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Product Description

The HealthPro features the same advanced micro- and nano-particle filter technologies as the HealthPro Plus, however without the gas and odor filter (V-5 Cell). The HealthPro effectively removes every type of particulate air pollutants, including all common allergens. The system has a spare compartment that can at any time be upgraded with a the V-5 Cell (wide-spectrum gas and molecular filter) to help eliminate gaseous chemicals and odors. This makes the HealthPro the ideal choice for allergy sufferers and other health-conscious individuals that need ultra high-efficiency particle removal with the option of later adding gas and odor removal

  • Incorporates H12/13 class certified HEPA filter, normally used in multi-million dollar cleanrooms.
  • IQAir systems remove particles down to 0.01 microns with close to 99% efficiency.
  • Digital Controls : Integrated timer, remote control, filter life indicator, and 6 fan speeds.
  • 1100 sq ft coverage area (based on maximum fan speed and an 8.5 ft ceiling).
Customer Reviews:
    After 1 month of use, this unit earns my highest recommendation. I researched air purifiers for about a week before buying two IQAir units, one with the odor filter (Pro-Plus), and one without (Pro) to help with allergies and asthma symptoms that my family suffers from. Both of them work absolutely perfectly, with significant symptom relief within the first week of use. The packaging was very secure, with each unit contained in double boxes similar to what you find with high-end stereo equipment, including thick styrofoam inserts for cushioning. The unpacked units were sparkling new and clean, with an inspection page that detailed the performance at each of the five individual speeds. The manual was nicely organized and easy to comprehend.

    These are sturdy units that are somewhat heavy, but come with a convenient handle recessed on the top, as well as caster wheels to roll the unit if you need to move it periodically. The manual recommends clearance of at least 12 inches on all sides for optimal performance, so keep this in mind for placement in your room. It is noisy at the highest setting, but works very effectively at quieter settings 2 or 3 in my 13' x 16' room. I also use an IQAir unit in a 20 x 20 room, and it cleans the air very well at setting 3. My son noticed so much improvement in his allergies and breathing after just two days of use, that when I moved the unit to another room for a night, he begged me to return it to his bedroom. We went on vacation for a few days, and he said that he could not wait to get back home because he missed the IQAir purifier.

    If you are comparing the units with and without the odor filter, even the one without the odor filter leaves the air smelling fresh and clean. In fact, for the first week, the one with the odor filter had a bit of a peculiar smell to it, which might have been coming from the odor filter itself. Unless you have a really significant odor problem, you can save the extra $100 that you pay for the "Pro-Plus" over the "Pro" model. The units look identical from the outside, and you can order a retrofit assembly from the IQAir if you later want to convert your "Pro" to "Pro Plus." Each unit has a remote that is slightly larger than a credit card, which is very convenient if I want to change the setting after I get into bed.

    In summary, these IQAirs are well worth the price, which isn't as much as it seems after you factor in the yearly filter replacement cost, which is lower than most other brands. I wish that I had discovered IQAir years ago, before wasting my money on other air purifiers. I am so impressed that I am about to order a third IQAir to use in my office. I have previously owned the following air purifiers, none of which came anywhere close to my IQAir units: Oreck XL Air8D, Oreck XL 4000, Holmes (various sizes), Honeywell (the largest big round one), Sharper Image (Ionic Breeze). I hated cleaning the Oreck units, which were overpriced, and their replacement filters were also very expensive on a yearly basis. The Orecks also left a lot of dust all around them. The motor burned out on my large Oreck unit just after the two year warranty expired. The Honeywell filter was also very expensive, and the unit was extremely noisy. The Holmes units were ok for very small rooms, but had to be on the noisiest high setting to notice any air cleaning, had flimsy construction, and required frequent filter changes. The Sharper Image units were basically useless, as they did not improve the air quality or our allergy symptoms; they went back to the store after three weeks.
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  • No more coughing in the mornings
    Every morning I would wake up coughing up something. I tried sleeping at two different houses and I would still wake up coughing. After using this for one night the coughing decreased the next day. By the end of the first week I would wake up without coughing. I was skeptical after my previous air purifier seemed to make matters worse but after one month I love it.

    I've also used the fan timer as an alarm in the morning incase I hit the snooze button to many times. So if your half asleep and the fan kicks on at level six it will catch your attention. But it is not loud too loud to wake me from a dead sleep. ...more info
  • Did a fantastic job with my allergies
    I had tried a less expensive unit that I saw on television first - but it didn't really help much. Bought this unit and it has helped with my sleep / congestion at night. Good buy - although not cheap....more info