K&N 33-2734 Replacement Air Filter

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Product Description

When it was first developed in 1962, the K&N Filtercharger was a true design breakthrough in air filtration technology. Today, it still is. Because K&N's Filtercharger can actually double air flow, which, in turn, adds up to 15 extra horsepower. The secret lies in the K&N Filtercharger's unique design. Conventional filters use paper or foam material permeated with millions of tiny, irregular passages, that screen dirt particles out of the air. Because the dirt particles are trapped inside the passages, they eventually clog; and when this occurs, airflow restriction increases dramatically.With the Filtercharger, a special cotton fabric is sandwiched between the pleated aluminum screen wires. More air flow, increased horsepower, long lasting performance - even after 35 years, the K&N Filtercharger is still on the cutting edge of air filtration technology. Image(s) and description shown is a generic representation of a K&N automotive-oil-filters part. Your part may or may not look the same.

  • A high-flow, washable filter that delivers the maximum amount of air possible into your engine while providing superior filtering
  • Multiple layers of cotton fabric sandwiched between pleated aluminum screen capture airborne dirt particles
  • Improves horsepower and torque
  • Emission legal in all 50 states, will not void manufacturer's warranty
  • Filters can be cleaned over and over, and are backed by a million mile limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • For the Cadillac Catera
    Installed this in a 2001 Cadillac Catera Sport. Not many fans of the car besides myself. Bought during a great Amazon deal, for just a few dollars more than a regular air filter. I couldn't pass it up, since this one is rated at 50K miles before replacing/cleaning. I haven't noticed any measurable improvement in gas mileage, but I do notice a slightly more responsive kick-in when I mash the pedal. ...more info