Yogurt Culture 2-Packs of 5-Gram Each

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Product Description

Each 10 gram pack of Yogurt Starter has two 5 gram pouches.

  • Contains 2, 5-gram pouches of live, freeze-dried, active cultures
  • Each pouch yields a 6-cup batch of yogurt
  • Cultures stay fresh for up to 1 year if unopened and stored properly
  • Stays fresh up to one year if unopened and stored properly.

Customer Reviews:

  • Don't buy this alone
    This product was supposed to be shipped along with other items I bought. But it was packaged seperately. It cost like $2 for the product and nearly $6 for shipping..Then when Ireturned it immediately after calling and telling them I was not wanting it shipped seperately and to keep it. They said it was too late it was on its way and to send it back for a refund. I did just that. Sent it right back that next day after it arrived in my mail box. I then see on my e-mail a note that they have refunded me the $2 for the product and NOT the $6 for the shipping and handlin. What a rip off. If they had just sent it with everything else they way they were supposed to.........................more info
  • yogurt starter
    I purchased some of this yogurt starter along with the yogourmet brand starter and used a packet of this along with a packet of the yogourmet brand starter and a packet of the yogourmet casei bifidus starter and added these three packets to a little over 2 quarts of milk per the instructions on the packets and what a satisfying yogurt. It's so healthy and has so many good probiotics in it and just is good tasting. Whenever I make yogurt, I always take a sample out before we eat any and put the sample in the freezer to use for the next batch. That way I don't use up the boughten packets of starter very fast. I only use them if for some reason some stray bacteria gets in my little sample that I take out and it begins to develop an off flavor. Then I start over. This rarely happens. The packets keep indefinitely in the freezer as does the sample that I take out of each new batch. The resulting yogurt is so satisfying and healthy. If you like yogurt a little thicker, add a little powdered milk to the hot milk and stir it in. The sample that I take out of each new batch is usually about 1/2 cup or so (I don't actually measure it) and will make yogurt out of 4-5 quarts of milk the next time around. It may even make more, but I've used up to 5 quarts and had good success. Just mix it in well. Then enjoy and think of all the health benefits. Great product, healthy food, good price (on this and on the yogourmet brand starters)....more info
  • Good yogurt.
    I finally tried it out. I was skeptical after reading some of the reviews. I used 5 grams Cuisipro Donvier Yogurt Starter (one packet, only) and 32 oz. whole milk following the directions on the back of the Cuisipro Donvier Yogurt Starter package. I ran the Salton YM9 1-Quart Yogurt Maker for 7 hours to incubate the yogurt. I think this is the best tasting yogurt I have ever had. ...more info
  • good starter
    This makes a good tart yogurt. I have used fresh yogurt from the store and also this packet and found that this packet made a firmer yogurt with a more tart flavor than using good quality fresh yogurt as a starter. Unfortunately, its expensive compared to just using fresh yogurt as a starter. ...more info
  • Pretty good stuff, if a bit pricey
    Until I tried this, I'd been making yogurt using Dannon plain as a starter. The result wasn't bad, but it tasted like... store-bought... so I figured I'd try a packet of this 'Yogurt Culture.' I used one of the two 5-gram packets to make a quart of yogurt each time.

    I do have to say that the resulting product tasted noticeably better than that made with Dannon. I'd buy it again, but it's kinda pricey at a buck-fifty to make a quart of yogurt. (Yeah, I could have re-cultured it a few times, but that kind of defeats the handiness of freeze-dried yogurt culture.) I note that many reviews focus on the superior texture and taste, and I heartily agree.

    That said, a number of places carry freeze-dried yogurt cultures. I'm eager to try the one sold by Leener's; several people claim that it's also good stuff, and it's less costly, gram per gram, than this product.

    Finally, note that this item has no brand name; it's marketed as a generic 'Yogurt Culture' evidently because different shipments carry different brand names. The envelopes I received carried the brand name Vachon and is made in Canada, while the current photo of this product has the brand name Rolmex. I don't know if that signifies different yogurt strains or what, but if so, that might affect the consistency of your yogurt.

    ...more info
  • Perfect yogurt starter
    Wonderful to have these packets on hand for starting a batch of yogurt. Use when you have run out of your own live yogurt to start up a new batch. They can be used for all batches, but I tend to use them as a backup. When the supply is getting low, I buy more. That way I am always able to use the yogurt-maker. ...more info
  • yogurt
    There is no need to purchase this product. Just save a few spoon cups of yogurt and mix it with warm milk and let it cool down. I make about a gallon of yogurt every week without using any of these products....more info
  • This is the brand you've been looking for!
    Silly me, I was perfectly happy with Yogourmet until I tried this stuff - now I'll never go back. Your yogurt comes out so smooth and creamy, there's just no comparison (and don't even think about Eurocuisine)- this is what you had in mind when you bought your yogurt maker....more info
  • Makes good yogurt
    I have used this starter six times and each batch was great. I only wish we could buy it for less money, maybe in a jar or bottle and get it out with a teaspoon. But I guess the delicate nature of the culture requires it to be packaged in these little individual envelopes....more info
  • creamy, tangy yogurt
    This starter creates a tangy, creamy yogurt. Each packet makes 2 litres. The batches I have made had a soft, creamy curd. The flavor was good. I gave it four stars, because I would have preferred a firmer curd. Each packet contains skim milk powder, sucrose, ascorbic acid, lactic bacteria (L. Bulgaricus, S. Thermophilus, L. Acidophilus). This culture needs additional skim milk powder or evaporated milk added to the milk to increase the protein for a firmer curd. ...more info
  • Makes an excellent yogurt
    Used it twice so far, once with whole milk, once with 2% milk. Makes a firm, smooth yogurt either way, without the too-tart acid "bite" of some store-bought yogurts. Really nice, over fruit, with syrup or just plain "by its lonesome". ...more info
  • Yummmm
    I tried this culture and liked it a lot. When I ran out, I went to the health food store thinking culture was culture. WRONG!! I am back again, and getting the good stuff.

    This makes a yougurt that has the same nice bite as sour cream. I make it with 1% milk and only use 4 cups of milk and a slightly heaping 1/2 t of culture (this is about half the package as the package makes 2 liters).

    This culture makes a soother yogurt than the other stuff. It makes your mouth water and alleviates the need for sugar. No it is not sweet, but the "bite" is wonderful....more info
  • Makes delicious Yogurt
    I've tried other Yogurt starters including Yogourmet and I feel this starter tastes better than Yogourmet. Don't get me wrong, Yogourmet is good, but the Cuisipro Donvier starter has a richer, smoother and creamier feel and taste in my opinion. Definitely give this a try. It's a keeper in my Yogurt arsenal. I can now see why others like this starter culture. Delicious!

    BTW: I make Soy Yogurt using my own homemade Soy milk, and this starter works great. Note: You do have to use 1/2 cup of powdered milk with each quart of Soy milk and culture over 6 hours to make a firm Yogurt, but it turns out excellent.

    Dennis...more info
  • Great Machine- but poor yogurt recipe
    The recipe for making yogurt that was in the accompanying manual makes the yogurt too runny, but I found a better one that works without fail--even with flavored soymilk. The secret is in adding to the scalded milk/yogurt 2 tsp unflavored gelatin mixed in 1/4 c water then added to the scalded milk; this makes the yogurt much creamier; even more creamier and thicker is to add 1 cup of non-instant powdered milk or 1 can of evaporated milk to all of this; then it is as thick and creamy as commercial. I have read that soymilk will not make good yogurt. But it does, even the kind with added vanilla flavor! (I buy Westsoy w/ Vanilla). But add the gelatin and/or powdered milk and it is thick and creamy. Without the unflavored gelatin all the yogurt I made was too runny. ...more info
  • Makes a Yogurt Drink
    The first time I used this yogurt starter and it did not thicken I thought that it was my technique. After reading and making several sucessful batches using store bought yogurt for the starter, I tried another batch using the Rolmex starter purchased at the same time as the original failed starter. The results were the same: no thickening, just liquid.
    Others seem to have had good results so it is possible that the culture I received was not properly stored at some point before I received it or that it was just a bum lot....more info
  • Cuisipro Donvier Yogurt Starter
    When I bought my yogurt maker, I thought it would be wise to order starter, too. I'm not sure it was a wise decision. The yogurt, although nice and thick, was way too tart for me, even just letting it incubate for 4.5 hours. I'm having better results using plain yogurt from the store....more info
  • Good for the price
    This product is the real thing. If you are not an experience cook, you can not feel bad because the cost and quality of product is a no brainer. I'v made two batches in one day. ...more info
  • Doesn't work with Easiyo
    I've tried this starter 3 or 4 times with the Easiyo yogurt maker, and just couldn't get it right--it came out watery and just not tasting very good. Full disclosure: I don't know how it will work with other makers. Based on some price comparisons I did, this is pretty reasonable if you buy 4-for-3 here at Amazon. But only if it works with your maker, of course. . ....more info
  • Great Starter
    Easily usable unless you want to only make 1 quart instead of 2quarts (my yogurt maker is for 1 quart). Then the measuring was impossible. And the directions are in grams and litres which makes it difficult to convert. But I would buy again for the ease of having a packaged product on hand when I am ready to make yogurt....more info
  • Not necessary
    It is easier to use a tablespoon of plain yogurt as your starter rather than this product....more info
  • Awesome
    This is a great yogurt maker - I followed the suggestions from other reviewers & have not had a bad batch of yogurt yet. I use organic 2% milk with 1/2 c. organic dry milk & starter from Nancy's organic lowfat yogurt (about 2-3 tablespoons) & set timer for 10 hours. Yummy - almost like the yogurt I had in Crete - yummy!...more info
  • good starter
    This really works. I just added half bag for 1 Quart milk, and the yogurt came out really good. But just like other start, it's not as powerful as using the leftover yogurt. ...more info
  • yogurt starter
    i've made several batches of yogurt with this product and it comes out beautifully every time. ...more info
  • Love these little packets!
    I have made yogurt with a few tablespoons from the super market or with a previous batch, but sometimes I sweeten the whole batch with honey and forget to reserve some for the next batch. I probably use these 80% of the time now.
    When I first started making yogurt, using these packets allowed me to vary the time and/or add powdered milk until I found my perfect batch! I don't add powdered milk - it makes it thicker but more tart and I prefer it a bit thinner after getting addicted to it in Europe last year.
    These packets are the perfect tool for newbies - and a cupboard staple for the more seasoned yogurt-heads!...more info
  • So Smooth
    I was using another brand of yogurt starter, but was tired of paying $3.95 per starter packet! I found Cuisipro Donvier Yogurt Starter online and read some of the customer reviews and decided to give it a try. Now, I'm only sorry that I ordered 10 packets to begin with....It is MUCH creamier and MUCH less sour than the other starter. We really LOVE the European taste of the yogurt and the smooth texture that makes you feel you are indulging in a fine dessert rather than a healty yogurt!

    I'm going online today to reorder and this time I'm going to stock-up our supply....I don't want to be fearfull that we will run out before we can receive our next re-order.
    K. McElvany, Upland, California...more info
  • A different more refined taste....
    Comparatively to a "store bought" plain yogurt starter, this start makes a more tart end product. It takes less time to process also, a good two hours less. I enjoy the end product, and if you are primarily using the finished yogurt in recipes, this is definitely a good buy. My kids did not care for the yogurt for plain yogurt eating (even when mixed with flavorings). It did not produce the smooth, creamy taste that they enjoy. This did make excellent yogurt cheese!!...more info
  • Excellent Product!
    The yogurt maker was easy to use and makes excellent yogurt. If you like yogurt, this is definitely the way to go. The homemade yogurt is much better than any store bought yogurt and is a fraction of the cost....more info
  • Good Product -- I rated it lower because of cost
    I make yogurt using starters at least weekly. Generally I buy Yogourmet. This product produces a yogurt that tastes creamier than the yogourmet I've only made 2 batches, so it's difficult to be scientifically certain because even a 5 degree change in the milk temp can affect creaminess.

    I use a Salton maker and have since 1997. The container actually will hold 5 cups, so I use 1 quart of half and half and 1 cup of water. The yogurt produced is quite dense. I'm on low carb which is the reason for the half and half. In 24 hours of culturing, most of the sugar is gone. If I want a less tart tasting yogurt, I place a towel over my yogurt maker. I don't know the chemical reason that a towel produces a less tart yogurt but it works. I've also used 2 cups of cream and 3 cups of water satisfactorily. I've tried reconstituted evaporated milk (not sweetened condensed) and that makes a really dense yogurt that I wasn't crazy about but my granddaughter who is 3 loves.

    This makes a delicious yogurt and so does Yogourmet. But the price of both on Amazon is very high. You get 2 packets for your money (about $1.50 per batch of yogurt). Yogourmet gives you 10 packets (about $1.70 per batch). I buy the same Yogourmet at my local market for $3.59 -- or about 35 per batch. ...more info
  • Pretty tart and rather liquidy yogurts
    Pretty tart and rather liquidy yogurts. Add some dehydrated milk to your milk to make the yogurt thicker. ...more info


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