Remington Wet 2 Straight 2" Wide Plate Wet/Dry Straightening Iron

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Product Description

The next generation ceramic straightener that dries and straightens hair in one step! No need to blow dry - special steam vents release moisture to dry as you straighten. For long-lasting, shiny-straight hair in less time with less damage. Exclusive 3X Protection: Teflon brand coating, Ceramic and Ionic Coating no sticking, no build up, no damage. Ceramic heater with instant heat recovery system. Maintains uniform heat to lock in moisture. Auto shut off. 30 Heat settings. Digital LCD display with touch pad controls. High wattage instant heat-up ceramic heater. 2 year warranty. Dual Voltage for worldwide travel

  • Eliminate blow drying!
  • Dry and straighten hair in one step
  • Steam vents release excess moisture as hair is straightened
  • Digital controls with 30 heat settings

Customer Reviews:

  • Good product
    I bought this product for my wife and she is charmed with it, good technology...more info
  • okay
    I've had this straightener for a couple years now. It does dry your hair but you have to go over it a few times for it do dry, and then some more for it to get straight. ...more info
  • Another reviewer whose life was changed by this straightener
    Seriously changed my life. I'd tried 5-6 straightening irons over the last couple of decades. My hair would briefly get fairly straight, but quickly revert to it's normal frizzy, wavy, curly, impossible self. Not with this Remington wet straightener. I always use a cyclomethocone (spelling?) protectorant. I have very fine, delicate hair, and it's condition has improved since i purchased this item. I finish with a light spitz of Tresseme Tres Two hair spray.
    i live in constant fear that mine will wear out, and they will have stopped making this wonderful product. All it takes is one careless person who gets a little burn on her hand, and it will be gone! (and my hair sometimes gets hot enough that i could get a minor burn if i'm not careful). I should buy another one while they are still available.
    I should add that i dry my hair 1/2 way with a dryer then start straightening on a setting between 13-15 depending on how wet my hair is. go down the hair section slowly and try not to go over and over the same section. 2-3 times should work, but make sure it's dry. if you have to do more than that, turn the temperture down. ...more info
  • great product!
    This is a great buy, the iron heats up quick and works great on damp or dry hair. I wouldn't recommend straightening totally wet hair but for the price this is the best iron I've found!...more info
  • It Fried My Hair!
    I wanted to give this product zero starts (but wasn't allowed so please ignore the one star) and think women should be warned from using this flat iron...on wet hair. I followed the instructions carefully and was left with hair that was frizzy, resembles straw and with about a zillion split ends. I normally use an ion dryer and an expensive ceramic iron to straighten my wavy/curly medium-thick hair. So I welcomed the opportunity to eliminate the step of blow drying. Besides getting a mini steam facial while straightening my hair there was no other upside.

    I used this once and will need to get my hair cut now! I am so angry that I felt I should warn people. Mine is going in the garbage!

    Don't use this product if you want shiny straight hair. If you LIKE looking like a frizzed mess, then this is the product for you. Buyer beware! ...more info
  • Wow
    Remington Wet 2 Straight has done wonders with my hair. I have a naturally thick wavy hair that tends to frizz and usually no amount of ironing can keep it calm. This hair iron somehow manages to keep it straight all day long, it can be damp and muggy out and my hair still remains straight and no nonsense. The pessimist in me is still waiting for all my hair to fall out one day because the steaming effect on damp-to-wet hair tends to frighten me, but I've been using this for the past 3 months an no harm has come as of yet.

    Yes, it works on wet-out-of-the-shower hair. No, I wouldn't recommend it (mainly because with all the steam it's hard to avoid burning yourself). I recommend using this on damp hair, I usually let it air dry for about an hour or, if I can wait, I'll towel dry it and let it air for 10-15 minutes....more info
  • Great time saver
    Absolutely LOVE this straightener. It has controls for straightening wet, damp or dry hair. My daughter loves that she doesn't have to dry her hair before straightening. I purchased another wet/dry straightener first and it didn't work as well as this one and took longer. The price on this straightener was less also. Great value and great product....more info
  • hair straightener
    This is great! I have very curly hair with semi-nappy roots (I am half black and half white). It has been very hard to straighten my hair in the past because my hair texture makes it very difficult to comb my hair when it is dry. With this I can leave my hair mostly wet and it straightens it perfectly! I have never used a straightener that could straighten my hair as well as this. And it is much more convenient and easier to do it when it it wet. Cuts the time down by half for someone with hair like mine. Plus heat protection spray doesn't effect the performance so you can spray a lot on if you are worried about damage like I am. easy to clean as ling as you do it regularly. Heats up in 30 seconds. Overall a great product! ...more info
  • Not a good choice
    I just purchased this item not too long ago. It dried my hair out already. I just went in for a hair appt and had to have 1 inch cut off which is unusual for me. My hair dresser said no one should ever use a straightner when hair is wet (thus the 1 inch cut)....more info
  • Remington is the best
    I got it for my wife and now she is in raptures with it, she even forgot about her hair blower. She uses this since it arrived and it works perfect. She looks great when hair is done by Remington straightener. Actually it is worthwhile to straighten hair with this model as it does not take lots of efforts and time and her hair remains straight and looks cool till next hair washing.
    It is a great product....more info
  • Its okay
    This straightening iron really does make your hair go from wet to dry , but my hair feels crispy now. It also pulls your hair while your straightening....more info
  • Daughter loves it.
    Bought this as a gift for my daughter. She really loves it. Her hair looks great....more info
  • Love it
    This is the first I've ever purchased a straightner and I am very pleased with it. My fair is fine and I can use it on dry hair, damp or wet. Also my hair doesnt look damages at all even without using any product to protect it from the heat. So five stars from me :)...more info
  • Loved them!
    I was a little worried about getting these straighteners because I've been through quite a few that definitely didn't work. After trying these, I loved them! They actually really work! I must admit that I don't use the wet to straight feature because I prefer to blowdry my hair first. I use these almost everyday and they really straighten my hair. I have very little criticism, however I would prefer a longer cord between the straighteners and the outlet, but that's just my opinion. If you are trying to decide whether or not to get these, get them! They are excellent value for the money spent!...more info
  • its great
    Out of all the straighteners I ever bought this has been the best. Its straightens my hair good it doesnt take a long time to fix my hair. It doesnt leave it frizzy it stays smooth. its great...more info
  • Wonderful!
    I have thick, wavy, course hair and I love this straightener. I have been using it for years now and I have never had to replace it. Other straighteners took forever and left my hair frizzy but this one makes it smooth and soft. I will never use another straightener again. I hope this is never discontinued!...more info
  • best straightener i've ever found
    this straightener is magical, my hair is thick, wavy, and looves to frizz. even when i've used other straighteners, my hair wont stay straight all day, and if its raining out? forget it. this iron keeps my hair pin-straight through ANYTHING!! i was so impressed when i first used it.

    i'm not a fan of using it on wet hair, because i need to go over it a few times to get it dry. what works best is when i let it air dry (or in a ponytail) overnight, so its mostly dry when i wake up, then it takes me 10 min and its perfect. if you have hair that freaks out when you try to do too much to it (ex: wash, blow dry, straighten), then the overnight dry routine will work much better.

    the best thing about this iron is that i can sleep on my hair however i want and the next day its still perfectly straight!

    i tell everyone about this straightener because it really is the best i've used. don't spend obscene amounts of money on a high-end one, my friends have been disappointed with them. this one is the best :)...more info
  • I am so glad i bought this!
    To tell you I have thick hair is an understatement. I have to book anywhere from an extra 30 min to 1 hour just to get my hair colored and blown out. Hair dressers call other hair dresses over just to see my hair. I have a lot of hair. Very very thick and just below my shoulders.

    My last flat iron was a salon one. it was given to me. It was heavy and i often turned it off by accident just using it. 2 years later and it was dead.

    This one has been fantastic. I bought it yesterday. I plugged it in and it was heated up in about a minute, it seemed very fast to me. It beeped to let me know it was at full temp. It was lightweight and easy to handle. I could use it without having the unit turn off repeatedly on me. I straightened my hair in under 30 minutes. I did have to go over a few pieces a few times but even my hair dresser has to do that and my hair was air dried yesterday. Had i actually blow dried it with a brush my hair would have taken half the time to straighten

    I would highly recommend this to anyone. I am very very happy with it. If i had to make a selection and purchase all over again i would defiantly buy the same one again.
    ...more info
  • Bought this because of the good reviews
    I have long, course, thick, curly hair, that has with stood all sorts of straitening techniques. That being said, I bought this because of the reviews I got from family members who have wavy to curly hair, and they loved it. It did little for me. I used it while my hair was wet, and it dried it a little, but nothing else, when I tried repeatedly, my hair frizzed up. I no longer mess with this....more info
  • Great Choice - Great Price!
    I have had this straightener for over a year and a half and it is amazing. I don't remember how much I paid for it, but $23 is a great price and totally worth it! I would highly recommend! ...more info
  • Fast shipment!
    I ordered the wet/dry straightening iron for my daughter. She loves the product. I got fast shipment and the iron arrived nicely packaged.

    CJ...more info
  • Fast delivery
    I received this for X-mas 2007 and loved it so I got one for my niece X-mas 2008. She has thick curly hair and it works well for her. Get inexpensive hair straightener....more info
  • Amazing!!!
    I was very hesitant to buy this straightener because I have very thick, curly hair. I've used straighteners before and my hair would still be puffy and after a few hours would start to curl again. I did have a friend who owned a Chi straightener and it worked really well for my hair. I don't have the money to spend near 100 dollars on a straightener so I settled for this one. It is absolutely fantastic. I straighten my hair while it is still wet so that it cuts out the long blow drying time. My hair has stayed straight through out the day and I would recommend it to everyone. For me it works just as well as a really expensive iron but for much cheaper. It is great and now I straighten my hair much more often because it takes around an hour as opposed to two!...more info
  • AMAZING iron...I didn't think it would be possible!!
    I don't understand how anybody could say this thing doesn't dry hair well enough. I use this right after stepping out of the shower..and my hair is sopping wet. Just to draw you a visual, if you were to run your thumb and pointer finger down a clump of hair and water drips off, that's about how wet the hair is when I use the iron. It takes a while as opposed to doing it damp, but it dries and straightens perfectly. I have thick, coarse wavy hair (aka, the combination from hell)...this is the only iron that gets it perfectly straight, flat and even gives my roots added lift, which is something I've always had trouble with. Because my hair is so thick, it gets big on the bottom and then my roots are flat. Not anymore. I prefer this iron over my 125 dollar CHI iron. I actually am kicking myself for spending that much money when this iron is phenomenal!!

    The only drawbacks are that the steam from the iron tends to burn my fingers if I hold it too close to the plates. The sizzling sound and the steam while drying makes me uneasy but my hair is NOT hot when I go to touch it a few seconds later so I'm not sure exactly how much damage it really does. Your best bet would be to use a heat protectant spray and some styling serum before hand. And last but not least, this doesn't dry roots very well so they may be wet for a little while. Didn't make any difference in the appearance of my still looked great. this is the best hair day I've had in years!!!...more info
  • Works better than expected.
    I live with 3 other girls in college. It's my third year, and I've lived with 2 other girls in the past as well. All 5 have used my straightner instead of there own. This guy usually stays out on the counter all year. My first year roommate eventually went out to look for her own when she moved off campus. Works better than I expected, I thought I'd have to pay $50 dollars or more for a quality straightner, I was happly that I did not. Also, it's been 4 years and it's still going strong!...more info
  • This thing didn't work
    I wanted a cheap straightener after the one I had been using (A Con-Air, I think) started smoking. I found it at Wal-Mart, thought the price was good, and went for it.

    It didn't work. I have thick, long, wavy hair, and no matter how many times I went over the same spot, my hair would not get completely straight. Nor could I imagine this thing actually drying my hair. I used it one time and haven't since.

    Maybe I just have stubborn hair or something, I noticed this thing has a lot of positive reviews, so I don't know. ...more info
  • Bad Advertising
    THey say you can just straighten your wet hair with this - I would never do it on hair that is wetter than slightly damp. Your hair is still damp afterwards, and it looks like a bad straghtening job.
    Also, the steam is unbelievable. You have to be realy careful or you can be seriously burned - I have been several times.
    If your hair is very wet, it will stay hot for several minutes, and usually you need to go over the same part twice so this is not helpful at all.
    I would NOT recommend this to anyone. The a.dvertising makes it seem too good to be true, and it is....more info
  • Great product
    I bought this for my niece a few years ago and she used it so much she wore it out. We replaced it with another brand and ended up buying yet another brand before she decided that we needed to go back to the Remington Wet 2 Straight. She's been happy since! ...more info
  • An overall good product
    I bought this to be able to save time drying my hair and then straightening it. However, I found it took too long using this flat iron to really dry my hair, even though it's fairly short and only slightly wavy. It works ok on damp hair, though. I like at least being able to use it on damp hair. I did find it heavier and bulkier than other models (that only work on dry hair). Something about the design has caused me to burn my fingers a couple of times, something that never happened with my old flat iron. Overall, however, the model does deliver, straightening damp or dry hair, being able to control the temperature depending on your hair. I have found it very important to use some kind of creme or oil or silicone before using, as it's continued use leads to very dry, even fly-away hair. ...more info
  • If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is.....
    Although I was skeptical about this product I decided to try it given the high ratings from other users. I was very disappointed. I have fine, very thick curly hair. It didn't really straighten my hair and it made it look bigger and took forever to get it half-way dry. It made a nasty sizzling sound when I used it, and sounded like it was doing more damage than anything. I am not sure if other users exaggerated when they said they had "thick curly hair" and it worked for them, but it sure didn't for me. Some users said they used it when their hair was already dry but that doesn't make any sense, might as well buy a regular straightener that actually works! I was smart and bought it from Bed Bath and Beyond so I could return it if I needed to and I am very glad I did!...more info
  • Great straightener, Great price!
    I bought this hair straightener for my 12 year old daughter. I purchased this one because it seemed to be a quality straightener for a reasonable price. It heats up quickly and is easy to use. She can use it if her hair is wet or dry. The only thing she doesn't like about it is when her hair is wet the straightener shoots out steam that burns her head if she is not holding the straightener far enough away. ...more info
  • Terrific!
    I bought this a couple years ago because I didn't like my old one. I was not disappointed with this, it straightens well and quickly. It gets very hot and does do wet hair well. I am very satisfied with this product and would definatly recommend this product....more info
    I brought this a few months ago after I tried my friends and fell in love. I stopped getting relaxers two years ago and while my hair is fuller and thicker- the way I like it- I could never wear it down before I found this straigtner. My former ones would not straighten all my hair, leaving my ends still not straight, or my hair would still be frizzy after hours of applying product and going over sections over and over. This one skips the blow drying step and I don't have to use any additional products other than a little oil for shine and moisture!! I have been doing hair for 7 years and not found a product that works this well on my hair or anyone else's!! Me and my clients love it!!...more info
  • Great Buy
    I purchased this straightener about a month ago, and have been very pleased ever since. This is my first straightener, but will always be my favorite. I have thin hair that is fairly straight, but always gets messed up when I sleep. This product helps me a lot. I can typically do my hair in less than 10 minutes when it is dry. However, I am not quite a fan of using this when my hair is wet. It doesn't quite dry damp hair, which means that even if I do straighten my hair, it will dry and go back to it's natural state (a little frizzy and wavy). But that's not to say it doesn't do a great job on dry hair. This is a great buy and I do reccomend it to anyone.

    *This does not have to do with the product, but Amazon did send me the 1 inch version of this product at first. I was very frustrated, but the replacement product came in a fairly prompt manner. ...more info
  • Great for medium curly thick hair
    I happened to pick this up at the drugstore and was pleasantly surprised. I only use it with wet hair and it is so easy to use. I've tried blow drying my hair straight but it is so loud and taxing using the brush and dryer on my thick curly hair. This was more meditative, so easy, of course no loud sound of a blowdryer and only took me 25-30. My hair was really straight. I usually go over each piece several times before moving to the next piece and use fekkai glossing cream for shine. Great product....more info
  • Wouldnt recommend
    I wouldnt recommend this starightner. I know it looks like a good deal. But it does not completely straighten the hair. And the worst it often ends up burning my fingers. I think there are much better products in market off course not for the same price. But people who are serious about straightening their hair can go for better stuff....more info
  • Thick to thin.
    Even thought the plates aren't very big, it does the job for my thick thick hair. Although I don't use it to get my hair wet to straight -it just goes against my common sense-, there is still a dry setting on the instructions that come with it. It's very easy to use; it beeps when you turn it on/off, it beeps when it reaches the heat setting you want, and best of all it beeps after 30 minutes just in case you leave it on (and you can press any button to keep it on if you're not quite done yet!)....more info
  • misleading reviews...
    I really dont understand how this straightener got so many high reviews at all. I have shoulder length hair thats frizzy if left to air dry...but I can usually straighten my hair just fine with other straighters in about 20 minutes. This straightener takes over 30 min and it does Not work well on dry hair. It doesn't leave hair smooth and my hair would be really poofy if i didnt go over it like 4 times. It literally made me sweat when I used it because of all the times i had to go over my hair! That and all the steam. I used it on the high setting too and although it would get my hair mostly dry would just be dry and frizzy. The very back would still stay damp. Its fine for the money and if your hair is naturally straight but I returned this straightener for the remington t studio tourmaline flat iron which works well....more info
  • AMAZING!!!
    This is a great flat iron, I am hispanic so it completely flattens my hair and it gives it shine. I don't go from wet hair to dry hair w/ the iron, I hear it damages your hair but I wait for it to dry up naturally or with a blow dryer and then I go through it w/ the iron. It can take a while, at least w/ my hair and I neither have it amazing n straight or terrible n frizzy. Regardless, my hair looks like I came out of the salon, especially after passing the roots w/ a blow dry to flatten it out. I def recommend it, my sisters both have it....more info
  • wore the poor thing out...haha!
    I am very hot natured, so blow drying my hair isn't a good idea! As I am usually running late everywhere I go, breaking a sweat is easy to do and it makes me look like crap! I also live in a very humid area (Georgia). I bought my Remington wet to straight at Wal-Mart and I fell in love with it. The one I have now is the second one I've owned, and it's worn out! It's starting to take longer and longer to heat up and the plates (though I've cleaned them) are wearing down and I'm noticing a difference in my hair. I've been looking online at other wet/dry straighteners, but I keep coming back to this one. The price is right and it does a great job. Love it love it! :)...more info
  • Great Product
    This product works great. I have thick, curly hair and it worked great on my hair. As some others have said I think it works best on damp hair, but it works just fine on dry hair also. ...more info
  • I was pretty skeptical, but I'm now completely sold!
    I was pretty skeptical about this product, and was afraid of hair damage, or it just wouldn't work. The claims almost seemed too good to believe but there were a lot of good reviews so I thought I'd try it. My hair is medium length, pretty thick and naturally wavy. It takes forever to blowdry it plus straighten it, and the waves always come back within the day especially on the back of my head. Well, I washed my hair, and let it air dry for a little bit while I did a couple other things. While it was still quite damp, I just put a little smoothing serum on the ends, a little flat iron lotion and some heat protect spray throughout, which is the stuff I usually use just to protect it. Well, it took me probably 15-20 min max to straighten and dry all my hair (compared to a frustrating, tiring hour+ before), and it's awesome!! Sleek, soft, holding the straightness, like I have never had it do. Since I let it dry partly, it only took me one and sometimes two passes over the hair to get it straight and dry. Unbelievably easy with amazing results! I had about given up on bothering to straighten my hair before I got this, because it was just too much work, but now I plan on doing this regularly. Because I am not blowdrying + straightening + multiple passes trying to get my hair straight which dries it out, I am using less heat overall on my hair, and it feels amazing! I will be recommending this product to all my friends. The quality is outstanding, and the price can't be beat!...more info
  • Great product
    This is a really nice straightener!! It works very well on my thick hair....more info
  • I love this straightener!!!!
    OMFG!!! This straightener rocks!!! I used it on my wet hair once i waited awhile after taking a shower and it works and it also works on dry hair too!!! I have NOTHING bad to say about this straightener!!! I LOVE IT!!! I'd recommened it to anyone. I have a $9.99 straightener I got from Target and it wasn't as good as this one. Not only did I get the wet/dry straightener i also got Conair CS4JCS Ceramic Satin Finish Ultra Slim Hair Straightener and i saw that it had bad reviews but I bought it anyway because I have a friend who let me borrow it and let me say it works. THe wet/dry straightener works 100% but the other straightener works 95% not as good but its okay. I'd recommened the wet/dry straightener more than the other one. The other Conair straightener I got was 3/4 inches... small but it works... I kind of got scared when I used the wet/dry straightener with my wet hair because it was sizzleing but I got used to it. If u want to see what my other "crappy" straightener looks like the $9.99 one then I'll se if i can put a pic of it on here.. But seriously BUY THE WET/DRY STRAIGHTENER

    IT WORKS!!!...more info
  • Seems to work OK
    Bought this for my daughter for her birthday as she has been asking for one for awhile. I purchased this one out of the rest since it specifically refered to being able to use wet or dry. It also was mid priced and by a well known manufacturer. Both my daughter and wife now use it and I haven't heard any complaints from either so assume it is working as advertised. I rated it 3 stars just because I haven't heard a "wow" from either my wife or daughter but when I ask about it get the comment that it works just fine. Probably, there are better ones on the market, maybe even some with a "wow" factor, but this one seems middle of the road, functioning as advertised....more info