philosophy - the microdelivery: in-home peel - peptide/vitamin c home microdermabrasion peel

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philosophy:you need this product if...

  • you want to give your skin a complete makeover
  • you want to help de-age your skin
  • you want to instantly brighten your skin
  • you crave a radiant glow
  • you are an exfoliator aficionado
  • Features:
    • you want to give your skin a complete makeover
    • you want to help de-age your skin
    • you crave a radiant glow
    • you are an exfoliator aficionado

    Customer Reviews:

    • Reveal radiant skin
      This simple, at-home peel is wonderful to revitalize your skin. The peel is a two step process invovling a gentle scrub, and then application of a gel over the scrub. After applying the scrub, then wait only 3 minutes, rinse, and voila! Your skin looks healthy, shiny, radiant. I also believe that the peel helps, to a certain degree, with evening skin tone.

      I use this peel once a week, although I believe it could be used twice a week. And these sizes should last a long time - several months at the very least.

      I highly recommend this peel for at-home use. Just remember, it won't have the results that a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist can provide with physician-grade treatments. But with that in mind, I love this peel!...more info
    • One of the best exfoliators I've tried!
      I am a very big fan of exfoliating - it helps with cell turnover (dullness from aging AND breakout prevention). I've used mechanical and chemical ones. I like that this system gives me some of both.
      I like to do this twice a week at night... and follow up with some Ole Henriksen Truth serum and night gel. I swear my skin has NEVER looked better... NEVER. For a day cream, I use the Ole Henriksen Truth serum and Sheer Transformation. You can just get the Ole Henriksen Three Little Wonders ($95 Value)set... match it with this Philosophy Microdelivery Peel kit and I promise you'll be blown away!!...more info
    • Excellent Product with RESULTS that you can see & feel
      This is one product that I have definitely spent my money on and that I truly believe in. I too received a smaller sample version that, once it ran out, I had to replace.

      I use this product once every couple of weeks. When I do, my skin looks completely refreshed, similar to when I get a professional facial at the spa. In fact, I felt a bigger difference using this product than I did after my last facial!

      This renews my skin and the renewal feeling and look last much longer than a day. Another reviewer mentioned that you could use a facial scrub and get the same results, but I disagree. With a regular scrub, the result lasts only a day or so. With the peel, my skin looks great for days, even for a couple weeks. In addition, the last time I used it, I noticed a few days later that the skin on my hands felt great, and then I remembered that I had used the peel. So, no matter where on your body you try it, you'll see results.

      For me, it's not that I look spectacularly different. I just know that in the past, I'd have clogged pores and they were visible to the eye. Now I use Purity soap on my face daily, and this peel no less than once a month (and often more!)...... and I get compliments on my skin often. I don't have the BEST of complexions, but I get compliments! To me, that's the best part. And I only started getting compliments on my skin when I started using these products.

      Many people tell me my skin glows.

      I hate to spend this much money on something, but I have to say, I am a loyal customer of this product by Philosophy.

      Oh, and my ONLY complaint? If I am spending that much on a product, I sure wish Philosophy would put the product in a MUCH nicer container. The activator bottle is as homely looking as a bottle of glue! At least with some of my other products that I splurge on (Bobbi Brown, Chanel) you get beautiful packaging along with the great (and expensive) product....more info
    • I hate to rain on this parade but...
      What a disappointment. I have oily, sallow skin with clogged pores on my nose. It did nothing for me but make me break out. I've since used other products with Vitamin C and gotten the same result. If you've never used a Vitamin C product before, try out something cheaper before buying this--just to be on the safe side....more info
    • Philosophy Vit C Peel Kit
      I spend a lot of time in the dirt and in the sun and the wind, so my face takes a beating. I already use several Philosophy products. I had received a sample of this Vit C Peel with one of my orders and I really liked it, so I got the full kit. This product is terrific. It takes away all those little imperfections in the skin, leaving a glowing complexion.
      Trust me, after a week in the desert, wearing heavy sunscreen which attracts dirt and grit, my face is really a mess. One of the first things
      I do when I get home is to give myself a Philosophy Vit C Peel.
      I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a boost for her complexion.
      The results are amazing. ...more info
    • Not For Sensitive Skin
      I have sensitive skin, but the Philosophy counter people tried selling this product to me for YEARS despite my protests. Finally, I bought it as part of a kit. Every time I use it I break out within 48 hours after! I get REAL microdermabrasions and it's a TOTALLY different experience (in the GOOD way!) ...more info
    • Philosophy Vitamin C Peel Kit
      I really like this product, it leaves the skin feeling clean and smooth.
      I like the warm sensation after you apply the lotion to the orange scrub!
      I would purchase this product again! ...more info


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