Whirlpool AD-65USM 65 Pint Ultra Low Temp Basement Dehumidifier, AD65USM

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Whirpool Dehumidifiers fit in anywhere. It's America's most prefered styling for room dehumidifiers. And with four rollers mounted on the base of the dehumidifier, it is easy to move from place to place.

Customer Reviews:
  • Works great, could be higher rated with a little more
    This dehumidifier works great in the basement.

    The first one I bought had a defective water level assembly. The way the water level shutoff is designed seems Mickey-mouse. I returned the unit and the replacement has been working fine for 2 years, but I still don't like the way the water level shutoff works but it's been fine.

    This unit doesn't have a filter. I'm not sure how much a filter would actually do, but like the filters in window air conditioners one would filter debris from getting stuck in the condenser.

    Overall, the unit has worked fine and done what it was supposed to. I got a second dehumidifier for a different part of the house and it is a Maytag that cost the same amount but has a filter and a better designed water level assembly and a better designed water bucket. Essentially the way you carry the bucket and pour it out is more user friendly.

    Overall, it ok but if I need a replacement I'd get the Maytag....more info