Dewalt DPG59-110C Reinforcer Rx-Bifocal 1.0 Clear Lens High Performance Protective Safety Glasses with Rubber Temples and Protective Eyeglass Sleeve

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Product Description


  • Magnification diopter is molded into the polycarbonate lens.
  • Safety glass and Reading glass all-in-one
  • Impact resistant and 99.9% UV protection
  • Handgrip pattern on temple is ergonomically positioned for secure grip
  • Distortion free lens provides fatigue free use

Customer Reviews:

  • Dewalt Bifocal safety glasses
    I am a woodworker that has been juggling between reading glasses so I can see and normal safety glasses for protection. Now I only use this one pair. It also means I wear my glasses more often since I can see distance and close up with one set. They do take some getting used to but I suppose regular bifocals have the same issue. The reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is the price. It's probably reasonable but I'm nervous about getting them scratched and having to discard them and get a new set. Other than that, I recommend them if you normally need reading glasses....more info
  • Great product for the price
    I am a healthcare provider and I find this product serves me well. It is very comfortable to wear. Highly recommended....more info
  • Good work glasses.
    I love these glasses for work. I just wish they had more of a selection in the magnification. I would rater have .5, but 1.0 work ok. I am replacing an old pair that have been very durable, and only wore out because of my own carelessness. Good product....more info
  • decent product
    For the $, this is a really decent product that keeps you from the annoyance of swapping your regular glasses for safety glasses every time you need a closer look....more info
  • Game Changer
    DEWALT Reinforcer Rx-Bifocal 1.0 Clear Lens High Performance Protective Safety Glasses with Rubber Temples and Protective Eyeglass Sleeve #DPG59-110C

    What a difference being able to see makes! No issue dealing with the bifocal get used to them very fast (and I can see my tape!). Only one slight criticism: the cover for the glasses is great to have, but it is too small to cover both lenses completely. I have already scratched the outside edges of the lenses while they were in the cover hanging on my belt.
    Overall great product!...more info
  • Great Glasses
    Purchased the clear ones based on my experience with the smoked version. For those of us that need a corrected safety glass, these are a great product at a good price. The bifocal is low so it doesn't interfere with normal vision lines. They are comfortable for all day usage.

    As for the protection sleeve, it took me awhile (actually the wife did it) to figure out that only the lenses fit in the sleeve (the bows hang out). It seems a reasonable solution but in reality the bows tend to get caught on things when the sleeved glasses are clipped to a tool belt....more info
  • What a good idea
    My basic eyeglass prescription for distance hasn't changed in a very long time, but I started needing bifocals a few years ago. My safety glasses were not bifocal and were pretty frustrating to use when I was puttering around the garage. I tended to opt for my non-safety glasses which have progressive lenses. Not a good plan!

    I decided that this year I would buy safety glasses with progressive lenses, but the >$200 price-tag was daunting. That's when I found these bad boys.

    They're comfortable and the bifocal let's me see what I'm doing up close. I was cleaning up some threads with a file over the weekend and could see them as well as I could when I was 20! Distance viewing isn't ideal, but then I'm in a garage, not driving down the road.

    Saving myself $200 bucks and accomplishing what I wanted worked out well. ...more info
  • Life Changing
    If it's possible for a $14 item to have a more positive impact on one's life than these glasses, I'd be surprised. Can you tell that I love them? I can put them on and forget about my reading glasses (ugh!) I leave 'em on in my shop just because they're so comfortable and there is no reason to take them off. I'll even wear them at my desk (if nobody is looking) because I can see the computer screen out of the top and read out of the bottom...and no worries about flying paper clips....more info
  • Great for automotive use.
    These glasses are great for automotive use. As an auto mechanic they are handy when working up-close with small electrical problems. Why have to keep removing safety glasses for your reading glasses? ...more info
  • Greattttt
    Great glasses for the price, they are light and stay on your head... I will be buying more!!!...more info
  • Glasses great but...
    These glasses are great. Well made, but the "case" that comes with them is useless. IF there is a way to get the glasses in it remains a mystery to me. The sleeve type holder is so tight one would have to crush the glasses to get them into it. ...more info
  • Very good product
    These glasses do an excellent job of eye protection and the built-in reading glasses are invaluable in letting me see my work. Considering the relatively low price I feel they represent a great value. My only complaint is that I wish they covered a bit more of the eye area. They protect eyes fine, but the area below the eye can be very sensitive and it would be nice if they came down a bit more....more info
  • A simple good idea
    For those of us over 40 who are wearing reading glasses, this is a simple good idea.

    The only drawback is that they are bifocals, I would also like a model where the entire surface area is 1.5 or 2.0 correction.

    You do need to get used to looking down for magnification....more info
  • Excellent Product For The Money
    Any plastic safety glasses are consumables around the shop. I like to try
    to find items that have good optical clarity, impact resistance and are
    comfortable to wear. I also try to get all this without spending a huge
    amount of money. Now my over 44 eyes are changing somewhat. I need some help and decided to try these. They work brilliantly and are available in various strengths. I do like the 2.0 for really close work, but I bought a couple of 1.5 from the same seller. For me, the 1.5 is even better for general shop work and seems very close to my eyeglass prescription. I find the magnifiers to be a good size. The optical clarity is very good for this price level. The glasses fit me well and are comfortable to leave on for hours. Like any plastic lens, you need to be careful or you will scratch them. I do like the neoprene "sock" provided to protect them when not wearing. Warm running water and a good microfiber cloth are all I use to keep them very clean. If you are a bit careful they will last a long time. For the money, it is no big problem to keep a couple of spares and replace them if/when needed. I am a serious professional user, the home person/hobbyist may not need more than one pair for a very long time. I am very happy with this product and intend to buy more from the same seller. AAA Industrial Supply has provided excellent, fast service. If you need safety glasses with magnifiers, try this product before spending a lot more money on prescription safety glasses. ...more info
  • Protective Glasses
    These shades are styling! They are also excellent eye protection while shooting BB guns....more info
  • DeWalt Reinforcer Rx - Small Mag Area
    Pros: Light weight, good coverage, soft case.
    Con. Magnification area is postage stamp small and low in the larger lens. It is placed right in the spot where you'd think they are bifocal lenses. I felt like this was not at all communicated in the description.
    ...more info
  • Wrong product received twice.
    I've always been happy with Dewalt products. It's's service that I question.
    The Dewalt glasses are fine. However, I ordered the smoked lens glasses and received the clear lens glasses. Yet, both my submitted order and the invoice that I received state smoked lens glasses. I called to have the correct product mailed to me and was assured that the correct pair of glasses would be sent out immediately. Again, I received the wrong pair of glasses.
    I do not plan to use again because of their inablity to provide me with the correct product. ...more info
  • 48 yr. old remodeler says : About Time !
    Previous review seems picky. The only reason I didn't give the glasses 5 stars is that I would like a larger magnification area, so you have to move your head some when sighting in a line cutting miters, but I have to do that with my cheapo reading glasses perched on the end of my nose. Now, sawdust stays out of my eyes and I can SEE what I need without changing glasses all day. I also have the 215 Smoked lenses and they rock on sunny days.

    Bottom line: Buy 2 of each !...more info
  • Bifocal 2.5 Clear ...
    Great for riding at night on my Harley, now I can see all my gauges...more info
  • not to good
    hi i purchase the glasses but the way that are made you see the things like if they are in angle and thats some kind a problem espcialy if you are working in wood, maybe yest for reading , in my personal case i dont recomended....more info