Fedders V Chassis A6V08S2A 15" Slider/ Casement Air Conditioner w/ 8000 BTU, 115 Volts & 842 Cooling Watts

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The Fedders V Chassis Series are Fedder's Slider/Casement air conditioners. Starting at over 5,000 BTUs, this air conditioner has a unique shape allowing it to be installed in various window types. These models come with Electronic touch control and a full-featured remote control.

Customer Reviews:
  • piece of junk
    I bought 2 of these a/c's and one came broken, the other one very loud. We called the service to get the broken one fixed and it took them 3 weeks to come to look at it and than when they finnaly came, they took it with them to get it fixed. But the parts have to be ordered, so that is another 10 days. So I purchased this item on 6/8 and on 7/12 I still don't have it at home. Do not buy Fedders, their customer service sucks too, they apologized and that is it. No discount, refund, new item, nothing, just a "sorry". ...more info