Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

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Product Description

Preferred by 9 out of 10 moms!Feels more like your baby than any other manual pump. The only manual pump withbreakthrough 2-Phase Expression pumping for maximum milk flow. First researched and developed for hospital breastpumps, 2-Phase Expression is an advanced pumping pattern that mimics your babys nursing rhythm by pumping in two distinct modes:Let-down Mode: Simulates your babys initial rapid suckling to initiate faster milk flow or let-down.Expression Mode:Simulates your babys slower, deeper suckling for maximum milk flow in less time.First and only manual pump with 2-Phase Expression pumping designed for faster let-down and milk flow.Features: SoftFit Breastshield massages while you pump Ergonomic swivel handle for maximum comfort and flexibility Easier assembly and cleaningfewer parts than other manual pumps Compatible with most standard baby bottles No batteries required

The Harmony breast pump from Medela is a truly innovative manual pump featuring breakthrough two-phase expression pumping for convenience and efficiency. Safe for the collection, storage and feeding of breast milk, the Harmony blends quiet, effective pumping with ease, true comfort and optimum convenience.

The Medela Harmony Breast Pump offers:
  • Fully manual operation so there is no worry about dead batteries.
  • SoftFit breast shield massages for maximum comfort.
  • All parts that come into contact with the milk are BPA/DEHP-free for purity.

The Swing's compact size makes it easy to pump wherever you are. View larger.
Gentle Comfort
Designed to provide gentle comfort, the Harmony includes several features to help make pumping a more enjoyable experience. First, the contoured, ergonomically designed handle fits easily in your hand. The handle also swivels, giving you the freedom to position your hand and then pump more comfortably on each breast. The Harmony also comes with a SoftFit breast shield to softly massage the breast while you pump.

Two-Phase Expression Technology
Designed to feel more like your baby than any other manual pump, the Harmony features two-phase expression technology, an advanced pumping pattern that mimics a baby's natural nursing rhythm.

This system works in two modes: the simulation mode and the expression mode. The simulation mode simulates your baby's initial rapid sucking to start your milk flowing, while the expression mode simulates your baby's slower, deeper suckling to express your milk gently yet efficiently. These modes work together to make pumping a quick and painless process.

Convenient, Safe and User-Friendly Design
Medela knows that busy moms don't have the time or patience to struggle with complicated parts or to wait for the pump to stimulate milk flow. That's why the Harmony is designed for faster let-down.

Additionally, this one-piece unit features fewer pieces to assemble and clean than traditional manual pumps, making it a snap to start pumping when and where you need to. Most importantly, the Harmony is a safe and sanitary way to provide your baby with healthy breast milk--all parts that come into contact with breast milk are 100-percent BPA/DEHP free. For added convenience, this pump is also upgradeable to electric pumping with the use of the Symphony or the Lactina conversion kits (not included), and it is backed with a 30-day limited warranty.

About Medela
Founded in 1961 in Zug, Switzerland by Olle Larsson, Medela is committed to supporting the WHO Code's depiction of breastfeeding and breast milk as the optimal nutrition for the growth, development and health of babies. The company believes it is their obligation to offer a complete solution, "from breast to belly," of high quality products that enable mothers to provide the optimum nutrition of breast milk to their babies. Today, Medela's primary focus remains to help moms successfully breast feed their babies as long as they wish. This goal lies at the heart of every product the company develops.

What's in the Box
One SoftFit breast shield, one container stand, two five-ounce containers, two lids, Breastfeeding Information Guide and Instruction Manual.

  • Designed for faster let-down and milk flow
  • Ergonomic swivel handle for extra comfort
  • Massaging SoftFit Breastshield
  • Safe for the collection, storage and feeding of breastmilk
  • All parts that come into contact with breastmilk are BPA/DEHP Free.

Customer Reviews:

  • Probably the better of manual pumps out there
    I am a working mom who returned to work after my son was just one month. My son was exclusively breastfed and I wanted to continue pumping at work. I intend to breastfeed him for a year. I have the Medela In Style electric double pump and it works very well for at home use. I don't bring it to work because it would be too noisy and inconvenient to use. I used the Medela Harmony pump and used it for about 1.5 months and then it stopped working because it lost suction. I think it had something to do with the suction in the handle. After detaching it for washing and sterilization it just wouldn't suction in the same way. I bought another one and the same thing happened about 4 weeks suction. I used my pump quite often...3x per day 5 days a week. I decided to try the Avent Isis manual pump and I can tell you I will definitely be returning to the Medela Harmony! The Harmony is quieter and gets the expression going more quickly. Unlike the Isis the milk doesn't back up so that your hunching over awkwardly to get the milk into the cup while it makes this loud,squishy, indiscreet noise. I can stand upright comfortably with the Harmony. The Harmony pump handle has more room for greater expression upon each pump. The Harmony is smaller and has fewer pieces that need connecting and then unscrewing. The other terrible thing about he Avent Isis is that I fear that the piece that connects the bottle to the pump is going to come undone (since it doesn't screw on tightly) and have breastmilk spill all over. I have hold it in place while I pump....very annoying and uncomfortable. I've used the Avent for a short while and am already planning to buy another Harmony...I'll talk to Medela & find out whether I'm doing something wrong or whether it's caused from my frequent use. If you're going to choose a hand pump choose Medela Harmony. Hope the review was helpful!...more info
  • Worst Customer Service EVER!
    I have electronic one and it's been working well so I thought I should get manual one as well.
    Since I'm a working mom and don't want to carry bulky heavy one. My friend who is also a working mom told me about this Harmony.
    I had Avent with my first born and it worked quite well but I wanted to try something new so I bought this Medela Harmony. Yes, it worked great for a first month then it lost suction. I think I read something similar comments on the review but I guess I had to see it myself.
    Well I should've listen to that review. I called their customer service but everybody was just so not helping at all.

    1st one told me to send me some replacement part which I never recieved.
    2nd one put me on a hold for 10 minutes.
    3rd one accused me that my body's not functioning right so I need to
    consult lactation specialist. Hello! I can tell if my breast is producing milk or not! I told her it lost suction and not working well even though my breast is still full.
    4th one told me it's worn out so I need to buy new one. get more expensive one for upgrade.

    What's wrong with them???? Why can they be nice enough to send me replacement parts instead of insulting my body not producing milk or go buy new one?!
    I would never recommend this product, especially not recommend to call customer service who's not willing to help working nursing mother at all. I'm going to get Avent manual pump on the way home after work tonight!...more info
  • Way better than the Avent Isis!!
    (This review is in regards to the manual hand pump, many of these reviews are for the electric models.) I just bought this new pump, I had been using the Avent Isis. I wish I had bought this one from the start! It is SO much better in every way. It is more comfortable, works better, is much easier to clean, is quieter, has directions in the box for assembly/disassembly/cleaning, you can buy extra parts at Target, etc., etc. I would recommend you put it on your registry for sure! (Unless you're planning on getting one of the fancy electric ones.) Medela also has these great microwave sterilization bags that work really well!...more info
  • Lost Suction Fast!
    I bought this on Tueday. It's Saturday and mysteriously doesn't work anymore. I followed the manual and took this thing apart 3x already and it still doesn't work. When I bought it I was originally really pleased with it. I also have the Avent Via manual pump and I liked the Harmony better because:

    Rotating handle for max comfort
    Fits standard bottles so I can pump, screw on a nipple and feed the baby. The Avent only fits their bottles and my babies hate the wide nipples.
    Plus it is quieter than the Avent. The Avent handle makes a click noise every time you squeeze the handle to achieve the max suction.

    I just emailed Medela complaining so we'll see what they say. I'll be REALLY mad if they expect me to pay for parts or a whole new pump. I like this pump but I need it to last more than 4 days. Ridiculous.

    UPDATE: Medela responded to my email within 10 minutes on a Saturday! I was quite surprised. The Customer Service Rep didn't give me any trouble, just apologized for the problems and told me she would ship out some new replacement parts 1st day so I should receive them on Tuesday. She did everything as said and they basically gave me a new pump! The only piece they didn't replace is the horn/breast shield thing that surrounds the breast. Unfortunately I think there lies the problem because the new components don't work either. The new stuff wouldn't work at all. I am disappointed. Looking at that piece though it seems to have been distorted somewhat in the dishwasher, so maybe that has something to do with it?? The manual says all the pieces are dishwasher safe but I'm not so sure. I'm going to write again to ask for a replacement for that piece because this is getting really frustrating for me. ...more info
  • Great as main pump too!
    This is my second-time-around with using a breast pump -- and I wish I would have used this pump the FIRST time as well, even for my main pumping. With baby #1, I went all out and got a double electric pump. However, I was "tied" to the machine, and the pump would only work so fast. The Harmony Pump has afforded me flexibility in a variety of ways: I can pump anywhere, anytime; I can pump AND do another activity -- this easy-to-use pump is not rocket-science, so I've become adept enough to cook dinner, talk on the phone, do some basic folding of laundry....because one hand is all it takes for the pump, giving you a free hand to tackle other projects. Yes, this takes a little practice, but the Harmony pump lets you go at your own speed and the ergonomic handle keeps your hand from tiring, so once I got the pumping down, it was easy to focus on other things. The Harmony pump is also flexible, in that I've been able to pump milk into ANY brand bottle with a standard top. I've even popped the Harmony into an oversized purse, when the husband and I needed an extended night out. The Harmony is so easy to assemble/disassemble/clean, that it was easy to take 10 minutes out of my evening to pump away some of that pressure. Other users have mentioned leakage -- I only found this to be the case when I wasn't properly fitted. The only thing that was a bit daunting about this product, was the product manual. I was a bit hesitant about my purchase when I saw how thick the book was, and how detailed the instructions were -- but when you break down the verbiage, it's a piece of cake.

  • A good complement to the electric pump
    This is a good manual pump to use when you need to pump, but you don't want to take out your electric pump and go through all the trouble of hooking it up. The Harmony is super comfortable and I've managed to get 4 ounces in a relatively quick amount of time using it. Sometimes it might be difficult to get the suction working correctly, especially if you're used to the electric pump, but once you do, it's incredibly efficient....more info
  • Good pump at first, but on my second pump now
    I first started pumping in the hospital, and thought this was a GREAT pump! So easy to use, easy to clean, and very effective at pumping milk. Some of the bottles never twisted on tight enough though - I would turn the bottle and it would over-rotate, thus falling off. I think I just happened to get 2 defective bottles because I bought another package of bottles and they fit perfectly. The pump was so quiet - there was absolutely no sound when I was pumping!

    However, a few negative things:

    1. I put the breast shield in a steam cleaner bag and it got all warped. I called Medela and they said those aren't to be steamed (a new discovery by them) so they sent me a free replacement.

    2. If the pump tips over with milk in it, milk leaks out from where the bottle attaches to the pump.

    3. After 3 months, my first pump started making "shhhhhhhh" noises whenever I pumped. I don't know what caused it, it just started one day. Then all of a sudden it lost suction. I took it apart, replaced the membrane, and it just wouldn't work anymore. Luckily I had a replacement pump so I took that out.

    4. My second pump worked without any sound for 2 days, and then it started making the "shhhhhh" sound too. It's kind of annoying.

    All in all, this is a good (and cheap) pump to use. ...more info
  • Great Manual Pump!
    When I went back to work, I quickly learned that my electric pump battery wasn't going to work (there was no electric plugs in the bathroom I was pumping in). This is the 3rd manual I have used. The first is the Medela that came with my Pump in Style. It was a pain. The second was an Evenflo and the top constantly popped off the bottles. This one was perfect. Easy to use, and very comfortable. I pumped 3 times a day at work and was able to continue to breastfeed my son until he was a year old. Also worked on long car rides. I could through a blanket over myself and pump in the car and nobody was wiser. Get this and you will love it. One of hte best parts about it is the Medela customer service you will get with it. I had some problems with my Pump in style and the customer service rep walked me through it step by step. You won't get that with any other company. ...more info
  • Pump works fine
    This breastpump matches my expectations.
    It's easy to clean and easy to use.
    Turning the lever around makes no sense at all so nobody will ever use that feature....more info
  • Handy for a quick pump
    I find this pump very handy although it is time consuming (that is why purchased an electric pump.) It helped with releaving engorged breasts. I'm glad I purchased this before my baby was born because the night my milk came in I was leaking through the breastpads and nightshirts and my baby was already full!...more info
  • Amazing Manual Pump!!!
    I purchased this pump reluctantly to use occasionally at home during my maternity leave. I have been using it for three months now and I use it at least once or twice a day. It is easy to use and after some practice, can pump up to five ounces in 15-20 minutes. I highly reccommend this pump!!! ...more info
  • I love this pump!
    I just recently purchased this pump, and I must say that I love it. I have been using the Medela Swing, but have not had much luck with it. The suction seems to be fairly week, and it takes about 30 minutes for me to pump 2-3 ounces. Plus the pump motor is quite loud.

    With the Harmony I was able to pump 2 ounces within 5 minutes. I was amazed. The suction is great, I can pump faster than with my electric pump, and it's quiet. The swivel handle also makes it quite easy to switch hands while pumping. The other added bonus is that you can easily walk around without being tethered down with tubing and electrical cords.

    If you are going to do occasional daily pumpings, I would certainly recommend this before purchasing an electric pump.

    Faster to use than my electric Medela Swing Pump
    Easy to clean

    Not many so far. Suction so great that at times can be uncomfortable....more info
  • So easy to use, great price, no electric needed!
    No batteries or outlet needed here! The Medela Harmony manual breastpump is great, I love it. It is so easy to use, has a dual phase, less parts to clean, lightweight so you can throw it in the diaper bag and pump whenever needed, and has wonderful suction power. Great price at $30 (got mine on sale). Medela is a reputable comany which also puts my mind at ease if something were to break and I know it is the best quality. This model is for occasional pumping only. For frequent pumping, you need to get a Medela Pump In Style (the Advanced model has the dual phase, the original does not)....more info
  • Excellent pump, first time breastfeeding
    My second child is 3 weeks old and this is my first experience with breastfeeding. Since I planned on attempting to breastfeed this time around, I purchased the Harmony when I was pregnant and basically just figured that if breastfeeding works out then this will be good to have for the money rather than spending 250 bucks on the Pump in Style, and if it didn't work out then I wouldn't feel as bad having spent the 37 bucks on it. While I was in the hospital following my c-section, I woke up on the third day after delivery and my milk had come in. I pumped with the hospital pump and was astounded to get a large supply of milk from each breast (3 oz from each at every session, sometimes more) so I was psyched to come home and have the Harmony here. Over the course of the last two weeks my supply has dropped a bit, but this pump has been working awesome for me. My son favors one breast over the other, and basically only nurses off me once a day now if I'm lucky, so I have been exclusively pumping with this pump and was surprised by how well it has worked for me. Although it isn't as effective as an electric hospital pump would be, it is convenient and easy to bring with me anywhere, and I only need about 5 minutes on each breast to pump enough for a feeding. The last few days I have pumped less so I'm producing less, but up until then I always had enough for one or two feedings in the fridge. I am very happy with this product, especially considering that it is preferred for occasional use and I have been using it nonstop. It's very easy to clean and extremely convenient and comfortable. It doesn't leave me with any type of nipple or breast pain, as opposed to the strong suction of the electric pump which left me with bloody and cracked nipples. The suction is just enough to get a nice flow coming out in a short amount of time. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who is planning on breastfeeding, it works extrememly well in relieving engorgement and would be perfect for someone who works part time and just needs to pump once or twice, you could easily take it into the bathroom and pump for only a few minutes and get enough for a feeding. As far as long term use is concerned or older infants who demand more milk, I'm not sure how well this product would work for those situations, but it has worked great for me so far...Medela definitely scored 5 stars with this product as far as I'm concerned!!!...more info
  • FANTASTIC PUMP!!!! Coudn't live without it!
    As a first time mother, I had no idea what I would & wouldn't need...I have to say, every ursing mother needs this pump. Even if you have the pump in style, get one of these for quick, on-the-go pumping needs. I have both pumps & only use the harmony- it is so convenient. I can pump 6 oz in less than 10 minutes, the pump attaches to all of our various bottles, & it is so easy to clean with only 4 easy parts. I've used this pump for car trips where it would be great to feed the baby bottles in order to not have to stop every two hours. I just pump near the time baby may wake up & voila, warm fresh bottle in minutes. I could go on & on - a must have!!!!...more info
  • This is the best manual pump!
    I love this pump. I used it for with my first child and it was great. I usually had to pump at night when I was engorged and it worked great. The shield is the best part, it is really soft and doesn't bother sensative areas! Especially right after you have the baby because your so sore! I recommend this pump to everyone. Also, you can get replacement parts very easily. I am almost due with my second child and I am so happy that I have this pump to use again and again. ...more info
  • Excellent, ergonomic manual pump
    I love this hand pump and have no hesitation giving it 5 stars after one month of use. I have the Medela Advanced Pump in Style electric pump, which I've used for a couple of months, and got this Medela Harmony natural expression hand pump because, like a reviewer before me, the hand pump that comes with the Medela electric isn't very easy, practical to use. Here's what I like about the Harmony hand pump:
    - The suction is excellent. I can pump about 5 ounces in 10-15 minutes. For me, it works as fast as the electric pump on one side (though at home, if I'm not in a rush, I'll use the electric because I don't have to think while pumping).
    - Because it's so easy to use and clean, it's perfect to travel with. I can pump 6 times a day and it still holds up (but I've only been using it a month). How is it easy to use? You can use it with one hand, while reading a book, browsing through emails, or breastfeeding on the other side. Because cleanup is easier than the electric pump, I'm more likely to use it at night if I need to.
    - I prefer taking this to work than the electric pump because it's quiet, simple to assemble and disassemble, and I can pump what I need in almost the same time as an electric. That said, it does make my wrist/hand sore after a while, but it's easy to switch hands. (Speaking of pumping at work, I like using the Lansinoh freezer bags - they're made of the kind of plastic that doesn't have bad chemicals (phylates) and have a double closure. That said, you can attach the medela freezer bags right to the pump - but they're just not as easy and you have to use twisties.)
    - Also, when things are crazy in the house and I can't get away to use the electric pump, it's easier to whip out the Harmony and pump anywhere in the house without worrying about plugging it in. Okay, so the box says it's for "moderate" use. I've been putting it to the test and at times have used it 6 times in one day just because of the convenience and my busy day.

    I prefer the breast shields from the electric pump, because while the breast shield with the Harmony is more advanced, it actually hurts my breasts after a while. But I imagine that some people might actually find Harmony the shield better.

    I haven't had it long enough to experience parts failure, but it seems like Medela customer service is excellent from some of the other reviews, so I'm not too worried if something does go wrong....more info
  • MUST HAVE!!!
    OK...I have never taken the time to write an online review about anything but was so impressed with this product that I feel obligated to share my findings with anyone looking for a breast pump. I reluctantly bought this manual pump to bring on a weekend road trip so that I wouldn't have to lug my bulky Medala "Symphony" hospital grade pump with me (which by the way, will not support an auto power adapter). To my surprise, I find that I am now using it more than the Medela "Symphony" pump that I am renting! I can express MORE milk in a SHORTER time with this pump. I was very unsure about a manual pump, but am so impressed. It is EASY to use and very comfortable. I will now also be using this pump when I return to work. I would highly recommend this pump to anyone looking for portability and convenience. You don't have to deal with carrying a bulky pump around with you...This easily fits into a thermal lunch bag along with your expressed milk, so it can be very discreet. I will be recommending this to all of my expecting friends as a back-up or alternative to the electric pumps...and at a substantial savings!! You will not be disappointed!! I wish I had found this earlier....more info
    I bought this pump yesterday, and can't believe how easy it is to use! I was given another brand's manual pump in the hospital, but that one was difficult to set up, and even more difficult to use. The Harmony takes very little effort to pump, and works very well. I would highly recommend this pump to anyone!...more info
  • works great so far
    I have had this pump for only about a month and it has been great so far. Easy to assemble, easy to clean, pumps nicely. The only negative thing so far was the yellow piece that the milk flows through in the elbow does not detach easily---I cannot grasp it nearly enough to get it off. They say to twist it while pulling but I can't do either. It started to crack the little openings in the center when I tried. ...more info
  • Great for Moms who pump to get some time away!
    This pump is great for when I want to stock up a few ounces of milk so I can have the afternoon to myself. I just freeze some milk and my husband can take care of the baby! I wouldn't recommend it for someone who has to go back to work, because it's a single pump and an electric one would get the job done so much faster!

    ...more info
  • Do not try to boil parts!
    I recieved this pump as a gift from the lactation consultant at the hospital where I had my daughter, so I assumed it was the best out there. It worked well for a while, until I tried to sterilize (boil) the pieces. One or a few of the pieces warped, causing a loss of suction, rendering the pump completely useless. There are other hand pumps out there that have fewer pieces (therefore are easier to clean and fewer opportunities for loss of suction) that are just as effective in the same price range....more info
  • Love It
    I have had the Harmony for seven months and use it about 2-3 times a day. It it still working great with all the original parts. I have not had to buy replacement anything. I do admit I recently tried another pump. It was supposed to more closly mimic a suckling baby. With in two days I called the company, I got a refund and am back to my Harmony. This is a great pump and I am so happy that we bought it. Stop searching and buy this pump....more info
  • Broke in three uses. Manual pumping is a waste of time.
    I bought this breastpump for my first baby and it broke after I had used it three times. This pump is tricky to assemble.

    I called the 1-800 number and they would not believe that it broke they just kept telling me I had put it together wrong. I am not an imbecile I know the difference between broken and not put together. It had come unglued. Anyway I bought it before my son was born and so my 30 day money back guarantee was over.

    Trying to manual pump is nuts your hand gets tired fast and the milk comes out slowly. It was faster for me to hand express. I bought an electric pump to replace it....more info
  • Bad customer service
    I used this pump for a week or so before the stem stopped attaching correctly, resulting in a loss of suction. Since it was still under warranty, I contacted Medela for a replacement part. Two weeks went by and I never got anything. I called again and explained the situation - they told me there was no way to track it once it went out, but said they'd send another one out priority mail. Needless to say, I never got that package either. I have a hard time believing that two packages from the same company just happened to get lost in the mail through no fault of their own.

    In a few hours I have to go to work for the first time since I had my son. I STILL do not have a way to pump - and what little I had stored will be gone in less than a week if I don't figure something out. I am very disappointed in Medela....more info
  • ok product
    doesn't pump out as much as i had expected...used once and then gave it away...too much work cleaning it......more info
  • Love it!!!
    I bought this manual pump before my son was born because it seemed to be the best reviewed manual pump on this website. The reviews were absolutely correct. I've been using this pump for occasional-use for 9 months (I use the Medela Pump-In-Style Advance at work.), and I have had no problems, at all. It pumps quickly and silently. I like it so much that I have even bought it for other new mothers....more info
  • Pleasantly Surprised
    After the birth of my first child I purchased the Medela Swing. It is lightweight and very portable. I loved this pump (though it was a bit loud) because it was easy to use and fairly quick. However the pump died out on my two months after my second child was born. I decided I needed another pump but wasn't keen on spending the money to re-purchase the swing since I am now a stay at home mom who really only needs the pump every once in a while. I did some research online and decided to go with the harmony even though I had reservations about purchasing a manual pump.

    I have to say that so far this pump works incredibly well. There is no noise which is fantastic when trying to pump discretely or when the kiddies are napping. I was surprised at the speed with which I could get 3-4 oz of milk (almost as fast as the Swing). Obviously the electric pumps are easier in that you won't tire your hands out doing the pumping, but on the other hand there are not tubes on the manual that you have to worry about cleaning out.

    In the end, I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a quiet, inexpensive pump for occasional use....more info
  • great pump for stay-home moms
    I ordered this pump for my third child after my electric pump quit working for my first two children. I use it once a week or so for an occasional bottle for my daughter and it works great. I can't express much milk from it, but she is a snacker, so I'm not sure I would get much more from an electric. It's very comfortable and super easy to clean....more info
  • Great Manual Pump
    For occasional pumping, this pump is perfect. I use this pump once or twice a day to build up a freezer stash for when my 4 month old starts solids in 2+ months. It is very easy and comfortable to use, and interchangeable with other Medela systems. It is also very easy to clean and there aren't a bunch of different parts to keep track of. This pump also comes with a detailed manual and a guide to breastfeeding (and the information is accurate). ...more info
  • great manual pump
    i received this pump at the hospital where my son was born. i also have an electric pump, but this one is very handy, is easy to pump and works really well. it is also easy to clean....more info
  • As comfortable as a hand pump could possible get
    I am an exclusively pumping mother of a 10 week old that uses a Pump in Style Advance by the same company and love it. The bicycle style hand pump that the Pump in Style comes with is total garbage and can actually damage breast tissue. But I decided to get a hand pump after I found myself away with the baby and in a bind for food and a bit uncomfortable myself. I did a lot of research on Amazon as well as on other sites and I decided to go for this one. It was a bit of a challenge because this one and the Avent Isis pretty much get the same ratings but I decided to go with the Medela.

    a) it is a brand I have already had great success with
    b) reviews
    c) simple and easier to clean
    d) quite a bit less expensive so if it didn't work I wouldn't be quite so disappointed

    This pump is excellent! I had no problems switching from the expensive electric to this one and this gets me pumping more often not just when I am out but when I don't feel like hooking myself up to a machine. I can get four to six ounces in around ten minutes with no real hand discomfort. the swivel design on the handle is a great idea, it makes a huge difference for me. I also find that the two phase expression modes work really well on getting more milk just like with the electric when I switch back and forth between pumpings.

    Great product as usual. ...more info
  • Convenient and easy to use...
    I purchased the Harmony Manual Pump a few weeks before my baby was due as a "just in case" item. My baby is now 9 weeks old and I have breastfed him exclusively. I recently returned to work part-time and use the pump once daily. The pump breaks down into three separate pieces, so it can be very discreet and easy to throw in a purse without taking up a lot of room.

    I usually pump directly into one of the Medela bottles and then transfer the milk to a storage bag. If you need a pump that is easy to use, convenient to pack up without a bunch of pieces to keep track of, and you only need to pump once a day or less, this is definitely a good option. Another nice thing about the Harmony pump is that Medela products are available practically everywhere so finding the accessories (i.e. membranes, disinfecting wipes, etc.) has been a breeze. I have been more than pleased with my Medela Harmony and recommend it highly. ...more info
    I own Medela's Pump in Style Electric BreastPump, use and like it a lot, but I needed to buy a small one for travel - so I got Medela Harmony manual breastpump. It works as well as my electric one, and I think that I got milk flow even faster. The best part - I can control pumping at my comfort level, which is awesome!
    I do not think it is the best option if you have to pump a lot, but for occasional job it is great. I did read reviews for different pumps everywhere before I picked this one, and I'm very happy with it. Easy to assemble, no leaks, comfortable, does excellent job! Very lightweight, so I do not have to drag my big electric one around (I travel a bit).
    I wish I got it sooner! ...more info
  • Very easy to use, good milk flow!
    I have seven children and have breastfed all of them. I've had to use pumps on occasion when I could not nurse and this was by far the easiest breast pump that I've ever used. I've used 6 different brands and types and this one is tops! Milk flow is produced quickly, the assembly is very simple, it is light weight and extremely portable -- just really a great product.

    The one drawback is that the contruction of the pump is so light weight that it is not sturdy. My 7 yr old was playing with it and actually managed to break it in just 2 minutes! I'd still highly reccommend this product though. Just treat it tenderly and keep it away from your other kids - Laugh!...more info
  • This helped me a lot
    I got one from a lactation consultant at the hospital when I was having trouble breastfeeding. It worked so well I bought another so I could use both at the same time. I think Medela is the best. I used a hospital grade Medela Symphony when my son was sick in the hospital and it was even better. A correctly sized shield improves your comfort though it's not uncomfortable either way....more info
  • Works with my carpal tunnel hands
    I needed a manual pump to relieve engorgement in the evenings and for a one day trip (24 hours) away from my baby next month. I leave my Pump In Style at the office during the week (the pump will wake up the baby), but I wanted a way to get extra milk pumped in the evenings. I didn't want to invest in a second or cheaper electrical pump since my original wakes the baby. I saw all of the positive reviews and decided to take the plunge.

    I have carpal tunnel in both hands. It makes it hard to get things done in the mornings, as my hands feel frozen. So, I was worried that this would be too hard on me. I was able to get 1 ounce from my off breast in 3 minutes. Geez, I can sit with my electric pump and only get 1.5 ounces after 10 minutes, when baby hasn't eaten for hours. So, I am impressed.

    This will work well for my occasional use and overnight travel. I am able to use both or either hand....more info
  • Great manual Pump, very easy to clean
    I bought this pump because I am a stay-at-home-mom and I thought I would only need it occasionally. It was very easy to use from the start and is really easy to clean. You only need to take apart 4 pieces, including the bottle and clean them with a bottle brush.
    I am using it daily now to make my sons cereal with breastmilk and after nearly six months I still like it. The only problem is that I need 2 hands so I cannot hold my son and pump at the same time. (I guess this is the same with every manual pump.)
    Sometimes I wish I had an electrical pump, but on the other hand this one is so quiet!!

    Over all this is one of the cheapest pumps out there and it works great. I would recommend it to anyone who needs it up to once a day or doesn't know yet I she needs it at all and wants to have a pump "just in case"....more info
  • LOVE IT!
    I love this pump! I used to have an Avent manual pump, but switched to this Medela pump because it is made from a plastic that is less likely to leach any dangerous chemicals. It is compatable with most breastmilk storage bottles, including Evenflo glass baby bottles. I pump straight into the glass bottles so the milk has less exposure to plastic. The shield is very comfortable and made from a softer material than the Avent. This pump also has a feature for lighter pumping during milk letdown. I much prefer manual pumping to electric, and this Medela pump seems to be sturdy and well made. Don't waste your money on an electric pump or a more expensive manual pump...this one is all you need!...more info
  • Great pump!
    I ordered this pump after having used a hand-me down pump made by Ameda... this works soooo much better! It is efficient and lets you pump in 5 minutes and move on to something else. If you're going to buy a manual pump, this is the best one as far as price/quality goes. And, it's easy to assemble and wash....more info
  • Great pump
    I have never written a review before but I wanted to let other Moms know that this pump has been great for me. It is so confusing when you first look for pumps, but I lucked out with this one. I also have the electric Pump N Style, but I almost prefer the manual Harmony because it does feel more natural and comfortable, and it is much more portable so you can sit anywhere to pump. I have traveled a lot with the Harmony, and it is great because it is so small, light, and easy to carry on the plane. I've had no problems with it at all. My only complaint is that every once in a while it leaks a little where it screws on to the bottle, and I can't figure out why. This does not happen often, however. Overall, this is a convenient, efficient, and comfortable pump. I strongly recommend it....more info
  • great product if you use how it is intended to be used
    This manual pump is a great buy for it's money. I exclusively breast feed my boys and this manual pump is the only one I have not had problems with. Of course it will have it's normal wear and tear just like any other product, but if you use it how it is intended (ocassional pumping for trips to town, for travel ect.) it is great. The swivel handle makes it easy and comfortable to pump while in any position, and it's not noisy like electric pumps and does not squeak after a few uses like other hand pumps....more info
  • love it
    I just received my Medela pump and I love it. I also have the Avent Isis which is great also, but sometimes I have trouble getting suction and other times it makes a squeeking sound while I'm pumping. The Harmony is great. It's so quiet! On occasion I've had problems with leaks, but I believe that is purely user error. I don't think I had the bottle screwed on properly. Other than that, I have no complaints....more info
  • rent from the hospital first
    this is like the one the hospital gave me. i wish i had started out by renting the hospital grade pump. that way it is less time consuming, you empty your breast completely and pain free....more info
  • best manual
    I tried 2 electric pumps and 3 other manual pumps before I received this one from WIC. It is by far the best for me. I didn't like the electric because they either didn't have enough suction or too much. The other manuals were painful or too hard to control the amount of suction - one of them had a dial on it that didn't work, don't remember which one. Anyway, the shield on this one is comfortable, even with large breasts. The let down system works well. The only problem I have had is producing more than the 5oz. bottle holds - tried using a larger bottle and it didn't seem to suction correctly. I have gone through several of the little white membrane cover things, but they're cheap and you have to expect to replace something as you continually use it. I pump everyday - after feedings and occasionally to replace a feeding....more info
  • great pump, even for daily use
    I am a 1st time mom and breast feeding full time so did not want to invest in an expensive pump as I expected to only need to use it a couple of times a week or so. But I find it so easy and comfortable and quick that I use it every day (so that my husband can do the last feed of the evening). I realise I do have a fast let down but to give an idea, it typically takes me less than 10 minutes or so to express 3 oz of milk per breast. After about 7 weeks the suction had suddenly disappeared and on closer inspection the O-ring had come off the handle. I called Medela customer service and they were very helpful in sending me a couple of replacement o-rings at no charge (since they are a very specific size). It has been working perfectly again ever since. I would recommend this product to anyone....more info
  • Great pump
    This is a good pump, I had to buy a second because the 1st one didnt really come aprat very well and got mold on it but the 2nd one comes apart more easily and is easy to clean, great for pumping after your baby has slept thru the night!...more info
  • The best price and pump..don't waste your money on expensive pumps!
    I was 5 weeks early so I didn't have a pump yet so I rented the electric commercial one from the hospital which was $50 a month and a couple weeks after I bought this manual pump which was 10 times better.

    Easier to pump, softer, less hassle...Didn't have to get up plug it in every time...and the plastic tubes on the electric ones were annoying especially when you had to clean them. Plus, this is better for bringing to work, etc. Don't waste your money spending $50, $100, or even $200 on a pump...that's ridiculous.
    I read all the reviews on pumps and I agree with this pump getting 5 stars all the way. ...more info
  • Love it!
    I was amazed at how easily this thing worked! My hand didn't get tired and I think I actually got more milk out in less than time than it takes my high end electric pump! And without the noise, too! I also like the freedom with this little pump -- I can do little things for kids or around the house with one hand while pumping with the other. This has been great for my occassional or daily pump so I have milk to mix with cereal or my husband can give a bottle. Also good for those moments when I find myself engourged or baby doesn't nusrse a full feeding.... Maybe it's the sleep deprivation, but I ALMOST wish I would have tried this before spending the $$$ on my electric pump (pumped almost full time with first baby)....more info
  • wasted money
    This pump broke the second time I used it. Don't waste $ purchasing'll be better off putting the cash towards an electric pump, which is what I did & am pleased with that decision. I am in the process now of contacting Medela and getting a refund....more info
  • Great buy!
    This is a fantastic pump for occassional use....I bought this one after reading the favourable reviews here and am very happy with it.My daughter is 2 months old and am having no trouble at all pumping abt once a day.It takes max 10mins to pump 4 oz.I haven't had any leakage problem also.I thoroughly recommend this pump for anyone who plans to pump occassionally....more info
  • Bad suction but maybe....
    I had a really hard time with this pump I really hurt I am verry large and maybe that is why I have heard that you can buy a bigger cup but I already bought the advent pump. Actually I have the similar problems with it. ...more info
  • Best Manual Pump on the Market
    There is a reason why Medela is the leader in breast pumps and this is no exception. This is the best manual pump on the market. The two modes of pumping, let down mode and expression mode, make it unlike any other pump. It makes pumping quick and efficient. I could easily get 6-8 ounces in 20-30 minutes. The manual design also makes for discreet pumping that can be done anywhere. If you plan to pump full time, I would suggest an electric pump, such as the Medela Pump in Style Advanced. But for occasional pumping, this is a wonderful product. It is also one of the least expensive pumps you can buy. You are getting more than what you pay for.

    ...more info
  • Perfect!
    This pump is exactly what I needed. It works great, is easy to take apart and put back together and easy to clean. On average it takes me 15 minutes or less to pump both sides. It has lost suction before but only when I put it together wrong, so that is my fault not the products. I also love the fact that it will attach to any bottle (or so far I havn't found any that don't work)....more info
  • very convenient
    I got this pump free from the hospital and I love to use it when I just quickly want to pump a little and don't feel like getting my electric pump out. This pump is quick to assemble and easy to use. My hand doesn't really even get tired. I get plenty of milk from it. My baby often just nurses from one side and I can use this pump on the other side while he is nursing. It is also great if you just want to get the edge off. If you don't have to pump often and a lot I think you will like this pump....more info
  • Great for moms!
    My wife and I bought this pump after coming home from the hospital and using a hospital grade electric pump. We had rented an electric one from a local pharmacy as well, which did not work half as well as the Medela Harmony did. She is able to pump 4 oz. in about 15 minutes and it has worked VERY well so far. I would recommend this others who need a pump but do not want to spend the bucks on a new electric one. This works just as well....more info
    I am a first-time, stay-at-home mom and I love this pump! I was completely overwhelmed when I started shopping for one when I was pregnant, and finally went with this model after hearing great things about Medela's overall. I have used this pump for 6 months now, pumping once a day almost daily, and it still works great.

    I love it because:
    1) there are minimal parts to clean, lose or break
    2) there are two pumping "modes" making to help get the milk flowing
    3) since it's a manual, it's easy to travel with or pump in the car
    4) it's silent so I can pump discretely
    5) it's so small it tucks easily into a bag when travelling
    6) holding and operating the pump is very comfortable---I've never gotten sore hands or fingers
    7) you can pump directly into the Medela freezer bags or their provided bottles, and I found the neck also screws directly into the Playtex VentAire bottles we use
    8) it's quite effective---I'm able to pump 4-6 ounces in 10-15 minutes

    Whew! To sum it up, I found this to be a great manual pump, perfect for my needs! I HIGHLY reccomend it!...more info
  • Awesome Product!!!
    This is an awesome product! I've purchased and tried to use two other breast pumps, one of them being the Avent Isis. Neither of them worked very well or were as easy to use as the Harmony. There are very few parts and it's extremly easy to take apart and put together. I highly recommend this product!...more info
  • A GREAT product!
    I didn't realise how awful my evenflo electric pump was 'til I used this one. Where the evenflo was painful and annoying to use, this little hand held manual pump is easy to use, painless because I control how hard and fast it pulls, does not sound like a dying cow (virtually silent), has less parts and does a MUCH better job. It feels very similar to my baby's suckling and as a result my milk will let down sometimes 3 times during a single pumping. :)
    To sum it up--It's fast, easy and effecient. I plan to take it with me in my diaper bag for whenever I need it.
    I highly recommend this product to anyone needing a breast pump.
    ...more info
  • This pump is fabulous!
    This pump makes me regret buying my big, super expensive Medela Pump in Style Advanced. I get just as much milk from this pump in the same amount of time. I bought this one when we were going out of town and I didn't want to carry my big double electric pump. This pump works great. I haven't used my PISA since. The only downside to this pump vs. the PIS/PISA is obvious; this one requires man-power (or, woman power in this case) and only pumps one breast at a time. For that reason, I wouldn't reccommend it for a working mom who need to pump both breasts efficiently. But for any other situation, you will love this pump. Plus, the parts are all interchangeable with this PIS/PISA and it's very easy to clean (moreso than the Avent ISIS, which I did not like)....more info