Bagless Cyclonic Fantom Hand Vacuum

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Capturing and holding 99.97% of allergens and microscopic air impurities as small as 0.3 microns with its rinseable HEPA filter for clean, fresh air. Extremely powerful, Cyclonic, 750-watt power and Motorized Brush Roll creates a vacuuming capability that is ideal for all types of use. Great for stairs, furniture, floors, carpet, autos, etc. Lightweight, compact with a super long attached stretch hose for difficult to reach areas. Bagless, easy to empty cup for complete cleaning. One-year factory warranty.

  • Our collection of True HEPA Vacuum Cleaners, Vacuum Bags and Dusters insure particle containment while providing superior cleaning performance. Vacuum safely without the worry of releasing allergens back into the air.
Customer Reviews:
  • I have a Different Model but Similar ( 'u^ )
    I bought a Fantom Handheld Vacuum with the return money after my Mom had bought me the wrong one handheld for Christmas last year. But as soon as I charged it up *Initial first time charge is at least 24 hrs.* and it was ready to be used. I Loved how the attachments it came with sucked up all the loose puppy hairs around my hair. It's also very light-weight. Not heavy at all to carry up and down stairs unlike the BIG Vacuums. Also the suction power on this vacuum is very strong for a little Handheld. I use it for everything from picking up spilled dog kibble, pet hair, general vacuuming, and I Love how I charged it up for a night then took it straight to my car to vacuum up my car during vehicle pampering days. I own a Dodge Caravan so there's a lot of space to vacuum and I love the carpet brush attachment cuz it gives my bench seats in the rear a little extra TLC. And for freshness I sprinkle come carpet power on the floors on my fan and it'll stay smelling flowery for days til my next vehicle pampering days. I paid about $40 at a local KMart. The Price is well worth the quality ! I like the Fantom HandHeld vacs. I might purchase an extra maybe this one here. Oh' and also the Filter is reusable. Just wash in warm water every week or so. They recommend you don't wash it too often within a three month period so that the Filter will last longer. The quality is Excellent !! I'm sure this handheld will last me til' I'm an old granny ! ...more info