Playtex Premium Designer Nurser 8 oz. - 3 pk

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Product Description

With its NaturaLatch Slow Flow silicone nipple, the Premium Nurser eases baby's transition between breast and bottle. Its sleek, contoured shape is easy to hold. Features: Less air, less gas for healthier feeding NaturaLatch Nipple clinically proven to support breastfeeding Collapsible liners mean less air and gas for healthier feeding Hourglass shape is easier to hold Holds 8 ounces (236mL) Available Colors: Yellow / Blue / Green Blue / Green - (2) Blue, (1) Green Pink / Yellow / Purple

  • Set of three 8-oz. bottles and nipples in cute pastels
  • NaturaLatch slow-flow silicone nipples clinically proven to support breastfeeding (includes 3)
  • Collapsible liners (sold separately) minimize air intake, which causes painful gas and stomach or colic discomfort in babies
  • Hourglass bottle shape is easy to hold
  • Made in USA
  • Playtex Bottle Set

Customer Reviews:

  • Great choice for nursing moms!
    I have used these bottles to supplement nursing for the last eight months. Since the liners are steralized, all I have to do is wash the nipples and other parts in very hot water and let dry. These are convenient and easy to use. Try the rubber nipples as well as the bottle series with the solid color tops that close down on the nipple - I like those the best because they are so compact. ...more info
  • Love 'em
    The best bottle hands down! I am an RN and I highly these bottles without hesitation! They are easy to clean, to travel with, to warm up, to feed baby... what else is left? My daughter ( now 4 months) was never gassy and doesn't spit up much at all ever! Good Luck!...more info
  • I love them.
    I love these bottles and so does my son. They really do keep the gas out. And the nipple is great when you are also breastfeeding, my son didnt seem to notice the difference. The only problem though, is the measuring... I'm fine now that my son drinks regular milk, but when I had to mix formula it was hard. You can actually only mix 6 oz. of formula in the 8 oz. bottles. What I ended up doing towards the end when my son was beginning to drink 8 oz., was mix the formula in another container or bottle and then transfer it to the playtex.
    Other than that its great not having to wash bottles over and over....more info
  • Too much work!
    I bought these bottles thinking that I was going to breastfeed my son. After I soon realized that he wanted nothing to do with it, I fed him formula from the Platex Premium Nurser bottles. Don't get me wrong, the bottles were great. However, it became a pain the continue buying the liners for the bottles and when I went to heat the bottle, you had to pour the formula into a cup because you obviously can't put the bottle in the microwave. Also, once I was able to put cereal in my son's bottle, not even the "fast flow" nipple would allow the cereal to pass. So I ended up switching to the Avent bottles. No liners, you can pop them in the microwave, and the stage 4 nipple allows the cereal mixed with the formula to pass. All babies get gassy when they drink a bottle and I found that my son did just as well with the Avent bottles as he did with the Platex Premium Nursers. It was just easier for me!!!...more info
  • Love this product
    I love the ease of use with the playtex drop-in system. Would highly recommend!...more info
  • The best for our babies!
    We have tried all kinds of bottles like Avent, Gerber (which our sons also liked), Munchkin TriFlow, Dr Browns (way too many parts to clean), and Playtex amongst others. I absolutley love the Playtex nurser bottles. How convenient that you can just drop in a sanitized liner and add formula or breast milk. There really is no cleaning except for the nipple, but of course I clean all the parts anyway. No air gets into baby's belly if you squeeze the air out first. We are expecting another boy so I didn't hesitate to go out and purchase some of the new designer boy themed bottles. I have been very pleased with so many Playtex products...bottles, baby wash and lotion, and even my diaper genie. ...more info
  • They really worked!!!!
    I looked into these bottles because I was going on a camping trip and wanted to make life easier on me. I was using the Dr. Brown bottles but they are such a pain to clean especially if your camping. I read some reviews on these bottles and heard they were better then the Dr. Brown bottles so I tried them out. my son was still spitting up a little with the Dr. Brown bottles but now he dosen't spit up at all! I am sold on these bottles. I would say the liners are kind of a pain only because you have to buy extra and you have to make sure you have extra in your diaper bag. But it is worth the change in my son! ...more info
  • Ripped off
    These come in both boy and girl colors. The picture shows pink, purple, and yellow bottles. I received blue and green bottles. I contacted Amazon who promptly sent me another three sets (all of the first three sets were wrong). In the second shipment they only got one set right. I e-mailed to return these as well. When I sent back the five incorrect sets the company would not refund my money because "they had already replaced the items". Be careful when ordering from this site....more info
  • Best Ever!
    I love everything Playtex! I am all about breast feeding, but I also work full time so I have to pump. My son has no problems transitioning from bottle to breast. He also rarely spits up even when he has formula. Between the drop in bottles and the drop in storage system, Playtex has made life easy for my husband and I. Less gas means happy baby, happy baby means happy Mommy and Daddy! I'm throwing out all of the other bottles we tried, nothing compares to the drop in system! ...more info
  • Recommended by our pediatrician
    While we were preparing for the arrival of our daughter, we were hoping to use these bottles because of the convenience, so when our pediatrician recommended them, the decision was made. These bottles are wonderful!!! They don't have to be scrubbed inside with a brush like one-piece bottles. We just throw them in the dishwasher and they're done. Our daughter has reflux, and the silicone slow-flow natural latch nipples work well for her. Our doctor (along with other doctors in the same group) says that these are the best bottles to cut down on gas.

    I would highly recommend buying the premium nursers (featured here) instead of the older original nursers that are slowly being phased out. (We have some of each.) The premium lids are a MAJOR improvement-they're easy to pop on and off one-handed, unlike the original lids that you have to pry off with your fingernails. You can interchange all the parts from both systems (use any holder with any ring with any nipple with any lid), but I think the premiums are much better. Also, the premiums come with the silicone nipples, but the originals usually don't.

    The liners for these nursers are very inexpensive, especially if you use the coupons that come with the bottles or if you buy the store brand liners (they work just as well).

    The only downside to this system is that there isn't much room at the top of the liner to put in a full 4 ounces of water plus powdered formula and shake. But that problem can happen with any bottle, and I don't think it's a big deal.

    GOOD NEWS for those who use these bottles! I just discovered today that you can buy extra rings and lids on (I got the info. from Playtex over the phone.) I plan to get some extra premium lids to take the place of the few original nurser system lids that I have (and to make up for the ones I will inevitably lose along the way).
    ...more info
  • Wouldn't use anything else
    I worked in daycare for 4 years, in the infant room for 2. I realized then that the babies that were using these bottles were happier, less gassy, & spit up less then the other babies. I decided then that these are the bottles I would use when I had children. Well, I am finally preggers with my first and am planning on registering for them, no other bottles will appear on my registry! I love them and tell everyone I know that is having a baby that these are the bottles they shoud use. ...more info
  • Best for my kid - but every baby is different
    I have read and re-read reviews for bottles and have found that the only way to really find the right bottle is to try them out (no wonder this is a multi-billion dollar industry). We tried Playtex Drop-Ins and were frustrated about 6 weeks in that feedings were taking an hour with the Slow nipples. The Fast nipples drenched our son in formula. We moved to Avent with a Stage 2 nipple and found ourselves in the 50% of people who can't get them shut properly. Loved the nipple shape and speed, couldn't deal with the leaking. We tried Playtex Ventaire. Although this bottle claims to not let air in through the nipple, we apparently couldn't get these closed correctly either. Air entered through the nipple at every feeding and caused gas and spit-up problems. We eventually made our way back to the Drop-Ins, our son now old enough to handle the Fast nipple, we like these the best. I still feel reviews are beneficial, but know that your kid will let you know if he or she needs a change. Find what works for you and go with it. I give the Drop-Ins 4 stars. If Playtex would put out a Medium flow nipple, it would be 5....more info


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