K&H Thermo Pond 3.0 Pond De-Icer

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Product Description

The Thermo Pond heater is a must-have for the winter season. This floating heater will keep a small area ice-free so that toxic gases can escape, thus keeping your fish safe and healthy all winter long. This heater will not burn or harm your pond liner in any way and uses 10 to 15 times less power than comparable heaters. Get your pond ready for the winter with the Thermo Pond heater.Size:12" diameter, 4" high.

  • Floats on top of the water
  • Thermostatically controlled never to get hot
  • Completely safe when used with a pond liner or plastic pond
  • Maintains a hole in backyard pond ice for just pennies a day
  • One-year Limited Warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Pass on this one
    I bought one of these a few years ago, didn't last the winter, got another one via the warranty and that one broke even faster than the first. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra dollars for a better heater.

    In Cleveland area....more info
  • Thrifty, good solution to Pond De-icing
    Last year (My 1st pond winter)I had bought a 200 watt ( considerably more expensive)De-icer thinking that size and cost was better. I bought this 100 watt unit on a lark, simply as a backup unit. Needless to say the more powerful unit failed within a month (sank to the bottom) and this thrifty unit just kept plugging away. Our Chicago land weather reached much to close to -20 degrees (Where I live is border line between zone 4 & 5) and This de-icer did just what it was suppose to do, Keep a hole in the ice so my fish stayed alive.
    Just getting ready to order another unit (perhaps 2 just in case some of the other reviews are correct). At the cost and my past experience I cannot find anything but positive things to say about this product.
    ...more info
  • I don't know of anything better.
    There are not many choices for a product like this. 100 watts is pretty economical to operate. It works good down to 25F but any lower and it cannot keep the water from freezing. More power should work at a lower temperature but cost more to run.

    Our previous unit lasted a single season. We'll see if this one makes it through this season....more info
  • Let your fish breathe in the winter
    This is the second pond de-icer (same model) we have purchased. The first one worked great for four years. This year it stopped working so we bought another one. It doesn't use that much electricity and keeps an area open in the pond so the fish can get air when the rest of the pond is frozen and snow covered. This year the pond has been frozen since New Year's - except for where the pond de-icer is! I recommend this to anyone with a small pond....more info
  • K&H Thermo Pond 3.0 Pond De-Icer
    Product arrived on time and works well. It uses a lot less energy than most of the competitors product. So far it has managed to keep the hole ice free during a recent cold spell. ...more info
  • Great product
    It work perfectly. It is November in Chicago and my small outdoor pond was covered by a thin sheet of ice. I put the De-Icer on top of the ice sheet overnight. Wola!!! next morning there is a hole created by the De-Icer. Thank!...more info
  • Pond de-icer
    So far, so good. Dropped it on the ice in my pond in single digit weather with the ice a good 3-4" thick and it melted through and has maintained a nice hole ever since. Now we'll have to see on its longevity....more info
  • Pond heater
    We have had a very cold winter. In previous years we have been able to keep the pon open with our airator. We are very peased with the pond heater as it kept and opening for the airator. We have 20 very valuable Koi and we have kept them safe. ...more info
  • So fah so good
    I placed it in my pond 10 days ago, which had iced over. It took some time but melted through. Here in Maine, at night the temps have been in the teens and twenties to date. Daytime has been no higher than 35 mid day.

    ...more info
  • terrible
    I agree with the previous reviewer - these products are terrible. Sounds great but I've been thru 4 in the past 3 years and they all fail. They eventually crack, leak, and sink. I would strongly NOT recommend this product!!!...more info
  • Awsome Product
    I used this heater last season and it worked as advertised. Kept a hole in the ice and my fish survived a very cold winter. No problems with leakage or power....more info
  • Pond Heater
    Excellent product idea, keeps a hole open in the pond no matter how low the temperature gets(minus 5 degrees in my area). I would have rated it 5 stars except I had one before and it failed after 2 winters, just stopped heating. This is a simple product, heater and temperature switch, I would expect it to last longer. They also made the cord about 3ft shorter on the new model. I still like the product because when it works it works very well....more info
  • Pond Heater
    Thermo Pond Heater - 100W

    This 100W pond heater is designed to keep the pond from completely freezing over for a long period of time. We have not had a real bad freeze here in southeast Pennsylvania and thus have not installed the heater.

    However, the product was received in good condition and we are glad to have it....more info
    This is a complete waste of money. I bought one, used it for one season, and it froze solid into the ice. I had to spend four hours melting a hole with hot water and salt so I could use my old inefficient but dependable heater. I called the manufacturer who told me to cut off the plug and mail it in. I did, and I was sent a new heater.
    The next year I used the second heater and the same thing happened during a long cold spell (about three weeks in 20s by day and single numbers at night). This time a little pool of water remained underneath the heater, but the pond froze solid a few inches beeath it. I pulled out the Thermo-Pond and spent hours widening the hole enough to put my old heater back in. I was lucky I noticed the problem, or I might have lost all my koi. I'd never use one of these again....more info
  • meltaway
    The K&H Thermo Pond 3.0 De-Icer works like a charm! So far this winter we have had a great deal of snow and ice. Right now our pond has thick ice, but not where the the de-icer is located. ...more info