Bionaire BAP1250-U Galileo Air Purifier

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Product Description

Smartly designed, the Bionaire Galileo air purifier includes numerous features to reduce the negative effects of pollen, dust, and smoke in the home. The unit is comprised of two parts--the heavy-duty air cleaner and the smaller air quality sensor that uses an infrared optical system to detect particles in the air. Equipped with a series of colored lights and a large digital display, the sensor communicates the state of the air to the cleaner and can be set to remotely adjust fan speed for optimum filtration. This design is especially useful if air quality varies in different parts of a room. The sensor can also be used alone to gauge air quality. Bionaire's smart engineering includes a programmable built-in timer, a digital clock, and a snooze alarm function. Other handy features include filter-change indicator lights and an automatic nightlight. The sensor measures 5-1/4 by 2-3/4 by 4 inches.

The structure of the air cleaner is equally sensible and convenient. Its relatively slim profile allows it to fit flush against a wall and be oriented upright or on its side. The filtration system uses a true HEPA filter, which traps up to 99.97 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns, as well as a carbon filter to trap larger particles and combat household odors. A separate washable pre-filter traps the largest particles, extending the life of the HEPA filter, while Microban Antimicrobial Protection guards against odor-causing bacteria. Quiet in operation and suitable for up to 418 square feet, the cleaner measures approximately 21-1/2 by 19 by 9 inches and carries a five-year warranty. --Emily Bedard

Bionaire Galileo BAP1250-U HEPA Air Purifier features a sensor that measures air quality and remotely operates unit. 99.97% HEPA and Odor Reducing Filters. Quiet Operation, Slim Design, Dual Position. Programmable Built-in Timer, Clock and Alarm Functions. HEPA and Carbon Filter Indicators. Bionaire BAP1250-U air purifier dimensions 26.5 (h) x 26.5 (w) x 10.6 (d) inches.

  • 2-piece true HEPA air purifier for rooms up to 418 square feet
  • Fights odors and combats negative effects of pollen, dust, and smoke
  • Includes cleaning unit and remote air quality sensor with LCD monitor
  • Programmable built-in timer, clock, and snooze alarm functions
  • Slim design and dual position; 21-1/2 by 19 by 9 inches; 5-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Overall good, basic Air Purifier
    For those needing basic filtering needs (Pollen, Dust and other particles) for medium and specially large rooms because of its fairly big air intake and fast air flow. It comes with 2 types of filters, washable carbon activated... and EPA. It has a really basic design... just a GE rotating motor which pulls air inside pasing through the 2 filters on the large side on the front and lets it out on the smaller one on the top. Comes with a comfortable console which works as a remote control, clock, alarm and TIMER...

    I live in Guadalajara city, México... on a highly dense tree area with a golf couse... and next to a big forest... which in turn has air free from urban pollution but really high concentrations of grass, tree and plant pollen...

    Ironically I have "medium" allergic reactions to pollen... particularly at night...

    Using the filter on my bedroom, and setting the timer to start at 7PM every day and stop at 6 AM, all windows fully open all day long, 3/4 closed at night...


    ¡Hope you find this review usefull!

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  • It works but is cheaply made
    My condo underwent a major construction project that kicked up a storm of EFIS exterior dust that contaminated pretty much everyones homes causing twice-daily dusting duties for the not so Type-A personalities and worse for us Type-A's. I bought this to help keep the air clean. It did a great job but it is very clunky. The access door to the filters wouldn't stay shut. It needed to be taped and it rattled loudly. More tape used to silence it. I expected a far higher quality machine for this price....more info
  • Good unit....expensive replacement filters
    I have been using my unit for 1 year now, and it still works well. I have had no trouble with the remote unit, and find that its sensor triggers the unit to ramp up the speed appropriately when I'm broiling steaks in the adjacent kitchen. I am happy with the unit's performance; however, be aware that the unit takes 3 carbon pre-filters, and 3 HEPA filters.

    The only multi-packs for replacements that I have seen (produced by Bionaire) are 4 packs for the pre-filters and 2-packs for the HEPA. Accordingly, you need to buy one more carbon filter than you need, and 1 more HEPA filter than you need too (as long as you remember to purchase two packs of the HEPA). The filters are costly, and the bizarre quantity issues with how Bionaire sells the filters may require you to become a math guru (taking into account that you change the pre-filters more often than the HEPA filters, you will need to do some math to see what your needs will be for the year and order appropriately).

    All in all - a good unit, but don't forget. . . the company sticks it to ya with the filters.

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  • Excellent when it works.
    I purchased this product a year ago as a replacement for a previous defective bionaire purifier of a different model(BAP2000). Upon arrival by shipping, I had a bit of trouble keeping the door on the purifier closed-if the filters are sticking out even by a bit, the door will not close and the machine will then not run. Also, the filter change light stayed on constantly. Desperate for the purifier, I foolishly held on to it. Now, not even a year later, the motor has stopped running and the door on the machine will not close at all. I have sent it back again in the end for another replacement. Having owned many bionaire purifiers in the past I find that they are powerful machines that work well. I also find Bionaire reliable in honouring their policy of replacement. Due to the fact that many stores in my city will not honour a Canadian replacement policy for bionaire products. I have continued to prefer ordering from Bionaire directly. My concern is that this Bionaire purifier has a short life span of less than a year and even arrived damaged from the start. This product was a second replacement to a previous Bionaire model of another type-which was returned twice. Also, after two seperate replacements, I was eventually required to send the damaged purifier back for replacement and to pay the shipping cost. (this was for a Canadian order) If it's any help, I have since then purchased a Holmes purifier exactly like the BAP 1250 model, and also available from Bionaire. I have had no problems with this one whatsoever. Go with Holmes 650 or expect to replace this machine more frequently....more info
  • Problems, problems, problems
    I bought this model, because I liked the idea of the air quality center. Unfortunately, the air quality center didn't last for two hours, LITERALLY, before it just stopped working. I called the company and they sent another air quality center and paid for the shipping and handling. That one lasted for several weeks. Called them again and they are sending out another one (free shipping and handling). However, it's been about a month and I have not recieved it. When the air quality center is working it is the greatest thing. It controls the air purifier's speed according to the amount of particles it detects when it does its scan. I just wish it had a longer shelf life. The purifier functions without the center. Buy the unit without the air quality center (save a little bit of money) or take your chances. I hope you have better luck than I have had....more info