Sunpentown SF-608R Air Cooler

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The swamp cooler is perfect for the areas that central air conditioners can't reach, or in an area that has a high sun load. Unlike a fan that blows hot air, the swamp cooler cools personal space cooler than any regular fan. Great for the home or office. Save money and keep cool by using the portable air cooler instead of an air conditioner. Air coolers are environmentally friendly because they don't use hazardous freon. With less moving parts you don't have to worry about a compressor breaking down or freon leaking. * Features: * Cooler than regular fan * With remote control * Use regular tap water * 10L water tank capacity * Photo catalysis filter (washable) * Antibacterial water tank * Germ-free water curtain circle system * Three air-speed: H. M. L. * Sleep mode with three air-speed * Timer: from 0.5- to 7.5-hour setting * Very economical. Run at a fraction of the cost of a air conditioner * Dimension 16" x 12" x 25" * Speed 23Ft. / Sec. * Water Consumption 0.6~0.7 L/H * N.W. 17 lbs. * Voltage 120V / 60HZ * Watt Cooling 60W * Water Tank 10L * Warranty: One-year warranty for all parts and labor

  • WORKS BEST in dryer conditions with humidity under 50%
  • NOTE: Does not work well with humidity greater than 60%
  • Air cooler utilizes ice and water to cool a personal space up to 12F cooler than a regular fan
  • Dimensions: 25"h x 16"w x 12"d Sleep mode with three air-speed
  • 10L water tank capacity allows for long running time
Customer Reviews:
  • Did not meet my expectations
    Vendor's shipping was excellent and reliable. The product however was a disappointment. This vendor had the lowest price for this item on Amazon at the time. I bought this item based on the 4.5 star reviews of other customers for the same product posted by other vendors. This air cooler works great if you sit within a few feet of it. You ONLY feel relief if the air comes in your direction. Also, the water needs to be replenished too frequently. I would have given it 2 stars but gave it a 3 because of features I did like such as a timer, sleep mode, and swing (to "swing" direction of air). If you want to buy this product, this vendor is fine; it's just that the product lowers the room temperature (in a small room)but does not necessarily give you much relief from the heat unless you are near it and have the air in your direction. - Trust me on this one....more info