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Product Description

Fascinations Antworks is the first and only ant habitat to be tested in zero gravity. It provides a total ecosystem for ants and uses a non-toxic blue gel which makes it easy to watch the ants digging their network of tunnels. It includes container, ant catcher, magnifier and activity guide.

  • Antworks is great for science fairs, biology studies, or kids that want an easy to care for pet
  • Follow ants as they live, work and tunnel in the translucent gel
  • Watch the ants create complex 3-D tunnels before your eyes. The perfect indoor pet that requires no food, water or maintenance
  • Perfect as or desk or room accent
  • Provides children with a chance to observe ants close up over several weeks

Customer Reviews:

  • Ants wouldn't take...
    I got the ants from the company- they all showed up alive, but didn't do anything in the gel but die in a few weeks. Cool idea, but didn't work for me....more info
  • fun for kids and adults to watch
    This is a great product. It is actually fascinating. My 5yr old son and my 40yr old brother both received this as a gift. They both thoroughly enjoyed watching the working ants- and they work fast. My son didn't want to go to school because he didn't want to miss anything. Once the ants are poured into the container, no work or maintenance is necessary.

    As far as ordering ants, you have to be careful. If you order during a warm season in Arizona or a cold season in another state, they will most likely arrive dead. And make sure you check your mailbox every day so they don't sit in your box for an extra 24 hours. My first batch arrived dead, and getting hold of the company was tricky. They never responded to my email or my voicemail. Finally, when I called early in the morning and spoke to a real person, they were more than happy to send out a new set of ants....more info
  • This is a great farm!
    The Antworks ant farm is awesome! We are studying ants for science and I read a lot of bad reviews for other farms. I am glad I went with this one, it got lots of great reviews and now I know why! It is great. The ants came within a few days and after four weeks, they are still going strong. The gel allows you to see through the farm and study the tunneling methods they use. Who knew ants were so smart?!...more info
  • Cool antfarm, lousy company
    Bought this habitat and ordered my ants from a VERY cheap high-supply company on ebay. The gel ant farm is a really cool idea, and it has been very interesting watching my ants do their thing. Very easy to set up and maintain. The reason for this bad review, however, is the bad quality control and poor customer service of Fascinations.

    The first ant farm I bought (maybe it sat in a warehouse too long), had a gap between the back wall and the gel from where the gel shrank away from the wall. I noticed it when I put in the ants, and, because of the gap, they just hung out back there and didn't want to tunnel.

    I exchanged the first ant-farm, and received a second with a gap in the front wall. The gap wasn't as bad, but it still shouldn't have been there, and discouraged the ants from tunneling.

    On Fascination's website, I filled out their webform to make a complaint and request a replacement with good gel. The webform didn't work. So, I called, and the lady there said that the person to talk to would be back in on the following Monday.

    Monday. I called, and spoke to a man who said that there wasn't anyone I could talk to over the phone and would need to use the webform. Since the webform didn't work, he said that the only way I could request a replacement was to send a letter (via USPS). Upon prodding, he finally said that I could send an email to their support department instead, and gave me the email address.

    Sent an email. No response. A week later, sent the email again. Still no response. Yesterday, I just received, in the mail, a hand-written envelope from Fascinations with nothing inside but a printed description of their limited warranty policy.

    Some customer service. This is a really cool product, but you're taking a shot in the dark as to whether or not you get an antfarm with properly filled gel. No quality control. No customer service. I won't buy from them again, unless I'm in a physical store and inspect the antfarm before purchase....more info
  • did not work
    I live in Hawaii and they wouldn't ship the ants to me so I had to find my own. Maybe that was the problem. But this was a terrible ant farm. all the ants died and even when I set it outside without the cover off there were no ants attracted to it. I would not recommend it....more info
  • Interesting and educational
    We bought this for our son and he loves it. It shows the daily goings on in an ants life. This is a very rugged built product as well. Very educational and entertaining. I would highly recommend it....more info
  • Disposable
    I bought one of these and ordered the ants from the website. It was pretty interesting for a while; the ants made tunnels just like in the picture. But after a while they just started making a big empty space next to the outer wall, and it wasn't quite as cool to watch.

    The ants lasted a few months, but I couldn't figure out how to get the dead ones out - their friends had carried them to a chamber down near the bottom. I ended up throwing it out, which really seemed like a waste. I wish they provided a way to refill it....more info
  • A great new twist to a kid's classic project
    I ordered this for my son. We recieved the kit farly quickly and the ants were easy to order. Only one ant was dead out of like 20 some so that was good. The blue gel is great to watch because you can see everything and allows kids to see and touch and even drop it sometimes without messing up there tunnels. Also the ants feed of the gel so that saves from the hassle of feeding them. Great product would recommend for anyone looking for a great and interactive ant farm for young ones....more info
  • I am truly impressed!
    I kind of bought this on a whim in December knowing it would probably be months before the weather was warm enough to ship ants. I was thrilled when they showed up in mid-January and only one was dead (although they looked dead and it took a few minutes for them to warm up and get moving again). It is now a month later and I haven't lost another ant. They have tunneled like mad and are extremely interesting to watch. They work together creating tunnels and rearranging the gel pieces they have cut out. I never imagined an ant farm could be this fun. The manufacturer's description is dead on. Everything they say will happen does. I'm 100% satisfied with this product....more info
    Every one in the family loves it. Quite interesting to see these ants working so hard. I ordered mine in April from NJ and the outside temperature was perfect for getting the ants shipped....more info
  • very cool
    All my children ages 3 6 and 8 including mom and dad were fascinated with the ant farm. My kids spent hours looking at the ants. The only problem is that the ants last only about six to eight weeks. Once the ants started dying the kids began loosing interest on it. I guess I will buy more ant to get them interested again. Would definetely recommend....more info
  • Great class project!
    I am using this in my second grade class for social studies (communities) and science. The students are very interested and interactive with the ant farm. It is small, maybe 6 inches square (approximately), so we take turns viewing the ants. But we have a system and it works well. I ordered the ants through the web page in the booklet and they arrived within 10 days, healthy and active. They have built an amazing tunneling system and the students record how it changes and how many ants are active at what times. It is educational and informative and the students stay interested in the scientific process. I will probably buy another one so I can have two in my class of 20 kids making the process more streamlined. A good, durable product. ...more info
  • great gift!
    I bought this for my 7 yr. old nephew and he looooooves it! It looks just like I thought it would. ...more info
  • first ant farm that works!
    I bought this at an insect museum last week for my 8 and 5 year old boys. Ordered the ants the same day and they arrived, very healthy and active, in one week. We dumped them in and they started to tunnel into the starter holes within about 3 hours. Now, 2 days later they have started tunneling their own holes, in addition to zig-zagging around connecting the starter holes we punched for them. I really wish now that I had purchased the type that you can connect multiple habitats. But, since we've never had any luck with ant farms before, I didn't want to pay the extra cost for that kind over the single habitat variety. I have put the illuminator on their Christmas wish list, as well as another habitat with green gel. If you or your kids are fascinated with ants, you probably won't be disaapointed with this product!...more info
  • the nephews loved it
    I purchased two as gifts for my nephews (age 10 and 8). The ants arrived 2 weeks after sending for them. Both boys loved them. Actually their families are all enjoying watching the amazing tunnelers. Great gift for most kids....more info
  • Ants do nothing, just sit there
    The ants burrowed a large hole in side of "ant farm" and they just sit there and hardly move. They are still alive but they do nothing in this ant farm. My other daughter has a regular sand ant farm where the ants work hard but this one they seem to not want to work at all. I cannot call Antworks about this, I have to email them using a form. I emailed them about 10 days ago and still no response from them....more info
  • Fascination Antworks
    I ordered this for my son's 2nd grade class. We got the ants on a Friday and will take the farm on Monday. all weekend my son has been so curious about what the ants will do next. He has been very excited to get up each morning to see what the ants have done overnight. I know the class will like to watch it too.
    ...more info


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