....more info
  • Another New Thought For Final Fantasy....
    If you have read my review on Final Fantasy Tactics for the GBA the title is similar. Now the first FF game I played was FFT. I thought that the bangaas, moogles, and the other races were FF all the way. I was wrong. My parents are super strict about video games, but I managed to squeeze my GBA in, so that's why I haven't played other FF games. So sorry if this review isn't what you thought it would be.

    Like FFT there is the turn taking battle system. It's kinda dull, yet fun at the same time. Get my groove? Anyway the FF 1 is more of a "fun" game. The story line isn't so hot and the characters you play(The Warriors of LIght) never talk. So there isn't a character "build up". The game is still a blast though. Also the game moves a bit slow...well for us experienced GBA gamers * smooths hair back *. Anyway, it's a great game, loads of fun, the improved graphics are pretty cool to, and it's good for beginners.

    Now, personally my favorite, FF 2. GOOD story line. Thank god....I hate those other cheesy NIntendo story lines. When a person is talking, by the way the people you play as talk ( Yes!), it shows a face next to the text, the face sometimes makes expressions to! The battle system is the same, the turns. One thing I love is the weapon and magic levels! Each time a skill level increases the weapon does more damage and it's defense raises. For magic it will say"Thunder Lvl. 1" and when you advance a level it will say"Thunder Lvl. 2" and a cooler image of thunder will appear. Pretty sweet, eh? This game is MUCH better than the first, but the first is STILL fun. Don't worry.

    These to classics are must buys for FF fans, or RPG fans!

    [...]...more info
    Final Fantasy stretched the old NES to the limit. It came out at the end of that system's era--and was somewhat over-looked as a result. Rarely has there been such a leap in game play in terms of technology, depth and fun.

    It is great to see this game now back on the GBA. The fact that it is generously paired with FF2, has great graphics, and has been expanded with the shrine dungeons (which go on and on and on) makes this a real value.

    The original Final Fantasy was my favorite in the series. Its underdeveloped story-line and general low-tech feeling left room for my imagination to fill in the gaps where its successors have left less and less to the imagination.

    I love the new dungeons and enemies in this version. The fact that I have not played this game in over a decade combine with the new challenges to really give Final Fantasy a whole new level of gameplay for me.

    Recently, I saw that one of my other favorite "old-school" RPG's (Phantasy Star) is out on the GBA. After enjoying this one so much, I will have to give it a try. Now all I need is for them to put out a GBA version of Shining in the Darkness.

    I give Final Fantasy a very strong recommendation.

    ...more info
  • I'll stick with the original
    I never played the original FF2 (for the Famicom), so I won't talk about the remake. For those of you who played, and loved, FF1 on the NES, this game is a mixed bag. On one hand, it's awesome to see all of the old character sprites upgraded to SNES graphics; the battle is richer & fuller as is the land. On the other hand, there are several crippling deficiencies. The battle system was re-done, and consequently I never died once. That's right, the game never reached a level of difficulty that caused me to die--not by a longshot. With the addition of sleeping bags, tents & cabins, and the FF2 (SNES) ability to carry almost unlimited items, only a retarded monkey could get themselves killed in this game. The other thing, and this is only annoying, is the failure of the graphics designers to live up to FF2 (SNES) standards. For instance, in the FF1 remake, when you hop in the airship, the map rotates upward and lets you fly over it similar to how you could for FF2; however, the angle was off, and you couldn't see as much of the land below as you could with the ghetto overhead view from the original. In short, it was a sad replica of the airship view from FF2. I have read all the reviews saying that this game is absolutely awesome. It is my guess that most of the people who wrote that nonsense are simply trying to convince Nintendo that they will shell out the bucks for an unlimited number of remakes of thier favorite games. Well, I would too, but I'd much rather only pay when those remakes live up to the original, which this does only superficially. People who vehemently defend this game, I guarantee, are the same people who can't be convinced that Star Wars Episode I sucks in comparison to the originals. No amount of childhood nostalgia and noticeably poor acting can bring the originals down to the level of Jar-Jar Binks and the retarded Dwarf Vader, just as no glossing over how great this game COULD have been can bring it up to the standards of the original. Yes, the graphics are far better, but the gameplay is far worse. Why upgrade one end and downgrade the other? Hey, don't take my word for it--go buy the game & play it. It's worth it, if only to generate a wistful sigh for great games long gone....more info
    Much has already been said about this game package.I have played FF VII, on the playstation, and never finished it. So much for that. I did not go beyond that FF number. There is such a thing as having TOO MUCH to do in a game. I hated that game and would NEVER replay it.Although FF I & II does not have breath-taking graphics nor story line it is RPG playing at it's purest. AND I am a dedicated RPGer.This game is FUN. Not frustrating nor aggravating! One of the main reasons adults began video game playing was for the FUN! When the industry saw adults as a potential for this market the fun stopped. They began making games like every day life! THE VERY THING adults wanted to take a break from. I know because I was at the forefront of the craze! I saw adults offering up to $100 for the old-school games. This was not for COLLECTION purposes. It was because they REALLY liked a game!WHAT, please tell me, do bobbing breasts have to do with game playing other than it satisfies some hormone-infested individual.Koodos to Nintendo for keeping FUN in game playing!!FF I and II are games that are ENJOYABLE! So glad they are now part of the portable realm....more info
  • Excellent classics reborn.
    This is the beginning of rpg heaven and the games that started the hugely popular rpg trend.

    Both games are 'tame' by todays standards but the fun factor is still beyond measure. Final Fantasy 1 and 2 both offer tons of great gameplay and will make you pass hours without even thinking.

    Though it seems that both games have gotten dramatically easier...
    Oh well, there are still things we can do to make things harder, like a solo white mage. :)...more info
  • It's a nostalgia game
    Just Nostalgia, I bought it since I remembered it as a great game, and in fact it was a great game, but it is not now....more info
  • Back and better than ever!
    FF: Dawn of Souls is the ORIGINAL FFI and II crammed into one cartridge--only one--with improved graphics, sound and bonus levels and dungeons and a detailed bestiary. Imagine--taking two of the most important games to the RPG genre with you anywhere. I remember wishing I could do that when I was in elementary school!

    Let me start off with graphics. Now, I've read a review or two commenting on the graphics for these games, noting that they're nothing special, if not downright disappointing. Let me say that I've played the original FF and these graphics are head and shoulders above that. Considering that it's a GBA, the sprites are bright and crisp, and as my wife likes to point out "cute," and there's also beautiful cutscenes at various points in the story. Then, consider the depth and scope of this game with all the added improvements, and this becomes quite the accomplishment. The music, also, is an upgrade, with orchestral MIDI sounds, as opposed to the 8-bit sound of the original. You can tell that a lot of time and effort went into remaking this classic.

    But the real meat of this game is gameplay. The FFI lacks the deep storyline that most gamers are used to, but it's still a compelling, fun game. And it's FFII where the idea of story and character development comes into play, and it makes for an fun, nostalgic experience on the GBA. This game will take away hours of your life and, if you enjoy RPGs, it will be worth it.

    The only negative for this game is difficulty level. FFI is easier and faster than the original (at least as far as I remember), with level increases coming along quite quickly, with stats rising at a very fast rate. Not a deal-breaker by any means, though. For first-time players to this game or this genrre, it's a welcome improvement, as it is a portable game, and having the long, drawn-out battles that I remember, would make it difficult to play on-the-go.

    With that said, the inclusion of being able to save any time, any place, as opposed to needing a tent or an inn, is a welcome, necessary improvement for this GBA version.

    Overall, I'm in love all over again. While the graphics aren't "Golden Sun," the gameplay is much the same, and I fully recommend this great game....more info
  • Almost as Good as the Original
    The remake of Final Fantasy is almost as enjoyabel as the original. It may even be more fun for some. With changes to the magic system as well as to the leveling system (you have MP instead of spells per rest and you can level up way more than the original ever made readily possible), your party can become far too powerful for the enemies in the game. That is, the enemies in the game other than those in the special dungeons that were added in. The special dungeons have some extremely difficult bosses, but they also have some extremely powerful items. I managed to beat all of them and get all of the special items. Once I did, there was no challenge to the game. Even the end boss was a joke when compared back to the uber bosses of the special caves. Overall the game was really fun, though. Most everything else was kept true to the original.

    Final Fantasy 2 was a great game with a fun story. I don't have as much to say about it as I never played the original. I enjoyed it as much as any of the classic Final Fantasy games, though....more info
  • A Classic
    A classic but not great... Probably the reason why the games are priced at $[...]...more info
  • A Classic Story Reborn on your Gameboy Advance
    First of all, I have been a Final Fantasy fan for many, many years. I have played most of their incarnations from one system to the other, and have very little to say that's bad about the series. However, my first love (and still is my first) is Final Fantasy I, remembering the days when I played this classic on the NES. Besides having better graphics, the ease of play has increased over the difficulty, making the game that much more enjoyable for vets and entry-level beginners alike. Despite the lack of a background for your characters, the selection is moderate for an old RPG such as this (my favorite character is the Black Mage). I strongly suggest getting the strategy guide as well for this gem, because when you get to certain areas it's hard to ascertain where to go next. The villagers in a nearby town don't provide much in the way of clues. As far as Final Fantasy II goes, I haven't really started playing it yet, however, from trying it out I'm impressed with it. I did not play the Japanese version of this game, so this review is about Final Fantasy I. Since you get two great games for the price of one, I can't see where you would go wrong.

    All in all, a great classic RPG that doesn't disappoint old-school fans, and gives beginning dungeon-delvers something to experience for the first time with enjoyment. Get this game....more info
  • Hawesome
    This is old school RPG at its best. Two for the price of one! You can save anywhere, perfect for those fleeting moments where you need a gaming fix. I keep this in my gameboy sp in my pocket all day and any time I can just pop it open for a quickie 5 or 10 minute fix, and I can still make progress because the save system is so flexible. I play this game while watching my DVR episodes. It's great, i love the turn-based combat, and the fact that you don't have to be that skilled to play it. Sure, better games have come out since these, but they still have a lot of charm. Go for it!...more info
  • Final Fantasy Dawns with its first two games
    Final Fantasy is a legendary series. It seems that with "Dawn of Souls" Final Fantasy I and II have finally been perfected. If you have "Final Fantasy Origins" you might as well toss it and pick up this title before it becomes a relic!

    Both Final Fantasy games are basically ports of "Final Fantasy Origins" but they look a bit better on the GBA. For starters, the graphics look more crisp and clear than they did in Final Fantasy Origins. There's more to see and the enviroments look more decorative.

    Final Fantasy I, the earliest in the series, is about four warriors who come forth with the crystals to save the world. Light warriors, they're called. But being the first in the series it suffers from age. The main characters don't talk much at all and the characters remained undeveloped throughout the entire game.

    Final Fantasy II however, is about three orphans escaping the Emperor. They later join a rebellion against the Emperor and set out to take him down once and for all. Final Fantasy II has a twist when raising characters. Rather than raising character based on level-ups, they're raised based on their actions in battle. This is both good and bad. It's good because its "different" than what we usually see. It's bad because when stats go up, others go down. It's impossible to have a perfectly balanced character. That and magic will almost never amount to anything.

    Both games sound beautiful from the GBA. Many gamers will recognize their favorite tunes. The sound effects are a little changed up from the original NES titles. But I'm sure that's nothing to go crying home to mom about.

    Also, both games have a set of extras. In Final Fantasy I after you defeat the four fiends of chaos, four optional dungeons open up. These dungeons are brutally hard. You'll also run into enemies seen in later Final Fantasy games. You'll even run into a few bosses that'll look familiar. Final Fantasy II, presents an extended epilogue. Unfortunately FFII doesn't present much more than that.

    However, the problem is... both games still suffer from their drawbacks. Final Fantasy I paces much too slowly and you'll often times feel bored or robbed of your money. Final Fantasy DOES pick up the pace and you'll be glad you did spend you cash on it. Final Fantasy has also been toned down in its aspects of difficulty.

    Final Fantasy II's level up system still has bugs that just don't work out well. Unless you subject to attacking your own characters you won't benefit from their actions. Final Fantasy II also doesn't tell as good of a story, even with the new extended scenes to better explain it.

    As a whole the games are excellent. But there's also the problem of whether or not you already own Final Fantasy Origins. Are the extras worthwhile just to spend more money to buy two games that are virtually the same as "Final Fantasy Origins"?

    However, putting that last con aside, the GBA is where these two classics belong and is where they should've gone in the first place. So I say this: Dump your Final Fantasy Origins and pick up Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls. It's much more worthwhile and worth the money.

    The Good
    +Delicious graphics!
    +Great sound
    +Remake of two classics: They're PERFECT this time
    +Extras... not many but extras!
    +Most of the bugs from the NES and Origins packages are worked out

    The Bad
    -Final Fantasy I still paces too slow
    -The level up system in Final Fantasy II still needs work
    -If you have Final Fantasy Origins you'll ponder whether the extras alone make it worthwhile to buy virtually the same game....more info
  • i have played the 1 and 2 for nes
    I have only played this game for nes becuase i have a moded xbox and i have every single game and system ever made.(except ps2 psp game cube game boy advance etc.)i say the graphics pretty much suck but still is fun for bordem or anything above that.I am soon going to get this game for the game boy sp becuase all my friends say it has some better graphics and extras.If someone were to ask me to get this game i would say YES!...more info
  • Just like I remember it...
    Last year saw the release of Final Fantasy Origins on PSOne. A compilation pack of the first two Final Fantasy titles, the second of which had been previously unavailable in America, Origins gave gamers the chance to play through the first two entries in the series with a new coat of paint. Featuring updated graphics, full motion video cutscenes, several optional gameplay tweaks and more, Origins carefully walked the fine line of pleasing both veterans and newcomers to the games. With Dawn of Souls, Square continues to refine the old classics.
    As with Origins, the versions of Final Fantasy 1 & 2 present in Dawn of Souls are based off the Japan-only WonderSwan Color remakes. This time around, the scripts were re-written and numerous additions and tweaks to the games themselves were made. Most noteworthy of these changes is the ability to save anywhere outside of battle, an important feature in a handheld RPG.The focus of Final Fantasy 1 is less on the story and more on exploration and fighting. Those that have played prior versions will note that the GBA edition is more balanced in that it doesn't require players to stop and level up their characters to survive the next dungeon, resulting in a much more streamlined experience. The flipside is that the revamped FF1 ends up lacking the challenge of past iterations, a virtual cakewalk for those familiar with the game. The only real challenge is in the form of the four new dungeons. These randomly generated dungeons, which feature bosses from Final Fantasy 3-6, reward players with rare and powerful items once cleared. With each dungeon unlocked after the defeat of the respective Chaos, some may find themselves questioning if it's even worth the time and effort to reach the new content. Of course, it's this lack of difficulty that makes the title perfect for handheld gaming, as you can fight a few battles, save and then restart where you left off hours, days, weeks or even months later without worrying too much about having to start over. The other major change in FF1 comes in the form of spell use. Previously dependant upon a character's level, magic now utilizes the more popular MP system, helping to make the game more accessible to newcomers. Spells, much like weapons, must be purchased and require a user to be a specific level before they can be equipped.Notorious for its unique leveling system, Final Fantasy 2 has also undergone several alterations. While characters still gain strength as they use an ability, you'll no longer need to rely upon attacking members of your own party to increase their hit points as this aspect has been more carefully balanced. A brand new epilogue, entitled "Soul of Rebirth," has also been added.
    Of the two games, Final Fantasy 2 is the more story-driven, with a greater emphasis on character development. The stories seem a little tired and cliched, though that's mostly due to their age and influence on the role-playing genre. Fighting is handled by a traditional turn-based battle system, with random encounters occurring every so often outside of towns.It's also worth noting that Dawn of Souls includes some of the most impressive music on the Game Boy Advance to date, ranking right up there with Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. With two games and a bestiary on the cartridge, it's a testament to Square's prowess that they were also able to accommodate such rich and detailed sound.Though they may lack the depth and complexity of the modern games they inspired, Final Fantasy 1 & 2 are still quite enjoyable, and definitely worth playing if you're a fan of RPGs.
    ...more info
  • plz read
    i cannot beleive the credit people are giving this game. No offence to the NES but i would rather play other games. Some one gave my friend the game for his little brother who i had just bought his advance from so he gave the game to me. I would never spend money on this game. I suggest final fantasy XII for the PS2 or boktai for the gba....more info
  • Chaos lives to die again!
    Final Fantasy 1 was the first RPG I ever played and I loved it. The new GBA release is the same game, but SQUARE ENIX have expanded it to about three times its original size by adding extra caves. There have been many improvments since the NES release. I always hated how the game forced you to buy potions one at a time. I remember leaving an ash tray or something on my NES controllers 'A' button while I made myself a cheese sandwich and waited for my potion supply to top up. There is now an option to buy as many as you like! The cheesy old dialog has been replaced with new cheesy dialog (you gotta love it), and there are new cinimatics at key points in the game. Names of almost everything have been updated (monsters, spells, weapons, armour, items), the magic points system has improved, and the graphics are AMAZING! I played this game for a week straight before I ran out of things to do! I am now half way through FF2, which is just as awesome. FF2 was never released in America until now, and I'm glad they finally did because I couldn't find the rom anywhere. This game would have been worth the money even if they had not included FF2....more info
  • Half a package; half the challenge.
    Packing two old-school Final Fantasy titles -- one which only recently made it to North American shores -- into a single cart seems like a great value. For the most part, it is, if only for newer players to experience where their favorite Playstation Final Fantasies came from. The big obstacle here is that Final Fantasy has become a little too easy, and Final Fantasy II retains its design annoyances, to the point that only the completely curious or nostalgic will get a real kick out of this package.

    The original Final Fantasy is a straightforward, no-nonsense trek with barely any character growth. It prides itself mainly on its killer dungeons and monsters, and for that it's a decent ride. It bears mentioning that, even as it's "easier" than the original, it's still entertaining enough to play in spurts, and the bonus content after the game's initial conclusion is a healthy challenge.

    So, with its rigidly turn-based battles and tangible but thin storyline, and overall tepid difficulty, Final Fantasy is a nice romp down memory lane but lacks the intensity of other throwbacks like Etrian Odyssey.

    Now, Final Fantasy II is all mixed up in a blender. The developers' propensity to keep in the rampant useless empty rooms in its dungeons, and willingness to throw you into a fatal battle if you venture one pixel too far in the wrong direction with underpowered characters, is just too irritating to excuse.

    The leveling system is, at its core, a splendid idea, forcing you to use the item or magic types that you want your character to become adept at. The problem is that there's no formal overall character growth, meaning that there's no discernible point at which your characters grow in overall strength and ability because the traits get so specific as to demand that you level up sword-wielding and axe-wielding separately. Yes, this makes for a challenge, but it also becomes annoying to have to go back and spend time to level up your sword-wielding ability on peon enemies after becoming a master with an axe.

    Were this a loot-drop game like Titan Quest, where different weapons are readily abundant and you would never be at a loss for said axes, this would be fine. As it stands, Final Fantasy II would have benefited more from more general stat increases, a system that the Gameboy SaGa games (known in the US as Final Fantasy Legend and Final Fantasy Legend II) used to a serviceable effect.

    All told, this package is -- again -- a good value. Final Fantasy is still nostalgic, and Final Fantasy II isn't terrible -- but it easily contends for the most flawed entry in the series. You shouldn't be scared off from picking it up if you're a fan or just want to know your roots, but be prepared for its annoyances going in....more info
  • A throw back to the old days!
    It's been quite some time since I played the original Final Fantasy on the NES. I have this and the PSX release, and this one is way better! I like the new MP system as well as the added potions. They also made the black wizard a bit more tough when it comes to combat. If I recall, my black wizard was in the lower double digits for damage until he got the cat claw. Now I'm approaching the 3 digits, and my characters are only in the mid 20's! The graphics and sound are great (compared to the original), and the plot is pretty much intact. A must buy for any final fantasy fan!...more info
  • "Restore the Crystals to grace..."
    This is a great game (or two if you wish to be technical). Okay, before I begin, I must apologize to vintage Final Fantasy players. I AM SO SORRY! I used to own and play the NES and SNES systems avidly. But, I NEVER PLAYED ANY FINAL FANTASY! And I could have. If you wish to find me and smack me, you can. I deserve it.

    Alright, now. Onto Final Fantasy I.

    This game is better only in the respect of the stats system and the customization of the characters. As the game starts, you can choose up to four out of six character classes: Warrior, Thief, Monk, White Mage, Red Mage, and Black Mage. However, each character will only have one class change, thus making the difficulty of this game already tough (though not that tough). You can also name your characters with absolutely no preset name(another customizable attribute). Yet again, the customization ends there.

    The story is simple. Four Warriors of light must defeat the Four Fiends of Darkness and restore light to the Crystals. The first plot twist of the series, however, is rather interesting. The story, though, does not have to be very in depth as this is the first game, adapted from the NES. So, newcomers expecting an in-depth storyline, give this game a break, okay?

    The battle system is part of what makes this game strategical. You give your characters their commands and let the battle unfold. Depending on your characters' stats, whoever hits fastest and strongest (you or enemies) will come out on top. This provides for great strategy time. After you win a battle, you gain experience which, when you gather enough, you level up.

    Now, for Final Fantasy II.

    This game provides you with actual written characters with a decent (and recurring) storyline. You can rename your characters if you wish, but the main characters' names are Firion, Maria, Guy, and Leon. They are the victims of a conquering empire bent on world domination, led by feminine-looking Emperor Palamecia. (Seriously, he looks like a chick.) After they are attacked and left for dead, Firion wakes up at the rebel base. All but Leon are there, and so they embark on an adventure to find Leon and destroy the empire.

    The battle system is exactly the same as number I. However, the level up system is different. While number I had the experience points, number II has an odd system, the system which gives this game a four rather than a five. For example, if you are attacked, your health, stamina, and defense will increase at the end of the battle. Do the math and you can figure out how to raise the other stats.

    Now, as a whole, this game is great. Coupled with music from the stupendous Nobuo Uematsu and the extra dungeons guaranteed for more hours of fun, this is one great start for the new and upcoming Final Fantasy fan. Definitely worth it....more info
  • Old School Fun
    A nice port of the original SNES games with some extras added. For those of you who love the older fantasy games and are not hung up on having cutting edge graphics. This is after all a pair of pretty old games. The gameplay however is very fun and worth picking up. I would also recommend picking up Breath of Fire 1 and 2, Lunar, Lufia, Phantasy Star and the Zelda games if you enjoy this one....more info
  • "Out of the darkness, four heros will come..."
    I was recently addicted to "Legend of Zelda" games for the Gameboy Advance that I play on my Nintendo DS. I was getting BORED, suffering from chills, seizures and the occasional mental spasm. This little man on my screen running aound hitting people with his cruddy sword.

    Heretofor, the Final Fantasy series will be my fantasy game obbsession next to RuneScape.

    If you are still a fan of our friend Link and his circle of friends, you are suffering of I.H.T.O.F.G.B.Z.L.A.F. (I have not tried other fantasy games besides Zelda, Link and Friends) Syndrome. If you are suffering from IHTOFGBZLAF, then play this, or FF Tactics, or, better yet, buy a PS2 and buy all Final Fantasy games you can.

    (Warning: this will slice a hole in your wallet.)

    Bottom Line-------------
    This game is the Overlord of portable fantasy games so far.
    (That I have tried.)

    Graphics: Typical GBA Graphics.-------
    Sound: Whoa! Great music for GBA title.-------
    Gameplay: Both games will keep you playing for hours straight.------
    Story: FF I: Not that great, but will still keep you playing.
    II: Better than FF I but you do not get to customize your party.------
    Replayibility: FF I has better replay actually than FF 2, because of the.... wait, I have no reason to support this, but it's true anyway.-------

    Your Lord and Master.
    Grand Admiral Thrawn...more info
  • Not What I Thought It Was Going To Be...
    This game is made out to be a masterpiece but in my opinion the game lacks a good storyline, and REALLY lacks good graphics. The old Pokemon games had better graphics than this game. The graphics seem like they were just thrown together. I dont reccomend this game to anyone, unless you dont care about the graphic quiality, and will be returning mine....more info


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