APC Back-UPS RS 800VA - UPS - 800 VA - UPS battery - lead acid ( BR800BLK )

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Product Description

The Back-UPS RS offers high performance protection for your business and office computer systems. It provides abundant battery backup power, allowing you to work through medium and extended length power outages. It also safeguards your equipment from damaging surges and spikes that travel along utility, phone and network lines. A distinguishing feature of the Back-UPS RS is automatic voltage regulation (AVR). AVR instantly adjusts both low and high voltages to safe levels, so you can work indefinitely during brownouts and overvoltage situations, saving the battery for power outages when you need it most. Award-winning shutdown software automatically powers down your computer system in the event of an extended power outage.

  • Product Type - Back-UPS
  • Connectivity - USB
  • - 120V Nominal Output Voltage
  • - (3) NEMA 5-15R (Surge Protection), (4) NEMA 5-15R (Battery Backup) Output Connections

Customer Reviews:

  • Peace of mind for $2.75 per minute
    This APC gives me 37 minutes of battery run time after a power failure. I have a Dell OptiPlex desktop computer, 19" Dell CRT monitor, cable modem, Vonage VOIP phone/network device and cordless handset connected to the battery supported sockets (add a power strip to extend number of battery supported sockets to run your very low wattage items). I bought this when priced at $79.95 plus $22.00 shipping. So, as I see it, this unit cost me at most $2.75 per minute of battery time. But, every time it is called into use, my cost of ownership goes down. It is worth every penny for the luxury of being connected to the Internet and Vonage service during power outages. Of course, I do not stay up and running the whole time, but power down my computer and monitor to conserve battery. The more things you connect to your APC, the more watts are consumed. I really need to upgrade to a flat panel monitor, less watts to operate. I live in Northern Virginia and we just had a power outage lasting half the day. This APC safely shutdown my computer, but kept power to my cable modem and Vonage voice service so I could use my phone. Remember, you have to provide battery power to ALL the hardware supporting your Internet connection and VOIP phone system. No matter what size of APC you buy, you will be glad you have one when the power goes out. Remember, you can also charge your cell phone, plug-in your radio, electric shaver, and other low wattage devices to take advantage of this device. Plus you get all the other benefits of having a surge protector and clean electrical power source for your expensive computer and network gear. P.S. I bought another one of these to replace my wife's aging APC Backups 280 Pro; glad I did, because the Amazon price went up and winter ice storms are coming. Look on eBay, I found a brand new one the other day for $85....more info
  • Worthless.
    This review is an update (4 March 08) of a review written about 9 months prior.

    The unit's battery (which has had less than 30 seconds of use) has died. It's supposed to last me for at least another year or so. The thing has never gotten any use.

    Why? Because this worthless unit never gives me more than 3 seconds of backup power during any one of (approximately) 10 outages , despite claiming I'm only using 50% of the voltage it's designed for.

    Not only is it overpriced and inferior to the other APC model (see below), it's just downright worthless junk. It's basically a very heavy and expensive surge protector.


    Original Review (3 stars)

    I suppose I should have done more research, but I decided on this model mostly because it seemed to meet (or exceed) my backup power needs in terms of wattage/voltage (it does) and the fact that it's among the few UPS' APC has that are black (why all of them aren't black is a mystery to me).

    I don't have your "typical" home computer so I shunned what apparently would have been a more useful (and strangely less expensive) choice; the APC BE750BB Back-UPS 750VA.

    Unlike the RS 800 VA it has *5* outlets dedicated to backup power whereas the RS 800 VA only has 4. This has left me one shy. So for a while I left the USB hub in one of the surge only outlets. Later on I bought a plain power strip and plugged it into one of the backup outlets and plugged both external hard drives into that and the strip into a backup outlet on the UPS. I've gotten mixed information as to the advisability of such a setup, but oh well..

    Call me crazy, but I would think the more expensive product would have more features (it doesn't). And in fact due to its design is actually harder to connect.

    Granted its design is not unusual at all for a UPS. In fact it's more common than not. But after taking a closer look at the BE750BB, the only thing that makes it inferior is that it's 750VA instead of 800.

    As it turns out, my monitor, powered USB hub, two external hard drives and my computer with its 550W power supply barely hit half of what 800-VA is capable of handling (estimated battery times show up as 15-20 minutes. I really only need around 10). In other words, I really blew it.

    Frankly the less expensive (but seemingly better) model is much less attractive (due to the cords connecting on top rather than in the back). But in fact that feature (as previously stated) makes it more convenient.

    I've also found the PowerChute software (both what was provided and the upgrade offered on the APC website) to be a bit flakey at times. It's crashed on several occasions.

    And speaking of software, it took them till June 2007 to release a version for Windows Vista. I've had Vista since February 2007 (and this UPS since May 2006) and was using the most recent Non-Vista version which was even flakier in Vista (not surprisingly) than in XP.

    I had looked at other brands, several of which had more attractive features and appearance at better prices. But I went with APC becasue if it's superior Linux (community) support (I run both Windows and Linux).

    The hardware itself in this model is rock solid though. It's kicked in nicely when needed (twice so far) but it just seems odd to me that it's mostly inferior in terms of features to a less expensive APC model....more info
  • RS 800 Review
    The good:
    This back up device works very well. It has the automatic shutdown software and data surge protection as well.

    The bad:
    I have 8 of these deployed in my office currently and within 2 years I have had to replace the batteries for every unit. Batteries will cost you about $70 shipped. ...more info
  • Great UPS with a long runtime!
    This UPS will power my iMac 20" for 35 minutes. I have owned it for 1 year and it has saved me multiple times when the power flickered or when the circuit was tripped.

    However, APC does not provide very good Macintosh software for it. Basically, all the software does is shut the computer down after a certain time frame.

    Things I would like to see:
    *Be able to turn off the beep while on battery
    *Keep a record of all power outages...more info
  • Good value
    This backup is a good value for the home office user. Recommend that you charge up the battery BEFORE you connect. Instructions were not logical-sequential on this issue. Also, recommend that you keep the box it came in. When I went to register it online, I could not locate the serial number. Later found it on the OUTSIDE of the box that it came in. Gee, that's different. Otherwise, its a good value and I recommend it....more info
  • APC Back-UPS
    Probably a bit more sophisticated than what I needed, but was priced right....more info
  • Just set it and forget it
    Some times I cause my own blackout by turning the air conditioner on and iron my clothes at the same time. Also, before having this UPS, whenever I turned my laser printer on, the computer would restart due to a quick undervoltage. I haven't have any problem since I installed this unit and I have plenty of power even to connect my answering machine, DSL modem, and wireless router. So no matter what happens I'm always online.
    I've been using the RS800 for almost a year and I highly recommend it....more info
  • great so far
    I'm very pleased with how small this unit is for the capacity. I've worked with a number of other units that have been larger and frankly too ugly to be sitting out in an office, this unit is right at home deskside. I think that there's a lot of functionality here for the money.

    I'll want to dig deeper into the unit and see if there are any diagnostics. A UPS with a weak battery is a time bomb, so it's good to stay on top of battery health....more info
  • Battery Backup Does What It Is Supposed To Do
    We live deep in the backwoods and we lose power often and without warning. I ordered and installed the (BR800BLK) 800VA APC Battery Backup to make sure that a desktop computer, sattelite modem, and wireless router would not crash between the time our power is lost and the whole-house backup generator comes on line, a time period of 30 to 45 seconds. The APC Battery Backup has repeatedly done exactly what it was supposed to do with no muss and no fuss. I did not install the software that came with the unit as I have no need for the computer to automatically shut itself down, so I cannot say whether it is good or bad....more info
  • This is a Prerequisite for ANY computer owner!
    Unless you are using a laptop, it should be mandatory that your computer be plugged into a UPS at home or work. Whether a Mac or PC, the UPS is the smartest purchase. You figure, what's another $100 that can save you thousands in time and lost data. I prefer to recommend APC as they have the best support, software for PCs to automatically monitor the battery and UPS, and ease to setup. Lastly, APC has a warranty that can protect your equipment. This unit is adequate for covering a mid-size PC or Mac and a display. If you are unsure about power needs, check APC's website for runtime calculation. PS. I like the black models as they tuck away nice under the desk....more info
  • Product defective
    Just since this backup unit went online about 10 days ago, it has gone into "catastrophic failure" mode three times with nothing more than one desktop PC plugged into it. When it goes into this mode, all power to attached equipment is shut off. Plus, the computer that was attached was in sleep-mode when each of the failures occurred. Although the lights indicate that not only is the unit inoperable, but the battery is totally dead as well. However, turning it off and then back on resets everything and the self-test indicates everything is working fine. This is a defective unit....more info


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