Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds - Walk and Kick [VHS]
Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds - Walk and Kick [VHS]

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  • Where are the queues?
    I was not impressed with this program at all. I really loved the Walkaway the Pounds for Abs series and thought I'd love this one also. From the very beginning, I did not but really wanted to. The music is wrong for all of the moves. Leslie gives poor if any queues for the next step. She jumps from one move to the next without preparation. Only a couple of times does she say "watch and then you join me" but if you don't join right away, you've just about missed the move. If you join too quickly, you might pull a muscle. I did every time I've done it so far. In another review on this site, the person indicated that it was great for her because she has knee problems. I'm wondering if that was a typo because my knees didn't start hurting until I did this tape. There's one section where you're really worked up and sweating and she says kick and meant to say knee lift. She laughs it off but with the rest of the poor queues you just start to do that and it's awkward since your body is poised to do a knee lift. Sloppy. She says let's add arm movements and shoots her hands up right when she says it. I don't like when she's introducing her group. She mentions dusting the floor and other unrelated things they may be asked to do at her studio. Was that necessary? At the end, she just stops, turns her back and carelessly flips her hand good bye and the tape is over. I really liked her WAP Abs series but this tape showed me something different and I'm not pleased with her in this one at all. She's careless and sloppy. The camera shots are poor. The viewer catches one pace and you start that and the camera angle moves and it appears that you're going slower or faster than the rest of the group and then the camera changes angles again and you are off again. I think rather than making a Walk and Kick II, she needs to remake this one and offer to replace this one free of charge or at a much reduced rate when you return this one. It feels like she just did this tape to make money (which I know anyone would) but it did a poor job of show casing her professionalism for helping you get into shape safely and effectively. If I had used this tape without having used the other series, I would rate it lower than the 2 that I gave it. ...more info
  • Not the same old WATP workout
    I just did this workout for the first time and I have to say it was a refreshing change from the usual kicks, knee lifts, side steps and marching of the other WATP series. It was interesting and fun.

    If you are familiar with any of Leslies tapes, you know that there is constant chatter and it will sometimes get weird, and the queing will be off, but that is Leslie. The moves aren't complicated, so you may miss a second or two, but can catch up easily. In spite of all that, I find her a motivating instructor and I guess that she is laughing all the way to the bank since she sells jillions of dvds/videos despite not being perfect. ...more info
  • Walk and Kick - something new
    This workout is a nice change of pace from the usual walk program. It's a nice intro to kick boxing, however, Leslie doesn't emphasize the techniques. Her sister, Mary Kay, is the one to really watch to get the full benefits of the kick boxing....more info
  • A love/hate relationship
    Normally when I workout with Leslie, I smile. With this workout, I feel kind of agitated. I guess have a love/hate relationship with it. I like the simple kickboxing moves and that it is a little different from Leslie's standard walking workouts, and when I first got it, I was glad to have it just for a little bit of variety. Now that I have had it for a while, I have to say I hardly ever reach for it. The background is a courtyard setting, but the lighting is kind of dim for my tastes. There isn't really any talking between Leslie and the background exercisers and I guess it doesn't seem quite as "friendly" to me as some of her other workouts. Lastly, the music is kind of low, sometimes hard to hear and for my personal tastes, is really uninspiring. I wish Leslie would re-make this video with better lighting and music, because I really like the kickboxing concept....more info
  • Favorite Workout
    I have to say this is my favorite of all of Leslie's workouts. Yes, I agree with the other person who said that Mary Kay is annoying, however, I feel the best when I am done with this video. I like the variety of it all....more info
  • Exercise
    All though I like all of Leslie's workout videos that I have so far (4) I find this one to be my least favorite, but one that I still do when I want a change from the normal routine. It is still fun, but I don't care for kickboxing. But if you like that sort of workout then you'll like this one to. ...more info
  • Walking exercise
    This is a great video. Good exercise. Easy to follow. Interesting, and energetic, she keeps you motivated....more info
  • A Feel Better DVD
    I have done several of Leslie's other exercise DVDs but this one I feel really gets my heart rate up and when I am done I feel good. I like the way Leslie Sansone teaches. I can always keep up with her and always know what she is doing. I think this is definitely a must have....more info
  • The Missing Link
    I own and work out with several of Leslie's series (WATP Express, WATP for Abs among others) and while I enjoy them all, I've always wanted something with more upper body work. This CD provides it in spades, as well as an easier introduction to kickboxing than some other experts' series provide. The four or five basic moves are still here, but there are variations which make the 30 minutes go by swiftly and help build a nice sweat - in addition to the kickboxing moves. This lady is a real supporter and motivator and I cannot recommend this CD highly enough.

    Now I'd like to see a new series which includes many/all of her workout tools (belt, stretch band, kickboxing, weighted balls) in the same workouts. And of course with all of her cronies sweating away with us. ...more info
  • Beginner Kick Boxing
    If you are looking to add a little kick boxing to your workout, this is an excellent way to start....more info
  • A little break from the routine
    This routine didn't add much in terms of intensity and may even detract compared to the two mile walk with 2 pound weights, but it breaks up the monotony a little when the walks get boring so it's worth a try. The group is made up of instructors so you can compare your coordination and ability to theirs (favorably, I bet!)...more info
  • Another good workout from Leslie!
    What can I say, I love doing all her workouts! This is another great one to add to the collection. I really enjoy the kick box moves. Makes it fun....more info
  • This won't make it into my weekly rotation
    I love Leslie Sansone and haven't disliked any of her workouts so far (I think I have five). However, this one just didn't do a thing for me. With the workout being shorter than the 3, 4, and 5 mile ones that I have been doing, I felt like it would really need to go at a fast pace to burn even a comparable amount of calories. The intervals of kickboxing, however, slowed the pace to the point where I had to really exaggerate all my movements (much more than Leslie herself does) to even feel that my heartrate was elevated. Another annoyance was the "walk instructor" to the right of the leader was continually marching on the opposite foot as well as overdoing everything that Leslie did. The sets on her videos are usually pretty spare but that doesn't bother me, whereas this one was more elaborate but lit wierdly so you could see all the walkers shadows on the floor. If you watch these videos every day or several times a week, little things stick out. Overall I guess it's an ok workout, I did sweat a little, but it'll be an off day, every so often when I'm bored with the others kind of tape. Not a must have, even if you like kickboxing, as I do....more info
  • Great for a beginner
    I love this DVD, it is pretty easy and a great workout. I like this one in particular because, your not killing yourself to do it.I'm not out of breath and I can keep up,this is very important for your health. Sometimes Leslie can get a little annoying but I like her because she seems very real, like she isn't perfect(eats twinkies sometimes). The women in the DVD look like everyday women. I think if your overweight or can't keep up with the other DVD's this is for you. I just bought her YOGA can't wait to try it....more info
  • Leslie Sansone Walk n' Kick
    I really enjoyed this one! Good 40 minute workout, great upper body for a Sansone video....more info
  • Not very Kickboxy
    This is a workout for people who are scared to try kickboxing. Its very similar to Sansone's 'Walk and Jog' and less of a workout as the kickboxing inserts don't fit smoothly but rather jarrs the workout. Definitely for beginners....more info
  • wow workout
    This video is great! Alot of fun, but still a great way to workout. The time goes by quickly and it is easy to follow. It is even fun for kids to do. ...more info
  • Great for Beginner & Intermediate- Not Advanced Workout
    While visiting New York, I picked up Leslie's 4-mile power-walk video in a little out of the way resale shop. It was the BEST souvenir I have ever brought back home. I totally credit that video with my 20# weight-loss over the past two months. While shopping Amazon, I was excited to find her walk/kick dvd. It's a fun, short video that is a nice break from my hour workouts. Great for a beginner but the dvd doesn't offer much of a challenge if you've become accustomed to her 3-4 mile walks. I enjoy her quirky-bubbly personality & her little flubs make me grin. Purchase this one for a once or twice a week change of pace. Whatever you choose, stick with it gals...the health benefits are Huge....more info
  • 30 minutes, your done!
    Not to mention you get a good work out in. I have to stay with the 1/2 hour workouts because I find I will DO them on a more regular basis. I had a little trouble the first several tries keeping up with some of the kick boxing moves but it's all coming together. I started out with Leslie's Two Mile Walk, then Walk and Jog so I alternate them. You can pace yourself also by adding intensity or not, depending on your day or fitness level. I am doing this to stay toned, not to lose weight but my legs, thighs, abdomen, and arms are firming up rapidly. I like her approach, she is encouraging. ...more info
  • Keep on Moving
    This video adds some new variety to ones workout. It takes it up a notch as far as energy expended in a short time. Is a good one to do on opposite days with one of her regular walk videos. I had some trouble hearing the beat so I just turned up my subwoofer....more info
  • A Nice Addition to the WATP Library
    I was not sure that I would like this DVD. But, I gave it a shot and I love it. It adds a little variety to the in-home walking mix. It is not incredibly challenging. But, it does have you doing something different. I like having several different tyes of DVD's available so it doesn't get too boring....more info
  • work up a sweat and feel great afterwards!
    I really enjoy doing the walk and kick in home dvd. I have osteoarthritis in both knees and I find that this dvd does not bother my knees at all! It is a great work out and an excellent way to burn calories! I have recommended it to everyone I know and you should try it too!...more info
  • easy to follow ands works up a sweat
    I love the simplicity of this video. You don't have to think hard about what step is next. AND it has great aerobic benefits. It works your muscles and not your brain. ...more info
  • Time FLIES
    This is my first intro to the WATP videos, and I really enjoy the workout. I wanted to get the first "beginners" 1 mile but found this for 7 bucks at a local ross and jumped at the good buy. After doing the video I would have paid full price! I am 5'7" 265lbs so I am obviously NOT in wonderful shape, but this video I got through completely and didn't have to stop at any time or modify any moves. I got a good sweat going but was really surprised by how fast the video went. I also LOVE when she says "we're halfway through the video" since it's when I am first starting to get winded, and cool down comes before you know it. I really like the front/back kids and the thigh lifts..they are fun and make you really move but you dont have to memorize a dance routine to do it. GREAT for when you really don't want to exercise but you know you should. I think Leslie is a great motivator and humble, and I really enjoy the video. Wish the music was different, which is why I give 4 instead of 5. ...more info
  • Leslie Sansone Walk Away The Pounds-Walk and Kick
    Great for people over 55 just beginning to exercise. Easy moves and you can go at your own pace. Also this workout is good for people who live in an RV with limited space to move around. ...more info
  • Fun Workout
    This was my first exposure to "kickboxing" when I first did it. It made kickboxing accessible to my uncoordinated feet. Now I am in much better shape and can do kickboxing easily. I still come back to the DVD when
    I need a light workout. Leslie did an excellent job with this one....more info
  • Another good Leslie Workout
    As a self-proclaimed clutz, I LOVE working out with Leslie. All of Leslie's videos are easy to follow and do not require any fancy footwork, that I frankly cannot do. This is a fun workout that is great to use to add variety to your workout. I suggest all of Leslie's workouts to those of us who like something that is easy to follow, but will still give us great results!...more info
  • Easier Leslie Sansone workout - good for beginners
    I own several L. Sansone videos and I found this one to be fairly light intensity. It's a combination of her standard walking workout plus some kickboxing moves. But it's only 30 minutes and whenever she transitions into some of the kickboxing moves, she slows the tempo way down. So if you're used to working harder/at a higher intensity for 30-45 minutes, you'll probably find this too easy. But if you're just starting out and want to try something else besides just walking, then this is a good choice....more info
  • Walk Away the Pounds-Walk and Kick
    I thought the moves were easy to follow and I liked doing something different from Leslie's other walking DVD. However, she never tells you how far you've walked. ...more info
  • Walk & Kick rocks!
    I'm an avid fan and user of Leslie Sanson's Walk videos. The routines are simple, fun and effective. This version of 'Walk and Kick' is a wonderful addition to the Leslie collection. The Kick Boxing routine is simple but such a wonderful workout. I highly recommend to this Leslie fans and beginners....more info
  • For the beginners
    I have other tapes from Leslie and I was exited to get this one. That was until I put it on and actually did it. I didn't even get my heart rate up. It last only about 30 mins. so by the time she really gets going, she goes into the cool down. I was very disappointed. If you are just starting an exercise routine, this is perfect. If you are more advanced, don't waste your money....more info
    Another excellent workout by Leslie Sansone! The workout consists of side steps, knee lifts, front and back kicks, walk forward and back. She also does a few upper body movements of side and front punches and arms up over the head. All the movements are very simple and easy to follow. Leslie does a great job of cueing for each move....more info
  • Quite disappointed
    Before I got this DVD, I was a big Leslie fan. I have lost 30 pounds, and I got my start by doing the Walk Away The Pounds series (along with eating right). I wanted to have something a little different and more challenging to put into my workout routine, and thought this would be a fun dvd to try. But boy, was I ever disappointed!

    First of all, just visually the DVD is terrible to watch. It has a weird soft-filter going on... It's like a bad senior yearbook photo, complete with cheesy fake ivy. The other women working out aren't really organized well -- sometimes you can see them, sometimes you can't. And, petty as this is, I was really distracted by how impractically everyone was made up. Who keeps their hair perfectly feathered while working out? What, they couldn't spring on ponytail holders?

    Leslie's cueing is pretty spot on, as it normally is, for all the different sections and moves you do. Where she messed up is in pointing out that you can adapt the moves; the two women closest to her are doing different motions (one to make it easier, the other to make it harder) and Leslie never explains what they're doing. Also, some times you can't actually SEE the moves Leslie is doing, because of the bad camera angles.

    As a workout, this was okay. It goes 2 minutes walking, 2 minutes kickboxing, and repeats that 4 times. The walking was very easy (my heart rate was barely up), and the kickboxing was only difficult if I really exaggerated the movements. That wasn't always possible though, as I was already doing big motions. I found this workout to be easier than the Walk Away 2-mile walk! If you REALLY want a modified kickboxing workout, get the Biggest Loser 2 DVD.

    The only folks that I would recommend this workout for are folks that want something new in their walking routine but have joint problems that would make anything higher impact too difficult....more info
  • I really love this workout!
    This is, as another reviewer said, an excellent addition to Leslie Sansone's workout series. I just purchased this and used it for the first time last night and thoroughly enjoyed it! 30 minutes went by much quicker for me in this fashion than with just straight walking. As in all of her other walking workouts, the moves are easy to follow. I'd recommend this to anyone beginner or even intermediate who wants a good workout - you could add handweights to this and make it an even better workout!...more info
  • great workout for shaking things up
    this is my 4th L.S. work out video so I am really into working out but still don't want to give up more than 30 mins.this is fabulous for every part of your body and it's over "QUICK"
    you will love it ...my sugestion is to start with her 2mile walk first ,trust me you will graduate quickly,& feel great......more info
  • Nice Addition to My Collection of Leslie Workouts!
    I am glad I purchased this DVD because it adds variety to my workouts. Leslie has been the only fitness instructor I have worked out with in the past four months and her programs are very, very effective! I'm down 41 pounds (in a little over five months) by eating healthier and rotating her DVDs just about daily. This DVD provides some easy kickboxing moves and is perfect for me at 52 years old! If you're short on time, I highly recommend this DVD. It is only about 30 minutes long and you do work up a sweat! ...more info
  • Walk and Kick. Short but a good sweat!
    This is a good workout to introduce you some of the methods of kick boxing. Of course it is not TaeBo but you still get an intense workout in a short amount of time.

    The intervals of walking and kicking keep you engaged....more info
    I LOVE this DVD! What a great workout! I feel amazing afterwards. You do work up a sweat, so be prepared....more info
  • Love This DVD
    This was my first Leslie Sansone DVD purchase. I think it is quite good. It is very easy to follow and there are no complicated routines to try to figure out or loud, annoying music to have to listen to. (Are you listening, Richard Simmons?) Very basic marching in place, side steps, kicks and squats. Even the kickboxing moves are not too difficult to master, especially since she goes over them in detail first. It gets the job done in 30 minutes. It is amazing to me that you can get such a good workout (and even sweat) performing these moves in very little space in your living room or den. I needed something different from my daily walking on the treadmill and this provided the variety I desired. I think she is a very good instructor, and I have purchased two more of her DVDs because I enjoyed this one so much. ...more info
  • Great low-impact walking workout with simple kickboxing moves for variety
    I am a high intermediate exerciser, and I have the other video in this series, Walk and Jog. Although I was interested in Walk and Kick as well--I love kickboxing--I was a little hesitant to try it, as I was concerned that the intensity level might be lower than Walk and Jog. As it turned out, this was not the case, at least not when you look at the overall workout.

    Like Walk and Jog, Walk and Kick is done in an interval style: after a walking warm-up, Leslie leads you through several minutes of faster walking, and then she goes into a few minutes of kickboxing moves. During the latter, the pace actually slows down a bit so that you can focus on executing the punches and kicks (whereas in Walk and Jog, the pace speeds up during the jogs). However, the walking periods were quite brisk, and the kickboxing segments, while slower, were still intense, so my heart rate stayed elevated in my target zone for virtually the entire workout. The walking segments utilize all of Leslie's signature moves--march, side step, knee up, low kicks--and the kickboxing segments add variety with jabs, crosses, uppercuts, and front/back kicks. Leslie also puts together some VERY simple kickboxing combinations, such as 4 knee lifts/2 side jabs and a front/back kick series.

    Although the most advanced exercisers (and serious kickboxers as well) might not get much from this video, I think it will be perfect for when I want a workout that's a bit lighter but still substantial. More beginning exercisers should find it easy enough to follow along and to modify if needed by performing the moves smaller and/or slower. The total workout time is 31 minutes, making this a time-efficient, doable, and enjoyable workout. 4 1/2 stars overall, and definitely recommended....more info
  • Excellent addition to my collection
    Leslie Sansone is the only trainer that I use. The newest DVD is a winner. It's a bit different than Leslie's other DVDs because of the intense but doable kicking process. Heart rate goes up fast. Thanks for providing the DVD....more info
  • Tae bo for Walkers
    This video is like an easier version of Tae Bo. It incorporates walking and kickboxing moves. It is nowhere near as exteme as Billy Blanks, which is good for those who have problems keeping up with him. It is a fun, 30 minute video that gets your heart pumping. I like this video of Leslie's because it is different from her others. It gives you change so you don't feel like you're doing the same thing over and over....more info
  • When's Walk and Kick Pt. 2 Coming Out?
    Excellent workout! You go through four segments of walking followed by introductory kick boxing. The workout flys buy leaving you feeling energized at the end.

    This is a great workout for people who've done the previous walk away the pounds series who want a little push. For someone with experience with kick boxing, this isn't for you- it's an introduction.

    I hope Leslie Sansone comes out with Walk and Kick Part 2 soon!...more info
  • Leslie's great, but this video is a bit dated
    If you're looking for an upbeat positive workout experience that features very simple coreography, then Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds programs are for you! This particular program is 30 minutes and mixes in simple kicks and punches. It features Leslie and four other female walkers - instructors from her studio.

    As always, Leslie uses five basic steps that are easy to follow: Walking in place, side steps (single and double), knee lifts, front kicks, and kick backs. She includes simple arm extensions, swinging movement, and clapping to get the upper body involved. In this program, she also adds in some kick boxing movements - bob and weave, punching, kicking, knees. It's kind of fun and not very difficult to do.

    All of the Walk Away routines are fun and definitely positive - you can't help but feeling like you are with friends. I found Leslie's bubbly presonality contagious and don't mind her quirky remarks. This particular program gives a good 30 minute workout and the kickboxing adds a twist to her traditional walking.

    My only complaint with this video is that it is a bit dated, probably 10 years behind her newer releases. Also, the video isn't well photographed - seems almost like a home video. I like Leslie Sansone's routines and personality, but you're probably better off getting her newer tapes (e.g. Super Fat Burning or Super Challenge). Enjoy!

    Written by Arthur Bradley, author of "Process of Elimination" - an exciting thriller that pits a martial arts expert against a world-class sniper out to shape the next presidential election.

    Please be kind enough to indicate if reviews are helpful....more info
  • A bit sloppy, but still a good beginner workout.
    I started doing this workout when I first got back into working out. I thought the walking dvds were too easy and wanted something a little more challenging. It gets the job done in 30 minutes - which I liked. What I didn't like is that Leslie was frequently off in her timing. The dvd felt like it was thrown together quickly and they didn't care too much if it was a quality product. Sometimes you have to reshoot. There is one woman in the program who is very distracting.

    I would recommend this dvd if you are a Leslie fan and want something a bit more strenuous than the walking programs. I no longer do it, but for a while it was in my regular rotation of exercise dvds....more info
  • Not as sweaty as Walk and Jog
    I love Leslie Sansone's videos. She's quirky and a bit "ditzy", but her workouts are always easy to follow and fun; this is no exception. There have been previous complaints about her cues not being good enough, but I had absolutely no problems- even on my first try. If you don't want to miss a beat, pay close attention at first- you'll hear the directions.
    I bought this because I loved Walk and Jog so much. Walk and Kick is not quite as intense, but it still works up a sweat. For a day where you're not working quite as hard, this is a great workout for people interested in a bit of kickboxing (but not for experience kickboxers).
    I also saw complaints about Leslie saying some silly things about the size of her nose, dusting the floor, etc; this is classic Leslie chatter, and I personally think it makes the workout go faster. If you don't like the chatter of her other videos, you wont like this one.
    As an avid WATP video user, I give this one a big thumbs up. ...more info
  • Good Alternative to "Hard Core" Workout Videos
    I agree with the other reviewers that this program is a little 90s. But, Leslie Sansone prooves to be a fun alternative to the "hard-core" workout videos. The program is easy to follow and works up a good sweat. I appreciated that all of the participants looked like real people (not rock hard and rail thin). I use this video in the morning before work and find it easy to wake up with. ...more info
  • More variety adds fun
    My most common issue with Leslie's regular Walk Away the Pounds workout is repetition. I get so bored of doing the same four steps over and over. This workout adds some variety with "kickboxing" intervals. These aren't nearly as tough as something you'll find in TaeBo or other kickboxing videos...just some kicking, punching, and some bob and weave motions. Leslie doesn't even use proper kickboxing form, although some of the exercisers behind her do. She's more emphasizing that you keep moving. There are four kickboxing intervals and you do the regular WATP steps in between. It goes by really fast because you're doing something new every kickboxing interval. I don't think it's much tougher than her regular workouts, but it is more fun....more info
  • Fun
    I love this workout. It is a lot of fun and is a good length for the days that you are short on time. The moves are easy enough for even a clutz like me to learn! :0)
    I highly recommend this DVD....more info
  • Nice.....variety, new things...cool!
    I like this dvd, but I don't love it. The little swing back and forth thing was confusing to me, leslie doesn't seem her usual self and she's sweatin insanely alot, way more than I was!!

    It was fun, pretty easy, and quick, it just wasn't my favorite. I still defniitely reccomend it, it's new add's variety etc. The setting was kind of weird and all her walkers were new...I don't know. It wasn't my favorite, but i still enjoyed it. I tried the turbo jam by charlene johnshon and I could not get that at all, yet i still wanted to try kickboxing, this was a great way. THANK you leslie!!...more info
  • Good video
    I bought this video and have enjoyed it. I really like Leslie's video series. I have knee problems and with this series I am able to work out and not hurt afterwards. I do wish she would come out with a longer walk and kick video. I like this one but a person can only do the same video so many time without getting a bit bored of seeing and hearing the same thing. I do like this video and would recommend it to anyone that wants to get moving and lives in a place like I do and can't get outside to walk because of the freezing temps....more info
  • Isn't one of my favorites
    I loved the Walk & Jog so much that I ran out & bought this one (Walk & Kick), too. However, I was very disappointed. It definitely wasn't as good as her other programs. Plus, the constant chatter about stupid things (dusting the floor, her big nose, wiping the sweat on your pants, etc) during the entire workout just turned me off. And Mary Kay is very distracting (she needs to be in the back row!) I think I'll stick with her other programs.

    My opinion: skip this workout DVD & buy the Walk & Jog one. ...more info
  • Leslie pulls off another great DVD!
    This was part of my second set of Walk Away the Pounds DVDs. I previously bought her 2001 1, 2, and 3 mile DVD walks. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this to WATP beginners, or those who are very inactive. I didn't realize how out of shape I was until my first set by her started kicking(or walking really) me back into shape. I bought this DVD looking for something a little more intense, a little more challenging, a little different, but also not as long as some of her more intense workouts. I consider myself an intermediate walker.

    This workout is approximately 30 minutes long and consists of her four basic moves: walking, side steps, knee lifts, and kicks. It also includes some kick backs (my favorite! love that stretch), double side steps, mini squats, and her kicking intervals. It begins with the warm-up, than goes smoothly into a very fast walk. She has 4 other walkers with her, who she occasionally talks to but the only chatting in this video is from herself. I enjoyed the music on this DVD especially; it is modern, with a kind of a techno-dance beat and really kept me going and involved in the walking intervals. The kicking intervals are meant to simulate the basic movements of kickboxing. I liked them as they kept the intensity up, used kickboxing moves, but without the complexity and impossible coordination typically involved in other workouts (like Tae Bo). She goes through 4 kicking intervals and after a few times through it they really fly by, it was the more intense walking periods (especially the bit with the double knee lifts) that really got my heart pumping.

    I recommend this DVD to those who are already in fairly good shape and looking to get into one of Leslie's workouts, or those familiar with WATP and looking for a step up. What I like the most about all her workouts is you can really bring it up or down to your intensity level, and this video is no exception. I look forward to doing it every time....more info
  • A dull Leslie Sansone product
    I have to be critical of this product, since I really love all Leslie's other DVDs. This is slow and boring - and barely attempts to do a "taebo" type of exercise. Rather buy a plain walking DVD - much more beneficial....more info
  • Kick Your Way To Better Health
    This is another great workout and what makes it unique are the intervals of walking and kick boxing. It's a calorie burner, but not too intense. It's fun and upbeat, but always is with Leslie!...more info


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