Bionaire BSSP101-U Febreze Scentstories Player

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Product Description

Though the Scentstories player doesn't actually play music, it teams with Scentstories disc themes to work much like a music CD player. Just insert one of the themed discs and push play. The player then rotates through five scents on each disc, one by one with a new scent every 30 minutes. The player shuts off automatically after all five scents have been played. You can stop the player or skip through the scent tracks at any time. Together, the Scentstories player and disc create a new-to-the-world scent experience.

  • Unique air freshener plays reusable Scentstories perfumed discs
  • Quiet fan circulates 5 complementary scents every 30 minutes; lasts about 20 plays on "hi"
  • 3 adjustable intensity levels; "next" button to skip; "stop" button or auto shut-off
  • Includes Exploring a Mountain Trail multi-scent disc and Sounds of Nature bonus music CD
  • Measures approximately 12-3/8 by 9-1/2 by 7-3/4 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Nice package but not strong enough at all!
    I purchased the Febreeze scentstories player based on all of the wonderful reviews I read. I too purchase a lot of air freshners and I figured that this would be a better purchase in the long run... but it was not!! I received the scentstories on Friday October 25th. The Febreeze Scentstories player is a nice looking machine but the scent is not strong enough at all! I originally wanted to put this in the bathroom but the bathroom does give off moisture so I decided against it. I ended up placing it in my small kitchen. I have no sinus problems or problems smelling so I know it was not me but you have to be darn near up close and personal to this machine in order to actually smell the fragrance. I certainly do not smell it throughout my whole apartment. One review I read states that they can smell it throuhout the whole house/apartment. They must reside in a very small place because I have to be in the room up close to the machine in order to smell the fragrance! Speaking of fragrance: That is one thing I could agree with the other reviewers on. The scentstories that I have; the one that came with the package: (Exploring a Mountain Trail)smells so good. I love all five scents. I could not tell you which one I love more! My problem is as I have stated from the beginning is I CAN HARDLY SMELL IT!!! If Febreeze could make this in a aresol can form and I can spray it AS MUCH AS I WANTED, THAT WOULD BE A DIFFERENT STORY!! In conclusion, I am not happy with this product at all and I am seriously thinking about sending this back....more info
  • Great for Smell Lovers with Sensitive Partners
    My husband is very sensitive to smells of all sorts while I love them. This product allows me to experience a wide-variety of smells over the course of 2.5 hours (30 minutes each unless you "fast forward"), and not have any lingering smells shortly after it turns off. This way I can enjoy my smells while my husband is gone and he can enjoy his smell-free home when he's here.

    Also, for those having trouble finding the discs (or the player), Yankee Candle has taken over production from Bionaire (with 10 discs available so far), so while the Febreze discs are hard to find this unit is NOT obsolete....more info
  • Yankee Candle Plus Scentstories Player -- Match Made in Heaven
    I got two original febreze scentstories players about a year and a half ago. I ended up giving one away to a friend because I liked it so much and she needed it more than I did. I liked it right away, but I found some of the Febreze scents to be a bit on the sweet or chemical side. About a month ago I got an email from Yankee saying they were now carrying their scents for the scentstories player. I've always liked Yankee scents and so I bought four discs for the holidays -- autumn celebration, give thanks, farm something or other, and Merry Christmas. I have to say I am completely taken with the product now. We keep the player in the front foyer and it spreads the varying scents throughout the house without being overpowering, and it also gives a great first impression for anyone who's visiting. The other day I met guests at the front door and hugged the wife and she said "you smell great," but it wasn't me she was smelling -- it was the cranberry chutney scent. I cheated this morning and opened the Merry Christmas one while my wife and kids are out of the house, and I'm enjoying it, particularly the Christmas Wreath scent which is spot-on. My only criticisms are that I wish I could set the player to stay on for longer, like up to four hours (maybe a hold button to stay on a scent?) , and the appearance of the player is unsightly in a decorated space -- it looks like a medical appliance.
    Oh, and Yankee Candle -- please carry the discs in your stores and distributors, and think about creating a white tea fragrance or three....more info
  • Febreze Bionaire
    Item was purchased as a gift, recepient liked the product and used it for awhile then said it was to much trouble to fool with and that it always needed expensive refills. Product worked fine just not very pratical or cost efficient....more info
  • I love my Scentstories!
    I purchased my player through Yankee Candle and got two disks - Fresh Breeze (absolutely awesome) and Spa Days (almost as good). As soon as I turn the player on, the smell begins to waft through the room. The smell really does follow the air pathways so the entire place ends up smelling good. Before I get tired of any particular scent, the disk changes to the next one. I love that it turns itself off and that there are three levels of scent. I haven't had it but a month yet, so can't attest to how long the disks last but so far I am extremely impressed. The unit is very quiet (no buzzing or fan noise) and works exactly as promised!...more info
  • Good News - New cartridges!
    Yankee Candle has picked up this product and are creating all new scent stories! The site says the player is not shipped to California (though it doesn't say why) but the cartridges are. I've already ordered two of the 7 new stories!

    I adore this product. I bought it two years ago and many of the original cartridges still smell just as strong as when they were new.

    I am looking forward to the new scents Yankee Candle will come up with - the ones they are selling now look amazing!...more info
  • Cannot find the scentstory discs anywhere!
    I bought this product a year ago. The product is great. The only thing I have an issue with is that I can no longer find the discs here in Maine. What's up with that?...more info
  • Wonderfull Item
    I purchased this item and it met every expectation. I absoultely love Febreze. I placed it in my son's room. He even likes it, his room is very fresh. ...more info
  • Top notch aromatherapy
    I wanted the Febreze Scentstories player for almost a year now, after hearing of all the rave reviews and recommendations for scentaholics such as myself and I have finally remembered to hunt it down ( as it's always sold out everywhere at al times).

    I must say it's as great as people say! Scentstories is hands down the best way to fill a room with fragrance without burning any wax or setting up messy oils and burners.

    The unit looks like a small portable radio or cd player ( about the size of a regular tissue box) with a lid that pushes open, and all you have to do is plug it into an outlet and hit the Play button, that's all it takes for glorious scent to fill the room in seconds! The unit emits a soft buzzing sound, the fan dispensing the air through a vent at the front as each scent section is heated. It doesn't bother me in the least, and is almost unnoticeable when I am busy doing things in my room.

    The first scent disc I tried was "Exploring a mountain trail" with five separate scents of the same genre that complement each other and blend seamlessly for a fresh, dewy and juicy forest enriched air that spills almost as a soft cloud in seconds. Each scent plays for 30 minutes and rotates to the next spot or it can be changed by hitting the PLAY/NEXT button. The discs can be changed at any time, there is no need to use it all up ( each disc lasts up to 50 hrs of scent release once it's on) and the intensity can be changed form low to medium or to high depending on the desired potency of the aromatics.

    I cannot recommend this player enough for those who are sick of always buying candles, air fresheners and other chemically enriched products and I am still blown away by the glorious scent selection available, never in my entire life have I smelled such fleshy, pulpy, succulent aromas in my room, it makes me feel as if I am plunged into a medieval forest of freshness. And I am definitely walking into my room more often, breathing in the heady aromas with a smile on my face.

    - Kasia S.
    ...more info
  • It Really Works!!
    I have to admit, I had my doubts about how well this work, but it really does fill my whole apartment with the beautiful scents of each disk. Worth every cent....more info
  • Only while it is playing...
    Just got the scentstories yesterday and used it once. It is a great player, however I was expecting a little more.
    It seems that while the player is playing for 2.5 is great and wonderful. I was thinking that the scent would linger a while when the unit had shut least a day or so. I am disappointed that I only get the smells when the unit is turned on.

    That is my only complaint. The unit does provide instant smells within a minute of turning it on.
    Who knows, maybe after a few more uses, maybe the scent will linger for a while.

    Other than that...this a good product....more info
  • Absolutely the BEST thing ever!!
    OMG! I love my scentstories machine so much (Thanks Mom). This thing is the best. My whole house smells so good and I love all the different discs and scents you can get. The discs really last a long time too. I can't wait to get the holiday one at Christmastime. I highly recommend this product if you are thinking about getting one....more info
  • Works great!!
    I am big on scents and when I found this machine I couldnt wait to buy it. Like many of the air fresheners out there, I love the smell. This one will keep going and the blends of scents is really nice- you can tell when a scent changes, but its not obvious, it blends perfectly.
    I do wish however they would come out with more discs...I have them all and would like to add new ones....
    but overall I am very very ahppy with this machine. ...more info
  • Febreeze Scent Stories Player
    I am very pleased with my Scent Stories Player. The fragrance is pleasing and lightly fragranced, not overwhelming and heavy with the scent. I do wish the fan was just a bit more quiet. Overall I am satisfied with the product. It quickly adds fragrance to a nice sized room....more info
  • Bionaire BSSP101-U Febreze Scentstories Player
    The Player is very good it really kicks out some nice smelling air. I think it works better in a smaller room then a larger room. Other then that it is a great product....more info
  • scenstories
    I like it very much. the stale air of winter turned into a pleasant spring smell. The cartridge seems to last a long time. It has been more than a month and still going.
    I found it to be a grat product....more info
  • I would recommend the Febreze Scentstories.
    I really like the Febreze Scentstories. I own 2 now. It's great in the bedroom, and livingroom. It has a fragrance that is light, and can be turned on or off at anytime you want. You buy the fragrance you like, and change it anytime you want also. ...more info
  • Great Creation for your home
    I love this product! I have three machines in my home....more info
  • Febreze Scentstories
    I am pleased with the Scentstories Player. It lives up to it's
    performance as advertised! I also like having my own choice of scent preferences. ...more info
  • fresh scent without the candle mess
    I like the player very much. Would like to see more scents for the holidays (all of them) Pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, Pine tree for Christmas, apple cinnamon for Halloween, etc.. Some of the nature scents smell medicinal. I'd like some tropical scents, like coconut, mango and pineapple. ...more info
  • A Better Mouse Trap...
    This is the best product available to freshen the air in your home. It is simple to use. If you can use a CD player, you can use the Scentstories player. Just pop in a disc and you get 5 different scents played over a 2 1/2 hour period. The discs are available at a considerable savings on the Febreze website compared to buying them at a retail store. The scents are all unique and waft throughout out kitchen, family room and Great Room with no problem. Yet, the scents are not overpowering. We've been using the Christmas disc throughout the season and it's still going "strong," no pun intended. As another reviewer noted, the cost savings are substantial compared to sprays and other plug-in type air fresheners. Go for's available this week at Eckerd Drugs for less than $27. A great product!...more info
  • Love this machine
    I bought the Scentstories about a year ago. I love how easy it is to use and how wonderful the smells are. It is very quiet too. A great plus since mine is in my living/dining room. I really like the fact that I can have 3 levels of scent. If one of my friends decide to come over with her puppies, I can turn it up and not worry about their smell. The different scents are great too. I just wish their were more to choose from. The discs last a long time as well. I thought at first I would be spending a fortune on the discs but I have had one of my favorite discs for about 2 1/2 months and it still smells as fresh as it was the day I bought it. Although, sometimes the discs are hard to get out at times. I also like that if I am going somewhere I can shut it off and it turns the disc so that it is not "wasting" the smell when I am not home. It is a wonderful product and I would recommend it to any of my friends. ...more info
  • Very cool way to freshen your winter-sealed home!!!
    I can cope with clutter but not odors. When you can't open the windows, things can funkify quickly. A friend who has one of these (and a stinky dog) recommended it and so I picked one up on sale. Got it going, walked away to take care of some stuff, came back and -wow- did it smell nice. And not just the room - the whole first floor of my home. It actually made me smile. The plug-ins that I used to use, besides being expensive over time, do not freshen nearly as well as this.

    This product exceeded my expectations. I highly reccomend it.
    ...more info
  • Pleasant fragrance and long lasting
    We recently moved into a new home and have to use the finished basement as a bedroom for our 2 boys. The sellers had two dogs and apparently let the dogs use the basement for their home because it smells like wet dog!! I bought this SCentstories contraption hoping it would help mask the odor (along with shampooing the carpets, cleaning, scrubbing, etc) and IT DOES! I love the fact that this tiny machine can cover a whole room with a very appealing fragrance (I have all of the little scent discs) and it shuts itself off after 2 1/2 hours. I have been using mine since Aug 05 and it still works fine and all the discs are still usable. Definitely worth the value!!!...more info
  • I would recommend this product if.....
    I bought the Febreze Scentstories as a gift. I was suprised at how fast the product arrived, at standard shipping.
    I did try it before giving it to my sister. The scent disc that came with the product has 4 different scents, personally I couldn't tell the difference in smell of any of the scents. They were all to flowery for my taste. I would like to try the vanilla or Holiday scents. I do think my sister will like the scents, and the product does what it says it will do. So if you like a heavy flowery smell to your house, I recommend this product....more info
  • it's a nice way to freshen the air
    this is a great product. i've had mine for sometime now and i'm already hooked. i give it 5 stars. i just love it. the scent discs are amazing. this is good stuff. i highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • Febreze Scentstories Player
    I love my new scent player. It arrived in a timely fashion. I was impressed by the packaging. The shipper went over and above to make sure the product arrived safely. I would buy from this shipper again, and as for the product, I plan on adding two more to my house over the next two monthes....more info
  • It really works & Smells Great
    I just bought scentstories after looking at it for a few months. I never wanted to spend what they asked for but finally got it at a great price. It is wonderful and I wouldn't have mind paying the actual price if I knew it would have worked this great.

    I heard that they may be discontinuing this product so know I'm a little concerned that I did bought it. I hope they discs are at least available for awhile if they do discontinue it....more info
  • Great works wonderfully!!
    I got this for Christmas and I love it! It really works to make a room smell great for long periods of time. I bought one for my baby's room too and it really helps with the diaper smell. If you play it for the full 2 1/2 hours, each disk lasts about 20 times before it starts to lose smell. It is easy to put together and change disks. It fits easily into any onto a small table. It works much better than spray, plug-ins and all the other things on the market! Makes a great gift....more info
  • Love it!
    This is a great item & worth the money if you're into fragrances. Actually works out to be cheaper than most air fresheners & candles. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5, is that I can't find all the disks available. There are 2 disks listed on their website that I can't find anywhere: Wishes for Spring & On a Tropical Island. The website says you can buy these on Amazon, but they don't have them....more info
  • Worth the money!
    I have very tall vaulted ceilings throughout my apartment and always find most air fresheners to be sub par given the large space. I bought this based on the reviews of other buyers hoping it might be different, I am very pleased. I had the unit plugged in for only a few minutes and left for a short time, when I came back the pleasant scent had entirely filled not only the living room but the side rooms as well (Aprox. 800 sq ft + vaulted ceilings). Then the benefit of a new scent every 30 mins relieves getting used to or bored with the same scent. The fan is very quiet and not noticeable with a TV or stereo on. This is completely worth the investment and highly recommended to everyone!...more info
  • Effective and cost efficient
    The price of this may scare you at first; it seems like a bit much to spend on "air freshner" but if you are "into" scent the way I am, it's well worth it. This player does evenly distribute scent throughout the room, enough so that I bought a second unit to keep in my bedroom (wait for the sales, and use the coupon, this makes the price easier to swallow.) I have found the fan a bit too loud for my liking in the bedroom but in the other rooms it is not noticable.

    I am having difficulty in finding all of the available disks, I am just seeing, "hammock" and vanilla and would like to try the others. I do like the disks that I've tried and would probably try any that came out. I love fragrance and spend a lot on candles (Votivo are fabulous if you're interested), oils and oil burners, plug-ins, and incense; pretty much anything to do with fragrance, and I consider this a good long term value.

    I would prefer that it take up less space and come with a smaller plug so that I could have more options to place the unit but I obviously am willing to live with it's size since I now have two.

    Overall assesment, don't let the price thwart you, it will eventually become cheaper to buy a 50 hour disk than various plug in type scents. Keep in mind that quality candles that burn for 50 hours cost more than the price of a disk (in most cases, double). The same goes for essential/fragrance oils. So, go on and get it and enjoy....more info
  • The best I have owned!
    I got one of these for Christmas and I must say that I am totally in love with it. I have a very large open living room/den/dining room and the scents travel well.
    What I really love about this machine is the scents are so NICE! They are not heavy, or fake smelling. I didn't know how they would make 5 scents work together but they blend seamlessly.
    I catch myself walking by and just blurting out "mmmm they smells good!"
    I would tell anyone to buy this in a heartbeat. The scents last..they play for 2 1/2 hours at a time, the machine turns itself off (so no worries there) and just make your feel good!...more info
  • Scents don't last long at all but it is a cool gadget
    I have played my scentstories on several occasions and noticed that the scent pretty much last the day it has played. I had it in my bedroom for 2 days and now it is in my living room. I like the whole concept of this item even though I couldn't comprehend the whole of it until I read the reviews and owned one. It would be a lot cooler if it played soothing sounds. The disc it comes with is really strong. I purchased the pink floral disc at Target yesterday since it was clearanced to $4 but have yet to try it. I have no pets so it really covers no odors except for musky or maybe lingering cooking smells. If you are having company, just press a button and it literally takes seconds for a room to be fragranced unlike a candle or a plug in. So even though the scent just lasts a day in my home and I don't play it daily, I love it. If the discs were cheaper maybe I would play it more often. The machine is extremely quiet when it is running and a lot more compact than the box shows. I have it underneath an end table in my living room on top of a $1 step stool (since it should not sit on the ground). When I run it, I just pull the table cloth up to allow the scent to be blown out. I recommend this item. ...more info
  • Highly recommend this product......
    After finding myself going to the store every month and buying refills for plug-ins at $3 - $5 I was interested in this machine. I saw it a few weeks ago and was too lazy and just picked up my old refills for my plug-ins. I started to notice though my plug-ins were getting old and they needed to be replaced too, not only the scents. Plus, for years if you notice the refills for the plug-ins doesn't even last three days! Creatures of habit we are. So after realizing I probably had dumped more money into buying `replacements' I thought the price of this unit was really reasonable. I bought mine for $36.99 and it comes with a scent CD. I too was not crazy with the scents just be reading them. When I bought the unit it seemed bulky but that proved me wrong. I opened the container and was surprised the unit was smaller than I thought. People who wrote it was too large or not small enough, when you buy the box what do you think you are getting? It is wrapped in a clear plastic container. I was happy not only with the size but the design. Very easy to function; it took me longer to remove the tape to open the container than it did to plug it all in. I opted to place the unit in the bedroom since it occasionally has a `stale' smell to the air. I had just cleaned the linens and plugged in the unit and when I walked back in the room I was pleasantly surprised at how well the distribution of the scent was! The bedroom had a really clean smell to it and it was very relaxing. I found myself walking in and out of the room like an idiot to get `fresh whiff'. I turned the scent down (you can have it at three levels) and I still can smell it in the hallway but it is not overwhelming. I am very happy with this product and would recommend it for anyone looking to scent up a place hassle free. Febreze has always had great products and this is just another one on their list. I would highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • Febreze Scentstories
    This product covers smells without being overpowering. It spreads the scent throughout the room. I have many pets and the scentstories machine covered up even the most unpleasant odors. The only complaint I had was the size....more info
  • A very pleasant way to lightly scent your house
    I have always loved it when I walked into a restroom in a restaurant and smelled "piped in scent". I had always wanted to have that in my house.

    I have to admit that when I bought this item I was extremely skeptical that it would really help. I was concerned that it would either be too overpowering or not enough scent to really make the room smell nice. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!

    This ScentStories is WONDERFUL. It does indeed scent the room but very mildly and the scents are not overpowering. Once you put the "disc" in and turn it on you have 2 1/2 hours of wonderful scents being blown into the air by a very quiet little fan. There is an intensity switch too so you can determine how strongly you want your room scented. It was sooo wonderful to walk into my house and have the room smell of soft wonderful scents. We have a dog and this little machine even takes care of dog smells. I used the Mountain Trail scent disc that came with the machine and have thoroughly enjoyed walking through my living room and smelling the nice fresh, clean smell. The fan blows strongly enough to move the air around it and push the scent out. I cannot say enough about how thrilled I am with my Scentstories. May seem like a lot of money but believe me it is WELL WORTH every penny. At last my hope for a nice smelling room has been answered.

    I am going to ask "Santa" for another one of these units for in my bedroom. You will LOVE this!...more info
  • Good prodcut, depending on the "story"
    I have enjoyed Febreeze sprays for removing odors from my house--musty smells, pet odors, and scents that linger from cooking seem to disappear when I use Febreeze on my upholstered furniture and curtains. I prefer to remove offensive smells rather than cover them up with other smells, especially artificial ones, so I was a bit skeptical about the Scentstories player.

    I received a Scentstories player with a complimentary "Exploring a Mountain Trail" CD. I found most of the fragrances on this particular CD a bit too cloying and artificial. They made my home smell as if I had emptied can upon can of air freshener into my house. There was one smell I enjoyed on the entire CD.

    I did like the option the machine had to increase or decrease the intensity of the frangrance. I have a fairly small house with small rooms, and I do not need much fragrance in order to fill it. I also liked the fan feature of the machine, which did an effective job of circulating the smells through the house.

    Since I liked features of the machine, just not the particular frangrances I first tried, I decided to try a different CD, "Relaxing in the Hammock." I enjoyed this CD much better. The scents on it seemed much more natural and pleasant, not as chemical and artificial smelling as the first CD. I just read that there will be a CD of holiday fragrances, and that's something I'd be interested in trying.

    I am pleased with the product overall, especially now that I have a CD of fragrances I enjoy. The biggest drawback for me would be the size of the product, and the fact that it cannot sit on the floor (due to the heating element inside it). Ideally, I would hide this product behind the toilet in my bathroom, but since it must sit on a raised surface, I keep it in a closet and bring it out to use it, to avoid cluttering my countertops with it.

    I would recommend this product to someone who had the space to accommodate it, and who could find a CD or two of preferred smells among the options offerred....more info
  • Febreze Scentstories
    I live with 3 dogs, so I was happy to find something that dealt with that smell so readily. Mine happened to arrive on bath day, and the 'wet doggie' smell was gone quickly. The 'Mountain Trail' scent CD that came with it wasn't really to my taste, but now that the others are so easily available, I can find something that suits me....more info
  • Febreeze is a breeze.
    I am happy that I got this product. I love the Febreeze Scentstories "cd" player. It is very easy to work. All you do is stick the "cd" in and push play. The scent fills my home and is not overpowering. There is no having to mess with candles, sprays, etc. Just push play and go!...more info
  • Glad I have one
    This is a cool looking little item, that will definitely garner questions from your guests.

    I don't like having a plug air freshener on all the time because the smell just sits so heavy in the room. I find this a great way to deal with stong odors like deep frying, or wet dog. Because the scent changes over time it keeps it more natural rather than like you are obviously trying to cover something. Overall it does a very good job of working as advertised.

    The reason I didn't give it more stars, is there just aren't enough variety where the scent discs are concerned. I would like to see at least twice as many, and would love a baking themed one.

    I would also like a nice storage unit to hold the scent discs....more info