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Grown in the heartland of California's Sacramento Valley Vibrant fantastic Manzanillo and Mission Olives. The Bariani Family brought with them from Italy the love and art of extracting the oil of these olives. This oil is to be enjoyed in or on your favorite dish, drizzled atop a salad or dipped. Vibrant peppery flavor with a golden green hue. This oil is unfiltered and the olive taste shines bright.

  • California Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Stone Crushed, Cold Pressed
  • Unfiltered
  • Manzanillo and Mission Olive oils

Customer Reviews:

    There is NO comparison! This is BEYOND 5 stars! All I can say is that if you are reading this, you MUST try it!!!
    It is GREEN & tastes like OLIVES! It is raw, cold pressed-it is the absolute highest quality & the BEST TASTING OLIVE OIL EVER!!! No, I have no connection to the company! :) I originally purchased this oil from Eat Raw a few years ago & have been singing it's praise ever since! I honestly cannot eat another olive oil. I have when I have had no choice & it's just so noticable-anyone near me at the time will be hearing a dissertation on the complete and total superiority of Bariani! One taste & you will never want another olive oil! It's THAT good!!! I just had to tell someone... :) :) :)...more info
  • The Best
    When I learned about "good fats vs bad fats" I went on a quest to find the best olive oil. I wanted one that would be both good for cooking and taste great on it's own. After much research (and buying in local supermarkets) I came upon Bariani's web site. I have been ordering this olive oil now for four years and it is a staple in my home. I couldn't imagine cooking without it. ...more info
  • This olive oil is the BEST!!!
    You will not eat another brand after you taste this oil! I am ruined for life. And I thought my taste buds were pretty refined, but no! Not until I tried this oil. Other olive oils actually taste rancid compared to this. I have turned my family and friends into converts. Sooo yummy! I use it as a hair conditioner and skin conditioner as well. You will absolutely love it! And no I do not work for the company....more info
  • Popeye Would Fall in Love With This Olive Oil
    My brother-in-law got me hooked on Bariani Olive Oil. It is terrific.

    I use it almost every day. It's not like those store-bought brands that are almost gooey and awful tasting....

    I recommend it for everyone! (Well, not everyone, then I wouldn't have any.)

    ...more info
  • Highest quality olive oil you will find...
    From gourmet chefs to raw vegans alike, this olive oil is the choice for anyone who simply wants the best. We don't carry it in my city, and I gladly special order it online because it's just that pure and great tasting. ...more info
  • A wonderful oil that improves with time
    We only just discovered that Amazon sells this oil - we've been buying it direct from Bariani.
    I agree with other reviewers: this is remarkably different from most oils on the market - my last purchase was received 14 days after initial bottling and it does indeed taste like fresh green olives: deep and with a bitter aftertaste. Bought two bottles last time to see the effect of age and were pleased to find that it matures exceptionally well - the taste becomes increasingly mellow and buttery but retains the taste of olives. Wonderful drizzled over antipasti, or simply with crusty bread (and a glass of red (hem, hem). A little bit of Italy in a bottle.
    Both bottles due to run out soon more is being ordered.
    Anyone know the case price?...more info
  • overly bitter
    Earthy? Buttery? Fruity? Peppery? Grassy?

    If you're looking for something other than bitter, you might want to keep looking. I found this olive oil to be overwhelmingly acrid and bitter: a real disappointment.

    I understand that the taste profile of good, unadulterated olive oil might include slight bitterness, but with this oil (at least the fall 2008 bottling) bitterness was the only note....more info
  • Reasons to buy this olive oil
    1.It is family owned and operated, not a big corporation.
    2.It is made following the traditional and authentic Italian method, more time consuming.
    3.It is raw, not destroying olive oil health benefits.
    4.It is extra virgin.
    5.It is made from the first press.
    6.It is cold pressed.
    7.It is unfiltered.
    8.It is organic.
    9.As all quality products it comes packaged in glass bottles.
    10.If you compare around, it has a good price for the quality and for being organic.
    11.It is produced in the USA, contributing to the national economy....more info
  • Worth it!
    This oil is so good. We are trying to do dairy free for allergy reasons, and this has been a good substitute for toast. Good taste: I use it for raw use, rather than cooking. Like the pour spout, too....more info
  • Flavor or not
    I won't pretend to be an expert on olive oils; but I will attest to being a family cook and consumer of olive oils and this one did not strike me as quite what I was expecting. The first whiff gives a hint of stale and when blind-taste-tested in my home kitchen by my husband, my ten year old and me- dipping crusty sourdough bread-straight-up, no herbs, no garlic no other flavors- 2 out of 3 of us selected the OTHER first-cold-pressed, Virgin Olive Oil from Italy; we were trying to buy more American stuffs but will stick with our imported Italian olive oils for now. OK, for me, this one is fine for sauteeing- just not the best fresh flavor for dipping or dressings. In case it it matters substantially- the bottle indicates: 'Harvested Fall '07 and Bottled 6-21-08'...more info
  • It's so good, I don't even want to tell you because I'm afraid the price will go up (law of supply and demand)
    I'm making myself tell what I would prefer to keep secret: Truly this is the best-quality,genuine article,cold-pressed (in small quantities)olive oil, made right here in the U.S.A. (California). People (including, in the past, myself)don't actually understand that even the olive oils imported from Italy now are sub-standard. Bariani, by contrast, is the nearest to what was consumed by the Greeks and Romans of long ago: simply cold-pressed in small batches, no heat is used, no other oils are used, no other additives are used.
    I'm not a gourmet, instead I am a fat 51-year-old that tends to veer towards the boxed hamburger meals when desperate! This is not "snooty gourmets" liking their incidental odd-tasting items, Bariani Olive Oil is truly and simply a great product and I agree with all the other reviewers: EXCELLENT.
    By the way, I do know the first clue that you are not buying a true olive oil is when the container is clear: true olive oil cannot be exposed to direct sunlight. Bariani uses a proper, imported, dark-green bottle for their very special product.
    Even Olive Oil can get complicated: the majority of olive oils, imported and domestic, are heated, not 100% olive oil and taste terrible after tasting Bariani.
    I also buy through the company website and by phone and these people are so kind and upstanding -- it's family owned and they intend to keep it that way.
    The only concern I have is the day will come when Bariani may have to increase their prices due to the law of supply and demand...and I would still buy it!


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