AllerTech? Filters 20" X 25" X 1" (4)

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Product Description

Designed by expert engineers to meet the needs of allergic and asthmatic individuals, AllerTech Furnace and Air Conditioner Filters use the most efficient methods to trap and hold allergens. Our exclusive disposable filters are superior to both electrostatic and pleated filters.

Our Three-Stage Design filters become even more efficient over time, capturing smaller and smaller particles. Other types of filters lose their efficiency as they get dirty and unload particles that they have collected back into the air.

Our No-Leak Edges create a self-seal that directs the air through the filter for 100% filtration. Other types of filters have cardboard or hard metal edges that allow dirty air to pass by unfiltered.

AllerTech Furnace and Air Conditioner Filters are easy to install and require no maintenance or messy cleaning. Sold in boxes of four for a minimum 12-month supply.

If you have a Lennox furnace, please use our Basket Guard filter and simply cut to size and place in basket.