Fedders V Chassis A1V10S2C 15" Slider/Casement Air Conditioner w/ 10,000 BTU, 115Volts & 1050 Cooling Watts

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The Fedders A1V10S2C offers 4-Way Air Direction. Adjustable front louvers let you direct the airflow both horizontally and vertically, providing uniform cooling. A protective rear grille and cabinet help prevent exterior coil damage to ensure continued maximum cooling and corrosion protection. A unit that insists on a long lasting cooling life.

Customer Reviews:
  • Fedders does not honor their warranty
    I bought a Fedders AC. The specs said it would slide right into my casement window. Turns out I had to build a frame for it. I did that, but turns out the dimensions they give are wrong by 1/4", so I had to modify the frame. I did that, and installed the unit. It was horribly broken.

    Luckily, Fedders provides 1 year in home warranty service. Unfortunately, that is only on paper. In reality they do not provide any service at all. They have no service provider within hundreds of miles of me. It took 10 days to convince them that all the sercive centers they referred me to were either out of business or hours from my home. One problem is that customer service is handled from the Phillipines, so nobody I spoke to had any understanding of US geography.

    Finally, they agreed to ship me a replacement unit. However, before they could do that they had to "get signatures from upper management". That has not happened. I have had the unit for nearly 3 months, and so far nothing from Fedders. No replacement unit, no working AC, and no indication that they have any intention of honoring their warranty.

    Fedders does not honor their warranty. They provide horrible customer service. Their customer service reps are in the Phillipines, often are not easy to understand, and are not able to provide any assistance. I will ever again buy any Fedders product....more info