Metro Air Force Commander 3 Dryer

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Product Description

Features airflow control, air concentrator, air flare tool, groomers rake, easy change filter & dual mounted legs so you can use the dryer vertically or horizontally. Powerful floor/table dryer with 2-speed performance is lightweight & portable. Peak Hp 4; Low speed CFM/FPM:65/14,000. High speed CFM/FPM:130/28,000. Max. Amps: 11.25; Wt: 8.5 Lbs.

  • Powerful floor/table dryer with 2-speed performance allowing you to groom large or small breeds with just one dryer
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Features airflow control, air concentrator, air flare tool, groomers rake, easy change filter & dual mounted legs
  • You can use the dryer vertically or horizontally.
  • The Commander dries their hair without drying their coats.
Customer Reviews:
  • Must have if you groom your dog at home
    I have a border collie mix and german shepard mix, it used to take an hr each week to comb each dog in order to keep the shedding down. This dryer combine with the shedding tool knocked the time to less then half and it does a much better job. The pointed nozzle blow all the flakes and loose hair off with so much ease, its a real back saver! I highly, highly recommend this........more info
  • Air force blower
    This product arrived in a timely manner, and it works well. I find it works wonderfully to blow the coats of my angora rabbits. It keeps them from matting and gets rid of any debri they might have collected prior to shearing. Well well for my dogs too. This is the second one I have owned and I would hate to be without one. ...more info
  • Could not have my dog without it
    I love this blower. I just bought a second one for my weekend house. I blow off my furry dog every other day and dry him with this after baths or rainy walks. He gets dusty after a few days, but this blower ends that. This would be great for people who are allergic to dog dander. Just blow it away. I just wish my wife's cats would keep still so I could blow off their loose fur ;-) My dog actually looks forward to me using this on him. He runs to me when I turn it on.
    I even use it to blow the dust out of the car seats. When my wife is away, I use it to dust the house! They sell the same blower as a motorcycle dryer....more info
  • Effective and less noisy than expected
    In the soggy Northwest, speed is of the essence when drying a long-haired Belgian Tervueren twice a day. This dryer is fast and not obnoxiously loud. Although my generally jumpy, anxious Terv doesn't love it, he is not having a total freak-out during use, which means we keep it. On "just damp" days we still use a regular hair-dryer. But after a real downpour the Commander 3 is the tool of choice. One caveat: the air comes out cold to begin with, so don't aim it at your dog's feet; in fact, just wait a minute (on high) for the motor to gently warm the air before starting on the dog. There is no heated air, but it does lose that icy chill after a minute or so. Recommended.
    ...more info
  • Great blower
    I am very happy with this product. It has 2 speed settings which is nice to acclimate the dog to the sound/force. The lower setting does take longer to dry the dog, but for dogs with less undercoat (or are nervous) this setting is fine.

    The air comes out cool, and warms a bit over time. The true "drying" comes from blowing the water off the dog. I use this for dog shows and after normal baths and I am very happy with the results. I have a medium coated dog with a dense undercoat and it takes about 15 minutes to dry out my dog's coat which usually takes hours to air dry or 45+ min with a hair dryer. My dog has even learned to enjoy this time. He will lean into the air when it hits "the spot".

    ...more info