Unistar 4-in-1 Swamp Cooler with Ionic Air Purifier, DF268.

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Product Description

No installation! Save 95% on your AC electric bill with this 4-in-1 cooler/ionizer/humidifier/fan rolling from room to room! This year, beat high energy costs with the Kaito Air-Cooler-Ionizer-Humidifier, yet the room temperature is reduced by as much as 12 F! The built-in fresh air anion generator releases streams of negative ions that attract dust and other allergens down and out of the air you inhale. Air feels as fresh as after a springtime rain. Rolls easily on large casters to a guest room, an enclosed porch, or to accompany you from room to room. There are no expensive filters to buy; just rinse the permanent filter. Other features include three air speed: H/ M/ L, four modes selectable, 7.5 hour timer and remote control. Unit comes with two ice packs.

  • Fan/air cooler/humidifier/ionizer 4-in-1, 2-gallon water capacity
  • Three air speed with oscillation option, Low/Medium/High
  • Four modes selectable, normal/natural/sleeping/rhythm
  • all features remote controllable, 0.5-7.5 hours timer
  • 90 days money back guarantee and 1 year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • great for the summer, but hard to maintain
    - saves you in energy bills since it can cool the room instead of using the ac
    - filters are washable
    - the included remote gives you controls even in bed
    - the 30 min interval timer feature is great specially when it gets too cold at night

    - the ionizer feature is more of a display light than anything
    - needs a weekly maintenance. water mineral builds up at the bottom, if you let it sit for more than a week, taking it out posts a problem.
    - if you even find the time to actually clean the insides of the fan and and take out the dusts and water deposits, it would take a lot of patients since the machine wasn't designed for easy disassemble. (you'll need a thin long screw driver to take out some of the screws.)

    bottom line:
    machine is great as an alternative humidifier and room fan. It is a high maintenance machine make sure you clean it every week or two....more info
  • Great Fan
    This is a great fan, nice looking, quiet and effective. I use it in my garage apartment and provides a nice comfort level. It is easy to operate and fill in with water. 8 gallon tank requires re-fill every other day. It comes with 4 ice packs. I use 2 at a time with the other two in the fridge and replace the ice packs every day. The top of the unit also has a compartment, where I add ice daily. The only thing that could make this fan better looking is to have a choice on the color. White is great, but would be nice to have a choice for the side light green color....more info
  • Totally satisfied !
    Nice sized unit. Very attractive w/remote. Swamp Cooler air was quite cool. Have not even used the ice blocks yet. Worth every penny.
    Ronnie in L.A....more info
  • Doesn't really cool the air that much
    The unit itself seems well built and the fan is quite, however, it doesn't really cool the air very much even when using the ice packs (included in the product) or adding ice to the water. Since I've used evaporative coolers before, I believe the problem is in the design. The mesh for the water to drip through isn't thick enough and too porous to cool the air that is being pulled through it. Also, there are open airways on the side of the mesh of significant size that allow the air to bypass the cooling mesh altogether. If these were blocked and directed all the airflow through a thicker mesh I think this would cool the air a lot better. Bummer is that a week after I received the product, I found a cooler made from Ikea that was cheaper and much more efficient at cooling. I decided not to return mine because the shipping costs alone would be to much. Overall, the unit works, but not much better then a conventional fan....more info
  • swamp cooler
    It works, but the ice packets don't fit well in the top. The directions were written poorly by someone who has a great deal of trouble with the English language and included pages on another product....more info
  • Does what it says and is affordable and attractive as well
    The air conditioning in my building has not been working, so it has been about 80-85 degrees in our cubicles. With this product, I am actually able to be comfortable. It was very easy to set up and get going and the water lasts a long time between fill ups. I do add ice to the top for more cooling. Three people have bought one since they have seen mine, and others stop by to cool off. I shopped around, and this cooler was about the best price and, as I said in the title, it is also kind of "retro" and cute, as well as functional. ...more info
  • 4-In-1 Cooler
    Let me start from the cooler, this obviously is not an air conditioner, you have to put water in the tank to cool the air, even that, you won't be able to tell much different between this and a regular electric fan, what I do is make lots of ice cubes and mix them with water, this way you can feel cooler breeze of air. The unit came with two ice packs, didn't know what they were, you were supposed to put them in your freezer for a period of time, then put them in the water, tried that, could't tell the difference. The humifider feature is somewhat misleading, since you cannot run the humidifer without running the fan or the cooler, that annoys me since I want to use it in the Winter, so I have to put this thing facing the wall and run it, I found out that I could even put some hot tap water in the tank, worked better this way. I don't know if the ionizer helps or not, but I do have it on all the time. I like the remote control that comes with it, you can adjust everything with a button press. I bought this for $80 plus shipping when it was on sale, overall I am satisfied....more info
  • Not bad for what it is
    This fan works well, the "cooler" funtion is only effective if it isn't hot and humid already, but the fan is excelent....more info
    Never buy this item you should get the Sunpentown Portable Evaporative Air Cooler with FREE built in air purifier because I got this item and doesn't even work.The supertown is much better and to save more buy it used that what I did.
    ...more info