Booster Bath Plastic Dog Bath

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Wash your dog quickly, easily, and enjoyably with Booster Bath. This indoor/outdoor bathing center elevates your dog to a level that's comfortable for you, keeps your dog securely contained, and features a no-mess water and drainage system.One-of-a-kind dog washing tub on legs is constructed of 1/4" thick UV stabilized high density polyethene for longer life and durability.No dog is too big, or too small, or Booster Bath. Raised Booster Bath is lightweight and portable, weighing only 22 pounds, yet it is capable of supporting up to 175 lbs.Rubberized non-slip mat is 3/8" thick for durability and longer life. Eliminates slipping and sliding of your pet, reducing stress for both of you.Dual, easy-access shampoo caddies are designed to hold a large shampoo, conditioner, and brush. Convenient placement on each side of the tub reduces spilling and eliminates bending over or chasing the shampoo bottle.Triple leash restraint with quick connect collar secures your pet.Five foot long, one inch drain hose allows you to wash in one area and discharge water in another.Rubber grips attached to the bottom of the legs keep the Booster Bath from slipping when your dog enters or exits.Fan nozzle features a combination volume control and on/off valve. Convenient hook provides quick and easy access between rinses.Tub and legs are held together with large non-corroding stainless steel screws and large plastic five star knobs with stainless steel inserts. If necessary, this provides for quick and easy disconnection of tub and legs. Legs nest inside tub for compact storage or travel.Perfect for the family dog or professional dog show enthusiasts.Approved by top breeders.Veterinarian approved.Used at dog shows worldwide.Check out our Paws for Thought Booster Bath Tropic Shower Warm Water Bathing Kit for easy access to warm water.

  • Portable indoor/outdoor dog bath on legs for fogs large and small
  • Elevates dog to comfortable height for less back and knee strain
  • No-mess water and drainage system; constructed of ?-inch UV-resistant polyethene
  • Legs with grips for optimal stability; swiveling fan nozzle with on/off and volume control
  • Legs nest inside tub for storage or travel; approved by top breeders and vets

Customer Reviews:

  • Way better than nothing but ...
    It proved itself very useful, especially once some experience was gained. However:

    1. The bath-to-drain connection will leak without substantial extra efforts to tighten it up, the recess around drain connection is too narrow, so it is hard to both screw and unscrew it.

    2. The drain pipe is way too rigid, I had to use wights to keep it down.

    3. The harness gives too much freedom to a short legged dog.

    ...more info
  • You'll still make a mess...
    The Booster Bath is everything it's advertised to be. It is sturdy and stable, though the walls of the tub *will* bend if a large dog leans against it. It's very convenient for those of us with large dogs and who live in climates that can be inconvenient to be hauling large dogs to get bathed (especially in your car...think lots of snow or rain). It's very convenient for those who have long-haired dogs because you won't plug up your bathtub. I attached a wire mesh balloon type thing to the end of my hose (which I can't do with my tub drain), so it catches all the fur. It cost less than $2 at the local hardware store for a pair. So the Booster Bath is great for me.

    BUT - don't think that this wonderful Booster Bath will make it that much more convenient that water won't splash everywhere. Expect a nice BIG puddle of water around you. And water wall-to-wall from your pet's shaking it all off. So if you have to do it indoors like I do, make sure you have a good big space that you can easily clean up afterwards.

    DO make sure the drainage hose is pointing down. It might seem very obvious to some, but I didn't realize until after the fact that the hose is self-draining can can't be placed "up" into a sink. It has to drain down like into a sewer drain or outside or into a tub that's lower than your Booster Bath. I had to have an extension made at the hardware store (for less than $10) because my basement doesn't have a sewer drain where I have my setup, but several feet away. In my case it's about 10-12 feet away, while the drainage hose that comes with the Booster Bath is only five feet long as advetised.

    However, I couldn't give it five stars because mine came defective: Two of the legs just would NOT fit because the part that receives the leg on the bath was defective. My brother had to force it in and help me put them on. I would have returned it if it weren't for his help and I would have been REALLY IRKED (so keep your box until you're sure all is well). And the little rubber washers that go on the bottom of the legs for traction were not the right ones and so they didn't fit. That wasn't a problem for me because I have the risers as well.

    These can be a VERY big problems because the unit is HUGE and it would be a big pain to have to return, but I never called customer services so I can't take that much off from the rating (accidents happen, and I didn't give them a chance to fix it). I found it was better for me to solve the problem myself if it was safe, rather than go through the hassle of replacing such a big unit.
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  • Booster Bath is a "Backsaver"
    My 120lb. male Akita hates bath time. When its over I am soaked head to toe and my back is killing me. This bath tub is very well made and easy to assemble. Everything worked flawlessly. The harness helped to keep him under control and the height of the tub made the bathing easier all the way around. Bath time is faster and more efficient. The tub pays for itself within 4 baths if you have a large dog and usually take him to a commercial location. Money well spent and Amazon had the best price on the net....more info
  • My doggies and I LOVE the Booster Bath!
    Booster Bath Plastic Dog Bath Best product I've ever picked up for my dogs. Well worth the price and makes bathtime a LOT less of a hassle! The fact that this tub is elevated makes it a total back-saver, and having 360 degree access to my dogs cuts the amount of time it takes to bathe them in half, easily. The built in leash restraint is a totally effective way of keeping my girls in the tub. I love the on/off fan nozzle and actually purchased the "Tropic Shower" accessory as well, so that I can bathe the dogs in warm water, which they love....more info
    The tub is shipped from company. Six weeks tub. "Paws for Thought" will not return emails or phone calls. If they are this bad BEFORE I receive the product...what will they be like if i have a problem? Hmmm A great idea but certainly NOT worth the hassle!...more info
  • Easy on the back
    Great to have a place to bath my large Poodles in. They hung over the laundry tub. The walls on this are a little shorter than a laundry tub and the legs are a tad short (I"m 5'3) but great product great quality....more info
  • Love this item!!
    We have owned our booster bath for almost 1 year and we use it constantly. We have 2 Labs, 1 Shepard and a Boxer/Shepard mix on 5 acres. These dogs live primarily indoors thanks mostly to their Booster Bath. We ordered ours with the optional ramp and we have trained our dogs to get in and out on their own, which means no lifting and being close to 50 years of age this is a back saver when dealing with dogs in the 70+ pound range. The bath gets the most use just on rainy days in order to give the dogs a quick paw rinse before coming inside. Ours is set up in a corner of our garage so it is ready at all times, but it is light enough to take outside when giving 4 major baths in nice weather. We do the big baths indoors as well but some splash is to be expected, in our garage this is no big deal.

    We have and will continue to recommend this to friends and relatives. Everyone who visits and sees this tub expresses a desire to purchase one....more info
  • Amazing!
    We have an Australian shepherd pup who, when given a bath in the bathroom tub, acted as though we were killing him. Really! I would put 1" of water in, try to give him treats, and do nothing and he still absolutely didn't want to be there. It was impossible to give him a bath between him trying to jump out and crying--loudly. This booster bathtub has been wonderful. I don't know exactly why, but from the first time I put him in he has been quiet and still. It is a whole new experience for both of us. I can't say he loves his baths yet, but I can say I love this tub!...more info
  • Dog Bath Tub
    This product works very well for its intended purpose. I moved the entire dog bathing operation to the basement using this tub. I elevated the bath by placing one gallon paint cans under each leg as a temporary fix to get it to a really comfortable height. I can now stand upright and therefore, no back problems for me! The drain tube is very stiff and difficult to bend when trying to hook it up to a wall mounted drain. I cut the hose to 1 FT in length and spliced on a 4 FT piece of clear 1" ID tubing that feeds directly into a P-Trap drain. Also, the collar that goes around the dog's neck is too loose for my Mini Schnauzer, even when adjusted to the smallest size, but this is no big deal. Even with these modifications, I'm very happy with this purchase. ...more info
  • works well
    Yes, the sides will flex but the tub works very well, that is except for the non-flexible drain hose. I put a 5 gal. bucket under the drain hole instead of the hose. I'll have to install a special drain for using the tub indoors. Otherwise, I'm happy with the tub. The dogs have to be encouraged not to shake or there is a mess....more info
  • Pet Bath tub
    We are very pleased with the tub. We don't have to bend over in the house tub to give our dogs their baths....more info
  • I highly Recomend !!!
    I have spent many years bending over a bathtub or bending down washing my dogs with a hose & my back can take it anymore. This tub is great, all you do is secure the dog in there and stand there and wash them no more bending over, they can't move around or escape all soapy. It is definetly worth the price....more info


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