Jack LaLanne's JFPJ-B Power Juicer Juicing Machine

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Product Description

Jack Lalanne's Power Juicer unlocks the power of juicing. The amazing commercial quality juicer makes the fastest and healthiest fresh squeezed juice. The high output motor and surgical stainless steel blade provide maximum performance, allowing you to juice every part of your fruits and vegetables. And with the extra large chute, fruits and vegetables go in easily so you can enjoy fresh squeezed juice anytime. Start enjoying the benefits of juicing today!250 Watt High output, Quiet MotorSuper-sized Pulp CatcherExtra Large Chute for Juicing Whole Fruits&VegetablesSurgical Stainless Steel BladeHigh Output Whisper Quiet MotorEasy PusherCommercial Quality Durability but designed for use at homeAll Parts are Dishwasher SafeProvides 30% more juice than regular juicers with patented extraction technologyAutomatic pulp ejection

  • Whisper quiet 3,600 RPM motor
  • Surgical quality stainless steel blade
  • Extra-large round feeder tube
  • Super Sized Detachable Pulp Collector
  • Dishwasher safe parts

Customer Reviews:

  • Why we juice
    It seems like a lot of these reviews are written by beginners who are reviewing the practice of juicing itself, rather than reviewing the machine for which this page is all about.

    To new juicers who haven't ever juiced before: Yes, there is clean-up involved. Yes, there will be organic particulate matter in the juice-machine made juice (this is actually a good thing), much more so than heavily strained 'store bought' juices. If you're looking for a magic machine where you can throw fruits and veggies into a chute and out pops a bottle of Welches, sorry. That's Star Trek, not juicing... and even if that's what the juicer accomplished, if that's what you want, then why buy a juicer in the first place?

    The reason we juice is because we want our juices to be totally natural, without additives and preservatives, and with all of the nutrients inherent to the fruit or veggie left intact. You do not get this when you buy a bottle of crystal clear juice at the supermarket. The sacrifice we make for the superior juice is effort and higher cost. The reward is juice that is hugely superior to anything you can buy in a bottle.

    Anyway, on to the machine.

    This is an exceptional entry level machine. If you buy one and find yourself so enamored by juicing that you want to totally incorporate it into your life, you can eventually consider moving on to a Greenstar or a Breville. For everyone else, this machine is a great starting point and for most of us, is the ending point as well.

    I own 4 juicers, running the spectrum of quality from $19.95 to $300. The Lalanne has become the workhorse of the lot. In comparing the LaLanne Classic to the other juicers, it's very apparent that it seriously outperforms the lower quality juicers in the way of juice extraction, and is actually comparable to the higher end units- the difference certainly isn't more than their respective differences in cost. On certain online discussion forums, "Juicer Snobs" often laugh at the Lalanne, but I would wager that these people haven't ever compared one to their $400 unit. If they had, they might be regretting their pricier purchase.

    The feed chute is nice and large, and the powerful motor is strong enough to really wring out the fluids. No, the pulp doesn't come out 'completely dry' (as they suggest on TV) but the machine does a very good job in separating and anyone who is used to a cheapie juicer will be very impressed.

    Clean up isn't that bad on the Lalanne. One thing any long time juicer will tell you is that clean-up should always be done right away. The moment you are finished juicing your F&V's, toss the components into the dish washer and clean your blade immediately. Trust me on this- it will save you a lot of time and headache. What takes two minutes to rinse and scrub off immediately after juicing can become a 1/2 hour chore if it's left to dry and stick.

    The machine has a lifetime warranty on the motor (which is the only part you really have to be concerned about) but bear in mind that the warranty is for the original purchaser only, so if you get one as a gift, you will definitely need the receipt. If you get one second hand, you're pretty much out the warranty (I've never had to use the warrant service, but reports have it that they're pretty good and relatively quick). The "return postage fee" for motor service is $29.95 plus another $20 that it will cost you to send it in, so I would suggest that if it ever does break, keep an eye out for a new-used one, rather than having the old one rebuilt. You can get Lalanne juicers that were very lightly (if ever) used for $50-$60 on Amazon, Craigslst and other sites... Juicers suffer from "Exciting Kitchen Appliance Syndrome" where a lot of people buy them, use them once then stick them under the counter and forget about them. This is good for second hand buyers.

    Anyway, that's all. Overall, four stars of five. It's not a $400 juicer, but it's very close and of course, it doesn't cost $400 either. ...more info
  • More trouble than what its worth
    If you want juice, don't bother. This juicer does the job but the cleaning up and problems I had just isn't worth it.

    First, the pulp attachment that sits in the back did not fit snugly. The attachment during operation on a smooth granite counter top detaches itself and the pulp falls in the crevice between the unit and the attachment creating a horrible mess. 5 minutes of cleanup.

    Second, as the juice comes out of the spout, it spits out and splashes. Do not operate with the spout facing you wearing your good clothes!

    Third, what a horrible mess to clean up. You have to clean the plunger, the pulp attachment, detach the base and clean it, then clean the sifter filter (must clean good because pulp gets stuck in the filter). It took me about 10 minutes to clean up and a half a roll of paper towel.

    Fourth, the electrical cord is in a bad spot - right behind the attachment spout. So when the pulp falls out, it gets all over the cord. The cord should be moved more to the side of the unit.

    Frankly, this is not what I thought it would be and too much trouble for what its worth. With the amount of vegetables I put in to make 1/2 gallon of juice I must have spent $10 bucks alone. Thats one helluva expensive 1/2 gallon of juice.

    ...more info
  • Horrible
    this was the worst juicer. the rim broke off after 3 months of use. nd it could not be reatatched. very flimsy. a waste of $125. buy the breville fountain elite instead. the all silver one. it costs more, but i have had that one for a year, and i love it!...more info
  • Juiceman JR is Cheaper & More Feisable
    Product Design= 1 1/2 Stars.
    I got the juicer today and the first thing I noticed that did not like was the on/off switch is in the back of it. So you have to give it a reach around to start it. The worst things about this juicer is the spout is not high enough for a normal glass. You need to use a tiny glass, which of course does not hold alot of juice. Next, there is no top/lid/roof above the spout so it spits all over the place. The big hole on top to load stuff is good if you are juicing an orange, but if you juice a carrot it smacks around like popcorn, rattles the juicer and it spits oll over the counter. It's kind of bulky and annoying to clean also. You have to unscrew the screen. I would recommend the Juiceman JR. Half the price and no quirks. The biggest joke is you can only fit a mini glass under the spout unless you put the juicer on a wooden cutting board. The spitting was obnoxious. I'am not gonna return it. But I wouldn't recommend it....more info
  • Juicer does a great job
    I bought the Juicer so I could make juice for my three year old son who will not eat veggies, and I want him to have good healthy juice that is not loaded with sugar. Juicer works quickly and quietly and I am very happy with it. My son loves the whole process nad is happily drinking vegies every day. :) It can be a bummer to clean but the quality and flavor of fresh juice makes it a non issue....more info
  • You CAN get what you pay for!
    When I bought this juicer I thought to myself....."you get what you pay for..." However, I was surprised! This juicer works like it claims it would and makes delicious juice. The price is right, it is user friendly, AND it makes juice without having to remove skin. Cleanup, if done immediately, is simple with warm water. Small pieces get stuck so cutting larger pieces saves time. I would recommend this juicer to anyone who does NOT want to spend a lot of money but wants delicious juices.

    J.R. Eastsound, WA....more info
  • Ricardo
    The Kack Lalanne power juicer is a farce. The parts are made of plastic and when the break you cannot find spares. The customer service does not answer calls; you get an everlasting lecture from a lady then she hangs up. What a mess? I regret buying two of those products.

    Jamaica...more info
  • LOVE IT!
    I recently got sucked into an infomercial late Saturday night. I liked the idea of more fruits and vegetables in their natural state. I found the power juicer at Kohl's on sale and with on extra 20% off it was around $80. I have juiced a lot of items and only found a problem with sweet potatoes so far. Unlike the infomercial, it is not a juicy vegetable and I wouldn't recommend it. It could clog the filter and possibly jam the machine. I purchased the original power juicer as opposed to the deluxe or pro. I didn't feel the extra cost was necessary. I would recommend this machine. ...more info
  • It dose what is says it can do.
    It will do anything that has a consistency even remotely close to an apple. Any of your solid fruits veggies, carrot, cucumber, beat, kohlrabi, potato, fennel anything like that. Now it dose have some draw backs, the screen gets clogged on a regular bases, the entrance mouth thoe nice for hole things dose not like small stuff. Parsley for example needs to be put in densely or waded up, even then there is still a good about of pulp from small stuff you put it. The pulp that comes out if farley dry, but when the screen gets full the pulp is typical of low end centrifugal juicers.

    Now here is what I like, IT'S QUIET!!!, no really you can actually use an "inside voice" while juicing (a vary pleasant surprise that, that was true), POWER it's got power to spare the base IS the motor, one big induction motor. It has not slowed down excessively yet, not one time. From what I've used in the past it's short comings are made up buy how easy and fast it is to clean. I only juice about a glass at a time so this may not apply to you... but for me it takes every bit of 8 minutes to clean AND dry after juicing total. All you got to do is use the sprayer before it dries up. Also it seems to be holding up to stains, but again I fully clean it soon after juicing.

    I've seen many juicers and had a few my self, this is not the best one but for around $100 it not a bad deal for moderate home use....more info
  • Great Juicer
    Easy to use. Cleans up quick and easy. Some juices can be frozen without loosing value of vitamins. Suggest you also buy "Total Juicing" by Elaine LaLanne - full of great recipes, uses for pulp, and many other good suggestions. I love this Jack LaLaanne juicer....more info
  • Very disappointed
    I grew up watching (and trusting) Jack LaLanne, but after purchasing three different juicers from his cmpany, I am ready to sing his exiting song, "it's time to leave you..."
    First machine we bought: I couldn't get the the bar that closes the machine to go over the top. The second machine eventually did the same thing to the point that we couldn't even open it to clean it! You would think I would stop buying his juicers, but I was so impressed with the ease of cleaning it, compared to others, that I once more, bought a third machine, and right out of the new carton, the machine did not work. When we called the manufacturer, we were told that there was a defect in the motors of that model. We're done. My advice, Jack looks like a very nice guy, but get your next juicer from a different company. I heard Champion is very good. That's going to be my next one. I love my Vitamix, but there is nothing like pure juice (without the fiber, which by the way, is easier on the digestive system)....more info
    This is my second juicer, my first was a Champion that cost around $300 so I was a bit skeptical about one that costs a mere $90. Boy was I wrong! The Power Juicer is awesome! We have had it for about two weeks juicing daily, everything from carrots to whole cucumbers and apples. The three inch opening is great because you can just shove whole vegetables right in there. This thing tears through whatever you put into it. Cleanup is a breeze, though the plastic inside is stained from the carrot juice, no biggie there. Overall a top notch juicer. Great for a single person or couple, has a relatively small footprint and is QUIET too. The Champion sounded like a wood shop running, this thing is quiet. GREAT VALUE for the money!...more info
  • Jack Lalane Power juicer
    I love this juicer!! This is so much better than the one I was using before. And it does not create so much noise when I'm using it. It does make a lot of juice. However, the fruit that I put in it sometimes jumps and makes a rattle sound if I do not hold the pusher firmly. But over all, it is great.... And shipping is quick. Thank you amazon....more info
  • If it wasn't given to me, I would be upset
    This was given to me from my brother. He had only used it a few times. I liked it although it is a lot of work to clean. After about the tenth use, as many have alread mentioned, the plastic parts holding the blade broke. Why would they make these parts plastic? That is cheap. I would advise a juicer with metal parts. If I do get another one, it will be better crafted and I hope, last longer....more info
  • Been through 2 in 6 months
    Do not buy this juicer!!! The motor burns out so fast and there is nothing you can do about it. I've been through the regular model and the stainless steel model. Both blew out. I did nothing to prompt either burn out. It just happens that one day you hit the on switch and nothing wants to happen anymore. I will never waste my money on a Jack Lulanne juicer again....more info
  • Not a great juicer
    This juicer isn't nearly as good as it's claim. I've been using mine for a couple days now and not once has any decent amount of the pulp ever made to the pulp garbage bucket thing... it all stays clumped and wet all over the insides of the machine. It doesn't extract as much juice as it's claim, otherwise there wouldn't be so much wet, mushy pulp everywhere. When I remove the top piece, I have to be very careful because lots of mushy icky pulp starts plopping out all over the counter.

    It doesn't do apples very good. Not only do the apples stop up the machine easily, but it barely gets any juice from them. If I were to put 5 medium apples through the machine, I wouldn't have a glass of juice.

    Be ready for LOTS of cleanup. The pulp and the stains on the plastic. I'm very displeased. Yes, this one is only 99.99, but here's yet another example of false advertising. How can that man go on TV and claim a product does something it does not do?! I know it isn't only my machine, and I should have read the rest of the reviews here before purchasing.

    Other reviews also mention the same issues but gave the machine 3-4 stars because of the price????? That makes no sense to me at all. Whatever the cost, a product should live up to all the claims in their ads. ...more info
  • Do not buy
    I received this product when I order 0n 5-19-08 from Amazon and about 13 days afterward I received the juicer. It quit working 6-26-08. I called the distributor Triad and they informed me that my only recourse was to write this bad review, or give Triad another $ 49.99 for a new motor. Heck, all I paid for was a juicer and you would expect that could be use for 30 days. Let me see, $ 113.00 cost of juicer, pretty expensive juice!!!!!!!! You see Amazon says you can ship it back 30 days from purchase. Well if the shipping eats up most of the thirty days, Well, you figure!

    ...more info
  • Do not buy this, plastic parts break
    The plastic part that holds the blade just shears off, I used it 12 times and based on research this is a common problem, it is not covered under warranty, it makes your juicer useless, not to mention dangerous if it happens when it is in operation. Who would make something that takes that amount of torsion out of plastic?????? ...more info
  • I am sending this one back
    This is my 2nd juicer. Jack's juicer got stuck on an apple and then on parsley. Not to mention it sprays juice all over the table while putting the juice into the cup. The table I had it sitting on was a mess after I finished juicing. There was little cut up carrot pieces around the back of the table and carrot juice sprayed in the front. This baby is going back. --Oh and you cannot fit a whole apple into the juicer mouth. Well maybe if it was a really small apple. ...more info
  • Well, you do get juice
    I purchased this item at the local discount store as it was the same price as on Amazon. This is my first juicer, and I did not want to spend a lot of money, but did not want to buy a piece of junk either.

    My biggest complaint is cleaning the juicer--there is no way I will make juice more than once a day after taking the entire juicer apart and cleaning all of the pulp out of this thing! It does clean fairly easy, with the exception of the screen, but is just a bit cumbersome.

    I find that alternating softer fruits with harder ones seems to prevent clogging. I make my juice about two times a week in large amounts just to avoid dealing with the clean-up as I just don't have the time. The unit does do well in the dishwasher.

    ...more info
  • Cheap plastic piece broke, $50 to replace whole motor...
    I turned my juicer on today only to hear a loud rubbing sound. I immedeatly turned it off and disassembled it to make sure I didn't leave something in it or something, only to find that the plastic plate and screw on top of the motor was broekn. After looking at other reviews, I can see that this is a common problem, most likely due to the design of the juicer. The feed tube is positioned off-center, putting a bending stress on the attachment screw every time you press down on a piece of fruit that gets stuck in the chute. With this design, and the fact that the user must tighten the blade down to this plastic piece every time, and its a wonder they all don't break after a few uses.
    I would not recommend this juicer because of this poor design. I am going to try the Beville compact juicer that has a center feed chute and a one piece blade/filter. ...more info
  • Powerful Yet Cumbersome
    - Powerful juicer
    - Comes with its own cleaning tools

    - Many parts that needs to be cleaned each time you use it
    - Assembly is a bit cumbersome
    - Loud

    Juicers would be more practical if you have to make a lot of juice each time you use it. Just need to store the juice in the ref. Otherwise, if you only need to make a couple of glasses, all the hassle maybe not worth it. You have to assemble the equipment, then you have to clean it and store it back to its place in the shelves. Some parts of this juicer are also sharp and you must be careful handling them.

    Recommended: Yes (with some trepidation) ...more info
  • I am sending this one back
    This is my 2nd juicer. Jack's juicer got stuck on an apple and then on parsley. Not to mention it sprays juice all over the table while putting the juice into the cup. The table I had it sitting on was a mess after I finished juicing. There was little cut up carrot pieces around the back of the table and carrot juice sprayed in the front. This baby is going back. --Oh and you cannot fit a whole apple into the juicer mouth. Well maybe if it was a really small apple. ...more info
    Several years ago, after watching the famed strongman sell his product on an infomercial I decided to make an investment in my health & I purchased "The Power Juicer." Initially, I was impressed. All claims seemed to be confirmed, quiet, powerful, and I wasn't naive to the amount of cleaning that would be required & quickly adapted a routine that made the cleanup fairly painless. About 2 months after my purchase, I noticed the plastic screw that the blade connects to, was cracked. I talked to the Power Juice people & they sent me a new one after returning mine to them. I recall being quite pleased with the way this was handled.

    Fast forward to about 2 weeks ago. I hadn't used The Power Juicer for some time & when I started assembling it I heard a crack when I started screwing the blade in - you guessed it, that very same screw had completely cracked off.

    After considering the effort in contacting the Power Juice people, packing up & mailing said juicer along w/ $30.00 for the return, I made a bold move. I went online & purchased a used juicer for $10.50 + 15.00 shipping. The pictures looked good & it was missing the pulp basket. WHAT A BARGAIN! When the juicer arrived I unpacked it & immediately inspected this screw. It was cracked.

    I have to say I was more angry at "The Power Juice company then the person I purchaed this juicer from. I've seen this in other products as well & it absolutely drives me bonkers. Think about this, the very powerful motor- which it is, and that they guarantee for life, is transferring its energy to the blade that pulverizes any fruit or veggie its way, is depending on a plastic screw to hold up under not only the incredible downward force of the food being jammed into it, but also the constant screwing & unscrewing of the blade. THEY EVEN GIVE YOU A SPECIAL TOOL TO TIGHTEN THE BLADE DOWN ONTO THIS FLIMSY PLASTIC SCREW!!

    I've heard the defense before that "it's to keep costs down" or "it's the only way to make the product affordable." Well, The Power Juice people have come out with their new & improved stainless steal models. I haven't inspected the inards of these models but I bet they still have that poorly concieved, mis-engineered, flimsy plastic screw just waiting to fail for anyone willing to plunk down $150.00....more info
  • Hard to use
    I found this hard to use and not realy worn the price. Too much fruit for too little juice. ...more info
  • Makes being healthy a bit easier...
    My husband and I decided on a whim to place this product on our wedding gift registry and lo and behold, we received it. Oddly enough, we didn't even TRY to use it for almost 6 months... then we caught the informercial on TV again and decided to give it a try.


    its been four months now and we use it frequently. Almost everyday in fact. Its got few down falls (the bulkiness, the occasional semi-dry pulp, and the fact that if you don't have a dishwasher, its a pain to clean) are almost obsolete compared to the juice it produces. I'm happy to say my husband and I both have more energy and we feel great. Its perfect for a first time juicer....more info
  • OK Jack..........
    It is quiet. It can juice well. It is not fun to clean.You have to buy the recipe book, shame on you Jack.3 out of 5 stars, and that is being nice....more info
  • Worth every penny
    Alot of people in my family use the same juicer. I love it personally. The cleanup is really a breeze and the recipes included are easy to follow, delicious and handy. Sometimes there is more prep work than I expected, but its not an all day event. I can prep, juice and clean in a matter of minutes (I'd say less than 10) which is really helpful since I have a two year old! I would recommend this to a novice juicer or somebody who's been juicing for life! This is great! I've bought at least 4 juicers in the past 6 or 7 years and none of them have worked half as well! What a great buy!...more info
  • most amazing juicer
    This juicer is the most amazing machine that I have ever used. You can take the fruits and vegetables and put them in the juicer whole and it processes them and produces the most delectable juice that you will ever drink. I beleive that every house hold needs one of these machines in it....more info
  • Not as strong as Jack
    Although this is a reasonably priced machine, it is wimpy. It bogs down easily and the pulp is still very wet after juicing has occurred. The hopper is designed for large pieces, but the machine itself needs small pieces and slow feeding to be at its best. ...more info
  • don't buy this product
    I unpacked the Jack LaLanne juicer, washed it, put it together, it made a noise, I stopped it, put it together again, and guess what--it rubs inside. It was designed improperly so it is already broken. $125.00 down the drain. The company wants ME to pay $30 to get it fixed. Forget it. No more buying from infomercials for me......more info
  • Product doesn't last!!!
    When the juicer is working, it does make great juice. We are on our second juicer is less than two years. The first juicer the piece that the blade screws on broke, once that breaks you are done. Went out and bought another juicer that night and not even a year later the same piece broke on our second machine. Very frustrating because everything is made of plastic. Have to screw on blade tightly for top of juicer to fit properly. Love the concept of juicing fresh fruit, but won't buy another Jake Lalanne juicer, not worth the time or money!!...more info
  • Blade does not work
    I received this machine promptly and was impressed with its appearance, and its large-looking capacity. BUT..the very first time we tried it, it would not juice anything we put into it. We got a little juice, and then it spit the vegetable or fruit out into the pulp basket. It was not overworked, as it did not shut off. You could see and hear the blade spinning, but several attempts did not deliver the expected juice.

    Not a terribly expensive machine, but one would expect it to work! I am wondering if we bought a replacement blade, whether it would work and be worth it.

    Did we get a "lemon"?...more info
  • Love it!
    I purchased this after seeing the infomercial and realized that I just don't eat enough fruits and virtually no vegetables. I wasn't planning to use it to lose weight but I have since I started 'juicing'. I really love the natural juice and while buying all the fruits and vegetables can become a bit pricey, I think it's worth it. I put three large carrots, 3 sticks of celery (including the greens at the end), one large tomato and a few sprigs of parsely down the chute and after it's in the glass I add a few drops of tobasco sauce, it tastes much better than V8. I love this machine because I have been feeling very energized lately and since I have lost some weight it is motivation for me to continue juicing. The only slight drawback is that you have to take it apart to clean every time you use it and pretty quickly after that to avoid particles getting stuck but as much as I love the juice this machine produces, it's a small price to pay. My best friend just purchased a juicer too after I gave her a glass of pure carrot juice. This machine is staying on my counter for the duration. ...more info
  • Gets The Job Done!!
    I recently purchased this juicer and am satisfied with it's performance.
    Simple operation & quick to clean. Let's face it folks nothing good comes easy. Juicing is work..no matter what juicer you purchase. It is quiet, produces ALOT of juice!!! Affordable..not too expensive and not too cheap. I would purchase this juicer again and highly recommend it to anyone I know!!! The product speaks for itself..I can FEEL the difference since I have started juicing..it has changed my life!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Died with little use
    I believe I used this a total of approximately 6 times.

    On the last use...it died....never to be resurrected...very; expensive juice indeed.

    Overall it did a fair job of juicing, when it was working, the clean up requires a fair abmount of work.

    I won't buy another......more info
  • judith blanco
    It really does what it says it will. I love this juicer!! And shipping is quick. Thank you...more info
  • Jack LaLanne's JFPJ-B Power Juicer Juicing Machine
    I think this juicer is great, easy to use, easy to clean. You will be amazed at the things you can juice with this juicer. I reccommend this juicer to anyone looking to start juicing.

    ...more info
    I am not sure what hurts me most, Jack Lalane being a huckster or the distributing company (i.e. TriStar company). I've had juicers for years. They all will juice carrots and leafy vegitables. Incredibly, the Lalane juicer WILL NOT JUICE CARROTS. It will juice about half a carrot before it simply stops juicing the carrot !! And don't even try leafy vegitables. When I checked the power rating of the motor it turns out to be the WEAKEST MOTOR of all of the juicers and at HALF OF THE RPMS!!

    Returning the juicer is a nightmare as they purposely mix up the order numbers and charge over $24.00 for shipping and HANDLING ! Once they have your telephone number for a return, they block your phone !!! So if you want to call them a second time you will need a different phone.

    As I said, though, I held Jack Lalane up as a real hero and leader ever since I was a child. Now I know better. Jack is just a salesman. ...more info
  • dont do it!
    Used 1 time and motor blew out!
    Need key to clean too!
    Do not buy! Cheap construction. Horrid customer service as well.
    Try the breville-stronger motor.....more info
  • Gives Champion a run for the money
    I am a definite skeptic about today's low-quality mass-produced products, but I am happily sold on the Jack Lalanne JFPJ-B. The stainless steel version has the same size motor as the white one, and I think plastic is easier to keep clean than the stainless steel.

    I grew up with a Champion GS-PG-710, which was the holy grail of life to my hippie parents. I think the Champion's biggest advantage over the JL is the stronger motor - it shreds those carrots like nobody's business. However, the Champion has no spout. The juice dribbles out of a large screened opening beneath the feeder, so you need a bowl to collect the juice and then you need to transfer the juice to a cup, making for extra cleanup (and counter space demands). Also, the Champion has no pulp receptacle. You need another bowl to catch the pulp as it flies from the extractor end (though I suppose you could rubber-band a plastic bag over the end). These issues, combined with the Champion's narrower chute, $220 price tag and absurd heaviness, give the JL the definite edge.

    The JL is very light and compact (takes up a little more much counter space than a coffeemaker). The chute is much wider, making for less chopping, therefore faster cleanup, and it has a large plastic pulp receptacle, which stays completely clean if you line it with a plastic baggie. The JL has a lifetime motor guarantee. Pricewise, $99 is a deal, as the JL pulls as much juice as the Champion does (i.e., the veggie pulp is really dry, the fruit pulp a little wetter), and it is easier to use, hence I am more likely to use it, hence the better value. It also comes with a nice color recipe book and detailed instruction sheets, etc.

    The JL yielded 2+ cups of juice from 4 medium carrots, 1 large celery stalk and .5 large cucumber. One large grannysmith apple, 1 small apple and a dozen black grapes made about 1.5 cups, and it was sublime.

    Cleaning up (the necessary evil of juicing): The Champion has fewer parts to rinse, but its grinder piece is very heavy and has the sharp blades all over it, which you have to handle in order to clean the thing. The JL's grinder is a small metal circle which is quick and easy to scrub (you remove it with a separate tool - I find this no big deal but other reviewers haven't liked it). It's easier to clean this with a handled brush than with a sponge. The JL does have a somewhat delicate metal filter which I could see tearing or breaking if scrubbed too hard. The lid and filter do collect some pulp, so just manually scoop it into your pulp bag and just rinse the other parts and you're good to go. The spout attachment part does have a groove around the top edge (where the lid fits) which needs to be scrubbed carefully as pulp can get in there and build up. One complaint I have is that the spout sits too low; if you want to fit a glass that is taller than a pint, you have to find a raised platform for the juicer (in the infomercial, they have it on cutting boards). I'm using a 2 inch tall aluminum rectangular baking pan that was destined for the trash. The juicer has grippy rubber feet.

    If you're considering juicing, I would definitely recommend giving the JL a shot. Cleaning up is just a part of juicing. This juicer is honestly not a pain to clean. It's quite fun to juice and the results are delicious, energizing and slimming. Just go easy on the cabbage and onion, they come out with a really overpowering flavor :)...more info


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