Wagan 110-Watt Smart AC Inverter

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Product Description

This smart and compact mobile power converter converts 12-Volt DC to 110-Volt AC so you can use your electronics in the car. Can be used to power Laptop Computers (certain processor needs at least 90 Watts), Video Games Console, and PDAs. The Smart AC Power Inverter has a Modified Sine Wave waveform, Overload Protection, Input Short-circuit Protection. Input Voltage Range - 10V to 15V Auto Low Battery Shutdown (10V) Cooling Fan Dimensions - L - 5 x W - 2.75 x H - 1.75 Approx Weight Incl. Hardware & Cables - 10.5 ounces

  • Converts 12V DC to AC power
  • Plugs into any vehicle's 12V cigarette lighter and runs your 120V electronics
  • Auto reset short circuit protection and other safety features
  • 110 watts continuous power; peak surge power 220 watts
  • 2Hx3Wx5L"
Customer Reviews:
  • I don't like it
    This inverter has a fan that keeps running even when the invertner is not in use. This can seriously drain your battery if you accidentally leave it plugged in when not using it....more info