Qigong Beginning Practice

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Studio: Gaiam Americas Release Date: 02/12/2007

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  • Qigong for Beginners review
    First of all, this is not a review about Qigong itself, or the effectiveness of the program taught on the DVD. I haven't had it long enough to make that kind of judgement. However, what I can comment on is that the DVD itself was very satisfying. It is actually better made (meaning the format, design, etc) than I expected. The teaching is done very clearly, and is very easy to follow. The instuctor seemed passionate about his work, and taught well. The setting the instruction took place in was beautiful; mountains, lake, blue sky; very nice. Finally, there is a very nice documentary concerning Qigong and eastern methods of healing.

    The instructor has a DVD out which teaches beginning Tai Chi. Based on the Qigong DVD quality and my experience, I will definitely purchase it. ...more info
  • If you're hard of hearing like me...
    DON'T buy this product if you expect it to be closed captioned as it says in the product description:

    Format: Closed-captioned, Color, DVD-Video, NTSC


    Buyer beware! This product has NO closed captions and hearing impaired people will NOT be able to read what is being said in the background....more info
  • Clear, convenient a great beginning
    I am a beginner, but have worked with two experienced practitioners. My busy schedule made lessons difficult so I bought this DVD and have found it perfect for my needs. An important missing element is a guide to correct stance, but otherwise, this is a great workout and a thorough introduction to a series of basic qigong exercises. I am very pleased with the results of a work out. I feel energized and as if I have had a wonderful massage. I also am able to get into a meditative state while practicing this program. I think it is effective for experienced and beginning practitioners who want a quided practice. I would add that this is a program suitable for people who are fit to those with some disabilities. The beauty is that practitioners can get a range of benefits from developing pulmonary strength from breathing, to energizing oneself. It is a great program and one you can do with family members with different physical conditions....more info
  • Nice, very Nice.
    Well here I thought what the hell am I getting myself into this time... I was borderline negative about it, but I thought why not lets give it a go and to my delight I found that it really helped with some arm pains that I was experiencing. So I would say two words to describe this dvd... Good stuff....more info
  • Simple but nice
    Nice movements, nice pictures and nice background.
    This DVD is a nice alternate/contrast to Dr Yang Jing Ming DVD (I own 2 of them : 8 pieces of Brocard and Essence of Tai chi Qigong
    I consider it a valuable DVD for anyone interested in Qigong in general, and varying styles and Qigong exercices in particular.
    Studying different styles and approches can only be enriching ...more info
  • Great DVD and well worth the money
    Wonderful DVD and well worth the money! Unlike the other 3 qigong dvds I bought from another teacher which teaches only a few movements and short dvd with a lot of talking (which may be ok if you don't mine all that), this dvd has over 20 easy to follow exercises or movements and over 10 additional bonus instructions on self healing massage. I have hypertension but for some reason my blood pressure goes down after doing the exercises. Coicidence or not or reasons why? I have no idea but my guess is, it is the total relaxation and stretching I get doing the exercises. The 2nd dvd gives more information and background on Qigong which I find interesting. By the way, I also ended up buying the other 2 dvds from the Garripoli's (Cleansing and Stress Relief) but I still prefer and use this beginner dvd a lot better. The one thing you may not like with this dvd is that most of the names of the exercises are in chinese names which makes it harder for me to memorize the actual names. Apparently there are no translations yet, but it does not bother me a bit since I had no problem remembering the exercises themselves and not worry about the chinese names.

    ...more info
  • Well Done Introduction to Qigong

    This is a very well-produced DVD that offers a solid introduction to the art of qigong. No one video is going to achieve great depth in a complex subject, but having seen a number of qigong videos (many of which have shot-in-the-basement production qualities and very minimal explanations)I would rank this as one of the best, particularly for a new student. The qigong forms presented here offer slow, dynamic stretching, deep gentle breathing, and they are enjoyable and relaxing to perform. The second DVD presents a fascinating documentary on the history of qigong. Well worth the modest cost....more info
  • Unbelievable value
    I would have expected this many exercises to be split among three DVDs. And there is a bonus backgrounder -- it's like getting four DVDs for less than the price of one.

    This is informative, energizing, relaxing and well-designed. I received all of the exercises I wanted and more.

    I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • The Best in mild stretching
    This exercise program is excellent for challenged seniors, you really feel the results and the results are good. I highly rate this program....more info
  • Great
    Very easy to follow and learn, plus the documentary disc is so informative and his journey to learn was awesome....more info
  • Very Healing Easy Movements
    I also loved this dvd. It is over 40 min of pure Qi Gong movements that end with a self massage.
    The movements are done slowly with a narrator to help guide you. The Asian name of the movement is shown before each one. This dvd has the most amount of different Qi Gong moves that I own.
    Unlike Terrance Dunn's Chi Kung five standing meditations which have very little movement, this one does which gives you extra stretching to help open up your energy & since you have to concentrate on following them, you don't get bored as much or allow your mind to wander which is also increases healing.
    I felt almost back to normal doing this dvd trying to heal from a very severe allergic reaction to a common drug given 1x in office by a doctor which nearly killed me.
    I own others which I love that have some of the same moves & other ones including "Discovering Chi" with Linda Modero, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming's "Eight Simple Qigong Exercises For Health - The 8 Pieces of Brocade" with gives a seated & standing movements & a lot of extra info about how energy moves, Dr. Yang's company's VHS "15 minutes to Health" & recently Dr. Paul Lam's "Qigong for Health" which was very short on content with only 5 movements but did work.
    This DVD will be a new favorite.
    This dvd is narrated by a different voice, their Qi Gong Stres relief they teach as they go is even better at a nice short 22 min that really relaxes you....more info
  • Qigong practice
    This DVD set has two DVDs. I found the on the 1st DVD the Qigong practice and massage to be an excellent series for the practice of Qigong. I have practiced T'ai Chi and Qigong for many years and the series of exercises presented are clearly demonstrated, easy to follow and excellent for the practice of Qigong. Also, the Buddhist massage series at the end are helpful.
    The second DVD is a documentary of the use of Qigong in China for medical and health purposes. Also, western authorities are interviewed. This DVD gave a good overview of the ancient as well as modern application of Qigong in Chinese culture with possible implications for western cultures in maintaining good health and longevity....more info
  • Peaceful way to begin the day
    This video is very easy to follow. There is nothing strenuous or overwhelming. Has a peaceful side affect for your soul as well....more info
  • To know as bettah!
    I liked this dvd and thought it was quite nice until I went to a qigong workshop.

    Then it dawned on me how little the Garapoli's know about Qigong...

    Qigong is not a workout or a stretch routine for senior citizens... and frankly I cant even begin to explain about it being, a new student myself...

    what I have to say to anyone interested in Qigong is go to a workshop or a live class...an certainly do NOT buy this dvd... ...more info
  • The most professional Qigong DVD
    After sadly being unable to form a group to practice Qigong, I began a search for a DVD that would have everything I was looking for and would motivate me to practice often. Since there are hundreds out there, this is no easy task.
    The Garripolis have done such a superb job. The DVD is professionally done, offering breathtaking landscapes that relax you.The couple, Francesco and Daisy-Lee, have extensive knowledge of Qigong and truly believe in its benefits.
    They offer both a section which explains each series of movements and then an opportunity to practice the movements as a flowing set.
    The couple presents the material in a peaceful, centered manner and very importantly, as instructors I connected with them very well and feel that it is easy to return "to class" on a regular schedule.
    In addition to this DVD, Francesco Garripoli produced a second DVD which explains the history of Qigong in China, his introduction and time spent as a student as well as overcoming a devastating personal trauma using Qigong practice.
    I most highly recommend it to anyone interested in Qigong. I also give 5 stars to their other DVD "Qigong for Cleansing". ...more info
  • Great Sequence
    I have been doing qigong for the past 10 years and am pleased I cam across this DVD. The practice is suitable for anyone, provides two well rounded sequences, and a several self massage techniques. This product is a great value and provides quality instruction....more info
  • qiqong dvd
    This is a very informative and educational DVD It has 2 parts The one part tells all about the cultural aspects of qiqong. The other DVD is about movement and breathing. A great DVD for beginners of all ages. ...more info
  • Opening the soal to healing
    I found the cd's to be great. It has promted me to do further research into QiGong. I wished I would have found QiGong 30 years ago. The breathing alone will calm the spirit and soal....more info
  • Excellent for beginning the practice of energy cultivation
    This video was my introduction to the energy arts. At first I thought the movements were too simple to simple and effortless to be effective. HOWEVER, once I practiced & applied the first few movements visualizing my body's energy moving like rivers through my body I immediately noticed a profound change. Qigong is not about exercising your muscles it is about building an awareness of your internal energy and learning to gather it and move it effectively. It requires visualization skills, openess and patience.

    I can honestly say that this video has introduced me to a new way of life. I am now a serious student of Qigong and internal martial arts. In many ways I feel like a teenager again and my stamina and energy (in all areas) have increased exponentially.

    This video is a great place to start your journey. But you must approach with an open heart. ...more info
  • oh, yes:
    This video is very well done, easy to understand and follow,done in a very caring attitude....more info
  • Good, but confusing to follow
    The documentary that accompanied this set was marvelous... To me, it alone was worth the price! What had me so discouraged was trying to follow the Qi Gong instructions. I had so much difficulty in trying to do the 'opposite' of what I was seeing the instructors doing: like following instructions: take your left, then your right, now with your left, facing them and 'seeing' the opposite. The exercises were perhaps simple enough and easily learned...but for me it was just too difficult to translate 'doing the opposite' of what I was seeing. I realize others may not have this problem, but I thought I should at least present this as possibly confusing a number of other people. I have a couple of other Tai Chi and Qi Gong tapes but they don't present the same challenge... you "do" what you are "seeing."...without having to constantly translate left and right....more info
  • QiGong Beginning Practice
    I'm new to the practice of QiGong..this DVD provides a powerful insight to its practice and depth of purpose. It is easy to follow and quickly absorbs one in the flow of using QiGong in one's life....more info
  • Nice,
    It would be nice to have a personal instructor in one's meditation space; but since that is not going to happen this dvd is quite nice.

    This is not the first qi gong dvd that I've tried to follow. I've also had classes. This dvd is much better than anything that I have experienced before.

    The moves are reasonably well explained. The purpose for the moves is also explained, which makes them meaningful.

    If nothing else one feels relaxed. I felt improvement in my health condition immediately...more info
  • well made
    I thought this was a well made and beautifully set video. Easy to follow for my 79-year old mother! It is an ancient Asian practice, no? Just a suggestion...maybe it would be more authentic to have the Asian woman in the leading position, instead of the white man forward. The way it is, it reproduces inequalities, racial and sexual. Thanks. ...more info
  • very relaxing
    I don't really buy the whole "chi" healing power but it is very good for concentration and relaxation. The tape is very long (an hour and one half) and seems to be pretty well made. ...more info
  • WOW !!!
    WOW absolutly fantastic. slow and easy to follow excellent coverage of positions and their applacations....more info
  • Qigong For Beginners DVD Set review
    Here's one of many emails we been receiving from happy customers:

    Dear Francesco and Daisy,

    I just love your DVD. I can't say enough about the quality of the production, the clarity of instruction and the energy value of the various forms. Many of the movements, including the massage and stimulation exercises at the end of the program are similar to what I've been practicing, so it's a definite validation of the universal understandings and practices of Qigong around China and throughout the world.

    I wanted to thank you, applaud you, and say again that we look forward to meeting you at some future time. Take good care and I hope each day is a beautiful day for you both.


    (Daisy and I thank you for your support and hope you can visit www.wujiproductions.com to learn more... Peace...
    ...more info
  • The Energy of Tai Chi in a Smaller Space
    I've looked for something like this for years: a Qigong system that I can do in a smaller space than Tai Chi, but which has the energy and deep relaxation of Tai Chi. I'm very, very pleased with the results of this system after 3 weeks of practice.

    I missed Tai Chi after I moved to a smaller apartment. But this system, the Wuji system, is a good replacement.

    Because the video uses the right camera angles and clear verbal instructions, you can easily learn the system from the video. (A rarity among instructional videos.)

    This is a system you can embrace and really feel at home with. Definitely as satisfying as Tai Chi....more info
  • Excellent beginning point for Qigong
    I just received and viewed this two disc set from Amazon. It is a perfect starting point for anyone interested in Quigong and its health benefits.

    There are two discs. The first is a set of basic Quigong excercises. Each excercise is its own chapter on the DVD so it is easy to locate a specific exercise. You can then repeat your viewing of each individual exercise instead of having to view the entire set in serial order to get to the exercise you want to learn. It makes it easy to watch each exercise and view it many times so that you can easily learn to do it yourself.

    The second disc is an award winning documentary (aired on PBS) about Quiqong. The author, Francesco Garripoli, had a background in Western Medicine. He sold all of his belongings and travelled around China in search of its ancient healing mysteries. He visited such arcane places as the Shao Lin temple in China which is the Taoist origin of Quigong (Kung Fu or White Crane Chi Kung). The interviews are succinct, yet, fascinating. The imagry is an important record of China in transition. The documentation of Quigong, and, its effects on China and the Western World, emphasizes not only its many benefits to society (as an alternative system of health care), but, also the freedom it bestows on individuals wiling to empower themselves with Quiqong to take responsibilities for their own health.

    I have practiced Quigong for about five years. I needed this DVD for review as I will soon be instructing beginners. This is not only a great DVD for beginners, it is also a great DVD for those needing review of the basic 18 exercises. It includes Shao Lin self-massage techniques which form a basis for personal health maintenance in Quiqong. It is also an excellent resource tool for instructors as it shows Francesco and Diasy Lee almost flawlessly performing the exercises in a way that makes it easy for beginners to learn.

    I will recommend this DVD for my class in lieu of a texbook....more info
  • Qigong Beginners
    This is an excellent start. I sometimes have a hard time moving in certain directions with my arthritis and Fibromyalgia. But with these instructions going nice and slow, I can do them as long as no one insists I do it perfectly. I like the background and the music and with the two of them (husband and wife)doing it together, I can get a good idea of what I need to do. I am quite pleased with it, altogether. ...more info
  • In my humble opinion....
    The two disk product is well worth your time and money.
    The author/producer has a back ground in video productions has served him well. I can see he has surrounded himself with a crew that produced such stunning video/audio content that viewing the documentary disc for its production beauty alone is worth the cost of the entire product. The content is totally stuffed with information that makes the art of Qigong come alive to me. WOW!
    Garripoli's teaching technique is very easy to follow. That doesn't mean it is, at first, easy to do. Anything worth learning and then becoming accomplished, takes a commitment to stick with it. Just do it.
    No one ever told me life would be easy, but efforts exerted in the right directions, make it worth living. This is one of them. Thanks, Francesco and Daisy, for coming into my life.
    ...more info
  • Excellent
    Excellent for beginners very thorough and interesting historical background, very sympathetic host (and hostess), and straight forward exercises....more info
  • Great Introduction to Qigong!
    This is my first introduction to Qigong and found the documentary DVD and actual instruction very informative and easy to follow. I have been starting my mornings by following along with one or more segments (depending on how much time I have) and then moving on to the next segments on following days. If you are interested in Qigong - I would definitely recommend starting out here....more info
  • Long Winded
    It takes forever to get through the moves and they are separated to much. I like there video for cleansing better....more info
  • Simple and Effective
    I purchased this dvd based on reviews posted on Amazon. I was not disappointed. This dvd is an excellent starting point for this art. The instruction (Francesco) is clear through each form and is easy to follow visually.

    I would recommend this dvd to young and old, as a bodybuilder I was looking for something more than a physical result. Qigong will deliver not only physical health but also mental strength. While only doing this form for short time I am already reaping the benefits of being "centered and balanced" and relieving old ailments. By practicing the breathing, stretching, and meditation of Qigong one can only improve their overall health and being.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Introduction to Qi Gong
    The exercises are very clearly presented and explained. There is a tremendous amount and variety of exercises to choose from. Also the accompanying documentary sheds much light on the nature and usefulness of Qi Gong practice. My only reservation has already been expressed by some other reviewers - there is no menu to access individual exercises. I found it necessary to make a list of all the exercises and then to forward through them to find the one I wanted. Still, I give this five stars for its overall high quality....more info
  • Excellent DVD to start Qigong Practice
    I purchased David Garripoli's VHS a few years ago and I realized benefits from the first session of doing the Wuji "Swimming Dragon". I first realized the sensation in the my crown chakra. I also felt that all important burst of energy that comes along with the appropriate and correct practive of Qigong.
    The directions are easy enough for a child to follow and Garripoli gives the historical background to this treasured Martial Art.
    I would and frequently do recommend Qigong to everyone-not all for it's health benefits but for it's uplifting spiritual benefits. ...more info
    As a beginner, I am so glad I found this DVD. I don't even mind the hour and a half long workout! The movements are easy to understand and follow and Qigong has "kick-started" my body back to health! When I don't have time to practice all 18 movements, I do the short version that is provided at the beginning! Thank you Garrapolis!...more info
  • Excellent, I can't praise it enough! Buy it!!
    This is an excellent video, it has very good quality in terms of image, sound, environment,theoretical background, etc.
    But more important it presents 18 Qi Gong exercises which are very simple to follow and you will start receiving the benefits of doing them in less than a month.
    I hope they decide to make one video on Tai Chi for beginners because most of the ones that are available are very poor edited and are difficult to follow the steps as is the case of the 24 forms by Paul Lam....more info
  • I'm not as enthusiastic about this DVD as the other reviewers
    Maybe I'm bad at following directions, but I found this DVD a bit hard to follow even though I can see that the movements are simple. Some of this is due to viewing it on a small laptop screen while standing up: often the two practitioners are filmed from a fairly far distance.

    I know that Qigong is supposed to be very good and I'm sure I'll "get it" in time, but as the header says, I'm not that enthusiastic about this DVD.

    It's also too bad that the menu doesn't give one the options of going straight to a particular move or sequence. It's "all or nothing". ...more info
  • Insomnia & Back Pain GONE - GREAT DVD for Beginners
    I LOVE THIS DVD SET. I am a beginner not knowing anything about Qigong. I practice the moves with this DVD and I find it easy to follow. The benefits were immediate for me, in that I am sleeping better and no more back pains.

    There are about 20 some different moves to follow on the first DVD. I am an insomniac, and struggle to go to sleep and stay asleep at nights. So I do these exercises just before going to bed. By the time I have completed only the first 3 moves (just 10 minutes), 1) Swimming Dragon, 2) Dragon Pearl and 3) Bau Gau Xun Doa Goung (sp?), I am soooooo relaxed, I can't stay awake to complete the rest of the other 16 moves.

    But just even the 10 minutes alone are enough to knock me out. I really do try to get through more of the other exercises, but I just can't keep my eyes open.

    This DVD has helped me so much to fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply. Also, my work is very stressful and I usually experience pain and stiffness in my back and neck. The pain and stiffness are completely gone. But I do have to do Qigong every night. If I miss a night, my insomnia and painful neck and back torture me once again.

    I also love the documentary that comes with it. Gary Garipoli, the creator of this DVD, has put a lot of heart and soul into this DVD. He even risked his own life, to hide and get beyond the Communist Chinese Military Check points, to study under these incredible Qigong Masters. This is all in his interviews, that is also included on the DVD's. I cannot recommend this DVD set enough....more info
  • Great for Carpal Tunnel!
    WOW! This morning my left hand was swollen from carpal tunnel and my middle finger has a tendency to lock. I just did the qigong from start to finish and got on the computer. As I was waiting for the effect to kick in, I noticed that the swelling in my hand was gone, my carpal tunnel was not bothering me at all and the locking finger had been released. This is truly amazing! As I was doing the exercises I was trying to keep an open mind. They just seemed so easy that I was afraid that they wouldn't work. But there is something about the mind body connection that really makes this all worth while. This is the perfect complement to my yoga dvd's and I will use it often. What a great discovery! Thanks! ...more info
  • Simple and Effective
    This is one of my favorite exercise videos. Not only is it an effective video for an enjoyable work out, it also works well in portions for a warm-up or cool down to other workouts. I first learned to coordinate breath and movement from this video. I use the self-massage techniques daily (usually in the shower). I also incorporate the exercises taught in the video in my other workouts. The production quality is excellent and the video is shot in the mountains of colorado giving a very pleasant background to view during the workout. Negatives - none....more info
  • Well-spring of energy
    My Oriental Medicine doctor reccomended that I do QiGong to "build up my chi". I was hopeful but skeptical about the extent to which my chi would be built up. When I first viewed the video Qigong Beginning Practice, I thought that the exercises looked relaxing but not very energizing. But I am compelled to say that after a few days of doing this video in the morning I have begun to see quite a drastic change in my energy level. I already notice that I have more warmth and circulation in my body and I feel ready to jump right out of bed when I wake up in the morning! My husband is impressed at the new increase in my energy and vigour. I also notice that my breathing is becoming fuller and deeper and I feel an overall sense of refreshing vitality. I have practiced yoga for many years and I find it very enjoyable and relaxing, but Qigong is a new gem of my heart. This beginning Qigong DVD is very well put together. Each move is very thoroughly explained and it even tells you which organs of your body the exercise is benefitting (which I really like). The exercises seemed too easy at first, but after a couple times of practice and doing them correctly I noticed it was really working my whole body. The video is very well put together in a high-quality yet relaxing format. It is easy to flip through all of the moves so you can do them in any order you like as the video reccomends. It would be even better if each move was listed in a menu so you could directly go to it from there, but it does not detract from the ease of use. It is even good if you just have a few minutes in the morning to do just a couple moves. I would definitlely reccomend this video to anyone of any age wanting to learn or continue their existing practice of Qigong! Well worth your money; extremely enjoyable and beneficial....more info
  • Struggling QiGong student, needed help- Wow! This really helped!
    This is a great DVD,the extra documentary discusses the history and current use of QIGong, with actual footage of the Masters in China. I found the QiGong easy to follow and to work into my personal schedule. It breaks it up into several simple areas and if I don't have time for the complete session I can do the areas I need most.

    I am a Reiki Master and I wished to broaden my energy work, this was really useful. I am also struggling to learn accupressure and QiGong in a 100 hr introductory class, this helped learning several of the movements my instructor was also trying to teach. To observe QiGong practised well, reminds me of watching ballet, as it is very graceful, with rounded movements that are enjoyable to watch and practice.

    As a nurse I am interested in energy work and exercise that can maintain health, flexibility, balance and strength that complements western medicine. QiGong can be a powerful tool to acheive this. I really enjoy this DVD as it is very well presented. I highly reccomend it! ...more info
  • Qigong Beginning Practice
    Instructions easy to follow. Nice to see both male and female instructors. Promotes inner peace....more info
  • Great introduction to the world Qigong excercise!
    This is a great introduction to the world of Qigong exercise and meditation. The most valuable part of the set for me was the 2nd DVD, with the documentary on Qigong. I never knew that Qigong is a term and concept that embraces varied styles and methods of exercise and healing. I learned from the documentary that even the playing of music and Chinese brush painting can be a form of Qigong exercise and healing.

    The quality of the photography and demonstration is good and easy to follow. The movements are slow and relaxed, but I wish there was a multi-angle view of the exercises or at least a side and rear view of the movements. It was hard to understand the proper posture and stance of the exercises just from the frontal viewpoint.

    Another limitation of the instruction is that it does not provide a graphic illustration of the location of the energy centers (Dan Tian) and the path flow of energy throughout the body. I know Qigong is an internal as well as a physical form of exercise, and it would have been helpful to know how the exercises direct and distribute energy flow through the body. I wanted to know exactly where the dan tian energy centers are, and the way the exercises move energy through them. That would have helped me to understand the purpose of the exercises, and given me something to visualize and concentrate on while doing the exercises.
    ...more info


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