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Yourself!Fitness is the first game to combine home health and fitness with the power of your Xbox. You'll meet Maya, the interactive personal trainer - she'll help you build an interactive, personalized fitness program for you. She'll keep you motivated and deliver the results you've always wanted.

  • Six unique fitness environments - Keep your workouts fresh by doing them in the Empress' Dojo, the Alpine Retreat, an Island Paradise, the Urban Oasis, the Desert Springs Resort or a Meditation Garden
  • Over 500 unique exercises to choose from - work through sessions with Yoga, Pilates, Cardio Fitness, Strength Training and more
  • Customized meal planning with over 4,500 recipes, preparation instructions and shopping lists to make eating right more simple
  • Dynamic fitness routines respond to your progress and commitment level
  • Maya helps you integrate the fitness equipment you already own into your workout

Customer Reviews:

  • Great for a variety in your home workouts
    This "game" has been great to add variety to my workouts--it's very cold where I live in the winter, so I'm inside on the treadmill a lot, but that gets boring. This game is nice b/c once you get all the info stuff entered in, the "virtual trainer" knows what you need. The workouts are as easy or as hard as you want them, with plenty of opportunity for your input. I recommend it to moms, especially, probably because I am one, but also because it's convenient to do in increments--if you want to do 15 minutes at a time, the game lets you do that. I'm not the type of person to actually watch the tutorial, and some of the exercises are the kind that you need to be taught to do them right, so I improvise a little. I'm sure I look hysterical, but heck, as long as it burns calories, I'm okay with it. ...more info
  • Meet Maya your personal Trainer!!
    I've been using this game for almost four months now and have completed 60 workouts. (...)

    As I'm always looking for something to inspire me to exercise it didn't take me long to come across this little gem. Yourself!Fitness is an Xbox "game" geared towards physical fitness. You are introduced to Maya who will be your personal trainer.

    Maya starts you off by having you do a physical assessment where you are taken through a series of exercises and your resting and elevated heart rates are measured. You put in your height, weight and sex and from there Maya will customize a workout plan for you. Based on what your results are Maya will recommend a goal for you such as Weight Loss, cardio and other selections.

    If you own hand weights, a balance ball or stepper, Maya can also incorporate those into your workout as well but you don't need to have those things to do it.

    Y!F lets you set up a calendar to record when you want to exercise and for how long each session. For your initial fitness evaluation, Maya will recommend to you a weekly schedule but you can customize that for yourself. For instance, Maya recommended weight loss for me and had me scheduled every other day for 15 minutes to start. I am very overweight and I think "she" didn't want me to overdo it in the beginning. But I thought I could handle more and I adjusted the calendar to add in some 30 minute workouts. I'm entering my third week of workouts and have been doing five to six workouts a week at 30 minutes each.

    Each time you go to workout, you are greeted by Maya. Maya will ask you how you are feeling. You are giving three options for an answer. Paraphrasing here but here is an example: A. Nothing can stop me, B. Feeling okay today and C. You're lucky I'm here!

    Now, based on your answer, Maya will set the intensity of the workout before you even start. As you are working out, Maya will again ask you how you are doing. You can than chose if you think the workout has been too hard or too easy and Maya will then adjust accordingly.

    This is so much better than a dvd or video just for the above mentioned customization but there is also some more neat things. Like you can zoom the camera in and out and pan all around Maya to get a better look at how she is doing the exercises. There is also a tutorial that you can exit out of the workout and you get more detailed instructions on how to do the workout. When you are ready you can rejoin Maya! There are different work out settings and music to chose from so less chance of getting bored.

    Each day, when you start your program, Maya will suggest a daily focus - Weight loss, Cardio, Upper body, Lower Body and Flexibility. She varies these so you aren't doing the same thing over and over again. Weight loss is my main goal but I do the other workouts too and they are geared more to help me lose weight. You have a warming up period in the beginning and then you do the targeted workout for the day and a few minutes of stretching near the end.

    Y!F also has a "Meditation Garden". This is a "place" to go and do yoga exercises. I haven't tried this part out yet but others have really enjoyed it.

    There is also a reward system. After you've completed three scheduled workouts, Maya will reward you with some bronze dumbbells, a new location and a new music choice. There are two more sets of dumbbells to earn after this and more locations and music to unlock.

    The workouts use Yoga, Pilates, Cardio, Strength training, and flexibility exercises.

    After a set amount of workouts, Maya will have you do another Physical Assessment to see how far you've progressed.

    There is also a great support system at the Yourself!Fitness website where you can keep an open journal where other members can encourage you and you encourage them.

    There isn't much negative I can say about this except maybe a better selection of music or music you can download into it would be nice.

    The graphics for Maya are excellent! She looks almost like a real person and moves pretty realistically too. Sometimes her arms look a little funny or she seems to be floating a bit but other than that, she looks great. The background graphics could be a little better but maybe the next version will address that.

    I own a ton of exercise videos, dvds and very expensive exercise equipment that I just don't use. I'm starting my third week with this and I feel almost addicted to the program. There's something about being greeted and asked how you are doing or being told you're doing a great job meeting your commitments. It also keeps you on your toes not knowing exactly what to expect because each workout is different. There are over 500 exercises and Maya usually adds one to two each workout.

    There is also a meal plan for those who are looking for that sort of help. I haven't done the meal plan but folks on the Y!F website who have really like it. You can download recipes from the website that you will find on the game.

    This also comes in a PC version and a Playstation 2 version as well.

    I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a home fitness routine.

    ...more info
  • Worth the money
    I've been using this workout video for just a week and am very pleased with it. As a stay-at-home mom it is great for the days where you just don't have time to get to the gym and back, but can squeeze in some time during the day whenever it's convenient. I thought the fitness assessment was very helpful, and like that the workouts are tailored to focus on my weak areas while still giving me a choice for variation if I want.

    Pros: Adaptability. Allows you to increase or decrease the difficulty of a workout while in progress. Adaptable to the equipment you own. Animated instructor is surprisingly non-irritating, unlike real-life instructors in many workout videos.

    Cons: Instructor does not mirror your movement with her instructions. Good aerobics instructors mirror your moves and give verbal instructions for "left" when they are using their "right". Fortunately, most of the moves are basic enough that you can ignore the "left/right" and just follow her visually....more info
    this is without a doubt the best workou video i have ever used. it has helped me to lose weight and tone my body.... im getting married in july and have been trying to find a workout thats fun and actuallly works... well look no more!!! this is a must have!!...more info
    I am an avid gamer ever since star wars galaxies online came out, but the only problem is that after a year and a half of playing the game I packed on some extra pounds, and I figured with Everquest II coming out this month that I had better do something. Then I saw an ad for this game, and I bought it, thinking well it is a game, so maybe it won't seem as much like a workout:) I bought it and I loved it:) OMG it gives you a great workout adjusted to your body needs, and if something is too easy or too hard during the workout Maya will adjust it the next work out:) I will be on my 10th workout tomorrow and I have already dropped 2lbs:) It has a ton of recipes too:) The yoga is awesome and very relaxing:) I am even letting my 10 year old daughter use it:) It customized a workout to her needs, and she loves it:) My husband is going to start using it too:) It has changed the fitness outlook of our whole family:) It is very exciting to watch the bars go across as you come close to finishing a routine, and you know that you have made it:) And it is very exciting when you unlock a new place to work out, and gain levels to go up to new exercises. You also unlock new music:) This game is great:) I have seen in the last week a change in my energy and sleep. I am sleeping much better:) Also I am already beginning to see muscle definition in my arms:) This is awesome:) If you have found yourself having trouble sticking to a workout program in the past you should definetly try this:) I guarantee you will love it:)

    Good Luck and Stay Healthy:)...more info
  • This will change your Fitness Life!!!
    I've never been a very fitness oriented person. I did a sport (Swimming) in highschool because my parents made me.

    Now that I'm in my late 20s I realized I really need to start making Fitness more of a priority before my metabolizm catchs up with me and I'm overweight like the rest of my family.

    For me working out at the Gym was just not an option. It took too much time. I tried work-out videos but man even 30min can be hard to find some days and the work outs are never at my level of ability. Oh and exercise equipement... Tried that but man that is so repetative and gets so boring even if I can watch a movie while working.

    One day while my husband was looking for a new video game I came across this title. I laughed and thought it was stupid.

    Then as I thought about it more and more, I thought out this might really be something that would work for me. So I finaly went out and bought it.

    I've now been training every weekday with Maya since Mid Oct 2005 (it is now Late Jan 2006). I love it!!!

    I can't say enough good things about this. I started at 15min a day because I thought I could at least find that much time. But as of the New Year I bumped it up to 30min because I can truely see what good it is doing in my life. I have never been so excited about working out or fitness in my life for so long.

    I can totally tell this is not a fad for me. I just don't know what I will do when the X-box breaks (it is a few years old and sometimes it glitches while playing games so I know it will happen.)

    I loved the program so much I even got a fitness ball and hand weights for Christmas, and wow does that open up a whole knew world of working out.

    If you are like me and just can't find time for the gym or hate borring repetative workout videos then you need to get this program. The personalized workouts realy make you feel like you have control over your fitness and motivate you to continue coming back for more....more info
  • Great for the sedentary
    After months (years?) of ignoring the need for working out, I decided to start working out again and was intrigued by the concept of an Xbox-driven fitness program. So, I bought Dance Dance Revolution, and this. And while DDR is more of a game - i.e., you're competing against other players or the Xbox - Yourself Fitness is surprisingly engaging, motivational, and fun. And the only person you're really competing against is yourself.

    What's great is that the virtual trainer, Maya, adjusts the workouts according to how you feel that day, and how you're doing during the workout. It's been just 2 weeks and I've found that it's easy for me to keep coming back to it. I'm up to 30 minutes a day, 4-5 times per week, and I think I may actually be enjoying myself.

    Often she'll throw in a move that I haven't seen yet, or something that is yoga or pilates related, and all I do is press a button on my controller, and a tutorial model leads me through the move. Then I go back to the workout and try it myself.

    The only problem I've seen with this is that you can't adjust the exercises Maya's telling you to do based on any injuries you might have. (For example, a bad knee keeps me from doing the lunges.) There are no alternatives presented, so I've gotten creative and either repeated other exercises or made something up. Hey, at least I'm up and moving again. ...more info
  • Innovative
    I think the idea of an interactive fitness programm brilliant. Because the use of beautifully animated computer models, instead of a human 'personal trainer', the exercises never get repetitive like on a DVD.

    The program starts with an initial evaluation of your fitness level (resting heart rate vs. elevated heart rate, flexibility and endurance) and that alone got me sweating. After you evaluation you can set your overall goals and your new virtual trainer will recommend a personalized program for you. You can either choose to go with the recommended workouts or create your own schedule. Your trainer will ask you occasionally how you feel during the workout and will automatically adjust the level of difficulty for the upcoming workouts. She will also provide you with your workout progress and eventually unlock new features (music, exercises, environments) as a reward. The best thing is that the workouts never get dull and are always different. If you're tired of the same old exercises all over again and don't want to join a gym, look no further! You don't need any equipment, but after a while you just might want to get a stepper or some dumbells and your trainer will automatically incorporate them in your workout. I was also pleasantly surprised with the "Meditation Garden" with basic Yoga exercises and tutorials.

    I can highly recommend it!...more info
  • No one to embarrass but yourself
    I have a gym membership, as do many people. Like many people I tend to walk around, get frustrated and make excuses not to go.I won't do aerobics classes because I can't seem to follow the instructors, and I worry about keeping up with the class.

    So I bought this virtual personal trainer, and I am impressed. Difficulty is scaled to your fitness level, she keeps up with you rather than you trying to keep up with her. I've been training for almost three weeks, and have discovered two important benefits:

    1) I feel small muscles I haven't felt in a long while. This is a great all around workout, and I have noticed some improvement in my ability to keep up.

    2) I'm eating less, and that's without help. For some reason the exercising is curtailing my eating habits. My appetite is the same, it's just taking less to fill me up. Probably has to do with the stomach crunches.

    She will work with a heart rate monitor, a ball, hand weights, and a stepper. I have the ball and hand weights, and am considering purchasing a stepper.

    I can honestly say my energy levels have improved, and I look forward to the workouts and feel bad when I miss one. For 35 dollars xbox owners should try to make this a best seller, I would like to see more products like this on the market. ...more info
  • Game has a purpose in an overall fitness program
    This "game" is a pretty neat concept and for a first of its kind workout program is pretty good...better than I had expected. When you first start the program you create a "player". They put you through a series of questions and exercises to see what level they need to start you at. Questions include your weight, etc., what equipment you have (weights, exercise ball, step, heart rate monitor) and then ask you to do different exercises for a certain time to see how in/out of shape you are. Once you have done all of this you are ready for a workout. It asks you how much time you have for your workout. Then you choose what type of workout including cardio, upper body, lower body, yoga type of stretching etc. You choose your location (you get more to chose from the more you work out). It asks you several times throughout the video how you feel in order to give you the right level of difficulty. It gives you a running bar at the bottom to see what exercise you are on right now, what level of difficulty and what is coming up next. These are helpful. Also tells you the heart rate you should be in if you have heart rate monitor. Negatives: When you are doing the warm-up/aerobic part of the routine that begins most of the workouts, the "instructor" does not make smooth transitions from one exercise to the next. I have learned to just watch the bars at the bottom and make smooth transitions myself (thus be out of step with the instructor). Also, there seem to be the same 5 or 6 moves in the aerobic section...they just don't repeat them in the same order. This can be good for someone wanting non-complicated moves with little variety. I am quiet overweight but in better aerobic shape than I look and am able to keep up well with the program....more info
  • Awesome idea with a little room for improvement!!!
    Overall, I have to say I LOVE this game. I have been using it 3-4 times weekly for 4 months. I wish I could give it 5 stars, but there are just a few flaws that I truly hope are being worked on for a version 2 which I would buy with open arms.

    What I LOVE:

    -I love that each workout is different, this is the selling point for me. This is what makes this stand apart from exercise videos which get boring, predictable, and impossible to build muscle because you repeat the same moves over and over and over again. With this system, you are constantly challenged, intensity increases building stength.
    -The workouts are pretty simple initially, and each workout she adds a new exercise or 2 so you are not overwhelmed with too many new or difficult exercises right away.
    -I LOVE that you can use your own fitness equipment with the workouts, it adds variety to the workouts. I recommend having all of the possible equipment (stability ball, step, and hand weights). I plan to also get a heart rate monitor.
    -I love the weight loss tips that it gives after each workout and I have encorporated several into my diet / exercise routines.
    -You have a "physical challenge" every 10 workouts so that you can see your progress in different areas (upper body, lower body, core, flexibility).
    -I love that there are different environments, I can pick an environment (desert oasis, dojo, mountain resort etc. . . ) to fit my mood (but you have to be consistent in your workouts to earn access to these new environments).
    -I like the sound options, it's easy to increase the volume of the music and decrease the volume of Maya's voice which is more pleasant to me than the stock settings.
    -Maya is life-like, fixes her hair, fidgets, ties her shoes, makes the whole experience seem more real. she even wears different outfits.
    -I think it's great that there's a meditation garden for people who like yoga (which I don't).

    What could be improved:
    -Maya doesn't always start exercises on the same leg (for example marches start with the left leg, but kicks always start on the right leg). So it takes a few workouts to figure out which leg to start on.
    -The music has MAJOR room for improvement, most of it sounds like techno to me. It's not music that you can recognize, sing to or want to dance to. It needs real dance music.
    -I would like to see a greater variety of cardio / dance moves.
    -Every once in a while it will show you that a break is coming up, but the break gets skipped and you have to keep exercising. This can be tiring.
    -I wish you had the option to tell it that you'd like more or less of certain moves. Some moves put too much stress on an injured part of my body and I'd rather not do those moves.
    -My main complaint with this game is that you cannot customize the workouts to include more cardio. You can choose "weight loss" or "cardio" options for your workout and those workouts will be mostly cardio, but if you choose upper body strength, lower body strength, core, or flexibility, then these workouts have much less cardio and focus much more on those areas of strength training. What I have been doing lately that is working well for me, I choose the 30 min workout which has 10 min warm-up and cardio, 20 min of strength training. That's just not enough cardio for me, so after the 10 min cardio section, the game always pauses and asks how you're doing (and you can answer "no sweat", "I was working hard" or "I couldn't keep up"), I pause the game there and turn on my own work out music and dance for another 10 to 15 mins giving myself an overall much better well rounded workout. I would love the ability to customize the workout, to choose a 45 min workout and ask for 25 min cardio, 20 min strength training. (I have tried the built in 45 min workout several times and it gives still only about 15 mins cardio and the rest strength training).
    -So how I use this video: I don't choose what it selects for me, instead I use the game 3 times per week, once upper body, once lower body, and once core body strength. I do 30 min exercises each time adding in my extra 10 - 15 mins cardio each time, this is a perfect regimen for me.
    -I wish the calendar to plan workouts was a real dated calendar. It's week by week and since my schedule changes each week, if I don't make sure to update it before the new week, it might think I missed a workout (when you miss workouts she gets on your case which is a good thing, but you also lose ground toward opening up new exercise environments which is a bad thing).

    Overall a GREAT product, one that I use every week and I am definitely seeing results, I am stronger and more toned, I have more energy and endurnance. I can't wait for the revised version if there will be one!

    ...more info
  • Great motivator
    I know almost nothing about exercise. I've always wanted to have a good exercise program, but I can't afford a personal trainer and gyms intimidate me. Yourself Fitness has worked out just like I hoped it would - as a motivating personal trainer that keeps me exercising in the privacy of my home. I like it. And, even better, my wife likes it! From my perspective as a video game junkie, ANY game my wife likes is a great game, since it helps her put up with all the time I spend gaming!...more info
  • Fun even if you're out of shape.
    I'm very busy and I HATE exercise because it is so boring. As a result, I was very out of shape and about 80 pounds overweight. My husband purchased Yourself Fitness because he had heard that it was easy to adapt to you own needs. I did the initial fitness test and thought I was going to die. (Don't do a workout on the same day if you are out of shape.) I decided to give the program a chance anyway and the workouts in the beginning are much easier than the fitness test. Anyone really out of shape might even consider skipping the fitness test or stopping as soon as something becomes even slightly uncomfortable. You can adapt the program appropriately once you begin the workouts.

    The program adjust the workouts based on your fitness test. It also asks you questions after segments of the workout to determine if they are too easy, too hard, or at the right level. If you have to you can also decrease or increase the difficulty of the workout at any time during the workout. However, the program gauges pretty well, so I've only had to adjust the difficulty once in over 20 workouts.

    I started the program in mid-December and I've already lost nearly 20 pounds by mid-January. I have also been able to increase the difficulty of the workouts much more quickly than I had imagined. I actually get upset now if something comes up and I have to miss a workout.

    The program is also great for people in shape. My husband is young and at his ideal weight. He prefers to exercise outside, but has trouble finding time before dark during the winter months, so he has switched to using Yourself Fitness instead. The workouts are still challenging for him even at his fitness level.

    The meal planner has some good recipes that I have enjoyed when I made them. Overall, I haven't used the meal planner because my job very often requires me to eat out. The good news is, Yourself Fitness works very well even if you essentially ignore the meal planner portion.

    I have also not used the meditation garden very much until recently. It is difficult to do yoga until you are at least in decent shape. I also did not know many yoga poses, but I have learned a lot of them through the flexibility workouts. For anyone who does want to do the yoga workout and does not know yoga poses, it tends to repeat the same sequence of moves several times, so I recommend watching the first series of poses before trying to do them. It is much more effective than trying to use the tutorial alone....more info
  • Great concept and great "game" gives you a great workout
    I was taken back when I noticed this on the shelves of my local gaming store. So I read the back, came home and did a little on line research.

    It was less than 24 hours after that, when I decided to purchase this product.

    This is a great "game" that takes getting in shape very seriously. You answer some questions at the beginning and do some exercises to allow the trainer, Maya, to get a feel for your overall health.

    Once you've done that, Maya has created your personalized training schedule, eating schedule and I was ready to go!

    During my first workout, Maya gave plenty of encouragement (based on how I was answering questions throughout the workout)to keep me going. The bottom of the screen displays the workout that you are doing along with the next one coming up, including rests and water breaks. She can incorporate a stepper, flexibility ball, hand weights and a heart monitor in the workout.

    The variety of the workout was AMAZING and I sweating more after 30 minutes with Maya that I ever have doing other videos.

    This is definitely worth the $34 price tag just to have your own personal trainer in your Xbox whenever you want one.

    Overall, this is only a 4 star product since it doesn't really tell you how much you "need" to lose and how you are going to get there. I also would have liked a BMR calculation with calories taken in so I can see what I need to burn off to lose some weight....more info
  • Different kind of fun
    Looks interesting so far... Kids had fun starting it up on "guest pass" and doing 15 min of cardio work -- situps, pushups, jumping jacks. We grownups have done the initial fitness evaluation -- felt harder than "she" rated it. Menu choices seem reasonable at 2000 calorie level, at least. Variety of exercises is commendable. Customizations of daily time allotment, etc., are ample. Wouldn't pay $50 for it, but Amazon's price is good. Overall, another way to "use" the video game system without being sedentary -- always a good thing! We'll see if we grownups succeed in using the program to actually get fit... As for common complaint on reviews about music, you **CAN** turn down/off the volume of it....more info
  • Yourself! Rocks
    Cancel your gym membership, fire your over-priced personal trainer and get into Yourself! Fitness.

    I have used this for 3 weeks and have dropped 10 pounds! I always felt going to the gym was a chore, but I kept dragging myself there and hating it. Now I have my best friend hooked on it, my sister, my mom, and now hopefully you.

    If you're tired of failing at fitness...BUY THIS GAME...

    If you want to keep overpaying for a gym membership and be embarassed in downward dog while doing yoga with 20 folks then don't buy the game....more info
  • Great idea--fun, but room for improvement
    I've been using Yourself Fitness for 3 weeks now, 4 times a week, and I am still enjoying it. Another review made a great outline of the pros and cons, so I'll just add a few different insights:
    1) It really isn't as diversified as I anticipated. Regardless of whether I choose cardio or upper body strengthing, I still get pretty much the same set of 20 or so moves. The duration or frequency may change, but not the action. Since there are 3 of us using the same program, I know this is not just due to my ability level. They get the same moves I do!
    2) While it does include stretching at the end, I've yet to see any stretching other than quad and hamstring. It's a wimpy effort to seem comprehensive. I generally do my own stretching at the end to be thorough.
    3)The meal plans are great! I don't use them off the Xbox, though, since I don't have it set up with a printer and I'm not sure how to do so. The menus are available online for free, though, at
    4) The equipment list only includes 3 things: balance ball, handweights, and heart monitor. I have many other fun items I'd like to incorporate, like a jump rope or bands.
    5) When using handweights, there's no way to track the weight used or make recommendations for moving up.
    I do enjoy the program and it's interactive nature, and I think the idea is fantastic! The music is fun and I definitely work up a sweat. I just hope they'll update the program with the mentioned improvements. I do recommend the program as a part of your fitness routine, but not as the only source of exercise....more info
  • Has room for improvement
    I have been using yourself fitness for two months now, and am generally satisfied. It gives me a good workout at home, makes me push myself, and I'm doing some new and different exercises. If you are looking for something like an exercise video that mixes it up so you don't get bored, I would recommend it. However, it could use a lot of improvement.

    The most annoying thing is when you are doing exercises in which you cannot look at the screen and also keep proper form, she doesn't count or say anything such as "right leg, down, left leg, down" to let you know how long you are supposed to hold a position, or how quickly or slowly to move, so you end up either guessing or hurting your neck trying to watch her while doing the exercise. I read somewhere that they didn't want to make her too repetitive, but when you're doing exercises, you appreciate some verbal cues.

    Another thing is that sometimes the exercise sessions are a little uneven. I found that the first time I did a lower body strength session it was pretty well rounded. The second time practically every exercise was some form of squat or I decided in the future if it's harping on one area too much, I'll just do a different exercise on my own.

    There are a couple of other little things, but I don't want to rag on it all day because in the end I'm still using it. I've just been disappointed in some areas. I would recommend it as better than videos, but don't expect too much....more info
  • This actually works
    My husband and I bought this after reading about it, only because it was on sale after christmas. In the back of my mind I thought it would probably end up in the garbage but whatever, it was cheap. We have now been using this product for 6 months and I have lost 12 pounds, doing this for 3 to 5 times a week and eating everthing I like in moderation. The 5 different workouts focusing on different areas of the body help keep it varied. You don't need to own any equipment for it to work, but as we realized we were really into it, we have gradually bought the recommended equipment, and this helps to vary the workouts and keep things interesting. The music gets old after a while, but now that we know the workouts and don't need the verbal intstructions from Maya, we do picture on picture on our tv and do the workout while we watch our favorite shows. The fact that the software keeps track of how many workouts you have done and if you have skept any helps motivate us to be consistent. I highly recommend this and can't wait for a new version....more info
  • good stuff
    So Im a college student. Spent a couple years partying, eat bad food and sitting around. Ive never been the lazy type until I hit college and thats when the pounds started adding up.
    So yeah naturally Ive been playing tons of video games when Im not studying (yeah...) or partying. Anyways I was just looking around Amazon and found this game on with a couple good reviews. I was skeptical at first but i decided to give it a try. And today I recieved the game (or fitness game thing) and was surprised. Maya is a hottie and she likes to keep you motivated. You start by doing a simple fitness profile where maya asks you some questions and you fill in the blanks. Of course in that profile thing you must do some routines to see what level of fitness you are at. But altogether it took about 20 minutes to do. The cool thing is that you can schedule what days you want to work out and the duration. There is meal planner that helps you count cals. and even gives you recipes for tons of meals. I was impressed.
    The workouts were challenging. Although I have only completed one workout since I got it today, they emphasize the fact that no two workouts are the same. Maya uses over 500 different techniques from pilates, yoga, strength, cardio. WOW. you can even incorporate your own equipment in the workouts.
    Im excited to see how this will turn out.
    The best thing about it is that you get a personal trainer, meal plan and schedule all for about $35. This is a bargain compared to gym memberships, and real personal trainers. So if you have an Xbox and you feel that you have gained some lbs. over the past couple years or if you just want to stay in shape with the holiday season here, i would recommend this product. Quality. It also makes a good gift!!...more info
  • No More Excuses! Lose Weight, Get Fit, in Your Own Home
    For those who'd rather not join or gym, or simply cannot, Yourself!Fitness is the perfect solution. It's not perfect--a software personal trainer will never be all things to all people--but most people will absolutely love training with Maya.

    Best of all they have an active online community for posting questions and getting ideas.

    If you already have a computer, PlayStation or XBox, you have all you need except the game. Equipment isn't necessary although as you progress, you'll likely want a bench or ball, etc.

    Between Yourself!Fitness and Dance, Dance, Revolution, we have all the makings of a new industry: Fitness Software. ...more info
  • Good overall
    I liked this software overall, but I wish I could pick exersizes myself....more info
  • Finally something I can stick to
    Updated 11/8/07
    I still love YF! I started working out in January 2007 and had lost 20 pounds by June and people could tell I had lost weight. I did not change my diet much either, just tried to eat less as I can not give up chili dogs or pizza. Due to some unforseen circumstances I was not able to continue exercising from June through October but I was still keeping quite active and I did not put weight back on. I have started up again to lose just 10 more pounds and am looking forward to it! My friends laugh at me when I tell them about Maya and the workouts she puts me through. Definately a GREAT fitness program!!

    What a great concept! I received YF for Christmas and as soon as I got home, the next morning I set up my profile and have been working out since. I have missed a couple of workouts which Maya got on my case about so I do my best not to miss, I hate feeling guilty! I am a mom of 2 very active toddlers and I was having a hard time sticking to a workout and YF gave me just what I needed. We live out in the country about 30 minutes from town so going to a gym was not only too expensive but unreasonable too. YF has given me just what I need to stick to a workout - choosing the days of the week to work out and the time period and the ability to change the time period right before each workout if you are unable to complete 30 or 45 minutes that particular day, being able to change the focus of the day as well from, for instance, cardio to core body strength or something else. Now that I have been working out with Maya for about 2 months now I can really tell a difference in my energy level and just feeling altogether better about myself and I have lost about 3 pounds so far. Yeah!! Of course they are some glitches as mentioned in the other reviews but they are not big enough glitches to keep me from working out. I think the biggest one for me is when she is doing a cardio (my least favorite)exercise and you see a rest period coming up, then it skips right over it and she keeps on doing that same exercise for another minute or so. Exhausting!! Also the rest periods between cardio exercises are very short whereas the rest periods when doing exercises with weights or crunches or the like seem too long sometimes. Overall YF is a great fitness motivator!...more info
  • This "Game" needs to be tried by all
    Yourself Fitness is not a game, it is a personal trainer for your XBOX. From the rest of the reviews, you can see that this game is well liked. I have been using the workout mode extensively and after three weeks or so, I feel great. My endurance is much better and the physical challenges in the game have helped track my progress. There are a few things that I would like to see in the next version of this product, including a more substantial amount of time dedicated to traditional stretching after each workout.

    Yourself fitness is strangely addictive and it will give you a great workout. The workouts are always changing so you never get bored of the same thing. Also, the more often you work out, the more environments and musical styles you unlock. It is well worth the money if you are looking to get in shape or stay in shape at home.
    ...more info
  • Fun & motivating, perfect for beginners & intermediates
    As a mom of two small children, I was excited about Yourself Fitness. Gym memberships are expensive, and it's hard to squeeze a run in after a hectic day. TaeBo - which I'd used with fantastic results for over 3 years - had gotten a little boring, and I was looking for something different.

    Yourself Fitness features Maya, an interactive "personal trainer." Having done a bit of personal training myself, I'll admit that Maya is fairly typical of trainer-client interaction. She's encouraging when you need it, and admonishing when you need it. Example: if you skip a few workouts, Maya will remind you that consistency is necessary to achieve your goals!

    The first time you work out, Maya takes you through a brief workout designed to measure your fitness level. After keying in your height/weight/etc., she takes your resting heart rate. Then she has you do jumping jacks for 2 min and takes your heart rate again, to measure your intensity levels. She then tests you on lower body strength (bodyweight squats, up to 40), upper body strength (modified pushups) and core strength (crunches). Based on the measurements, Maya will recommend a focus - upper body, lower body, cardio, etc. Whatever focus you choose will be incorporated into each workout (for example, if your focus is cardio, every workout will have some cardio; if your focus is flexibility, every workout will have a little bit of yoga).

    The workouts are fairly basic moves, nothing too complicated or fancy, but also fairly effective. If you're confused about how to perform a move, you can click a button to get a model illustration (this pauses your workout). The illustrations are useful (I've been weight training for 2 years and it was interesting to see a different perspective on things like plie squats). Some of the weight training seems to move a bit fast: Maya tells you to go "slow and controlled" on a bicep curl, but she's curling faster than frizzy hair on a humid day. The rest times between sets are good (and necessary - don't skip those rest times, your body needs them). One note on the cardio/weight loss: they're fairly interchangeable, but the cardio is superior and incorporates cardio weight training at the end (weighted lunges, etc.). Both work for weight loss but in my opinion, the cardio option gives a better workout. You can raise or lower the intensity for just about any exercise with the click of a button.

    At the beginning of your workout, Maya asks how you're feeling (not too good, okay, great) and incorporates your mood into the work - if you're feeling great, she might amp it up a bit. After each section of your workout, she asks how that section felt to you (too hard, working it, no sweat) - and adjusts future workouts based on your answer. About every 10 workouts, you will do the "Fitness Challenge" - a repeat of the first workout you did to test your progress. The results are measured in the progress section, which shows your weight, strength, heart rate, etc. on line graphs. You will also be given the option to change your daily focus at the Fitness Challenge based on Maya's recommendation.

    Some other things:
    *meal plans & recipes (didn't use them, they looked pretty lame to me)
    *meditation garden
    *times offered are 15 min, 30, 45 and 1 hour
    *equipment options are ball, heart rate monitor, step and weights - your equipment is incorporated into the workout. I have a weights and a ball; the weights are almost always used, the ball occasionally

    The music .... well, the music. It's OK, nothing special. At different levels (depending on your workout consistency), you're awarded new music preferences. I like Techno and House, but the salsa and 80s sets are fun, too.

    The settings are interesting: a dojo, an urban gym (complete with helicopters flying around outside the high-rise windows, occasionally pausing to apparently watch Maya in action), an alpine retreat - outdoors in what looks like a Colorado lodge, a desert retreat, and the beach retreat - outdoors under a huge thatched umbrella next to the beach (this is the last one you "earn" and is definitely my favorite).

    If you're just starting out in fitness, Yourself is fantastic. I wish I'd one when I first started out - probably would have saved myself some injuries! Intermediates will enjoy the change of pace YF offers. If you're an advanced lifter or cardio junkie, YF will work as a good motivator. Remember to increase the weights as you get stronger; if you're always using 10lb weights, your progress will be limited. Lifting heavier *will not* bulk you up; it will make you stronger and leaner. The cardio is not high intensity, it's more like low- to medium-intensity for a longer duration. I prefer high-intensity cardio, so I generally use YF for weight training and core work, and then do HIIT (high intensity interval training) on my own.

    Overall, it's a great program and a wonderful idea!...more info
  • Great idea that needs some improvement
    You can read other reviews for the good things about this title. Here are a few problems:

    1) Sometimes the program just won't do the workout you select. Three times today, I tried to make it give me a core workout and it kept doing upper body (which I just did yesterday and didn't want to repeat so soon).

    2) I use other programs or running for cardio, so I'm already warmed up when I start YF. There's no way to tell the program to just get to the exercises. And there's no way to input workout data so the program knows you're doing cardio elsewhere. It will keep suggesting you need it.

    3) There's no way to tell the program to not use a particular exercise. If you're bored by a move or it exacerbates an injury, too bad. Chances are, it's a move the program will use over and over for minutes at a time.

    4) There's no option to build your own workout. I really wish the program was more customizable, giving me a list of exercises to string together to work the muscles I want to work on any given day.

    5) It asks how groups of exercises made you feel, but there's no option to indicate a particular exercise is too much. You can make the whole workout easier, but that's not necessarily a good thing. For example, yesterday's upper body workout kept hammering me with pushups. I simply couldn't keep up. Telling the program to ease up only meant the next few exercises were shown without weights...but those exercises were for my biceps. I needed to tell the program enough already with the pushups.

    I haven't decided if I'll keep using the program or not. It's definitely good to have some variety in my workout, but it's not good to feel frustrated by limitations and glitches....more info
  • I can't get enough!!!!
    I bought this in hopes that I could add more variety to my workout. I get bored very easily with my workouts and was starting to get to the point where I dreaded my daily workout. This is my new best friend. The workouts are designed around you and I was a little afraid that I would be too advanced for this but she adjusted my workouts when they were too easy and I love it! I haven't been sore in a long time but this surely did it to me. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a wide variety of exercises....more info
  • I actually LIKE using this exercise product!!
    This is the first exercise program I've ever actually enjoyed using. I started out as a serious couch potato, and to be honest, I still am. BUT...I would huff and puff my way through only the WARMUP with Maya in the beginning and am now up to 45 minutes with exercises I never thought I'd be able to do and lost 20 lbs, all within 6 months! I have to admit, I say some pretty awful things to my virtual trainer at times, but Maya gives me a great workout and constantly pushes me. Maya has been designed to be in-offensive to everyone; she isn't a stick-thin avatar that I would want to push down if she were real, lol.

    The only glitch I've noticed with Yourself!Fitness is that once you're over the 15 minute workout mark, it will skip the second rest period. It shows it coming up, but jumps right over it. I've gotten so I work right through that, but the program can be paused easily enough to get a needed rest.

    This is a wonderful, dynamic program that can be used with or without any additional workout equipment. I started using nothing but the program itself and gradually added an exercise ball and hand weights when I realized I was sticking with it. If you've decided it's time to start getting fit, I would highly recommend this program! It's working for me and I'm just about as lazy as they come....more info
  • Amazing Work Out Day After Day
    This is the funnest Work Out video I've ever done. The initial set up is soooo neat! You go through your vitals and then do a regime of exercises and go through your vitals again and then she designs a workout program to fit your goals. She even suggests what she thinks you should focus on, but you can still chose whatever you want. As you go through the program, you have several different selections that become upgraded as you progress through her workout on a daily basis. She also checks you again after your 1st couple of weeks and takes you through the Vitals and Stamina Regime to see how your improving. Another neat aspect is the chart that you can go and look at to see a progress chart of your improvment.

    Whenever I started this program, I was out of shape, and I still am as far as what my goal is set for. But I've already lost a little weight and some inches. I can get back into my jeans already and I'm feeling more confident about myself daily.

    The other neat thing about the program is - during your workout - she stops for a break every now and then to see how you did on that part of the workout - she will give you 3 different things to chose from and based on your reply - she will make changes to the workout to best fit your needs.

    I like the way she is set up and how she encourages you daily - even if you miss some workouts - she doesn't scold you too bad - but she does remind you how important it is to maintain commitment in order to reach your goal.

    One last thing - My kids have even set themselves up a workout routine with her and they love it!!!! They like meeting the goals and getting rewarded with new workout areas and new music. ...more info
  • Perfect for Moms or those who don't have time/$ for the gym!
    I am a WAHM of one 14 month old; I gaining a LOT of weight during my pregnancy (no thanks to the women who kept saying "You're too small!" as they shoved cake and chips in my face!) and I've had a heck of a time getting it off (even though I eat VERY healthy). I used to be VERY active and loved running and/or going to the gym, but we can't afford a gym membership (or a babysitter on a daily basis so I could actually GO to the gym and I'm too tired after my husband gets home to go to the gym anyway) OR one of those outrageously expensive jogging strollers (for those prices, they should get better ratings!). I've tried baby & mom yoga (a book)- that didn't work for me. I purchased a DVD on Amazon, Pilates for Everyone I think it was called- that was better than the yoga book, but I found that the gap between the beginner and intermediate workouts was WAY too wide for me (the beginner workouts got too easy and the intermediate workouts, yeah, I couldn't even make it through the first five minutes of one). This is the BEST thing I've found so far and I am LOVING it! :-)

    So let me break it down.
    Things I LOVE about this:
    1. Custimization- you enter your weight, target weight (if you need to), resting/active BPM, flexibility, etc, even the excersize equipment you already own and it will tell you what your MAIN goal should be (mine being weight loss, obviously). You enter days of the week you can work out and how much time you can spend working out on those days.
    2. Tempo- It doesn't seem to be repetitive at all, like my Pilates DVD was, it never got boring.
    3. Scroll bar- There's a scroll bar on the bottom of the screen as you do a work out that tells you what you're doing and shows you what is up next as well. For example, it shows a picture of two free-weights before the next segment if you need to use them during the next excersize. And there is a clock counting down the time (which I REALLY need, I need to be able to see that the time is going DOWN and I'm making progress) and it tells you the level of difficulty of the exersize that you're doing- both under the time and on the scroll bar- one line for level one, two bars for level two, you get it.
    4. Tutorial- You can pause and review the tutorial at ANY time, as needed.
    5. The Personal Instructor- She virtual and she doesn't look like freaking Barbi, THANK GOODNESS! :-) (In fact, she looks a lot like me BEFORE I had my daughter :-) )
    6. Reinforcement- Before you start your workout for the day, you can change what the personal instructor has chosen for you (if she recomends cardio, and you aren't feeling up to it, you can change it to some other area of focus). She asks you how you're feeling both before you start your workout and in between at intermitent points so if you need MORE positive reinforcement, she will do more "rooting". :-)
    7. Recipes and meal plans and shopping lists, oh my! - I don't use these, I'm vegetarian, no sugar, and I'm decreasing my intake of dairy products so I have my own healthy recipes customized to fit MY life and budget, BUT these are a great idea and I may actually flip through the 4500 (gasp!) recipes for something new.
    8. She KNOWS if you missed a day! Yup, I guess if you miss a day, it will show up on your "progress", which may annoy some people, but I feel guilty VERY easily so if I miss a day I'd feel guilty because not only would I know, the virtual Personal Instructor would know it too, so she'd remind me of it. And that would work to my advantage so I wouldn't skip a day unless I was really sick or something.
    9. The "LEVELS" - I think this is so cool. Like most other video games, the more time you spend doing it, the more levels open up to reward you. In this case, the "levels" are the spaces where your personal trainer works out (yeah, I'd like to work out in a field surrounded by green grass and waterfalls for REAL!) but it makes for a nice change of scenery.
    10. Calories - At the end of your work out, it tells you how many calories you've burned! That is SO important for me because I need to see improvement.
    11. Workouts - I get bored easily, and my target is weightloss so when the personal trainer recomends I do cardio, it's not just cardio- in my cardio workouts there are some cardio weight training exersizes too, which is nice so I don't get bored! There are also water breaks after strenuous steps and stretch breaks after each cardio weight set and the workout time includes stretching at the end. ALSO even though my main goal is weight loss, the personal trainer doesn't suggest that I do just cardio for every single workout. For example, if I do a 30 minute workout, the first 10-15 minutes will be cardio, and the remaining workout could be upper/lower body strength, flexibility, core body strength, etc. So I end up with a very well-rounded week of workouts.
    12. The "camera angle" changes throughout the workout so you can see what it should look like from different angles and it changes the back drop behind the personal trainer too, so it's not boring.
    13. In addition to the daily workouts, you can also chose "Meditation Garden" and do a roughly 20 minute yoga session. I've been doing this at the end of the day before bed after my daughter is asleep and it's WONDERFUL! It's so great to have yoga in this "game" too! It's like having everything I need in one place!

    Things that I would improve:
    1. Ok, this is silly, but it'd be fun to change her body type or even her weight, and her clothes/hair color/eye color, etc. But that's more play and less workout and I guess that's really not the point of the "game". :-) That's just the child in me.
    2. During the cardio, while you're doing any type of work with reps and weights, I wish that the number of reps would count down on the screen as you are doing them with the personal trainer, because again, I like to see results.
    3. I think this is mainly geared towards women, for the very fact that the personal trainer is a woman. But my husband is going to use this as well (for improving his core strength) and he said he'd rather have a male personal trainer than female.
    4. When I was setting up my customized section, after I plugged in my height and weight, the personal instructor instructed me that I was over the weight range for my height. Now maybe this is just me being uber-sensitive, but DUH! I'd rather just have it just state at the end that my target goal is weight loss so I will be doing a lot of cardio in my customized workouts.
    5. Although I don't have a problem with this because my husband already had an x-box, it would be more versitile if they came out with one that can be played on regular DVD players OR one that can be played on BOTH an x-box AND a DVD player (and for the x-box, they could just have you use the x-box remote that plays movies instead of the controller).
    6. Although I LOVE the Meditation Garden yoga sessions, I would like to know how many Calories I've burned at the end of each session- the "game" only tells you how many Calories you've burned at the end of each "Workout" session.

    I was a little apprehensive about this at first, I'll admit, I thought it was a silly idea, but I LOVE it now! Once I got into it and started the workout, it was fun and not boring at all! This is perfect if you are a mom (or a dad, I know some dads stay at home or work at home too)/ hate the gym/ don't have $ for the gym AND a personal trainer AND a nutritionist/ get bored easily/ need positive reinforcement/ need a schedule/ need something different in each workout/ need custimization... ENJOY! :-)...more info
  • Simpy Amazing! My $35.00 Gym
    One word describes this program--- awesome!! I love everything about this "game"--really not a game, I'd rather call it a program. Maya is incredible and the workouts are never boring. It is so cool to be able to workout at home to your television, but not have the repetitiveness of a DVD. I look forward to my meetings with Maya everyday. It is so nice to have structure and to feel more accountable for your activity levels. A DVD never tells you that you skipped a workout. Maya hasn't told me I've skipped a workout either...because its so fun I haven't skipped one. I hope this review was helpful....more info
  • Great product!!!
    I am VERY pleased with Yourself Fitness! My strength has definitely increased since I began using it. I don't use it for cardio, just leg/arm/core strength training.

    What I like:
    - Personalized sessions
    - Ability to make workouts harder/easier (they get super hard!)
    - Easy, comfortable, able to use it ANYWHERE & ANYTIME

    What I don't like:
    - With the amount of rest allowed in between each set, a workout isn't actually 45 minutes.. but I'm still pleased.
    - Since it's a computer, she can't adapt/remember everything.
    - Not enough stretching at the end of sessions (easily fixed though)...more info
  • A workout you will stick to!
    Since there are already lengthy reviews detailing what this program does, I won't repeat those. So here's the bottom line:

    Greatest thing about this product: if you have trouble (as I do) sticking to a workout routine for more than two weeks, the variety in Yourself! Fitness may fix that. I have been working out with Maya for eight months now and I am not bored! My interest began to flag a little a couple of months ago, so I purchased a step bench, which Maya added in to the workout, giving me twice as much variety as before.

    Other things I like:
    - ability to increase the difficulty over time. Unlike a workout video, once the workout is no longer challenging you can tell Maya to make it a little harder.
    - ability to track my progress and improvement within the software. I couldn't do 10 pushups when I started and now I can do 50!
    - 8 months of this has made me look and feel stronger. I have much more energy at the end of the day. I stand up straighter. I even have the beginnings of a six-pack.
    - To my surprise, I like the ability to change the workout environment that Maya stands in.

    Needs improvement:
    - I don't like the way that yoga is included in this software. I don't think the positions are very well explained, so it's not suitable for people who have never done yoga before, and the positions are often put in a strange order, where standing positions alternate with supine positions (gives you a terrible head rush). Several of the positions are also just not suitable for people who aren't very flexible -- a yoga instructor in a class would recommend alternative positions, but Maya just stands there with her hands flat on the floor and her leg straight in the air and expects you to duplicate it. Maya ordinarily recommends workouts in a rotation of 1 day each of arms, core, legs, flexibility (yoga); I have taken to replacing the yoga with another "core" day, and feel like I get better results from that.
    - the music is pretty repetitive, but you can't turn it off or use your own because Maya uses it to set the rhythm of your exercises....more info


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