Bionaire BAP1500-U Tower Air Purifier

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Product Description

Breathing clean air at home should be easy but often requires maintenance and frequent filter replacements that raise the overall operating cost of the air cleaner. Imagine an air purifier that cleans your air quietly, efficiently and without the hassle of filter replacement! New PERMAtech technology brings you high performance, plus the convenience of a permanent filter. Simply vacuum the filter every three months to maintain performance. Never replace another filter again! High efficiency HEPA-type filter removes up to 99% of airborne dust and pollen as small as 2 microns from air passing through the filter. It also helps reduce smoke, mold spores and pet dander.

  • Electronic ionizer increases performance
  • Filter service indicator
  • Remote control
  • Oscillation
  • Quiet operation
Customer Reviews:
  • review
    Product is very good, easy to set up and functions as advertised. The oscillating feature is extremely functional. The product has 3 speeds, high when you need more through cleaning and low is good for continuous usage. The low setting is quiet enough to operate in a bedroom....more info
  • Excellent deal
  • Awesome Air Purifier
    I just got my Bionaire BAP1500 Air Purifier, and it is awesome! I have had one like this before and it lasted about 4-5 years and I know they work. But also this air purifier has an ionizer, oscillation, and it comes with a cool remote. The Bionaire BAP1500 looks really cool. It can go in any room up to 13x13 sq. feet. Also I like that it makes some noise on the higher settings because the white noise helps me sleep, but it is barely audible on low. Anyway, I recommend this product to everyone especially if you have allergies....more info
  • Don't waste your money!
    The only thing that this product reminds me of is a A/C window unit. Yes it is that loud, even on the lowest setting. I have used a Ionic Breeze from The Sharper Image and trust me they are well worth the money. Much quieter and much easier to maintain. This Bionaire actually rattles, shakes and woke me up in the middle of the night. Not a good purchase at all. I wish I didn't buy it....more info
  • Not a good buy
    Bought this for the apartment to help clean the air in the room. It worked fine for a couple months, but it became obvious that it was of inferior quality. The unit has three power settings. Each setting provides a progressively higher level of airflow. Only one setting is totally usable. The other two have a horrible vibration when you turn the unit on. If you hold the front panel, then the vibration will stop. Luckily, these things are supposed to have a five year warranty. When my unit eventually broke down, most of them will after a year or so, I called up customer service. The representative took down all my information, address phone number,etc. I faxed my receipt and that should have been it. Three weeks later nothing had come yet so I called again. They did not have my address and they claimed to have not received my receipt. I had to send the receipt a total of three times before they finally sent me a replacement. Too much of a hassle. Save time and buy a better unit from someone other then the Holmes Group. ...more info
  • an ok products. but the price is correct!!!
    I was not very happy about thios product. it is an ok product. The price i paius was very very reasonbale. Almost 60% off the regular price.
    am using in my work. Does an ok job.
    Prem...more info
  • So far, so good.
    We mada a point to ensure that this unit was properly un-packaged, before we started operating it.
    The unit is quiet, and relatively attractive in the room. Although the design could be a litle less 'Star Trek', more minimal and unimposing in design, and the color black, is a little dramatic and monolithic, however this was also the best looking unit available. A simpler less 'tech' design, and a few pleasing color choices, might be a nice future revision to this model.
    The result has been an instant reduction in airborne pet, pollution and dust allergies, and a better nights sleep.
    This model, so far, has performed exactly as we had hoped....more info
  • Has a weird smell
    I noticed the model number listed here on Amazon is BAP1500 however I own the BAP1502 model that I have purchased from my local Walmart. For the most part I have no problem with this purifier which is used in my bedroom. I purchased this to help keep the dust away from all of my electronic equipment. I have owned this product for a little over a week now and the problem is it has a weird scent while operating. I figured this was because it was still new but it has been running for a week now and the smell seems even stronger now than before. I may take it back and get a refund but I am hoping the smell will go away soon....more info
  • Worked fine for awhile...
    I bought two of these for my apartment last year. Both ran fine, and the filters were cleaned on a regular basis. Then all of a sudden, one of them quit working on me. I'd turn it back on, only to have it shut down after a few hours. They don't build products to last anymore, that's for sure....more info
  • Too noisy
    This item has a great list of features packed into a reasonable price, so I decided to give it a try. After running it for about a week, I decided to return it because the noise factor was too irritating for me. On all speed settings the tower rattled and buzzed in an unexpected way. The fan inside seemed quiet and smooth, so all I could attribute it to is poor construction of the chassis, which was affected by vibration during operation....more info
  • Does What It's Supposed To Do
    I'm giving the Bionaire four stars because it does what it's advertised to do. If you suffer from severe alergies or asthma, this probably will not help you.

    The Bionaire BAP1500 has given me a large degree of relief during allergy seasons. My allergies aren't acute but I usually go through several uncomfortable weeks each fall and spring. If I run the Bionaire at night in my bedroom (10x15), I sleep just fine. On the other hand, you would need at least two of these for a large living room or dining room.

    Other features:

    Three separate speeds, plus ionic air filtering as well.

    Easy to clean.

    Gets noisy if using the high air flow setting....more info
  • BAP 1500 U
    A good air cleaner but noisy even on low. Also they have an oscillating feature that mokes a click on the one side. Both that I have make the same click.
    Filter cleaning is easy but the stage one filter gets dirty very quickly. I vacuum it regularly and rinse and clean the stage one about every 10 days. Both the ion feature and the replaceable filters make this an easy choice for the money, but, do not discount the noise factor and the click in oscillation.
    I also would not use in a construction area to keep down the dust. The outside of the tower acts like a magnet in heavt dust....more info
  • Fresh air....
    The unit produces fresh, buoyant air with a minimum of noise on the low setting. Noisy to very noisy on the medium to high settings, but then you would only need to use those settings when called for, such as when I cook. The oscillation option is unnecessary for this unit and it has an annoying click when it snaps back in the other direction. Also, the back panel covering the filters seems flimsy. Still, this unit seems more functional (and less expensive) than many other filters I examined....more info