Tylan Soluble Powder 100 gram

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Product Description

Tylan Soluble Powder is a water soluble product contains 100gm Tylosin Tartrate/container that is labeled for chickens and turkeys to treat chronic respiratory disease.

  • To treat chronic respiratory disease
  • Contains 100gm Tylosin Tartrate/container

Customer Reviews:

  • No more tear stains!!! YEAH
    This worked great for our little maltese dog. We used just a pinch (1/8 teaspoon) in some peanut butter every morning for about 2 weeks. She had really bad red stains from her tears. After two weeks the stains were reduced dramatically but she still had some. So we decided to put her on it for another two weeks and now she no longer has tear stains!!!...more info
  • About that one-star review...
    At the recommendation of my dog's veterinarian, I use Tylan to control my dog's GI problems. So I sympathize with Jean Jackson. However, she really should consult her Shih Tzu's vet about the dosage, not the company. If Tylan is not FDA-approved for use in dogs, the company rep might get in hot water if he encouraged this "off-label use." He may not have handled the situation well, but I think we should cut Discount Pet Supply some slack on this one. ...more info
  • Tylan & PepcidAC for Dogs
    My little MinPin has been on this exact med., Tylan 1/8 of a teaspoon per day for years to control his colitis. PepcidAC 1/4 tab 2x per day as well. He has done wonderfully on it. I highly recommend putting the Tylan powder inside gelatin capsules and coating the capsule with peanut butter, as the med alone tastes TERRIBLE. Also, speak to or see your vet before beginning this med to make certain it is okay for your dog to take....more info
  • Tylan for dogs.
    If your dog has constant digestive problems I would highly suggest you forego all of the expensive vet medications and try this for your pooch. For my dog, and several others owned by friends, we had exhausted all remedies for recurring problems with digestive turmoil, loose and bloody stools, and frequent rumbling in the intestines. A 1/4 teaspoon a day wrapped in a piece of meat or cheese has resulted in a healthy and happy dog. You must try this....more info
  • Tylan
    Minute amount being used daily to see if it cuts tear/saliva stains on dog. Too early to see results for staining, but did make his breath smell better....more info
    This is great for my dog's bowel movements. Just use a 1/8tsp for 6 weeks and she's set until she eats something else that is foul. My vet prescribed this. I just fill a 00 gelatin capsule and give it to her 2X a day fro 6 weeks....more info
  • Bad customer Service!
    Tylan Soluble Powder 100gm
    I ordered this product through Amazon to control my Shih Tzu's chronic diahrrea. After I received it I contacted Discount Pet Supply for directions on giving it to her. A rep called me back and said the powder was not for dogs. I contacted the company three times, the last time through Amazon, to get a return authorization. There has been NO response from the company or from Amazon
    WHY??...more info
  • No more red tear tracks!
    Works & worth every penney! My cockapoo's eyes are lovely, and her licked areas are now less red, plus her nose is returning to its black color! But the surprise Bonus was that my 17&1/2 yr old toy poodle also had his skin lesions resolve! After researching the product, I found that it also addresses gut bacteria, so I am betting that a gastric problem was the origin of the skin disorder....Highly recommended. My guys weigh between 13 & 21 lbs. I gave them only 1/16th of a teaspon mixed with peanut butter once a day with their morning meal for 3 mos. Results seen within about a month. It has been 1 month since I stopped & so far no need for any more dosing. Vendor was prompt. Quantity will last 1 year or more & I treated 3 dogs....more info
  • Tylan is a wonder drug to help maintain IBD
    Tylan was instrumental in controlling IBD in our flat coated retriever. I do not sprinkle on his food. It tastes terrible. Get the gelatin or vegetable single "0" empty capsules and a capsule filler (you can do 50 pills at a time). Then put enough in the capsule to fill up the bigger part of the empty capsule, put the cap on it and voila. You now have one dose. I do 300 capsules or so at a time. For my 70 lb dog, he gets 2 capsules a day, one at each meal. He has never felt so good. This is a miracle drug. That and WD or ZD Hill's Prescription diet and he stays in great form and is a very happy boy....more info
  • Works Great!
    My white Shih Tzu has had a reddish brown face for years. I didn't know what was causing it because I've never noticed any wetness. She hated the taste of Angel Eyes and I never had any success with that. When I read about Tylan I decided it was worth a try despite the high cost. My hope was that perhaps the new growth would come in white and we could slowly trim off the discoloration. I was shocked when after only three days of Tylan her face began to turn white again! She's been on it for ten days now and there's a dramatic improvement with only a little brown remaining. She looks like a totally different dog! I use the tiniest pinch possible mixed with a little peanut butter and she thinks it's a treat. The jar should last a very long time and is worth every penny. The only downside I can think of is that her groomer might not recognize her now!...more info
  • Works much better than Angel Eyes
    I found that Angel Eyes was very difficult to give my 15 Lb Pekapoo. He did not like the dry powdered liver unless I mixed it with wet dog food. It was also very expensive.
    Upon reading the label the active ingredient is Tylan (or Tylosin). More research led to the dosage from the manufactures web site.

    "Tylosin: can, fel-5-10 mg/kg PO BID (up to 40 mg/kg PO BID for chronic colitis.".

    We used the minimum dose for his body weight which works out to be about 1/2 of a Smidgen measuring spoon and pour it on a piece of Liverwurst or Braunschweiger - this helps to mask the bitter flavor of Tylan. We used it for 3 weeks daily and then once per week thereafter as maintenance dose. A 100 Gram Bottle should give you enough for over 3 years of doses. Ours is 2 years past the expiration and has stopped working so I am ordering another bottle.

    We have been using it for over 3 1/2 years with no adverse effects noticed.

    Use my information at your own risk and please check the internet for other important info regarding this drug.
    ...more info
  • Great product
    I bought this product because of a recommendation I received that it helps to control tear staining. I was a little unsure of the dosage, so I contacted my vet, who was fine with me giving the product to my dog -- however, she did mention that I shouldn't be giving it to her any longer than a duration of about 6 weeks. My dog is a 12 pound havanese, and she told me that 1/8 of a teaspoon was sufficient. One downside is how awful this smells (and tastes I'm sure!) So, I mix it in peanut butter and spoon feed it to my dog who loves it! As for the tear staining, the product is quite impressive. In the few weeks she's been on it, it's definitely reduced the tear staining (you can see from the new hair growing in) -- just to point out, it does nothing to the brown stains ALREADY on your dogs' hair. I know a lot of people out there think it does, so I thought I should clarify. So, it's a great preventative treatment. And yes, it is an antibiotic, but my vet was totally not concerned with that at all. And yes, it can alter certain levels in the blood but that's not necessarily a bad thing -- the only thing to keep in mind is to tell your vet if your dog is on this. At least if the vet is drawing blood!...more info
  • Great Seller Great Product
    Received my product in a timely matter. It seems to be helping my Shih Tzu with his eye staining--Thank You...more info
  • Great product......
    This product eliminates tear stains and halitosis in my poodles. I am a dental hygienist and have done extensive research on the proper dose and use of tylan in dogs. Before using please be aware of the very small dose necessary to achieve results. It certainly beats paying the high price of Angel Glow....more info
  • no more tear stains
    This works just like Angel Eyes, but it only takes a very tiny amount each time (1/16 of a teaspoon for my bichon), so the bottle will probably last a whole year. I was tired of paying the Angel Eyes price. I put some powdered yeast on top of the dog food, then a sprinkle of Tylan on the powdered yeast. My dog smells the yummy yeast powder and did not hesitate to eat....more info