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The ruins of an ancient Martian civilization have unlocked the secrets to teleportation, and the UAC will stop at nothing to harness this world-altering technology. As part of a marine detachment sent to protect the facility, your duty seemed simple enough?until the invasion. Now, in an epic clash against pure evil you must fight to understand who is with you, who is against you, and what must be done to stop this nightmare from reaching Earth. Built on ID's revolutionary new 3D graphics engine DOOM 3 draws you into the most frightening and gripping 3d gaming experience ever created.

  • Battle the forces of Hell in this epic clash against pure evil
  • Realistic physics; revolutionary new 3D graphics engine
  • Real-time dynamic lighting and shadows
  • Visually stunning; ever-changing environment
  • Multiplayer action for ages 17 or older

Customer Reviews:

  • Game of the year
    This is one of the best games ever. I used to play the original Doom on the PC years ago, so when I saw this I had to grab it. Game play is excellent. The graphics are out of this world. The online multiplayer game play is great as well. This game runs wonderful on my Power Mac G5. My system specs are as follows:

    Power Mac G5 1.8ghz single processor
    3gb of RAM
    256mb ATI graphics card...more info
  • not a game you want to play on the mac
    I personally have decided to switch to the Mac from th PC to save space. I got rid of My Pc network and just have an Imac 20" 2.0Ghz, a 1.25 ghz mac mini, and I still keep my homebuilt PC around for when I need it. I have tried playing this game both on the mac mini an the imac G5. First I would like to mention I don't know how people got good performance on the mac mini, or let me refrase that, got this game to work at all on the mac mini ! You cannot play this game on the Mac Mini I tried, there is no way. People who say this game plays well on the mac mini are smoking something. This game does not even play that well on my new G5 2.0ghz imac ! My homebuilt 3.0ghz plays this game about twice as fast as the imac does. I still had my old 1.7ghz celeron processor that I used before I upgraded my pc to 3.0ghz laying around on my desk. So for kicks I decided to put in the 1.7ghz celeron back into my pc. Even with the slower 1.7ghz celeron the pc is about twice as fast as the imac even when it is clocked 300mhz slower ! Both systems have a 128mb video card. The pc has a 128mb Geforce 6600 GT Extreme and the Imac has a 128 mb Radeon 9600. If you plan on getting decent performance out of this game at ultra high resolutions and maximum detail settings I suggest you play this game on a dual G5 power mac.

    I am not impressed at all with doom 3. My main purpose of doom 3 like the quake serious is for benchmarking purposes only. I found the game boring, unorigonal, lighting was to dark. I know its suppose to be dark, but come on it shouldn't be to the extent it ruins the game. All this game is about is shooting monsters up. Traveling in a linear fashion from scene to scene. Players kill all the monsters in one rom and then moving on to the next till they all have been destroyed. What a silly game. The only reason this game gets such godly reviews is because the graphics are supposedly the best, however I thought EQ 2 had a lot better graphics just my opinion. So I would recommend this game to anyone who just cares about graphics and little about the actual game....more info
  • Real Requirements
    Actually, the recommended system requirements (which is really what matters) are:
    osx 10.3.8
    G5 processor
    2 GHZ CPU
    512 MB memory (should probably be at least 1 GB)
    Radeon 9600 w/ 128 mb of video memory
    dvd drive
    If you dont meet these specs or near these specs, I agree with the earlier poster, don't give your opinion on this game. Sorry to be such an A**hole. :) but its true....more info
  • Doom 3 OSX 10.5
    Game runs very well on my intel based MacBook Pro. Install the Doom 3 1.3.1 Rev A update (I found it through the Apple web page) before running this game on OSX 10.5. My OS version required me to open Audio MIDI setup, & change the Audio Output from 2ch-24 bit to 2ch-16 bit, otherwise audio would not work.
    I encountered one freeze up during the early portion of the game, however the remainder of the game ran flawlessly. An immersing game, however a bit short IMHO....more info
  • Spooky, scary, and fun FPS that fans of the series will love.
    Despite the suggestion by another reviewer (whose "review" seems more like an ad for how great his computer is as he doesn't reveal his opinion of the game) that I shouldn't bother wasting anybody's time by reviewing the game because I'm running it on an older system, here goes:
    I played the game on a dual 1.25 GHz G4 Power Mac with 1.25 GB of RAM and the new Radeon 9600 Pro with 256 MB VRAM. I got the best performance setting up the game to run 640x480 with bump mapping set to ON, FSAA at 2x, and all other advanced features set to OFF. The frame rate wasn't spectacular, but it was acceptable. Given the low resolution and lack of visual enhancements, I was seriously surprised to see how good the game looked. Obviously, the game will be much better on a G5 with one of the new graphics cards, but fans with older and less powerful systems can still play and have the game look good. If you can get away with it at all, make sure you turn the bump mapping on. It makes a huge difference in how realistic people and creatures look.
    The game itself is a lot of fun. The environment and the slightly hokey aspect that keeps you from being able to use your flashlight and a weapon at the same time keep the game scary and enjoyable. The use of the PDA to offer hints and access to new areas is a cool idea, similar to the system used in Metroid Prime for the GameCube. Gameplay will be pretty familiar for fans of the series. Although a remarkable technical achievement, Doom 3 doesn't offer much more than the last two installments in terms of game mechanics: shooting zombies and demons in tight, dark, spooky places is still the order of the day.
    This is a great FPS that fans of the series will love. If you have a dual processor G5 with an X800 graphics card to play this game, I envy you. But if you have a reasonable G4 system, you should be able to join in the fun, too. I sure did....more info
  • A step forward for mac gaming
    While macs have been long haralded as the best computers on the planet (and rightly so) they have been berated for lacking in one category, and that is gaming. While this release constitutes a 6 month latency between PC and Mac ship dates, it represents a huge step forward for the Mac platform. I've plated Doom 3 on a Dual 2.5 with a 6800 and it is no joke, the graphics are amazing and the shadowing is out of this world. If your Mac can run this, you should run; to your mouse and click the add to cart button. ...more info
  • Good dirty fun
    The combat engine and AI are quite nice, and vast improvements over their predecessors. Gameplay stays fairly engaging throughout, though it feels a bit repetitive if played for more than an hour at a time. I think D3 has its biggest impact with the atmosphere it creates, which is effectively (if a bit unsubtly) creepy. Despite being a bit dated already, and a bit simpler than the most recent shooters, its worth the money for those who like action games....more info
  • Spooky Perfection?
    an FPS game with atmosphere? no it can't be....yes...yes it is!

    for those of us who like games with a bit more than "RUN RUN KILL KILL" then this is definitely an investment. Plays "fine" on lower specs, though the usual Gamers will spit on you if you admit on playing it on a 64 card. But we'll just keep it a secret from them. :)

    I used to be terrified of the NES version of Friday the 13th....
    You can imagine how playing Doom3 is for me....more info
  • OMG
    i logged on to amazon today to see if any new mac games were gonna be released...i was stunned to see 4 of this years biggest games on the relese charts(Doom 3 Starwars: Battlefront Starwars: Republic Commandos and The Sims 2) i cant wait for these titles and i especially cant wait for Doom still in shock here...more info
  • My Doom
    Very interesting and presents a very good scare tactics. This Doom being more human like beats all previous versions...more info
  • Most incredible, in many ways
    Upon arriving at Mars, the ambiance is a style of nerve racking I have never experienced with any other game. It gets started with a few employee interactions which sets the mood nicely. After some initial exploring, the action begins with a bang! It is quite a good thing that you start with some kind of light weaponry.

    This is where the game become very dark. Lights flicker, broken pipes steaming, and there is a sense that something is immensely, dreadfully really wrong. Nothing could be closer to the truth. Nearly every encounter (so far) has startled me!! It is quite shocking how quickly these animals can move and shock you, especially with the flickering lights and the quickly opening doors. Encounters with zombie humans can be easy when they don't have heavy weapons.

    The pace of the action is manageable. if you plan each movement, you might stay alive. The level of difficulty is nearly perfect. Enemy mutants increase their difficulty in a measured pace which pushes the game play in just the right way.

    The graphics, of course, are stunning. This is an understatement. As far as simulating humans, newly every game has imperfections which you can see that get in the way of realism. This game is the most accurate human movement I have seen ever. It is VERY convincing, only adding to the tension. Bump mapping makes the scenes impeccable. There are so many details that it is hard to fathom just how much work ID put into the game to make the scenery realistic. Lighting, textures, bump maps, and geometry is just astounding.

    The real "shocker" for me is not all the praises above. The icing on the cake is the sound. With some decent speakers and a sub, the sound will grab you. The sounds are perfectly timed and very, very realistic. The ambient sound alone could make you tense. The screams heard through the walls are chilling.

    Overall, the experience is both amazing and VERY nervous.

    For more eeriness, play this game only at night in dark rooms. Also, don't play this right before going to bed, you might have bad dreams. ;-)...more info
  • Difficult to install on an intel mac
    This is a marvelous, cinematic, beautifully detailed, and deeply immersive game, but getting this up and running on an intel mac is like installing freeware from 5 years ago. If Aspyr is actually making money off the mac version, they should fix it. Otherwise, they should just retire it and save users needless frustration.

    Here's what worked for me. Copy the doom3 folder from the dvd to wherever you want to install it (e.g., applications). Then go to the aspyr patches page and click doom3 -- link:

    Download DOOM 3 1.3.1 RevA then install it. IMPORTANT: install it JUST AFTER copying the game from the CD to your hard drive. If you attempt to start the game first, the patch installation will just hang indefinitely.

    Next: plug in headphones. Do this BEFORE starting the game, otherwise you'll have no sound at all. If you don't want to use headphones, you MIGHT still have sound if you unplug them after the game has started.

    Good luck!
    ...more info
  • Excellent game - will run on lower spec machines
    If you're willing to ratchet down the settings to low, you CAN play this game on a newer eMac (1.25 Ghz G4), iBook and possibly the new Mac Mini. I've been playing this on my eMac and aside from having to knock the visuals down a bit (bump mapping can be enabled for better visuals with little overall sacrfice to the frame rate), the game plays very well with an acceptable frame rate and no odd crashes or problems.

    An excellent, tense, first person shooter for those who like to take their time and think their way through games. Rather than enduring constant frantic firefights, the player is forced to take a slow approach. The environment and sound effects all serve to heighten the overall sense of tension and dread, and it's not uncommon to become startled at the sight of movement in the shadows or some loud noise. Excellent atmosphere with plenty here to keep you playing for weeks!
    ...more info
  • woot
    I don't actually own the mac version of this game but i do own and have beaten the PC version almost 3 times. I have, however, downloaded the new mac demo which runs pretty well on all low at my base line ibook G4 1.25 GHz with 256 mb of ram ati radeon mobility 9200 32 mb Vram. For the majority of the time, i get around 10 fps for the first 5 minutes or so and then it just seems to speed up. Some areas, I actually get about 45 fps which is pretty amazing. So anyways, i bought a 1 gb ram upgrade which, i hope, will allow me to play the game on low at 1024x768 with like 40 fps or so. What might have helped the most is that i downloaded the ATI radeon drivers for the mac version of my 9200
    from the ati website. If you want to play this game on high or something, don't even try it becasue not only will you get bad performance, but the program automatically turns on like an ultimate pixel shader needing thing that will make the game look like crap on a 9200. I remember the pistol was all chromed almost like pure silver and the faces were two toned: they were half the light tone and half the dark tone.

    in terms of gameplay overall from playing the PC version, the game scares you quite a bit if you play it for the first time for the first couple hours of gameplay and then here and there later on. When i played the mac version, i tried to remember everything but of course i failed and i was still scared a few times. Not the most insane fps but a pretty good game in terms of horror...more info
  • Good, I assume
    Doom 3 is one of the most intense, scary, gory, horrific first-person-shooters in existence. It wastes no time getting right into the action and substantial, though not deep, plot. However, a good 65% of the way through the overall game, a glitch occured, apparently disabling me from making any more progress through the game. I stepped onto an elevator and pressed the up button. The elevator went up about a foot and stopped, even though the only walkthrough in existence clearly states that it is supposed to continue onto the next level. Despite this flaw disabling me from competing the game, I did thoroughly enjoy what I did get to play. I strongly recommend this game....more info
  • Fun, scary shooter...!
    I am running Doom 3 quite well (with a tweaked CFG- check out for the best Doom 3 tweaking guide I've come across, some tweaks are heavily beneficial!) on the following setup:
    MDD G4 1GHz/1GB RAM/OS X 10.3.8/Radeon9800Pro GPU- the gameplay's more than acceptable in speed and absolutely gorgeous. [From what I've been reading and based on my experience] the GPU plays a major role in the performance of Doom 3 so I would definitely not have attempted this with a lesser graphics card.

    If you're okay with getting creeped out (well you wouldn't be interested in this game otherwise, right?) I'd highly suggest playing this game with the lights out and a pair of headphones on (the sense of immersion given via the audio in this game is hair-raising!). Doom 3 plays audio and visual tricks on the player that'll make even the most hardcore horror movie buff spasming in reaction at least a handful of times- it's one thing to watch... it's another to get the sense of "being" there... and no 'scary' movie that I've seen in the last few years has made me jerk in reaction as much as Doom 3 has in the last week I've been playing it.

    The visuals are stunning... even tweaked a bit extra for performance- some options (like bump mapping) which add/retain realism simply MUST be left on to avoid the game looking cartoon-like.

    All in all... if you're running a setup with (at least) a similar configuration to mine I'd highly recommend Doom 3- IF it's your cup of tea.

    NOTE: This game does not utilize multiple processors- so don't think a dual 867MHz G4 would perform as well as my 1GHz G4. :P...more info
  • A Beautiful Nightmare

    PLAYED ON: Mac Pro with 8800 GT. Runs beautifully on high settings. No technical problems whatsoever.

    GAMEPLAY: Straight-up, no-frills shooter. This is basically a corridor crawl from start to finish, with minimal distanced combat. Puzzles are simple enough that getting stuck is unlikely. Rather light on difficulty overall, as the AI is relentless but not very adaptive. Nightmare mode is frustrating due to the fact that health is sapped automatically, despite not being hit.

    STORY: Classic Doom scenario, fleshed out with compelling backstory.

    GRAPHICS: Continue to impress. Credit the art department with some beautiful details, both in the characters and some of the locales. As you approach the end of the game, the graphics really get a chance to shine.

    ATMOSPHERE: Definitely creepy. Enemies sound appropriately hellish, as do the various ambient sounds. The voice acting is a very important element here, and it meets the challenge as well. Of course, the game is also extremely dark, and the player must constantly be on guard against things jumping out from hiding places in full attack mode. Like any good game, the developers have included the little touches necessary to establish an appropriate mood (in this case desperation, dread, and fear).

    VALUE: DOOM 3 is a long game by shooter standards. You will get your money's worth. Unfortunately there is little immediate replay value once you've made it through the whole story.
    Come on, DOOM 4!!

    BOTTOM LINE: DOOM 3 is a lovingly crafted, highly entertaining experience. If you are a shooter fan, particularly a Mac shooter fan, you owe it to yourself to get this game. ...more info


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