Lee's Medium Gravel Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

Self-starting siphon cleaner separates and removes debris from aquarium gravel without disturbing fish or decorations. Wide-mouth nozzle for faster cleaning and for hard-to-reach areas. Makes cleaning and water changes a breeze. Assembly Slip the end of the hose over the cap on the cylinder. It may be necessary to heat the tip of the 56" vinyl hose (by holding it under a hot-water faucet for five seconds). The hose must fit tightly. Hot water will also eliminate any kinks. To Activate Self-Starting Siphon Place an empty bucket near and below the aquarium. Grasp the hose four to six inches above the top of Gravel Vacuum Cleaner with hand on top. Place the other end of hose in bucket. Completely submerge the Gravel Vacuum Cleaner cylinder and cap in aquarium water. Keeping the loop of the hose as low as possible, move Gravel Vacuum Cleaner up and down rapidly five or six times or until siphoning begins. Some gravel will rise slightly in cylinder as debris is removed, but will fall down as cylinder is lifted. At least once a month, remove and replace about 25% of aquarium water.

  • medium
  • 2" x10"h tube
  • 56" length hose
Customer Reviews:
  • Excellent Product
    This product VERY well cleans the gunk from the gravel. I have medium river rock and it works fabulously! Couldn't live without it! This is a rather large product good for 50 or more gallon tanks as it drains water rather quickly. If you have a smaller tank, choose the equivalent product in the small size. Your fish will thank you....more info