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Product Description

Green tea has been brewed for centuries throughout Asia where it's revered as a health-promoting tonic. Modern science has discovered the amazing antioxidant power in green tea leaves. A terrific free-radical fighter for whole body protection, each convenient capsule of Swanson Premium Brand Green Tea delivers 500 mg of green tea leaf powder.

  • Effective, economical free- radical fighter
  • Each capsule contains 500 mg of dried green tea leaf
  • Promotes cardiovascular health

Customer Reviews:

  • It's Not As Good As They Say...Is It?
    This get's a half stack review as I call it.
    It's NOT even comparable to other pills for weight loss as they claim.
    I doubt there's as much tea in it as they say. I can drink a cup of Green tea and get a good feeling, looser bowels etc and with this, as many as I take, it takes ages to kick in, has NO buzz, and make me question how much is REALLY in here, and much more importantly, what is in here.

    It's just misleading to tag as a weight loss or cardiovascular aid.
    Your better off drinking green tea or getting a REAL batch of green tea pills. I did this to save the annoying procedure that brewing tea can be; and to be able to have more than a cup in a few capsules, well this disappointed me....No wonder it's so cheap (in 2 senses of the word).

    ...more info
  • i dont feel any different !
    i dont know i 've only been taking this product for a few days now and so far i dont see any weight loss or any increase in energy but it may be helping to keep my sugar down as i have a sugar problem other than that i dont really feel any different after i take it ,i even tried taking two at a time and still dont feel any different , maybe i should give it a little more time ....more info
  • Double the dosage?
    Would not recommend doubling the suggested dosage. One of the side effects include heart arrhythmias. I have only been taking it for about 5 days and started having irregular heart beats and skipped beats. Other than that the product seems great....more info
  • Worth a try!
    I decided to try these out since I am not a tea drinker and so far so good! I have decided to double the suggested dose and I feel great. ...more info
  • Just received the pills
    The pills came extra fast! I started taking them today. i will update my thoughts about the pills in about 2-3 weeks....more info
  • Potent
    These are very potent. I get a little "buzzed" when I take two at a time. They do speed up my metablolism and have helped me to lose weight without any change in diet....more info
  • An effective supplement
    I have been taking the green tea supplement for 4 weeks, twice the dose that the bottle recommends, walking 20 minutes daily and have lost 21 lbs. without any change in my diet. (I still enjoy the occasional cheeseburger and fries). I have yet to found another supplement that yielded that kind of result. I don't know if the weight loss was due to the walking or the green tea, or the combination, but I do suggest trying this routine. Swanson Vitamins is the most inexpensive source I have found (with fast mail delivery) and walking is really kind of addictive. I had a hard time at first going out to walk, but wanted to see if the plan would work and I can easily say, it did. Good luck to you! One thing I can say with certainty, is that the supplements I have purchased from Swanson have been cheaper than most and still effective....more info
  • 10 or more cups of tea vs 1-2 supplements
    I don't feel like drinking a ridiculous amount of tea to get the same results from 1-2 supplements. I personally do not like the taste of green tea so the supplements work great for me :)...more info