Damp Check Natural Dehumidifier

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Product Description

Dust mites and molds thrive in humid areas. Our dehumidifiers absorb moisture quickly and efficiently. Use wherever dampness is a problem.

  • This nonelectric system absorbs moisture that causes mildew, mold and rust. Dehumidifies areas up to 1000 cu. ft., holds up to 1/2 gal. of moisture before emptying and will last for months. Use wherever dampness is a problem.
Customer Reviews:
  • Works, but makes a mess.
    This product works, but is a huge mess to try to set up. The dry chemical is finer than the mesh on the dome lid, so it falls through if you tilt the product at all. The review said that it would last for months, but my chemical melted completely away after only two weeks. It did collect water, but it didn't seem worth the mess and short-life....more info