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Tend Skin Liquid is the perfect skin saving solution. The soothing fluid helps reduce the common unsightly and sometimes painful side effects of shaving and waxing for both men and women. Tend Skin Liquid helps reduce the appearance of razor bumps, ingrown hairs and razor burn for smooth, soft, healthy skin post-shave. It also helps to reduce irritation and redness caused by shaving, waxing and electrolysis. It is safe to use on face and neck (men) and legs, underarms and bikini area (women). Recommended Use: Apply only to DRY skin. Test small area 5 minutes for sensitivity. Dampen cotton ball with Tend Skin Liquid and apply to area. Use morning and night until area is clear, then each time after hair removal.

  • Reduces appearance of unsightly razor bumps
  • Reduces ingown hairs
  • Redices redness from shaving, waxing etc.
  • Can be used on face, neck and body

Customer Reviews:

  • No more razor bumps!
    This product does everything it promises. It is the only product that works for razor bumps and is worth every penny....more info
  • Don;t waste your money!!!
    Very Disappointed... NEVER had so many ingrown hairs in my life while using TEND SKIN!!!!! HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!!

    10 years ago, I started to wax my bikini area and always used Princereigns to prevent ingrowns. I never had to worry about ingrowns. Three months ago, as I was looking for good deals for Princereigns, I came across Tend Skin on Amazon and read all the positive reviews. Most people seemed to have a mixed outcome, plus it was more harsh and thought maybe I should try something stronger. I thought "cant go wrong, I'll try it out. I was never unhappy with Princereigns, but it did work well and moisturize my skin but I was open to trying something new and Tend Skin seemed promising. Girl, was I wrong!!! I didn't know how great Princereigns was in preventing ingrowns until I stopped using it and started to use Tend Skin. I gave Tend Skin 2 months to redeem itself...that was too long!!! I was way too optimistic. Currently, I have so many bumps and ingrowns, it's too embarrassing to wear a bikini bottom! I have never had so many ingrown hairs in my life. I just received Princereigns in the mail, and hopefully, it'll help my waxed area clear up before I take my vacation in 1 week. I'm never going to use Tend Skin- I wish there was a money back guarantee. Even my husband who uses Princereigns on his face got more ingrowns while using Tend Skin. I wonder if you're better off using anything at all then to use Tend Skin(to save money!)
    ...more info
  • Can't live without it
    Awesome product. I had the worst case of ingrown hairs and nothing I tried seemed to work. After using Tend Skin for a couple of days, the results were great.

    After shaving, you need to wait a little bit so your skin is completely dry before applying it. It has a weird smell when you first apply it, but as soon as it dries it goes away.

    I would say that Tend Skin has helped me by reducing the amount of ingrown hairs and razor bumps by about 95%.

    It may be a little bit expensive, but it is TOTALLY worth the price.

    Highly recommended!
    ...more info
  • it stinks
    Tried it for two weeks, not working for my underarms. And it stinked, after I sweat, friends told me loud that " you smell so bad". Had to stop using it......more info
  • Promises everything, delivers nothing.
    I bought TendSkin to help with the irritation and razor bumps I get on my neck from shaving. The product claims to, "reduce appearance of unsightly razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and redness from shaving." But despite it's lofty promises and high price, it does none of this. In fact in my case it made the irritation and red bumps worse, I have sensitive skin and the main ingredient of this product is alcohol. The directions tell you to apply it after shaving, but because alcohol dries out your skin and is painful to apply after shaving, it only made my problem worse. I wish I could have rated this product zero stars, because it is absolutely worthless....more info
  • Great product
    I used to shave my bikini area regularly and got so tired of the razor bumps and ingrown hairs that came along with it so I decided to give Brazilian bikini waxing a try. The results are much more precise, longer lasting and smoother. But I was still getting those big ugly ingrown hairs. So the wax technician gave me a couple sample bottles of TendSkin. There was a noticable difference after 24 hours but I still had quite a few bumps remaining. I don't know if it was because I'm so suspectible to ingrown hairs or because I had so many to start with but it took a couple of months for my bikini area to completely clear up with twice daily application of TendSkin. I also exfoliate my bikini area several times a week - exfoliation will go a long way in preventing ingrown hairs. With the exfoliation and the daily application of TendSkin, the ingrown hairs are completely gone. I now use TendSkin only once a day and that is sufficient. My bikini area has never looked better. My only gripe with TendSkin is the cost - I put off buying a bottle for the longest because it's so expensive. I have one of the small 4 ounce bottles that I found at the less expensive price of $13 but that's still a bit much for this product. I'll continue to buy it because it works but it'd be nice if it were a little cheaper.

    And for those who are wondering about the rubbing alcohol smell, I found that on me it disappeared as soon as the TendSkin dried. So don't let the smell of it deter you - if you are prone to ingrown hairs, TendSkin is the product for you. And to help it along, it's also a good idea to exfoliate the area regularly. :)...more info
  • Tend Skin is the reason I can shave my legs.
    Tend Skin is really only useful for ingrown hairs. It's basically a highly effective exfoliant. It is TOTALLY WORTH THE PRICE if you get really bad ingrown hairs. I have used it for over 10 years. I get ingrown hairs from shaving my legs and waxing body hair. Tend skin makes this bearable, otherwise I'd have to go all hippie and stop shaving all together. I use it once or twice a day, especially in summer. There is another product on the market that has similar ingredients in a gel roll-on, but it isn't strong enough to work.

    Drawbacks: The price, obviously. You have to use it daily, especially after waxing. It is a liquid, and most easily applied like toner with a cotton ball. If you use your hands to apply this liquid like a lotion it works, but your hands get peely skin. I like to use latex gloves. Tend Skin makes fake tanning difficult; because it exfoliates so well, your fake tan with disappear faster. It smells harsh until it dries (2 minutes) I would not use it on sensitive facial skin. And it doesn't get rid of zits, unless they are ingrown hairs. Despite what the directions indicate, it's VERY IRRITATING ON RAZOR BURN or SKIN THAT HAS JUST BEEN SHAVED....more info
  • Sparkles?? Not sure yet!
    Did anyone else see sparkles all over their skin after applying tend skin?? Or is this some new ingredient. I am totally serious, the entire area where I applied it is shiny, sparkely, and glittery looking. It's pretty, but I don't see how that will help irritation, or where it is coming from (which ingredient?).
    Also, I don't believe I have ingrown hairs yet, I just got bikini waxed yesterday, so why did the waxer say to put this on 24 hrs after...i guess to prevent them? However, I do have a couple irritation bumps, and am worried this weird cracked out sparkle version of tend skin they gave me is not helping. Any ideas?

    As for the smell, this is nothing compared to a shot of tequila or everclear :)...it's really not bad at all! So far, I would recommend it as it was highly recommended in the salon, it feels gentle when applying, and does not have such a bad order. Other options such as calomine, to me, would seem much more nasty smelling! ...more info
  • Good Buy
    My husband feels that this is the best product on the market to help control his razor bumps....more info
  • Didn't Work For Me
    I used this product several years ago and it didn't work for me.

    Smells like alcohol so it will burn like hell if you apply it to broken or bruised skin.

    I also have to agree with other reviewers that it can definitely dry your skin. So I guess if you have sensitive skin, then be careful.

    Everyone's skin is different. Mine is tough, but thin.
    ...more info
  • A better product than what I have used so far
    Used it and had good results 3 times out of 4. I was impressed however on the results it had on my husband. He ALWAYS gets rasor burns but not after he used Tend Skin. I would definately recommend it! ...more info


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