Gripmaster Hand Exerciser Blue, Light Tension (5-Pounds per Finger)
Gripmaster Hand Exerciser Blue, Light Tension (5-Pounds per Finger)

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Product Description

    The best grip is both soft and strong. It consists of soft and flexible hands enhancing a fluid swing combined with powerful wrist action contributing important additional power to the swing. The patented Gripmaster is the only hand exerciser available today which enables you to isolate and develop each finger individually.

    Accu-Net GripMaster Hand Exercisers feature:

  • Strengthen weaker fingers to overcome right/left side bias
  • Achieve stronger wrist snap for increased distance and consistency
  • Increases control, endurance, coordination in fingers, hand and forearm
  • Designed to exercise each finger individually
  • Includes complete exercise program


  • Black (Heavy) tension -9 lbs. per finger for strong hands
  • Blue (Light) tension -5 lbs. per finger for average hands
  • Red (Medium) tension -7 lbs. per finger for above average hands

Isolating each finger so it can be exercised individually, the patented Gripmaster strengthens hands, wrist, and forearm with spring-loaded piston technology while ensuring the palm doesn't slip from a molded grip. This model offers medium tension (seven pounds per finger) and is recommended for men. Sturdy and highly durable, the Gripmaster easily fits in pocket or purse, enabling hand exercise anytime, anywhere.

A few daily workouts with the Gripmaster Pro and you'll enjoy better control of a baseball/softball bat, tennis racquet, or golf club, with each finger working in seamless unity with the others. You'll also find a ton of other uses for the Gripmaster Pro, including playing guitar or violin, rock climbing, bowling, target shooting, martial arts, yoga, or even relieving stress while clicking a mouse or gaming for hours on end.

Exercising with the Gripmaster is the most efficient and effective way to maintain the health and conditioning of the hand. It's the ideal way to maintain the suppleness and flexibility of the hand to prevent injury. Each finger of the hand is powered by a completely separate system of muscles and tendons located in the hand, wrist, and forearm. The ability to control the ball or control the bat, racquet, or club all starts with the hands. Your hand is really five separate systems which work in seamless unity. The only way to develop superior strength, endurance, and coordination in your hands is to challenge and develop each finger individually. Once you exercise with Gripmaster you'll notice a difference almost immediately.

  • Strengthen weaker fingers for superior hitting, throwing, and fielding
  • 5 pounds of tension per finger
  • Challenges each finger individually using patented spring-loaded finger piston technology
  • Greatly improves hand, wrist, and forearm strength
  • Includes complete exercise program

Customer Reviews:

  • This is the ticket!
    If you want to build finger strength and independence quickly, this is the ticket! Not only can you work on each finger independently, you can work on any combination of two or three fingers. This device is a quantam leap ahead of the traditional v-shaped devices that strengthened your entire hand in a general way without allowing you to bolster and improve weak areas (usually the ring finger and pinky). At this price, the gripmaster is a steal and I highly recommend it for guitarists, keyboard players, trumpet players, saxophone players...anyone who needs to build finger dexterity....more info
  • Great for lifting
    I looked at a bunch of grip-stregthening products, and bought the medium tension and heavy tension models. If you've got a good grip to start with, medium is great for individual finger exercises, but heavy is better for the whole hand. I use them to strengthen my grip for lifting weights, where your grip often starts to tire way before your muscles do. I'd recommend buying two at a time, each a different tension, to vary the resistance of the activity just like any other strength training exercise....more info
  • Perfect for me....
    I had nerve damage to my fingers and am slowly getting them stronger with this hand exerciser. ...more info
  • Good warm-up for musicians
    I've had one of these for years and they're pretty dang good. I do doubt the need for the more extreme tensions, at least for guitarists. I have a medium one, but the tension seemed way too much, and I was afraid I would injure myself. I eventually got the yellow extra-lite one and I use it a lot....more info
  • Gets the job done
    It's an ok hand exerciser. I bought it primarily to help with my guitar playing. It didnt make me a guitar god in 2 days but it did help me control my fingers a little bit more. I also use it if im headed somewhere and I need a quick warm-up before getting to a guitar. If you're a musican and you want to improve your finger strength, then this could help you. But don't expect to be a virtuoso over night.

    My second reason for the purchase was to help with my hand writting. I didn't see any improvement.

    But before you even give one squeeze, I suggest you READ THE MANUAL. And look at the grip master website for proper instructions. I keep hearing about people who say they royaly screwed up their wrist from this thing. When ever people ask to see it for a sec, they wrap their whole hand around it and squeeze it fast every second. This is not the proper way to handle this thing. You're not getting any work from it. You'd just be wasting your time.
    ...more info
  • great little product
    I'm an athletic female that wanted to improve finger strength. I got the blue model and when I got it I thought it was too light for me. After a short series of reps on my right hand, though, I realized it is the perfect resistance for me for more reps. My left hand struggles a bit more, but the blue isn't too much for it--I just can't do nearly as many reps. Great little product that comes with easy to follow directions on a large variety of exercises targeting certain muscle groups in the wrist and hand. Great for improving everything from trigger pulls to guitar playing to handshakes....more info
  • Great purchase
    This product was just as presented and it works as described. I am happy with the service and it arrived quickly. What more could I ask for?...more info
  • very good product
    i am a saxophonist and aspiring acoustic bassist. i bought this gripmaster to strengthen my fingers for the bass. it has been very helpful in that respect. i have also found that it has evened out fingering for the saxophone as well.
    i bought one for my son, a pianist and my daughter, a violinist. they both use it regularly and have found it helpful.
    i carry it around with me and use it while driving, on the treadmill and occasionally while lecturing. i find it to be a good stress reliever.
    i use the 9#, my daughter the 5# and my son has the 7#. i am thinking of going to the 11# resistance.
    you should buy one.
    peace...more info
  • Why does the link for the blue version (light tension) keep taking me to the black one?
    I am trying to purchase the light tension (5 lbs per finger) version of this product which comes in blue. However, the link keeps bringing up the black (heavy) version. Could your webmaster please fix this? Thank you....more info
  • The "Gripmaster"
    Gripmaster Hand Exerciser Blue, Light Tension (5-Pounds per Finger)is working, forearms are more toned, at 57 years old I'm using this and the stepper, rubber ball to help rebuild and maintain muscle strength.
    ...more info
  • Underwhelmed
    I'm a 23 yr old male and I broke my hand in high school. It never healed correctly, and I find exercising my weak hand relieves my occasional dull pain. I ordered the red Gripmaster to replace the "old school" grip strengthener I've used forever, which I felt was inferior since it doesn't have a spring for each finger.

    I'm disappointed with the Gripmaster for 3 reasons.

    First, I read medium tension was ideal for "the average man's hand." That's me. Well, I must actually be Chuck Norris. This red gripmaster is not challenging for either hand, especially my injury-free strong hand. It's comical that this is one step away from the maximum resistance.

    Second, this thing is tiny, smaller than a deck of cards. The springs are 1/2 inches long. I have stubby fingers so I was worried I would have trouble wrapping my ring and pinky fingers around it. Amazingly, my hand swallows this thing to where it's awkward to use. Not only is the resistance too light for me, the range of motion is far too short, resulting in an underwhelming workout for the fingers and forearm.

    Third, the finger pads are too small and close together. Once again, I don't have big hands. Yet if I only exercise one finger, it catches on the adjacent finger hands while I squeeze. If I had fatter fingers, I'm positive I'd pinch myself. They either need to separate the finger pads so we can truly work each finger, or, make the whole contraption bigger.

    The only reason I don't give this one star is because I like the individual springs. That will help me strengthen my pinky, but the further I get into this review, the more I dislike this thing. I'll use it b/c I paid for it, but "average men," either get the heavy-duty one or better yet, buy a different product.

    ...more info
  • Heavy Tension is too light
    I am a underweight 29 year old male, and I wanted a hand grip stress reliever when I work at the computer. The "Heavy Tension" should be labeled light tension. The design is good, but the springs need higher spring constants. I am considering getting a higher tension hand grip....more info
  • Gripmaster for rehab strengthening fingers and hand
    Gripmaster Hand Exerciser Black, Heavy Tension (9-Pounds per Finger)Law enforcement officer utilized Gripmaster for rehab of right trigger finger that was torn up/broken in a dog attack. The Gripmaster design utilized individual finger strengthening/coordination. It worked very well to quickly bring strength and coordination to the damaged muscles and nerves. purchased 9# and 11# to match weapon trigger pull. Should have started with 5#. It was used in conjunction with a trained occupational therapist. Still use daily. Much more flexibility in exercises to train muscle groups...more info
  • Great Product
    This exerciser is very nice. My only complaint (and it is a small one) is that the palm side pad is much smaller on this version than the pad on the older version. While the smaller pad is not as comfortable, the product is still a winner and the best finger workout I have ever tried....more info
  • Cool!
    As soon as I put it in my hand the first time and started squeezing it, I loved this little thing, it feels GREAT in my hand, very ergonomic design, and the springs are nice and strong too (even though it's the lightest model!). I would recommend this model the highest over the next three for somebody who is just beginning to strengthen their hands, it says right in the packaging that, "Hand specialists recommend lower tension and more repetitions than higher tension..." etc. The springs aren't quite strong enough for my index and middle fingers, but are perfectly strong for my ring finger and pinky, which are the fingers I'm trying to work out the most (just on my left hand, for playing bass guitar). The blue 5 pound exerciser would probably be too much for my pinky and ring finger, and I would probably end up over-doing things and get tendonitis again in my left hand, so follow what they say, lower tension and more reps! It works great as a stress reliever, or something to mess around with, so more reps over a long period of time would be better anyways!...more info
  • Easily worth the price
    I also have the older style black model (9lb.) that has a larger and rounder palm pad. I prefer the old style, especially with the firmest springs, but the new style is alright. These are great to have on my desktop to use while I'm reading something on the screen. Pay attention to the spring weight of the different colors and use the manufacturer's suggestions. I use black and red....more info
  • Not the same Gripmaster you might expect
    I have a Gripmaster that I bought probably 6 years ago, and it's solid and the movement is very smooth. I bought one of these new versions of the Gripmaster and it absolutely blows.

    First, the name/graphics label is not what is pictured. It says "". Nice, sounds like a top-tier company [/sarcasm].

    Second, the action is not smooth at all. The springs between the palm and middle section stick constantly.

    I don't get how there are a bunch of different products called the "Gripmaster" and they are all slightly different versions of the same thing. I need to find the company that is making the version of the Gripmaster that is like my older one, because this new one sucks and is going back to Amazon....more info
  • Useful product
    If used properly, it can increase the speed and precision. I play the tenor saxophone, and i decided to give this product a try. Well, it ended up being a good deal, after a while of using it, it became a little easy, so i just put one fingertip on the ends of two of the finger pads to double the strength required. After using it for a while, i think my speed with precision has increased a fair amount. I found it fairly useful, and you can use it whenever you're not using your hands....more info
  • Very good and practical
    I found the Gripmaster practical and very useful as advertised. I recommend the Gripmaster to anyone....more info
  • WARNING! Two different handles: 1 good, 1 bad.
    A friend has the blue (light tension) with the larger, more ergonomic handle. I bought the red one from Isokinetics (best price with shipping). Mine showed up with a different handle. It's smaller and cheaper looking, and is very uncomfortable. So be warned, there are two products with identical names, but a VERY different feel in the hand.

    During initial use, it's obvious the Gripmaster hand strengthener will perform as advertised. The two-layer system allows the unit to rotate when working on the index and pinkie fingers. This is a good design to minimize blisters from sliding, as on similar straight up-down devices.

    The blue is light and good for busy fingers. But I was looking for finger and forearm strength, and the red still seemed light. They recommend the red (medium tension) for the "average man" and doing many repititions over fewer reps with the black (heavy tension).

    I will definitely buy the black Gripmaster, as soon as I can find a seller who can assure me I'll receive the larger, more ergonomic palm rest. The comfort makes a huge difference in how long you can exercise your hand. The right model is worth the price, but the smaller one is not. It hurts to use, so it probably won't get used as much, and therefore won't be helpful.

    Note: I called Isokinetics and they're accepting the return. But they couldn't assure me, if I returned for correction, that I'd receive the right handle.
    ...more info
  • Exactly what you would expect
    There is not much to say here, this isn't a very complicated product. It works as intended... and it shows no signs of breaking in any way. It is definitely a medium-strong tension, and I'm sure one level weaker or stronger will suit different people with different needs. Good buy (I'm using my my guitar fingers), speedy delivery, all's well....more info
  • just what I needed
    I needed a grip strengthener after a stroke, to help improve the grip of my effected hand. this device has helped alot! Mike D....more info
  • Can't review since you botched my order
    I ordered the Blue, Light tension grip master. You sent the heavy duty tension which I did not order. This was supposed to be a present for my father who is going thru some rehab for his hand. I immediately sent the item back and requested that you send the correct item but that didn't happen. I believe I received a refund but never did get the correct item. It ruined the Christmas present for my dad. I plan on telling everyone I know about how Amazon botched my order so they can beware if they decide to order anything from you. Mistakes happen and I gave Amazon the chance to correct the mistake, but it never happened. I learned a lesson and will choose another online entity the next time I have some shopping to do.


    James Ruediger...more info
  • light pressure hand exerciser
    This is a well-built product. It's moderately comfortable to use. The pressure is light. For the average person it's easy to do 60 flexes in 1 minute. I gave it four stars because it might induce arthritis in some people. After I used if for a few hours in one day I started to get arthritis type pains in my hand. However, I found it's a great stress reliever if used for 1 minute at a time occasionally....more info
  • Good Product
    I have the medium tension one. Planning to upgrade to heavy tension one. Too addictive....more info
  • Helping Hands
    My recently purchased Gripmaster Hand Exerciser has been a real boon for easing the arthritis stiffness in my fingers and wrists. Years of weeding the garden, working with clay and in general not caring for my joints finally has taken it's toll, and my fingers were rather inflexible. Using this little gadget has really helped me to regain mobility in the joints, and it's so easy to use when watching TV, etc. The X-Light tension is perfect for this 80 year old, so I bought the heavy duty one for my 16 year old grandson, who plays a lot of sports, and it has improved his tennis & golf grip as well.
    ...more info
  • Hand Strength Reduces the Rate of Aging ...
    According to Dr. Oz and You: Staying Young: The Owner's Manual for Extending Your Warranty (You), hand strength reduces the rate of aging ... so this was one of several products I purchased as I implemented the Staying Young program.

    I am extremely happy with the construction of the product, the size, and the usability. Everyone in my family messes around with it when they see it setting around so I'll be buying the next levels up for them: Gripmaster Hand Exerciser Blue, Light Tension (5-Pounds per Finger) and Gripmaster Hand Exerciser Red, Medium Tension (7-Pounds per Finger) and Gripmaster Hand Exerciser Black, Heavy Tension (9-Pounds per Finger).

    I am in my mid-40s and not the "strongest tool in the box" so I purchased this extra-light tension version so as to not inadvertently cause damage to any muscles, tendons, or ligaments. I made the right call with this tension level and enjoy using this device while I'm on my daily walks. Because you use the fingers separately or together, it gives you many more options for hand strengthening than the more typical grippers. Also, the package includes a glossy page of different exercises that you can do.

    The product came exactly as pictured. It's inexpensive, durable, attractive, and seems like you would use it forever (who doesn't have an opportunity to sit around a squeeze with your hands?) -- so I put this on the "everyone should get one" list.

    Bon Appetit!

    ...more info
  • An easy way to stregthen your hands
    I ordered the light-weight Grip Master to strengthen my hands in ways that are not possible during the daiy routine. I use it while talking on the phone and watching TV and have found it has helped consideraby. I recommend the product....more info
  • Great starter to hand strength
    This is a great starter for hand strength. You can graduate to a heaver unit as strenght builds....more info
  • Versatile hand-strengthening tool
    This is a versatile tool for building strength in your grip and individual fingers. There are several different exercises included on an instruction sheet. There are different tensions available as you gain a better grip. ...more info
  • Buy it from Guitar Center Instead.
    The black(Grey) padded hand portion is anemic on this model If you buy the Gripmaster from Guitar Center theirs is much more padded and easier to grip comfortably....more info
  • good
    19 years old. Medium tension is pretty tough.
    i think will help me build effectively my forearm and wrist and grip strength.
    Fingers get tired after a while. Must try harder. ...more info
  • Black 9lb gripper very good - however nice to have a stronger version too
    I purchased the black 9lb grip strengthener because I don't do the manual labor I once did and want to keep up my strength. Much to my amazement the 9lb units are quite easy and wish there were another level higher in poundage.

    These units allow for each finger to be worked individually which is a vast improvement over other types of grip strengtheners I've looked at in my opinion and well worth the price.

    Although I can sit watching the news and work one hand the entire time without tiring, the units do provide a good workout for the fingers and forearms. I've found moving the palm bad out to the first knuckle of the thumb adds more difficulty and works different muscles as well.

    I am very pleased with the product and am ordering a second unit....more info
  • Good Hand Exerciser
    Well made and appears to be sturdy.I have only used the exerciser for a week but it seems to be all it claims and for the price it is a good buy.My little finger is weak and I have a bit of trouble moving that button but a weaker unit would be too light for good results with the rest of my hand....more info
    First off, i bought this to help with my guitar playing. I bought the black one. its a great product, i just wish i'd have gone with the 5 or the 7. i didnt realize how stiff 9 pounds would be on one finger at a time lol. so i'd recommend buying one of these, just at a lower tension, like 5 or even 7...more info


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