Air Purifiers - XJ-2100 Ionic Air Purifier by Surround Air

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Worried about the quality of your air? With the Surround Air XJ-2100 Air Purifier, youall never have to give it a second thoughtabut you wonat have to fuss over installation or maintenance either. This ionizing air purifier has no messy filters to change or replaceasimply remove the electrostatically charged collection plate, wipe clean, and reuse! Twenty-five stainless steel needlepoints release trillions of negative ions per second, and the charged metal plate removes airborne particles. The XJ-2100 Air Purifier eliminates 99.5% of airborne contaminants in areas up to 500 square feet, and its quiet operation wonat disturb workers or sleepers. This air purifier features a compact, modern style and comes in black or silver with black. Youall also receive a full three-year warranty on parts and labor.

  • Dimensions: 5"H x 13.75"W x 8.66"D
  • Coverage Area: 500 sq. ft.
  • Power Consumption: 8 W
  • Fan Capacity: 15 CFM
  • Negative Ion Ouput: 60,000,000 ions per cubic cm
  • Ozone Output: Approx. 5 mg/hr (0.015 to 0.04 ppm)
  • Ozonator: Ozone generated as byproduct of ionization
  • Needlepoint ionization (highest ion-producing method available)
  • 25 stainless steel needlepoints
  • Includes: 110-V wall plug adapter, 12-V DC cigarette lighter adapter for vehicle, stainless steel d
  • Enclosure: environmentally safe corrosion-resistant ABS plastic
  • Control Settings: "Hi" runs at full capacity; "Lo" automatically runs in intervals of 1 minute on a
  • No replacement costs
  • Maintenance: wipe easy-to-remove dust collection placte every 2-4 weeks, clean needlepoints every1-
  • Pollutant Filtration: chemicals, algae, fumes, bacteria, carbon monoxide, odors, gases, viruses, am
  • 3-year warranty on parts and labor
  • Return Policy: 30 days from date of delivery; please read our Return Policy for more information
  • Features:
    • 25 stainless steel needlepoints offer maximum ionization power
    • Colors: Black, Silver with Black
    • No messy filters to clean or replace
    • Three-year warranty guarantees peace of mind
    • Unit Weight: 3.2 lb.
    Customer Reviews:
    • Not worth it
      No noticeable difference in the air quality after use or in my wife's allergies. Thing broke alltogher after about 18 months. ...more info