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Drinkwell Pet Fountain: Drinkwell Cat Water Fountain at PETCODo you have a cat who insists on drinking from a dripping faucet?Save time and money by using this unique filtered waterfall instead of turning your faucets on and off and paying more on your water bills.Do you have a cat who is prone to urinary tract or kidney disorders?Save trips to the vet by giving your cat this innovative constant access to running water, encouraging him to drink more and improve urinary health.Do you simply want to provide your pet with the best for good health and fun?Save worrying over your pet's well being by knowing they have their own waterfall of freshened water anytime they want it.The Drinkwell Pet Fountain filters and aerates continuously moving water to keep it much fresher than standing bowl water. It satisfies the urge for running water and so helps eliminate jumping on counters in search of dripping faucets.Even cats who don't jump on counters to drink from faucets may drink more water using the fountain. Why is this important? As the veterinarian who created the fountain for her own cats knows, many cats may not drink as much water as they should. This is one reason the urine becomes so concentrated and predisposes some cats to urinary tract disease. Cats with urinary tract or kidney disease have a critical need for water to support kidney function or prevent crystal formation and obstruction.Features:adjustable flow ratesix cup capacityadditional 50 oz. or 70 oz. capacity with use of refill accessory (sold separately) which keeps the fountain filled longer.self contained (no need to connect to a water line)charcoal filter absorbs tastes and odorsno overflow if power is lostpitcher like spout is 5" above the floor, creating a tall, long waterfall.Also great for small dogs.

  • Innovative watering system features patented 5-inch free-falling water stream
  • Holds more than 50 fluid ounces of water
  • Keeps your pet off counters and out of sinks and toilets
  • Sets up quickly and easily
  • 1-year manufacturer?s warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Weird little cat...
    I have a strange little cat... her name is Jordan, and she refuses to drink out of a water bowl. I left out a cup of water once when I first got her and that was the beginning of the end, she only drank out of cups. If I left out her bowl and started to pour water she came running and drank the fresh water, but by the end of the day she'd thrown at least one of her toys in there and went back to the cup. However, she loves the pet fountain, my guess is it's the running water. Whatever the reason I'm glad I don't have to leave out cups of water all over the place, she kept tipping them over! Only down side is that it's a little bulky, and cleaning is a bit inconvenient. ...more info
  • Healthier Cat
    We got our cat last June and have been at wits end trying to find a way for him to drink water and not get it everywhere. He would use his paw to try and scoop the water. We tried different bowls and another type of fountain but nothing worked. He wasn't getting enough water and ended up with urinary crystals and we ended up with too many vet bills.

    Then we got this one and it's been great! He drinks but doesn't splash and I know he's getting enough as I'm reflling it everyday and his litter box also proves it. No more vet bills (at least for this).

    I would give the fountain 5 stars but we went away for 2 days and tried the extra 50 oz. container, but found it empty, water on the floor and the container accross the room. Not sure how he got it off, but that and the lid of the fountain should be harder for cats to remove.

    ...more info
  • The cats love it!
    I bought this because my cat was constantly bugging me to turn on the faucet so he could drink. As soon as I set it up he was drinking! The only problem is that between him and my roommates two cats, I have to refill it at least once a day. Thinking about also getting the 50-ounce reservoir...

    If it starts to make a strange sucking noise, just add more water. And make sure you clean any hair off the intake valve as the ones that make it through wrap around the motor. It's a little annoying to clean with all the removable parts and small spaces, but the Drinkwell cleaning kit has brushes that are the perfect size.

    Overall, a great product that all our cats love!...more info
  • Great for cat & dog!
    Finally my cat not longer needs to drink from the faucet and the dog no longers needs to drink from bottom of shower - yuck! Cat drinks from the spout that mimics the faucet. Dog drinks from basin of fresh circulating water. They will even drink at the same time, enough room for all! I tend to unplug it at night so it doesn't have to run 24/7/365. I'd recommend the extra capacity water attachment, if not will need to add water daily. Great product!...more info
  • my cat loves it
    This is just what I had hoped for a cat who loves drinking out of my sink...I can keep it cold with ice cubes and he loves it....more info
  • Leaks like crazy
    It's good in theory, but the design is poor - it leaked all the time. The Petmate fountain is put together much better. Buy the jumbo size or you'll be refilling it all the time....more info
  • Worth it and quiet!
    I have had my Drinkwell fountain for about 6months now. I have 4 cats and they all love it. It took a while to get them to drink from it, but its a great product.

    On the lowest setting there is virtually no "water noises" like splashing and it does not make noise.

    Every once in a while it needs to be cleaned *once a month or so* and that only takes about 20 minutes *I use pipe cleaners and a small scrubber*

    On the highest flow setting it reminds me of a table fountain *the zen relaxation kind* and will make you thirsty.

    All in all a great product. The price on Amazon is fantastic. I live in Alaska and I paid over $65 for mine....more info
  • pretty cool
    When I first opened this package the product seemed cheap. It is lightweight plastic, and it was looking doubtful it would be worth anything. It actually works very well, and it is suprisingly quit.
    I purchased the cat grass pod, and it kind of sucks. It doesn't stay clipped on, and the cats cannot get the grass out. I have to cut it and serve it to them on a plate. Probably will not waste the money on anymore seed pods....more info
  • great pet water fountain
    this is a great pet fountian! it works well, its easy to clean, and its quiet. despite recommendations from a friend, i tried to save money on the first fountain (petmate) i bought and that thing was awful - forget the rest, stick with the best....more info
  • good product
    This definitely beats the alternative, but I have some gripes about it. The unit clogs easily, it needs frequent cleaning, and is a pain to clean. Having one of these is incredibly convenient though, so if it were any less I would give it 3 stars.

    I haven't tried other fountains so I'm unsure if others would be an improvement....more info
  • If you love your pet - - - -then they deserve this
    Every pet deserves this WONDERFUL PET FOUNTAIN ! If you love your pet then you should definately buy this. My cat always loved water but it's so easy now with this fountain. It keeps water flowing and your pet can drink whenever they want. I would highly recommend you buy the additional 70 oz. reservoir also. This is the best invention ever for your pet. Hope everyone will get their pet one....more info
  • Works well, cats like it, but cleaning it is HARD!
    I purchased the standard DrinkWell (not the Platinum) and set it up a couple of months ago. I have two cats. Neither cat went near it for a couple of days, although I had the water flow turned to its lowest (which reduces the noise). But then one of them ventured over, and now she loves it. This is great because I had a lot of trouble getting her to drink enough water, which led to gross health problems I won't describe here -- but cost me $1200 in vet bills! The other cat (who has always been abnormally timid) is comfortable with being around it, but I still haven't seen him actually drink from it. I'm pleased with the product except for one complaint: it is REALLY REALLY HARD to get the freaking pump out to clean the machine (which must be done at least weekly). Every time, I have to really wrestle and pull and pry to get the thing out -- it's just a matter of time before I break the fountain, trying to get the pump out. I don't know if the Platinum version is easier to clean, haven't seen the insides of one yet. Other than that, I'm glad to have it, and when/if I break it, I'll purchase another one. Sure beats paying $1200 to the vet!...more info
  • My cats love it!
    I love this fountain. My cats love this fountain. I bought the larger resevoir. It's easy to clean. The motor is quiet. I keep it in the bedroom and I like the sound of the running water. I highly recommend the drinkwell fountain!...more info
  • Simple, silent, cats like it.
    I got this fountain because one of my young kittens liked to climb into my bathroom sink and drink from the faucet. While now my much more ancient cat seems to use it more, I see the younger cats use it as well. The machine is practically silent when filled with water, and when the fluid runs low, you can hear the pump start to pull air, which gives you good feedback as to when to refill.

    Overall, a useful product that the cats enjoy....more info
  • Save your money!
    I originally got the petmate fountain and I love it but while living in KY where the water has a lot of calcium it calcified the fountain so I wanted to get a new one and based on the good and some bad reviews I decided to try this fountain, BIG MISTAKE. I love amazon I have no problem with them just the product so I am returning it.

    Oh where to start. The reservoir you have to buy separately with the petmate I have a 50oz reservoir that comes with it, and is enclosed in the fountain and can not be knocked over or leak. This one you can almost blow on and it fall over and if you do not put the holder on right it leaks. I have a cat that digs for his water and he would knock it over easily. When it filled the bowl it gurgled making my cats want to play with it which resulted in knocking it over. The fountain is LOUD unless the flow adjust is set to the lowest setting. The noise scared my cats, it did not entice them to come drink. Instead I got looks of what the heck mom is that?

    I like the flow control but that can not out do the bad. It goes through water so fast, I have 5 cats so I would be filling it at least 5 times a day with the petmate I fill it once a day, and it is much quieter and it flows down a ramp which my cats love. SO I am going back to the petmate. I would highly recommed the petmate for anyone looking for a pet fountain.

    I would recommend a pet fountain for anyone who has cats but especially male cats because it helps keep away crystals in their urine. Which one of my boys recently had and since putting the fountain back along with a change in diet he is doing great. My cats are not picky and they REALLY love the fresh flowing water. Just research fountains and read all reviews so you can make the best choice. ...more info
  • pet drinking fountain
    My cats love this fountain. It does make a running water noise as stated in other reviews but I find the sound appealing, as do the cats. I am going to order the extra water tank for it though because it does empty fast and i burned out the motor on my last one when it ran dry....more info
  • Hummmmmmmmm
    The cats started drinking out of it right away, but it's too loud.

    The water stays very fresh for days (taste it, you'll see!). I think it's the filter that does it.

    It's still too loud, Hummmmmmmmm.

    It's easy to clean. Five stars, if it didn't go Hummmmmmmmm.

    I can hear it all over the house!...more info
  • GREAT!
    I just got my fountain, and I'm really glad I got it at Amazon since stores sell these for $40+. Anyways, I was really worried about buying this after I read the recent negative reviews, but I'm glad I purchased it. For the people complaining about the noise, be sure that the reservoir AND the bowl itself is filled with water. Mine was so noisy at first until I realized I needed to fill the bowl as well. Now all I hear is the calming noise of waterfall. My sink obsessed cat was so fascinated with it at first. I also put filtered water in there, so now my cats know the difference between tap and filtered and will not drink tap water anymore. LOL As someone suggested, I went to 99 cents store and bought a baby bottle cleaner and it works great! ...more info
  • Pet drinking fountain
    It took my cat 3 days to get acustomed to this fountain and is now using it regularly. It is very quiet to run but I don't know yet about the impact to my electric usage....more info
  • Works great for my cats
    I bought this with a PetSmart gift certificate that I won with a picture of my cat. I figured I'd get him something as a "royalty" payment. :-) Both of my cats LOVE this fountain. They never really drank from faucets although the younger one would (and actually still does) occasionally drink from the toilet but they really seem to love the moving water from this fountain.

    My older boy had an episode of FUS several years back and drinking lots of water is one of the critical requirements to keep it from recurring. I would guess he drinks almost twice as much as he used to with a standard bowl. It seems like every time I turn around he's taking a couple of sips.

    As for noise, the only time I hear mine is when it runs low on water. It would sometimes wake me up at night as the kitchen is adjacent to the bedroom. I solved that by recently adding the extra capacity reservoir. I fill that up with ice cubes about once every 3 days and that is good enough for my 2 cats.

    I don't clean it as often as I should (maybe once a month) but I have not had any major issues. Of course both of my boys are shorthaired and fastidious groomers. Older cats who do not groom themselves as well anymore or long-haired cats I could see having more of a problem with hair clogging the intake. But if that hair is going in the fountain it would also be going in their regular water bowl so maybe it's a good thing that the noise reminds you to do some maintenance for your cats' health.

    As for quality of the product, overall I would say very good. As others have mentioned, there are lots of annoying nooks and crannies to clean but the fountain is made of heavy plastic. I've had mine for over a year, running constantly, and it's still going strong. If it does break I will definitely be buying another!...more info
  • Buy the Pet Mate instead
    Drinkwell Original Fountain...

    I got this because I thought my cats would like the "waterfall" aspect since they both love to drink from the tap.

    The pump in this thing is noisy as heck (and I had it filled to the brim with water), feels very cheaply made, and is a real pain to clean.

    For the money the Pet Mate fountain is a much, much better value. The Pet Mate is ultra quiet, easy to clean and is constructed much better.

    I would not recommend this to anyone I liked....more info
  • my cat is afraid
    this product is great, if my cat liked it. he drinks from our bathroom sink so to get him out of there i bought this thinking it would mimic the sink. he was afraid of it. wouldn't go near it. i could here the water running in the fountain and it sounded like a faucet was on. once i got used to it, it didn't bother me. but i'll probably give it away because my cat won't drink from it....more info
  • Drinkwell Fountain
    This is a great product! I had previously purchased the other major brand that did not have a spout. The water merely trickled down a slide. My cat is much happier with this one, since she likes the faucet effect. The filter on the Drinkwell is made better. The other one was flimsey and did not last long. I wish I had spent the extra money on the Drinkwell first. ...more info
  • Leaky fountain
    My cat really loved the drinkwell fountain, but unfortunately it leaked and I'm not sure about getting another one,...more info
  • Drinkwell pet fountain leaks
    This fountain leaks all over the floor. I wrote to Amazon to see what to do about a defective product I purchased from Amazon Ltd but NO ONE HAS REPLIED. It worked for about a week and my cats loved it....more info
  • Not Bad Before, But Now It Has Been Outdone Hands Down By It's Platinum Replacement!
    This pet fountain was okay when I first bought two of them for my cats several years ago, but it did have problems, and they are as follows:

    1. You absolutely needed to get the reservoir tank in order to have enough water for your cat. The small reservoir alone did not hold enough water.

    2. I didn't really care for the old-style filters that didn't have the individual compartments like the new ones.

    3. The filter system seemed to clog up rather easily, compared to the new version.

    4. It was very difficult to clean. I constantly had a hard time cleaning in the smaller areas, which you had to do by hand because this version wasn't "dishwasher safe."

    5. It always seemed to "slime-up" on me even though I cleaned it at least twice per week. Now it didn't slime up every week, but often enough that it seemed like it.

    Please don't take this review the wrong way, this was a great fountain and I never regret getting two of them for my cats years ago. However, having said that, there is absolutely no reason for you to own one of these now. Drinkwell has come out with a much improved product in their Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain and their accompanying Drinkwell Premium Replacement Filter Cartridges (3-Pack).

    If you are considering getting this fountain, DON'T! Instead get the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain it is a much better product and you and your cats will both be equally impressed with it.

    Shawn Kovacich
    100% Cat Lover...more info
  • works well
    use this for two cats and a dog... originally got it because one of my cats insists on drinking from the bathroom sink. I end up filling it more than I thought I would, and didn't consider the fact that I'd have to unplug it and clean the base as often as I do. I don't think I'll buy the add-on water tank because it would make the cleaning process that much more bulky/awkward. But I do like this better than a normal bowl for my pets....more info
  • Cats love it!!
    As soon as the fountain was set up, my cats came forward and were curious of the waterfall. They gave up drinking from my taps and now use the Drinkwell exclusively!!! ...more info
  • The Drinkwell is fairly hard to clean, but might still be worth the money.
    I resisted buying a Drinkwell fountain because my cat seemed just fine with drinking water out of a bowl. However, 2 $400 urinary tract-related vet visits later, I figured that if spending $50 on a fountain could save me another expensive visit, then it was worth the expense.

    I doubted that my cat would drink more water with the Drinkwell, but he actually does! He makes larger liquid waste clumps in his litter box now. Amazing. I surprised because he doesn't seem to care for the "falling water" part of the fountain and usually just drinks out of the bowl part.

    A couple of notes:

    -This thing is really crappy to clean. It comes apart into 5 pieces to help facilitate the cleaning, but there are still a million crevices that will require several different cleaning devices and a lot of patience to really get clean. I eventually had to take a toothbrush to mine. I was surprised at how much sludge and gunk could accumulate! I haven't yet invested in the Drinkwell cleaning brushes, so maybe they'll make a difference. Drinkwell recommends that you go through this semi-rigorous cleaning ritual every 2 weeks.

    -I haven't had a problem with noise. Aside from the expected trickling water sound, it's pretty quiet. It does make some noise when the water level gets low, but it is easily remedied by refilling the thing with some water. It buzzed in a pretty annoying way after I put it back together after the first cleaning, but I hadn't gotten in the motor back in just right. I shifted the motor a little, and the sound went away.

    -The filter it comes with is pretty much useless. It looks and feels a lot like a white version of one of those green scrubber pads. Also, it appeared to be releasing all kinds of particulate matter from itself into the water, so I ditched the thing pretty early on. In any case, larger particles seem to get caught up in the water intake valve in the bowl part of the fountain and I doubted that the scrubber pad thing was doing much for the elimination of microscopic particles. The best way to keep the water fresh is the change it out and scrub the fountain clean.

    -I'm not sure that the water stays "fresher" in the fountain. Because it's much easier to change and clean a bowl of water, I tended to do it every day. The Drinkwell, being as hard to clean as it is, has me cleaning it every 2 weeks. Even if the water is moving, it's still subject to the sludge that builds up in the fountain on a regular basis....more info
  • Drinkwell Pet Fountain
    The stream on this fountain more closely mimics a faucet than most of the other options, so the cats seem to like it better. The reservoir is rather small, but having to order a decent-sized reservoir separately smacks of the manufacturer nickle-and-diming the consumer. Overall was very happy with the speed in which it was delivered and the ease of set up, not to mention that the price (including shipping!) was significantly lower than at Petco. A good deal....more info
  • Too loud, too expensive, doesn't hold enough water
    Water fountains for pets is a great idea but I'm still waiting for somebody who actually owns pets to create the perfect water fountain that isn't so expensive. This one has too many cons for it's cost ($50.00 at Petco), so I will be returning mine. Besides being overpriced here are other cons: it's too loud, which freaks out skittish cats. It requires a filter, which costs more money. It doesn't hold enough water (extra water reservoir sold separately, more $$ down the drain). It's not easy to clean and you'll end up cleaning it more often than the pamphlet says you'll need to. The flow adjuster is too cheaply made to be useful and it'll break easily. Finally, I wish somebody would create a fountain or bubbler that does not have to be plugged in....more info
  • Too noisy.
    This fountain is too noisy: the motor hum and vibration are audible from the bedroom which is two rooms away. The design of the motor and the unit preclude it from being quiet. I gave it two stars instead of one because it seems to work well as a fountain. Some of the other brands here at Amazon claim to be "silent", but at this point, I'm too spooked to try again....more info
  • Pet water fountain
    We love this fountain! Our cat is wierd and loves fresh water, as in wants it moving and straight from the source. She would run to the sound of water every time she heard it so we needed to do something to keep her out of the sinks and shower. We bought her this and she absolutely loves it! After she took a long drink she sat and watched it for quite a while. You can adjust the flow of water. If you want just a trickle it isn't as loud and the water doesn't move very much, or go up to a normal flow like from a faucet. Even on the full flow it still isn't very loud. It holds a fair amount of water, but if you want to go for about a week without filling you had better get the tank to go with it....more info
  • Awful product, don't waste your money
    I have been through two of these fountains. Both arrived cracked around the motor. I tried to use them anyway, but they stopped working within a few minutes and the water gushed out over my floor. This is not Amazon's fault, but the manufacturer's fault. It has been a pain to repack and return. Don't waste your time or money. Don't order this Drinkwell item!...more info
  • cat fountain
    Extremely picky cat( used to drink water exclusively from the faucet and glasses of water) loves her fountain. ...more info
  • LOVE IT!!!!!
    I've had a pet water fountain from another company that burned out with-in a month of bringing it home. So I was a bit nervous to try the Drinkwell. I've had this water fountain for almost a year and have never had a problem with it. I have four cats and they love this water fountain. It's extremely easy to take apart and clean (which should be done about once a month to keep it running smoothly--and to keep the water clean and fresh for pets), and when full is very quiet. There is a cleaning kit sold separately that makes washing a breeze. I have and will continue to recommend this product to friends and family....more info
  • They Love It!
    We had been looking at several Pet Fountains for awhile and finally chose this one. We are very happy with our decision and so are our two cats! They both seem to be drinking a bit more water, which we believe is a good thing for them. Many times they enjoy drinking directly from the spout. Be sure to get the optional 50 oz reservoir as we have to refill it multiple times during the week....more info
  • impossible to clean
    I bought this a few years ago for my two cats. My cats liked it first, especially because they like to drink straight from the stream. But, it was impossible for me to get it really cleaned. No matter how hard I tried, even using the cleaning kit that was sold separately, I couldn't clean that narrow well and little square corners thoroughly, resulting built up of debris. A year later, my cats stopped drinking any water came out of the drinkwell even right after the half-an-hour of cleaning. I cannot deal with cleaning this thing anymore. Never to purchase ever again!
    Now I use the dorm fountain by catit. I can tell my cats misses drinking from the stream, but it is a lot easier for me to clean. The dorm fountain has its flows, but, it is a workable solution for both me and my cats.
    ...more info
  • Drinkwell Pet Fountain
    I bought a Drinkewell Pet Fountain from a local store a few years ago. I believe the fountain cost around $50.00. We recently acquired another cat, so I needed an additional fountain and the local store had sold out. I checked with Amazon and found the same fountain almost $20.00 cheaper, plus free shipping. Both of my cats love the fountains....more info
  • Keeps the cats hydrated
    It does work. Before, the only way my cats would drink water was when I turned on the bathroom faucet. They didn't care for the water bowl because it loses oxygen or something like that. It was pretty annoying and I would worry they would get dehydrated if I wasn't home. But after I got the drinking fountain, I see them drinking from it through out the day. They sometimes even played with the flowing water.

    Although you can hear the water flowing, it doesn't bother me at all. It sounds like one of those therapeutic fountains. The only time it makes an annoying noise is when the water is running out, which is good because it acts as a reminder to refill the reservoir.

    The only thing that's a pain is washing it. It's not as simple as washing a bowl, just because the electric cord is attached to the fountain (of course). ...more info
  • Fountain saved our wood floor from kitties splashing in water.
    Our problem was our two cats playing in the water bowl, no matter what size or type of bowl we tried. One cat also kept knocking the bowl off the mat and spilling water all over the wood floor. The fountain completely solved their water bowl antics. They both drink from the stream and can not tip or move the fountain so no spillage. And since one cat continues to stick his front paws in water I think the moving, filtered water keeps their drinking water cleaner....more info
  • Fun Waterer
    My kitten and my dog love this waterer. My former cat (deceased) played in it constantly. This is my third one of these. They seem to last about a little over a year and then you need a new one as your pets miss it dreadfully. I also have the extras that can be purchased to provide additional water storage.
    ...more info
  • IT WORKS!!
    My cat is still slowly weaning off of the faucet, but he drinks out of the fountain. My cat never drank out of a water bowl, he would turn his nose up every time. Problem solved!...more info
  • Good fountain
    I have 4 cats and 2 little dogs inside the house and I was looking for something that I didn't need to clean it and fill with water as ofter, like I did, twice a day, with the bowls. My pets loved the drinkwell fountain, it's cleaner and better for them. I found that it easier to clean and maintain....more info
  • Nice
    Well, the bowl came cracked and leaked all over my floor, but I called Drinkwell and they immediately sent a replacement at no charge. My husband thinks it's noisy, (how he can say THIS is noisy in house with three kids under 5 I don't know), but I don't think it is at all. I never would have noticed the quiet hum, if he hadn't pointed it out. The flowing water is louder than the hum and that's a soothing sound, but even that isn't very loud. But the most important thing is that our cat is drinking more water now; he loves it. I'm just thrilled because he's had urinary tract problems and the vet said he needs to drink more water, so I am very glad we bought this....more info
  • Easy to work - cats are alright with it
    The product is really easy to take apart/put together. It is not that good looking. Cats like it alright. You have to keep the water pretty high or the fountain becomes loud. You have to clean really well weekly or it gets incredibly slimy. ...more info
  • Wonderful Product, Though a bit Noisy, it is WORTH IT!

    Excellent product, I have had it for nearly two years now.

    With two adopted feral kittens (now both nearly 3), I had a few tasks at hand to say the least. One of them was that the cats wouldn't drink water out of a bowl without putting their paws in it and splashing it all over the floor first. Fun times.

    Enter the Drinkwell Fountain.

    Boy cat LOVES to lick from the waterfall and Girl cat happily drinks from the bowl area. Both, quite noticeably, drink more than I've ever seen cats drink of still water in a bowl.

    They are healthy and happy - and I am happy! While it takes a little effort to clean thoroughly, so what? It's a great tool. I clean usually every week to sometimes (with the help of the CARBOR FILTER) every two weeks. I also appreciate the filters properties to ensure clean water.

    After some time I acquired the 50 oz. RESERVOIR on the end so I never have to worry for more than a few days that they won't be able to drink up to their hearts' content.

    Maybe some day when the motor kicks the bucket I will try the next level up if it is quieter, however I hope for some years to come to keep enjoying my current Drinkwell!
    ...more info


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