Nutri Cal 4.25oz tube

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Product Description

High calorie, low volume dietary supplement for dogs, cats, puppies & kittens. For animals that wont eat, appetite stimulant for picky eaters, good for weight gain. Provides an added source of energy for hunting & working dogs. A great way to administer pills. As a supplement: 1.5 tsp/10 Lbs BW. When animal is not consuming full feed ration use 3 tsp/10 Lbs BW daily.

  • High calorie, low volume dietary supplement
  • Appetite stimulant for picky eaters
  • Provides an added source of energy for hunting & working dogs
  • Good for weight gain

Customer Reviews:

  • Nutri-Cal (for my cat)
    I truly believe that this product is what is keeping my 20 year old cornish rex cat alive and pretty healthy for such an old cat. I've been giving her Nutri-Cal for the past 2-3 years, starting when her appetite started declining and she was losing weight. The only negative is that she loves this prduct so much she often begs for it and it's hard to sometimes not give her too much (which is also not good since it also acts as a laxative). I would highly recommend this for any cat who is not eating regularly, especially elderly ones!...more info
  • Satisfied with product
    Great product for picky dogs like mine, he started to gain weight two weeks later....more info
  • Excellent Value
    Purchased Nutri-Cal for my two cats and dog! They love it. The price was really good - so I purchased several at the same time! Very quick service!...more info
  • Nutrical
    I love this product and its price! It is way cheaper for me to order it here and get it within a couple of days then get it from my vet. It saves me alot and the bottle is larger. My dog loves it and so do I!...more info
  • nutri-cal review
    i absolutely LOVE this product! we have cats who were formerly feral. when they came to us, they had upper respiratory problems common to feral cats. although i took them to the vet, no meds were prescribed as the doctor told me eventually their viral infections would go away. they continued to sneeze and sneeze. so started giving them the nutri-cal and within a day or so, their symptoms started to go away. i still give it to them on a daily basis....more info
  • Nutrical review
    Great product for pets that don't get enough calories. My 23-year-old cat has a hard time getting enough calories since he's not terribly interested in his food anymore, but he loves this stuff!...more info
  • Nutri-Cal supplement for animals
    I have been using Nutri-Cal supplement for animals for years and they really like it - both dogs and cats. It is especially good for the animals when you tend to feed them a lot of table food and for when they are sick. I provided some to a lady that rehabilitates injured birds and baby birds and she finds that the supplement helps the birds recover more quickly....more info
    My siberian was very under weight my vet reccommended this product and i was truily amazed how fast and effective it was. My cat is now the ideal weight for his age. I have purchased several tubes since then. I definately reccommend this product. Purchase this product and see the results for yourself. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • Nutri-Cal Supplement
    My elderly cat loves this product. We have been able to keep her weight steady by using this to supplement her diet. ...more info
  • Life saver
    My dog and best friend Jake was diagnosed with fibrosarcoma in his jaw last year and was given a few months to live. Well Jake can't read so he didn't abide by the vet's prognosis. It has, however, become increasingly difficult for him to swallow his food and this has caused him to lose a good bit of weight. Fortunately we discovered Nutri Cal and have been supplementing his food with it. This has allowed Jake to enjoy many more months of good health that may not have been possible without this dietary supplement. What a great product!...more info
  • nutrical supplement for dogs
    This is the best product. I use this for my dog to give her medication. She loves it and she is a very picky eater. I also used it when she was sick and needed additional nutrition. I truly think it saved her life. The price on amazon is 1/4 of what I pay at the vet....more info
  • Nutri-Cal Vitamin Supplement
    Amazing!!! My vet sells this product for $8.00 a tube. I paid $4.00 a tube and received the exact same product with expiration date in 2 years. I bought a dozen. Thank you....more info
  • skinny cat
    My 17 year old cat has a thyroid problem and it is very hard to keep her weight acceptable. Medication made her sick. Nutri Cal provides her with lots of extra calories....more info
  • nutri cal
    I was not happy with a 4.25 container of this running out in 2 days. the amount to give a large dog is 3-4 tbsp. This product needs to come in a larger amount....more info
  • A Must have...
    If you have a young pup under 6 months even older this is a must have. Contrary to popular belief not all store bought dog food has the vitamin and nutrients your dog needs. This tube supplies it and it's perfect for finiky eaters. Dogs and pup's love the taste and it helps when you need to give them medication that they don't like. I recommend this product to everyone who has a puppy/ dog in thier life....more info
  • Nourishing, High in Calories
    MY cats really love this.

    Even a very fussy cat will find it irresistible. High in calories , it's great for small eaters who need to gain weight and strength.

    There is no wheat flour in this product, so that not need be a worry....more info
  • Fantastic for pets in need
    I successfully used this product to bring my two sickly rescued kittens to health quite rapidly. It was well tolerated, easy to serve and most importantly, it worked well. I gave each about an inch squeeze and one ate it when I put in in her mouth without her consent, while the other was waiting with an open mouth and always wanted seconds. :) I was able to get nutrients and sorely needed calories into the anemic kittens and their situation turned positive quickly, with them gaining weight and their fur filling in. The littlest one was 1.25 lbs and with taking this, eating well and a visit to the vet, she was over two pounds in short order. Now they both lie about, making up excuses why they don't have jobs and need to fall asleep everyplace the sun shines on....more info
  • A must have for a skinny and very picky feline
    One of my three current felines is extremely finicky. When he is refusing to eat, the Nutri Cal gets his attention every time. The only problem is that when he is getting this he prefers it to his Cat Lax and gives me a problem taking that to keep hairballs at bay.

    If you have a feline that needs nourishment I highly recommend this product as a stopgap solution. Every cat that I have had (now totaling 9) has liked this product enough to lick it from the tube.

    Additionally, I have been purchasing from Revival Animal Health for over 4 years now and have been very happy with the service and products.
    ...more info
  • a must for any pet care-animal rescue first aid...
    kit. I have been able to get very debilitated dogs and cats back on the road to recovery with this product. It's flavor is well liked by most pets, and if not, a small amount can be squirted into their mouth several times a day.

    A must for underweight or ill animals that are off their food and feeling weak. A little goes a long way. Any extra leftover you can give a tiny bit to your healthy pets as a treat because they usually love the taste.

    Highly recommended....more info