Auto Ionizer Air Purifier ..Car Fan Also Available

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Product Description

Car ionizer cleans the atmosphere in your car. Negative ions emitted by the car ionizer attract and eliminate particulate matter---dust,pollen,smoke,fumes, and other irritants and replaces them with clean air. Negative ions produce an ozone smell like the air after a rain shower. Plugs into cigarette lighter. A quiet buzz and glow lamp indicate it is working.

  • Effectively reduce tobacco smoke, pet/body odors from your vehicle
  • Ionizer operated by the lighter outlet in your car
  • Unlimited usage, NO filter replacement required
  • Chrome plated silver
  • Small & lightweight, making it easy to handle
Customer Reviews:
  • Reliable and good output
    Mine is still running well three cars and 9 years later. It does interfere with AM radio occasionally and does buzz slightly. If it gets bothersome (rarely), I unplug it. It is extremely simple and among (if not) the smallest....more info
  • Buy something else
    Unit is really noisy! I mean really loud, makes this loud buzzing sound. I turn the radio up as loud as I can handle and I still hear the buzzing sound. For all that, the amount of neg. ions this thing puts out is very little, if I put my nose down beside the unit I can smell a little of the negative ions, but in general no noticeable affect inside the car....more info
  • Car Fresh Air Ionizer
    Ionizer interfers with radar detector - could not recommend...more info