Goldstar DH304 30-Pint Dehumidifier - Mechanical Control

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Goldstar DH-304 30-Pint Dehumidifier

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  • Works but annoying compressor noise
    I got this dehumidifier, which is available at Walmart, a month ago.
    Their customer service told me it was 49-52 dBA, it really runs at about 55 dBA on both the low and high fan speeds according to my sound meter. That isn't awfully loud, but you wouldn't want to sleep next to it. It's mostly compressor noise. There isn't much fan noise. After a couple of weeks it starting making weird and intolerable noises, like something was vibrating inside. Slapping it didn't help.
    It has a nice big bucket, 20 pints. The bucket sticks, it's hard to pull out, but that's kind of minor.
    The fan turns off when it reaches the RH level. You maybe want the fan to run all the time if it's in a living space, because it catches your attention when noises start and stop.
    Actually, nothing that the customer service told me about this dehumidifier was right! The only way I've been able to get accurate information about dehumidifiers is by buying them!
    I don't think it's Energy Star rated.
    It can't be used below 65 F. Low-temperature dehumidifiers are usually louder, so that's a good thing if you want it in your living space.
    But it does work and it's quieter than the Whirlpool dragon I had before.
    It's quieter than the Danby 2506, which is 58 dBA on my sound meter, about 7 feet away. but because of the weird cyclic and buzzing compressor noises, it's more annoying to be near it.
    It has mechanical controls (a dial you turn, rather than electronic buttons). This is probably also a good thing. An appliance repair person online recommended getting one with mechanical controls, as less likely to cause trouble.
    It doesn't give a number for the humidity, which doesn't matter much. Accurate hygrometers are expensive, and the ones they have in dehumidifiers are surely not good quality. If you want to have a certain relative humidity, buy a good hygrometer and calibrate it, so then you can adjust the dehumidifier as needed. ...more info
  • How long will it work?
    Mine quit on me after 6 months. Try another brand....more info
  • Worked fine for two years but....
    I have this dehumidifier, but under the Kenmore brand- but it looks exactly the same. It worked like a charm for about two years, but then suddenly stopped working. From the Sears website (where we bought ours) I discovered that many people had the same experience- after two years the dehumidifier stopped working. My husband has tinkered with it several times- the fan works, we gave the filter and "insides" a thorough cleaning, but the coils ice up and now my husband thinks that the coolant is not properly circulating.

    Like I said, it worked wonderfully for a while and made a huge difference in our basement, but from what I can gather from Internet searches, it should have had a longer lifespan....more info