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Who Reads EatingWell?
What's for dinner? Is it healthy? Is it easy? If you ask these questions, EatingWell is for you. The magazine "Where Good Taste Meets Good Health," EatingWell delivers the information and inspiration its 350,000 paid subscribers need to make healthy eating a way of life with great, easy recipes (most take 45 minutes or less), the latest nutrition science, gorgeous photos and crisp, evocative prose.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:

  • Fresh: News from the world of food.
  • Healthy in a Hurry: Fantastic, quick recipes that meet our strict nutrition parameters yet are delicious and simple to make.
  • Nutrition News to Live By: Words of advice from top scientists.
  • EatingWell by Season: Delicious recipes based on what's in season and fresh now.
  • Special Report: In-depth, award-winning journalism about new findings in nutrition science, where our food comes from and how it is produced.
  • Feature Articles: EatingWell examines the connections among food, its origins and its impact on communities. These are some of the recent topics covered in EatingWell features: Do You Really Need Supplements?, The Search for the Anti-Aging Diet, How to Grow Your Own Salads, Why Buffalo Is Back.
Magazine Layout:
EatingWell is rare in that EVERY recipe is accompanied by a beautiful, realistic photo showing what the dish will look like. Luscious photos are part of the brand, along with simple recipes and strong writing.

Award-winning writers (Rachael Moeller Gorman, David Dobbs, Bill McKibben, Rowan Jacobsen) and nutrition science professionals, such as Marion Nestle, Dr. Philip Ades, Brian Wansink, come together in the pages of EatingWell.

Past Issues:

Comparisons to Other Magazines:
Unlike Cooking Light, EatingWell is the only magazine to focus uniquely on the intersection of food and health and "origins"a??where the food comes from.

EatingWell's pages are at least 60% editorial. The remaining 40% is paid advertising from companies promoting healthy foods, products and lifestyles, often in the natural and organic space.

EatingWell has been named one of the top 3 food magazine for the last 3 years (Folio: Eddie Award). It also won a James Beard Foundation Journalism Award for nutrition reporting in 2008 and an IACP Bert Greene Award for best food essay. The EatingWell Diet was named one of the top 10 best diet cookbooks last year by Health Magazine and CNN.

A delicious balance of cooking and must-have nutrition features, EatingWell is the award-winning magazine where good taste meets good health on every page. Each issue is filled with dozens of delicious and nutritious recipes, smart shopping tips, healthy-in-a-hurry menus and much more! Beautiful color images illustrate never-fail, full-flavored recipes for healthful everyday eating and entertaining.

Customer Reviews:

  • Over a 4 month delay in shipping!
    I would like to write a review, however I haven't received the magazine Eating Well yet. I placed my order in January and it is now May 25. I wonder if other people have had the same problem....more info
  • Far superior in the right-eating cooking mag world
    I have subscribed to Eating Well for years now, and they never cease to impress me. From articles about nutrition news to profiles of sustainable growers, Eating Well truly lives by its goal to provide us with uncomplicated, thoroughly delicious recipes. And, since they provide so many recipes online, I constantly turn to their Web site for great recipes using practically any ingredient.

    I used to subscribe to Cooking Light, but these guys do it SO much better. The recipes are not only healthful, but have better depth of flavor and are much more consistent and dependable. ...more info
  • If you are going to subscribe to 1 cooking magazine put this one high on your list
    My wife and I have 20+ years of Gourmet sorted by month (stopped subscribing about 8 years ago) and we subscribe to Eating Well. We find both useful with lots of good recipes, but the ones in Eating Well are healthier and every bit as tasty. We love the articles on making the foods healthier as well as product reviews. There is no comparison to the current Gourmet Magazine. Eating Well is far superior. The meals made from the recipes in the magazine are low in calories and fat and high in flavor.

    We like the magazine so much that we have bought a subscription for our daughter and her husband for the last 2 years and they love it as well. They have enjoyed everything they have prepared from the magazine.

    ...more info
  • No Hipocracy Here, It's All Healthy!
    Unlike many magazines that claim to be healthy, this one really is. I always find recipes that are simple enough not to overwhelm me and tasty to boot! ...more info
  • Health AND taste!
    This magazine exceeds all of my expectations! I read about it online and decided to search for it on a newsstand before committing to a subscription. The next day I saw it near the checkout cashier at Whole Foods and promptly bought it. After making 2 recipes, I promptly subscribed and gave 2 additional subscriptions as Christmas gifts. It is FABULOUS and reasonably priced. It is published only 6 times a year which, I believe, keeps it free of worthless "fluff." I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Clients LOVE this mag...
    I purchased this mag (along w a number of others) for my business/customers. Just received my 1st copy. Although, I have not yet had a chance to read it, today I had three customers tell me that they loved it. One is buying a subscription and the other two are going to look for a copy at Borders. I'm thinking... must be a VERY good mag... rarely do I receive comments on the many magazines in my hair salon. I'm looking forward to reading it myself now. Probably wouldn't have bothered otherwise, without all the raves.
    =)...more info
  • Love it!
    This is my favorite magazine bar none. I am a vegetarian although I cook for a family who eat meat as well ~ there is always something for all of us in an issue of Eating Well. It is one of those rare magazines I never lend out. I have every issue since I've been a subscriber {about 3 years}. If your interest is in cooking or in health or simply in great food you won't be disappointed with this product. The information in this magazine is for real people who don't pretend to be Julia Child or Martha Stewart, although they might like it too. Enjoy! ...more info
  • Where to go for good taste and good health ideas
    This magazine is well-known for its excellent features, but what is even better is the many and varied recipes in each issue. There is always something that will appeal to just about any reader that is interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle....more info
  • Tasty, healthy food for folks who have a life
    I love this magazine, and am on my third year. The recipes are interesting, healthy and easy to make after a day at work. They don't use fake ingredients, which was my complaint with Cooking Light - I'd rather use real yougurt than fake sour cream for instance. And the recipes don't take all day and 24/7 access to a gourmet supermarket like the ones in Gourmet. The nutrition articles are interesting and walk a sensible middle line between the low fat and the low carb camps. Real food for real life....more info
  • Healthy Eating
    A magazine worth checking out for anyone who's interested in healthy eating. It has beautiful pictures with easy to follow recipes....more info
  • Good Recipes
    I received this as a gift for Christmas and was pleasantly surprised. The recipes I've tried so far have worked and had good flavor. I did find I had to adjust seasonings and add a few flavors to make it more my taste (but that's the case with most recipes). So far I'm enjoying the magazine. ...more info
  • LOVE IT!!!
    I subscribed to both Cooking Light and Eating Well. The differences are tremendous. While I like Cooking Light, I LOVE Eating Well. The first thing you'll immediately notice is the dearth of advertising in Eating Well compared to Cooking Light. Thus, Eating Well is about a third of the size of Cooking Light. Unlike Cooking Light, which can contain random articles about travel and exercise, Eating Well is strictly about food and nutrition. I love how Eating Well has pictures of all the recipes, while Cooking Light does not. I also like how Eating Well's recipes are simple and easy to follow, using realistic ingredients and straightforward preparation methods. I've made a number of the recipes and almost always enjoyed the results. Eating Well's articles are informative and I especially appreciate its focus on nutrition. In all, a fabulous magazine! I only wish it was published every month instead of every other month!...more info
  • "Eating Well" is a good name.
    I subscribed to the magazine and bought two books: the "Eating Well for Diabetics Cookbook" and the "Eating Well Healthy Heart Cookbook". They are excellent resources. My daughter-in-law and I like to cook. She is very health conscious and introduced me to the magazine. I was so impressed by the recipes and health information in them, that I couldn't wait to get my own copy. The recipes use readily available ingredients and are not too difficult. They are tasty as well.
    Carol Hughes...more info
  • Finally, recipes that are easy and delicious
    I'm always looking for recipe ideas that are healthy, tasty and yet, easy. I've been pleased with Eating Well magazine recipes and information. After receiving it for a year I ordered a subscription for my daughter too....more info
  • One of the best cooking magazines
    I have to disagree with the reviewer who compared this unfavorably to Cooking Light. I guess it depends on what you expect from a cooking magazine; me, I expect recipes and ideas for cooking. I'm often more than 100 pages into Cooking Light before the subject even comes up, after wading through countless lifestyle articles, notes on grooming, travel ideas, etc. etc. Eating Well is always very down to earth and focuses on just what its title says: eating well. I get five cooking magazines, but Eating Well is the only one I always read with bookmarks at hand, because I know there will be lots of recipes I want to mark to try....more info
  • Eating Well Magazine
    Wonderful magazine! The receipes are excellent, I have tried several and they are all keepers! They are tasty, low calorie, high fiber etc. The format of the magazine is great and there interesting articles as well as recipes....more info
  • WOW!
    This is such a wonderful magazine! The pictures are so beautiful and inviting. The recipes are great too and easy to prepare. All the recipes are marked with symbols for high fiber, low calorie, etc. as well as the nutritional breakdown and some have cost per serving. The June issue had a very informative article about high-fructose corn syrup, which helped clear up a lot of confusing misinformation! This is the best healthy cooking magazine I've found, I can't wait for the next issue.

    For people wondering about ads:
    (The June issue had 84 pages & 26 were advertisements. About every other page up to the 40th page was an advertisement and then they were scarse until the back). These did not negatively impact my opinion of this magazine....more info


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