Aubrey Organics - Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner, 11 fl oz liquid

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Product Description

The sweet smell of success for your hair. Trade those dry, thirsty tresses for vibrant, touchably soft hair with this moisture-intensive conditioner enriched with restorative herbal emollients. Detangles and rehydrates to overcome dryness and brittleness and leave hair ultra silky and irresistibly fragrant. Vegan. No parabens. No animal testing. Biodegradable. Recyclable container. A Swanson Web Exclusive!

  • Does Not Contain: Parabens or Petrochemicals

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent conditioner!!!
    I love this conditioner. It always leaves my hair soft, silky, shiny, and lightly scented (it smells great!). It never weighs my hair down, it does help with frizzies, and you only need to leave it on your hair a couple minutes. Best of all, it's truly all-natural!!!!! Aubrey Organics also has a matching shampoo for this conditioner. It's one of my favorites! ...more info
  • Works extremely well
    I'm not really a fan of the heavy floral scent, but it works so well that I'd probably still use it if it smelled like chicken....more info
  • Amazing Conditioning
    I really love this stuff. I have curly (type 3b for those who hairtype). I do not use silicones, and my hair is protein sensitive. it is hard to find an effective conditioner that is rich, thick and free of both silicones and proteins. This stuff works wonders. It tames my curls and quenches their thirst. No buildup from silicones, no dryness from proteins. Lovely....more info
  • Great for hair, Great for body
    I use only two conditioners, one is GPB from this same line and the other is this one, the Honeysuckle Rose. With these two I dont need to use anything else. I use the Honeysuckle Rose as my daily conditioner and the GPB as a hair treatment. I apply the conditioner and let it sit on my hair while I shower. After that I comb out my hair and rinse, voila I'm done and my hair is soft and moisterized.

    I am concerned about parabens and chemicals so I use this conditioner as a substitute for many things in the shower. I use this instead of shaving creams always, my legs, and arm pits are grateful. I am big on exfoliating and in winter after I shower, I add baking soda to the Honeysuckle Rose and apply it all over my body in a circular motion (paying attention to elbows, knees, hands, and feet) then do my final rinse. I do this once a week and I follow with shea butter or Extra Virgin Olive oil and this keeps my extra dry winter skin super soft, without chemicals and parabens. And it smells great, so no need for body sprays afterwards.

    Hope this helps. ...more info
  • Soft, silky, amazing!
    I absolutely love this conditioner. So far its my favorite one from the Aubrey Organics line (though I have others on order to try). Aubrey Organics is completely natural - unlike other brands who may claim to be natural and/or organic (but somehow still manage to sneak the icky chemicals in) - so that alone makes this an awesome product for someone who's concerned about what their beauty products are made from. And on top of that, after only a few days of consistent use, my hair is softer and silkier than with any other product I've tried. The smell is a little strong, but fades to a nice subdued floral scent after the hair dries. I've gotten many compliments on my hair since I've gone back to using Aubrey Organics. I've spent a few years trying out all the "natural" brands to find the perfect line for my hip length hair...again, of all those supposedly natural brands - Aubrey's seems to be the only one that really is purely natural, and on top of that, has been the best for my hair.
    It's extremely well worth the price!...more info
  • The Best !
    I believe u should TRY a product before posting a review about it, and AVOID giving 1 star reviews based on the Smell of the product.This conditioner is amazing !It made my hair supple ,incredibly soft and shiny ,it has a thick consistency ,it can be applied smoothly from root to end ,it s extremely noushing yet not heavy or greasy .I have fine hair and this is the best conditioner i ve used so far ..and i ve tried many ... 2thumbs up!...more info
  • Excellent as a leave-in!
    For reference, I am an African American female with mid-back length hair that is wavy in places, curly (3b) in others, and very thick with a tendency to frizz. My son has gorgeous corkscrew curls that are dry as sandpaper, even after intense moisturizing. After comparing ingredients between this and the White Camelia Conditioner, I decided on the Honeysuckle Rose to try as a leave-in for both myself and my son. It gave good results for me as a leave-in when I used it under virgin coconut oil for a wash-n-go. But on my sons dry-as-a-bone corkscrews, it worked wonders as a leave-in, giving him moist shine and softness that lasted just about all day. After co-washing his hair with Suave Naturals conditioner, I apply about a quarter sized amount of Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner to his hair while still damp. Works wonderfully!...more info
  • Better than the shampoo...
    I bought both the shampoo and conditioner and although I was very dissapointed with the shampoo, the conditioner was very thick and it made my hair very easy to comb through. I have very thick, coarse hair and I have to have moisturizing shampoo even though it isn't technically "damaged". This stuff was great and the smell is amazing. I would continue to use the conditioner, but the shampoo does nothing for me....more info
  • Nothing Special
    I bought my Honeysuckle from Whole Foods for $10. Everyone said this was a great conditioner. I tried it and it didn't do anything for my hair. It did not feel stronger, healthier, or softer. My detangling process took the same amount of time. So no, this did not help in that department either. I gave it two stars because the conditioner is all natural, free of harsh chemicals and dyes, and is good for all hair types. It also tamed my frizz also.

    FYI: I have combo hair. Im transitioning from relaxed to natural so I have chemically straightened hair mixed with 4a natural hair....more info


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