K&N 56-9320 Custom Racing Assembly

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Product Description

K&N Custom Air Filters for Single or Two Barrel Carburetors - K&N Custom Air Filter kits are designed to allow the maximum performance from your carburetors, yet keep the dirt on the outside where it belongs. These assemblies come with custom chrome top and base plates and the famous K&N High-Flow Washable Air Filter. This Part Fits: 1992 ROVER Mini 1000 L4 CARB, 1991 ROVER Mini 1000 L4 CARB, 1990 ROVER Metro 1.0L L4 CARB, 1990 ROVER Mini 1000 L4 CARB, 1989 ROVER Metro 1.0L L4 CARB, 1989 ROVER Mini 1000 CARB, 1988 ROVER Metro 1.0L L4 CARB, 1988 ROVER Mini 1.0 L4 CARB, 1987 ROVER Metro 1.0L L4 CARB, 1987 ROVER Mini 1000 CARB, 1986 ROVER Metro 1.0L CARB, 1986 ROVER Mini 1000 CARB, 1985 ROVER Metro 1.0L CARB, 1985 ROVER Mini 1000 CARB, 1984 ROVER Metro 1.0L CARB, 1984 ROVER Mini 1000 CARB, 1983 ROVER Metro 1.0L CARB, 1983 ROVER Mini 1000 CARB, 1982 ROVER Metro 1.0L CARB, 1982 ROVER Mini 1000 CARB, 1982 ROVER Mini 850 CARB, 1981 ROVER Metro 1.0L CARB, 1981 ROVER Mini 1000 CARB, 1981 ROVER Mini 850 CARB, 1980 ROVER Metro 1.0L CARB

  • Su 1.5"Hs4,Hif4,Hif38 Rnd.Tprd
Customer Reviews:
  • Just barely fits my 75mgb
    These are beautifully made air cleaners, but they are not an exact fit for an mgb with a brake booster. I had to grind off some of the cover plate on the air filter on the rear carb to get it to fit. The brake booster was too close and would not allow assembly. In addition, I used them sideways, i.e. I rotated them 90 degrees to the left. In doing so, I used one available hole on the mounting plate to fasten to the carb, and drilled a second hole in the plate to fasten the plate to the other side of each carb. Because this newly drilled hole was so close to the filter cone edge, I carved out a little niche on the filter cone surface to clear the bolt head used in the newly drilled hole.

    That accomplished they work great!!!...more info