Eureka 71B Hand-Held Vacuum

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"QUICK UP" HAND VACUUM Hand-held but very powerful, this Eureka model eliminates the hassle of lugging around a full-size vacuum for cleaning car upholstery, sofas, and carpeted stairs. A long 20-foot cord (which wraps for storage) provides good reach, as does the deluxe hose that stretches to three times its length. With the crevice tool on the end of the hose, this vacuum reaches into all kinds of tight places. And, with two motors, one to power the revolving brush and one for suction, the 5.5 amp vacuum cleans deeply. Highlights :- Cleans with revolving brushroll with Riser Visor, a stretch hose and attachments Exclusive Risor Visot pivots for cleaning vertical surfaces such as stair risers. On/Off Brushroll can be turned off to clean hard floors and delicate rugs or turned on for powerful carpet cleaning. Deluxe Stretch Hose stretches to three times its original length to extend your reach. On-board Crevice Tool has a creative tool on-board for cleaning in tight places. Used to remove dirt from home appliances and vehicle. Ideal for cleaning stairs and auto upholstery. 20' power cord Power 5.5 amps Cleaner Dimensions - 7" x 15" x 8"

Hand-held but very powerful, this Eureka model eliminates the hassle of lugging around a full-size vacuum for cleaning car upholstery, sofas, and carpeted stairs. A long 20-foot cord (which wraps for storage) provides good reach, as does the deluxe hose that stretches to three times its length. With the crevice tool on the end of the hose, this vacuum reaches into all kinds of tight places. And, with two motors, one to power the revolving brush and one for suction, the 5.5 amp vacuum cleans deeply.

One of Eureka's innovations is the Riser Visor, a clear plastic cover that stays down for cleaning horizontal surfaces and flips up so the revolving brush can reach the vertical carpet on stair risers. There's no bag to change, just a filter and clear plastic dust cup to shake out when necessary. --Ann Bieri

  • Strong 5.5 amp suction with stretch hose cleans cars, upholstery, stairs
  • 1 motor powers the revolving brush, second motor for suction
  • Onboard crevice tool; Riser Visor for carpeted stairs
  • Bagless filter and clear dust cup clean easily
  • Weighs 5 pounds; 20-foot cord wraps for storage
Customer Reviews:
  • Very Very Disappointed! Doesn't suck well, clunky, heavy...
    I received the vacuum in the mail this past week & it was all ready to use right out of the box....the positives end there, unfortunately. It was incredibly heavy and clunky & I could tell right away that it was going to be a pain to vacuum with. The hose it comes with is a joke. It's only 12 inches long, so you can't set the vacuum down to use the hose. You have to hold the heavy vacuum up with one hand while you try to use the tiny hose on anything--and the hose isn't very bendable, as I learned by trying to vacuum off my windowsill--which didn't work well. So, if you need to use the hose on something 3 inches in front of you and you have He-man arm muscles, no problem, but anything else & you can't do it.

    While trying to use this on the stairs (the main reason I bought it), it was a total joke, It just didn't pick up that much stuff--and my stairs really weren't that bad. The photo shows this vacuuming up berber carpet. Maybe it works OK if you don't have any pile to your carpet, but mine is a low shag & it was horrible! It left fuzzies, cat litter, pet hair, carpet pieces, pine needles, etc. I'd have to use the wide mouth part to vacuum, then go back over it with the hose to pick up everything. And, of course, since the hose is so short, I couldn't set the vacuum on one step while trying to hose the one above it--it doesn't reach. Oh, and the front of the vacuum is hard plastic- no rubber bumpers or anything, so I dinged up my baseboards every time I came to the end of the side of each stair.

    And...the dirt holder area is so tiny. I have a decent sized house with a couple flights of stairs and had to empty out the container 3 separate times! It's not so much that the holding area is small, but all the dirt gravitates to the filter, which becomes blocked up and reduces suction unless you clean it reduces the already bad suction, I might add. The cord was a bit longer than my dirt devel hand held vac, but nothing amazing. I still had to vacuum 6-7 stairs, then after I got to the landing, I'd have to unplug the vacuum and re-plug it in at the other level of the house to get the other 6-7 stairs after the landing.

    I'd return this right now if I wasn't so dang lazy....into the Goodwill box it goes.

    ...more info
  • small but powerful
    Though the suction nozzle is a little small, it is enough for a dormitory room....more info
  • GREAT POWER - better than my dyson upright !!!
    I use a dyson upright but it is awful for the stairs. My Eureka 71B Rocks! I can't believe the amount of dog hair it sucks out of the stairs - hair that isn't even visible on the carpet! It gets deep down! I did my reasearch before buying and am CONFIDENT I made the right choice here! SO HAPPY!...more info
    I feel like we just took $40.00 and threw it out the window. We bought this to vacuum our staircase and I am lucky if it picks up any loose lint. It is heavy and I got so frustrated that after several attempts I finally just threw it away!!!!!...more info
  • Great Suction..a little workhorse
    Great for steps/car..
    Hugely suction-ie!!
    Has long nozzle attached in back..The only thing that would make it even better would be a small BRUSH attachment- I'm just going to use one I have from my Mighty Mite & hopefully it'll fit....more info
  • excellent little vacuum
    I had a small dirt devil prior to this one. The Erureka vacuum is quite a good vacuum. It has excellent suction and the nozzle is in an place that is easy to use. MUCH better product that the dirt devil!...more info
  • Best Hand Vac
    Really nice Hand Vac, I liked so much i bought a 2nd 1 for a friend. the Suckton on it is outta this world very very Powerful...more info
  • Handy Gadget Does the Trick
    I mainly got this hand-held to get the cat hair off the sofa and it works pretty darned good. The powered brush and suction power are purrfect for what I need. It is a little on the hefty side if you are using it for a lengthy time, but for a couch... no problem. The removable hose (with attachment) comes in handy to get in cracks and also get those pesky floor moldings......more info
  • Fantastic on stairs!
    I bought this vacuum specifically for stairs because our house has two stories and a finished basement. It's so much easier to vacuum stairs with this instead of using a full sized vacuum. And it does a much better job that a regular dust buster type handheld....especially since you can vacuum stair risers with this. I also use it for small clean ups and "touch ups" between regular vacuuming. It works great and even picks up pet hair.

    I do wish the hose wrapped around the other way since I'm right handed. It would be easier to use if I could hold the vacuum with my left hand and use the hose with my right. But it makes if difficult since the hose wraps the other way....more info
  • A Great Purchase
    It does just what I want it to do. Powerful suction on stairs and corners. Easy to use....more info
  • Eureka 71B Hand Held Vacuum - Few Alternatives But Far From Perfect - Review Your Options

    In my search for a hand held vacuum that is powerful and useful, the EUR 71B crossed my path. I was quite impressed by the high marks the vacuum has received. Unfortunately, I believe those high marks may be the result of one of two things: either people's expectations of a hand vacuum were lower two years ago when most of those rave reviews were written, or people's expectations of a hand vacuum are much lower than mine. Don't get me wrong, this vacuum is pretty good and has a lot going for it. But as far as my search for the perfect hand vacuum, the search continues.

    The main disappointment I have with this unit can be summed up with one simple statement: the basic design is nothing special, and in fact is quite similar to the handheld black and decker hand-vac I remember from the late 80s. There's a small motor that drives the dirt into a plastic catch area behind a filter. The filter get's very dirty quickly and even with careful cleaning and maintenance it will have to be replaced regularly. And the intake is nothing more than a plastic flap that is opened by air flow and never quite closed firmly. Not to mention, the dust bin compartment, while conveniently detachable, is quite small and an absolute mess to clean.

    Now the replacement filter is sold here, which is nice. But the list price of this bad boy is quite high for such a basic design. I have no doubt that the motor in this unit is stronger than the B&D hand helds I used 20 years ago. Still, like all such designs even with regular maintenance, cleaning, and changing of filters, the motor will eventually fail.

    In some ways, even with all the negatives this might still be one of your better options. It does have a few positives going for it. The list price may be high, but it's still less than the corresponding Dyson hand-held. And the power is, like I said, noticeably stronger than hand-helds of the past. And the sliding front guard and aggressive brush make this design much better than most at cleaning stair risers. Still, there is a lot that could be improved upon. I willingly admit that this vacuum performs better than some others, but I still expected a little more for the money.

    I wanted something powerful but I didn't want to spend Dyson prices on a hand-held vacuum. In the end, I may end up getting that model after all. While I'm not quite convinced it will be better, I have to do some testing to find out.

    Review your options. This may fit your needs, but if you feel you found a better alternative please post some info for me in the comments section.

    + The internal motor is more powerful than older hand-held vacuums I remember
    + The brush is also somewhat more aggressive, and the sliding front guard is perfect for cleaning stair risers
    + The vacuum captures plenty of dirt
    + The cord rewinds conveniently around the base
    + The rotating front guard is great for stair risers
    + The motor is less noisy than some hand-held vacuums

    - The design is pretty old fashioned considering the list price
    - The corded power makes it impractical for mobile auto cleaning
    - A small bin and an aggressive brush means you will have to empty it often
    - The dust filter is messy and requires frequent cleaning, maintenance and replacement
    - Emptying is messy, not good for those with dust allergies
    - The brush catches hair and is not well designed for hair removal
    - The detail attachment seems impractical with such a short hose
    - The bright yellow color won't please everybody
    - The bin release button is poorly located

    Those with a larger budget may want to try the newer Dyson model. I can't vouch for it yet, but it's worth a try. However, if you are price-sensitive you may still opt to put up with the shortcomings of this unit to save a few bucks.

    ...more info
  • It was great until it began to smoke
    I am disappointed with the warranty service provided by the manufacturer. I purchased the Eureka hand-held vacuum after reading the Amazon reviews. I use it infrequently, maybe once over month or two months since it's only used to pick up the dust on wood floor that isn't picked up by the broom or even the Swiffer. It worked just fine for the application. However, I've barely had it two years, when one day when using it for five minutes, it began smoking and the burning smells emanated from the machine. I quickly turned it off, unplugged the unit and let it cool off. A couple of days later, after cleaning out the nearly-empty dust tray, I turned it on again and, again, it began to smoke. I wrote to the manufacture and they replied three weeks later that because the unit was past the one year warranty, I would have to pay for any repairs. In other words, it doesn't matter the malfunction was likely because of how they made the product; I was still stuck with the cost of fixing it. It would be cheaper to just buy a new one. I understand the warranty policy, but as I mentioned, I rarely used this machine and when it is used, it's to pick up the loose dust and dust bunnies, not large-sized particles and other junk some people may use it for. It's a pity that they couldn't take the courtesy to examine this machine (given its' light usage) to check to see if it needs to be recalled for this burning and smoking issue. Instead, they said a 1-year warranty is all they honor. So be careful in case this product begins to burn and smoke one day when you're using it. Hopefully, you haven't had it for over a year because this manufacturer will not honor the cost of getting it fixed. I'm very disappointed in their attitude and as a matter of principle, will not purchase from them again....more info
  • Eureka!
    This is a great little vacuum. I believe it would suck the skin off an elephant! The only complaint I have is that is LOUD!! But, I have two cats, so I needed something powerful, and I got it!...more info
  • Eureka! I found it!
    With two dogs we have a lot of dog hair on our area rugs and upholstery--and our black lab's fur sticks like glue on upholstery. We've tried almost every lint/dog hair remover on the market and nothing has worked (going through reams of that sticky roller tape is expensive). Even our upright vacuum upholstery attachments failed to do the job. We went shopping.

    The Amazon reviews for the Eureka hand-held vacuum were good, the price was right, so we took the plunge and bought it. Received it in just a couple of days. The results were amazing. This is a powerful machine and the suction is perfect. The dog hair problem is no longer a problem. It also does an amazing job cleaning our area rugs, and it usually takes everything up with only one pass. The dirt cup is evidence that it works! It's easy to operate and the crevice tool fits neatly in the back for easy access. It also does a nice job on car upholstery, too.

    Cons: It's noisy, it's a little heavy

    ...more info
  • It totally sucks!
    I use this vacuum exclusively for cleaning my truck, and at no time do I doubt my purchase; I'm consistently amazed at the amount of dust and dirt that I empty out of the dust cup, even after going over carpet that appears to be clean.

    Some of the other reviewers are noting that the vacuum is a bit heavy, and I'll admit that after two hours of cleaning (I'm extremely meticulous) it does begin to make the arms tired. When I switch it on, the torque of the motors (there are two!) activating cause it to jolt in my hand. And I can definitely feel the power as the crevice tool will really yank any junk out of whatever it's cleaning, in addition to the fantastic sucking power of the main brush.

    The only real problems I have with the vacuum are that (1) After a while, it can get very warm and sometimes too hot to touch. NOTE that this has never caused a problem with the vacuum itself; I just shut it down for a minute, then continue. (2) Twice, the suction hose has started sliding out of it's slot (I don't mean the slot you're supposed to pull it out of to clean with the crevice tool; I mean the slot that it's meant to be continually connected to, which leads into the dust cup), although I simply push it back in, and no worries. (3) The suction hose length itself is a little on the short side. (4) This is specific to me, as I doubt everybody will experience this: After cleaning my truck, I notice that a very large amount of the junk in the dust cup is actually carpet from my truck, which has lead me to believe that the vacuum may be a little TOO powerful for some jobs. FYI, my truck is a 1990 Suburban, and while the 18 year old carpet has been treated very gently, there's so doubt that it is starting to fall apart; hence my explaining that the vacuum pulling out carpet probably won't be experienced by most of the people buying it.


    -Two motors to handle the load
    -Massive sucking power, for that really dug-in junk
    -Very good at picking up EVERYTHING on the first pass
    -Great power cord length
    -Easy to empty the dust cup

    -Suction hose has nearly come out of socket twice
    -Suction hose COULD be longer
    -Can be a little rough with [fragile/old] carpet

    Despite minor issues I've had with, I nevertheless recommend it to anybody who has something they want clean. Great value for the money; it completely sucks!...more info
  • Watch out for the yellow and black!
    Yellow and black as been a sign of "heavy duityness" for some time now, from police tape to construction, even bees. Yellow and black draws attention.

    With that said, they colored this vaccume appropriately. I live in a dorm, and needed something not to big, just to clean the carpet in my room. DID IT EVER! I didn't even take it through my entire room before i noticed everything it got off my floors, and when i looked at the filter, i could see the jailed dirty suspects that littered my room just minutes ago.

    I haven't used it much so im not sure about how long you can have it without worrying about it breaking. But i get a good feeling from this thing. It is very convenient and there isn't a spec of dirt in my dorm thats safe now. I can quickly turn off the brush but keep the suction, so i can use the tube/attachment to get into corners and what not. The entire time i was cleaning my room i felt like inspector gadget or something. The useful yet simple features are very self explanitory and cater to whatever situation you might need this baby in. ...more info
  • Wow!!!! this one is Super!! the best Hand Held! extreme suction! Thanks
    Oh my god.. I'm glad that I chose this one! and return the others! this is like a superman!! get it if you still confused which to get.! Eureka 71B is the best!...more info
  • Eurika 71B
    I baught this vaccume to do the stairs in my home. Well I have to say this is the best hanheld I've ever owned. It has an amazing amount of suction for such a small and light weight unit. The beater bar wrks well for loosening up deep down soil in your carpet.
    I have also used this for Cleaning out the cars and the removable whip hose really comes in handy for getting in between the seats and under them as well.
    For the money it was a great investment....more info
  • Excellent Product & Very Powerful!
    Eureka Hand Held vacuum Cleaner Very good product & has a lot of power, sometimes too much.....more info
  • Only used it a bit so far, but it appears to work well,emptys easily and stores well
    Only used it a bit so far, but it appears to work well, empties easily and stores well....more info
  • What a sucker!!
    This thing sucks!!!!!! It has alot of power and I was so impressed the minute I plugged it in. I have cats and the fur can really get imbedded in carpet, well no longer, with this Eureka hand held I can clean down to the very bottom of the rug. It really does the job. Not disappointed one bit, in fact my family will be getting one for the holidays. It does a fabulous job for the car too.......more info
  • Great for cat owners
    If you have a cat, buy this vacuum. I was shocked at the amount of fur, unseen by me, that this thing picked up off of my stairs and couch. It seems very powerful and the rotating brush seems to really help with picking up fur. If you are looking for something light and more convenient, go with a chargeable hand held, but if you are looking for something heavy duty that really performs - get this. ...more info
  • Great power and performance for pet fur, don't go cordless!
    Problem: We've got 2 American Eskimos. Google that and you'll see what we're dealing with here. We have a 2-story house with 2 sets of carpeted stairs. I've got a great upright vacuum, the only problem is that it is heavy and a real hassle to carry. We have a hand held vacuum (the kone) which does nothing for fur on carpet.

    What we were looking for: light weight with great suction, motorized brush, and enough life to handle 2 stairwells. We knew we needed to get a corded vacuum, as most reviews for cordless complain about short battery life. I had a B&D and a Kone, both of which are dead because the battery won't charge. We didn't want an air powered brush system (some vacuums use the flow of air to turn the brush), we needed something heavy duty.

    1. Light weight: I did both stairwells without a problem.
    2. Motorized brush: I had to empty this thing 6 times because it pulled up so much dog fur. BTW, from the pictures, it looks like there are only 3 rows of brushes. However, the bristles spiral around the brush head, so in reality every inch is covered. They only look like rows in the picture.
    3. Suction: I've read that this has the suction of uprights. I don't think it comes anywhere close to my upright, but for a hand held vac, I think the suction is great. And since it is corded, I don't have to worry about how long the battery will last.
    4. Crevice tool: No matter how tight any vacuum will reach its corners, I think a crevice too is necessary. I like how it is so convenient.

    1. The canister is a bit small. Since we have so much fur to deal with, we had to empty it several times. I wouldn't mind it being bigger, or even having a bag system.
    2. After using it for about 15 minutes, I started to smell that electrical burn smell that some vacuums have. I really don't know what that means. I kept using it anyway, and it never let up on suction.

    Plus or minus:
    1. Riser visor: I don't think it adds anything to its function. I think it is actually awkward, so it wouldn't be any more awkward to turn the whole vacuum vertical to do the same thing.
    2. Hose for crevice tool: it's a bit short and can be awkward to use. However, a longer hose may be annoying. I don't mind it for what I use it for.

    Conclusion: if you need a small vac to get fur off of furniture and stairs, this is the one to get. Don't buy in to the lure of the cordless vac, unless you're getting the vac for minor spills and messes. You don't have the same power or longevity. The cordless vacs I've had in the past don't compare, even at peak performance to the Eureka's suction AND motorized bristle to pick up that fur. ...more info
  • Good customer service
    I recently purchased this vacuum and was very pleased with it. When I got out my users guide to see how to clean the filter, I noticed that a crevice tool was supposed to be included, but wasn't. I called Eureka and explained the situation. At first, they agreed to send me one...for $3, plus $7.50 shipping. I don't think so. After a couple minutes, the customer service rep agreed to send one for free. ...more info
  • Best handheld I have tried. Almost perfect.
    This Eureka handheld vaccuum does exactly what it is supposed to do, and it does it very well. It definitely works better than most or perhaps even all of its competition. The unit is sturdy, well thought out, and it is fairly compact considering that it has an onboard powerhead and a hose attachment. The electric cord is nice and long. Unfortunately the hose attachment is mostly too short to be really practical, as others have mentioned, and the unit is a little on the heavy side , esp for smallish persons, like me ( I also have trouble lifting it above my midline due to shoulder bursitis). Still i would not trade this handheld vaccuum for another brand - I have tried too many others that were noisy, weak, fragile, etc. Anyone who rates this one with 1 star must have been using it NOT for its intended purpose, or was expecting the moon and the stars, eg the person who has 16 cats.. the man trying to use it as a shop vac..etc...I personally know a full-time house-cleaning lady who owns one of these and uses it constantly for her business and swears by it. Get one....more info
  • okay if you don't have that many animals
    I read ALL of the reviews on how great this is for pet hair. I have 16 cats and to get the cat hair off of the furniture I need to go over the couches about 10 times with the vacuum. It's perfect if you only have a couple of animals - but if you have more than 5 then it gets a bit harder. What I've been doing is using a lint brush first then go over everything wearing rubber gloves and this way the cat hair sticks to the gloves. FINALLY I go over everything with the vacuum and it makes it MUCH easier. I know it's alot of work and it has to be done on a daily basis but it's better than sitting in cat hair. :)...more info
  • A handy little hand vac
    This is a very handy little hand vac. Nice suction and can be used easily with small attachments used for cleaning electronics. It gets into small places wonderfully. Great for cleaning crevices and corners and cobwebs. Just wish the hose was a little longer. The electric cord is nice and long. ...more info
  • It sucks, but it also blows.
    Pros: Powerful, long cord, filter, rotating brush head, movable section for vertical vacuuming. Sucks very well on hard floors and carpet without much pile.

    Cons: Pathetic little hose, blows warm air out the back, might be heavy for grandma or kids to maneuver with, filter needs to be washed every time on bigger jobs.

    This thing is essentially great, especially for pet hair and cat litter. I imagine it's great on stairs but I don't have stairs... it was nice on the back of the sofa, though!

    It's not a full-size vacuum. It's not a shop vac. It's not a tiny battery-powered cannister vacuum you'd want to pull out for a few cheerios on the floor. It's kind of in-between those things.

    If the battery-operated cannister vacuum is a child, a full-size vacuum is like a young adult, and the shop vac is like a serious mature adult... I would call the Eureka 71B Hand-Held a very capable teenager who will grow up to be a shop vac.

    Hope that helps!...more info
  • Eureka 71B Hand-held Vac
    I purchased it to use on stairs & am happy with its performance. I also like it for furniture. It seems fairly easy to empty & assembly was easy. Good instructions. It is heavier than I expected, but not unmanageable. It picks up pet hair. Being corded, it is always ready to use, assuming there's an outlet within range.Hope it lasts....more info
  • Eureka vacuum
    this vacuum is incredible. it took all the cat hair and lint off my sofa. im really glad i bought it....more info
  • Great Little Vacuum
    We've only owned this vacuum for a few weeks and only used it a few times, but so far it is a great little vacuum. We previously owned a Shark, which was extremely loud and did not have great suction, especially in the attached hose. But the Eureka is not only much quieter, it has terrific suction. Plus, you have the option of using the revolving brush or not. I cannot speak to the longevity of the Eureka or its durability, but as a portable vacuum, it is a good buy. And we wouldn't but it anywhere but Amazon, because they had the cheapest price with no shipping fees....more info
  • great product
    This is a great vac for stairs. My only wish was that I would have purchased it a long time ago....more info
  • Good Buy
    Cleans very effectively. Powerful suction. It's hard to keep the wound-up cord from falling off of the cleaner. The hose for the wand is too short for the wand to be used conveniently -- I would have preferred having the wand and a longer hose not attached to the cleaner. ...more info
  • great little hand vac
    This is a great hand vac. Plenty of power and great for cleaning stairs. The cord is long enough for a full staircase and the filter is easily cleaned. The crevice tool works well for chairs and sofas....more info
  • This vacuum is amazing at removing pet hair.
    I have three cats who shed so much I keep wondering if bald is the way to go. Most of my floors are hardwood but I have a few rugs and a few pieces of furniture that act like fur collectors; I needed a way to clean these, preferably without performing a gymnastics routine with a fifty-pound upright. The minute this little vacuum came into my life, I knew we would be best friends forever: the cord is nice and long, the suction is absolutely amazing, the hose attachment is great for reaching into small spaces, the plastic guard over the brush flips down (sometimes I use this feature to vacuum fur off the baseboards), the entire unit is pretty light and it stops me from shaving the cats. Yay!...more info
  • Great Vaccum
    I had a car accident that injuried my shoulder that makes it hard to use my upright and this little vaccum is just awesome and does a geat job on both carpet and tiled floors. Great on the furniture I think it even does a better job then my upright....more info
  • Great Hand Held!
    I saw the reviews, and decided to get one. It is very powerful, and does a great job on pet hair, and on stairs. I definitely recommend....more info
  • A must for pet owners
    Fully confirm the rave reviews of others. It is powerful and picks up dust that my regular vacuum won't. Noise is about that of a blow dryer; you can still hear whatever is going on in the room while vacuuming. Great for pet hair and cat litter. Gets in small spaces and the nifty little attached hose gets in tiny spaces, esp. with on-board crevice tool. Easy to clean - just open cup, pull filter, and dump junk in cup. Tap filter on garbage bag to release any fur and dust stuck on it. Releasing and re-attaching dust cup is a snap. 20' cord a huge bonus. Stores nicely and neatly. ...more info
  • Powerful but heavy
    This is a powerful vacuum but a bit on the heavy side. I would definitely recommend this product just based on suction strength alone. My only complaint would be the bagging system; the design & size is a bit limited & the filter is overkill. It has a nice long cord & pick-up is great....more info
  • GREAT vacuum. REAL powerful suction.
    Bought this vac to help out with cleaning the couches and my bedspread of hair from my 2 cats. This vac is awesome. REAL powerful. My older dirt devil is a good vac but this Eureka works MUCH better. Definitely a good buy and I am glad that I purchased it....more info
  • A hand-held that really works!
    Am impressed with this little power machine. Have tried other hand-held vacuums but never found any that had the power to do a really good job. It's a bit heavy but worth it given the job it does. Crevice tool attachment a helpful addition....more info
  • Compact and powerful vacuum.
    For such a compact vacuum, its power is quite amazing. One does have to deal with the cord and the noise. But for small jobs where you don't mind bending down for a few minutes, this one can't be beat....more info
  • The little vacuum that could!
    I've struggled with finding a product that will pick up cat hair from furniture and do stairs. Most have been cumbersome -- but not this little wonder! One pass and the cat hair is gone, and the stair adjustment really works. Terrific product!...more info
  • great minivac
    This minivac is all I had hoped it would be. I use it on my stairs & it really is a work horse. The feature where you can rotate the brush to vacuum in front instead of on the bottom is very effective. The suction is very strong. This is by far the best minivac I've ever owned. ...more info
  • eureka hand-held
    Reading the previous comments prior to purchase made my decision over the dirt devil brand. This product really does have great suction and I've used it for sanding dust, as well as stairs, and quick spot clean ups. The dirt cup is convenient to empty and its really simple to use. I would purchase other eureka products based on the performance of this one....more info
  • Only one problem
    I have gone through one cordless after another so I decided to buy a corded hand vac and chose this one due to the many high ratings.

    Here is what I like: *Powerful, *quiet for the power, *long cord, *not too heavy, *really digs down deep to clean even better then my favorite upright!, *easy to empty out the dirt.

    Here is what I didn't like: *Hose is way to short to be useful, *Hose detached for use aims in the same direction as the blower on the back of the unit so when you go to suck up the dirt it blows across the room while you chase it around like a circus clown act!, *the filter clogs quickly.

    All in all I'm happy with it and ordered the Electrolux car attachment kit which offers a longer hose that fits great as do the attachments included in the kit. With the longer hose you can aim it opposite the blower and avoid shooting dirt across the room. My hoover upright attachments also fit so I can use the extender tubes and reach ceiling fan blades too. ...more info
  • Hold on for a great ride
    This vacuum is great, it has a lot of power so hang on. Very neat at getting into those areas that the larger vacs can't reach. The attachment is very handy, dirty creases look out, your time is up. Easy to clean, I use a real cheap 1" dry paint brush to clean filter. I have tried the Dirt Devil, not even close. Someone said the motor is noisy, if it bothers you try a nice quiet broom....more info
  • Sucks it head off!
    This Eureka 71B Hand-Held Vacuum sucks its head off! In fact, it sucks so hard that it can be a tad hard to maneuver. I find the on\off switch on the top very, very tight, but I think the machine is just put together well! Eureka 71B Hand-Held Vacuum

    I wonder if the reviewer whose machine stopped right away just received an anomaly - a bad machine that should have been returned. I don't know if Eureka is a problematic warranty guarantor and I hope I never have to find out. I have had mine for a while and it is STILL going strong.

    Overall, if you want outstanding hand-held suction, this Eureka 71B hand-held (or the Black & Decker CycloPro) will do the deed! Black & Decker CCV900 CycloPro Corded Hand Vac...more info
  • Good tool but need a better design
    Pro. suction power is strong, easy to use, brush can stir dust and help clean, basically, a good product

    Con. if possible, a new design could consider this, while using this on carpet floor, many times it becomes hard to move forward or backward if carpet is newer, I have to push with both hands, the right hand behind the product, bear the hot wind and have to shut it down every 30 minutes. The handle should be placed not on top but on top of back, and hot wind vent may re-routed to lower position. Place the handle in back top can also help women user easier to operate this small device. I am a man with 220 pounds, it is still difficult for me to operate it sometimes. 2 handles may be better than just 1. Think about this. ...more info
  • I have furry pets and carpeted stairs
    I have a long haired dog and cat. I'm pregnant and can't very easily use a full size vacume on my stairs. I tried to use my hands to keep it picked up, but I couldn't keep up--the pet hair was making the stairs slippery, dangerous and dirty. So, I broke down and bought this little vac. It works great. I like the flip on the front for the brushes--it makes the vertical part of the vacuming really easy. It works great at picking up the pet hair--it works better than my full size does!
    I can't think of any downsides so far. It is really easy to use....more info
  • If only it was cyclonic
    I agree with all the positives that so many people are raving about with this vacuum. I won't try to recap them all, but I don't see mentioned that this vac is also rather quiet for the power, especially compared to a Dirt Devil, which in my experience are painfully loud.

    It would get five stars from me, except that this is the age of the cyclonics, and I would love to have all the features of this vac without so much reliance on the dust cap for first stage filtration. I've used this one for just a few weeks, and I feel like I already need to order new filters, even though I brush it off thoroughly every time I empty the canister. If Eureka offers a similar vac in a cyclonic, I'll probably buy it and put this one on ebay....more info
  • allergies
    My daughter and I both have allergies, I bought this Vacuum to do areas a normal vacuum can't reach. I was appalled by the amount of dander and heavens knows what this little vacuum picked up off our mattresses. I now use it once a week and every week it cleans just as well. Our sneezing and itching at night has gotten better !...more info
  • Outstanding product
    This is the best hand held vac. that I have ever used. We have two pugs, and anyone who owns pugs knows how they can shed. This vac with its powerful motor and flip up design far surpasses anything that I have ever used on the furniture. The flip up design works great on the back of chairs and sofas. It gets it all.
    I highly recommend this product for anyone who has pets. Dirt Devil and hoover are good, but this is the best. It has my four star rating....more info
  • This thing SUCKS, big time!
    This really is a powerful compact vacuum. I use it on my stairs where the standup vacuum is to hard to handle. I was very impressed with the amount of dirt and even dust this small thing picked up...or maybe I just have a messy place...regardless, this little guy does a great job. The filter is easy to clean too. The crevace device is a handy and conveinant addition also....more info
  • Excellent!
    Received mine yesterday and I am very impressed. It is powerful (two motors allowing you to turn off the agitator bar). Looks great, built well. Used it last nite on our 1 1/2 year old Ashley Furniture sofas and it picked up quite a bit. That surprised me. I ordered more dust cups directly from Eureka, turns out price is about the same as ordering from Amazon, even with S/H. This really is a good product, assuming it will last many years. Get one. I have my car seats to do next....more info
  • The enemy of pet hair, everywhere!
    We have two sheepdogs and three cats. If I'm away for a week I come home to tumbleweed sized hair balls rolling gently down the hallway and stuck to every fabric surface in the house.

    I have hardwood floors on the first floor of the house, so it's seemed silly to lug the full vac from another floor just to clean the sofa. And a full sized vacuum is a pain for that kind of task. I had a hand attachment with a suction driven agitator brush for it, but it didn't work well enough, and I had no place to store the thing on the vacuum itself.

    I also had a handheld vac... the pop-out from an Electrolux EL1000B Pronto Stick Vacuum... and while it was great for little messes and stray cat litter, it really didn't do well with animal hair.

    I got the Eureka for the hair problem and I am very pleased by the purchase. It is corded, but I think that to get enough power to drive a decent agitator brush, that's to be expected. I was more concerned with how well it worked, rather than it being cordless.

    It's also bagless, which I can get behind after trying to find the bags for my full sized upright one weekend.

    And it works. That agitator brush makes all the difference, sucking the hair off of my sofa and other furniture. I even use it on the dog beds in between laundering them, and it gets them hair free. I love the fact that it has a hose, or that I don't have to turn on the agitator, and can suck up cat litter easily without it flinging everywhere like a regular vacuum.

    It also is not as loud as a full sized vacuum. And the unexpected ability to flip the agitator shield the other way so i could easily vacuum upright surfaces makes this thing a winner.

    I had the cat condo legs, the stair treads and the curtains hair free the first day.

    I'm giving away the Electrolux, and keeping the Eureka 71B!

    EDIT: I had to clean the filter for the first time this weekend. I used regular dish-soap and a scrub brush meant for cleaning your fingernails. It came completely clean and white in less than five minutes and dried overnight. It was back in use again the following day. I imagine that you wouldn't have to replace this filter unless it got damaged, as long as it continues to clean up this well. ...more info
  • Great Little Machine
    Great little vacuum. Compact and well made for use on stairs especially with roll up front guard to vacuum the riser portion of the carpet on the stairs....more info
  • Fantastic! My favorite vacuum ever!
    This thing is fantastic! I was looking at all the vacuums on amazon. Actually planning to buy a battery-powered vac. I picked this thing up because of the great price, and boy was I surprised! This thing is the greatest little vacuum ever made!

    The power is amazing, and the design is fantastic! You can grab the extension hose with one hand and get the corners, then plug it right back in without any trouble. Also there is a little pointy attachment in the rear of the unit you can grab with one hand, never turning the unit off.

    Also, the little 'visor' on the front is really clever, you can turn it to help clean the stairs more easily.

    You won't regret this thing! Our stairs used to always be filthy, now I clean them so easily. Also use it in the car and the shop all the time.

    The only negative is that it uses a traditional filter setup, not a cyclone like some newer models. This means that the suction decreases dramatically as the bin fills up. I basically empty the bin after each use, and it is incredibly easy to empty -- You just pull the power switch backwards and the bin pops out.

    The power brushes work great, they really grab the pet hair!!!...more info
  • 1st Time Out of the Box
    The vac didn't even last thru its maiden trial. The motor burned out in a cloud of electrical smoke. Following the instructions I returned it to the local service center where I was told a replacement would arrive in four weeks. When I remarked at the long wait, I was told that the wait was down from three months! As I walked out I saw a stack of the vacs by the door....more info
  • Great Product
    Almost a 5-star product. I purchased this vacuum to get pet hair out of my vehicle and off my furniture. It does a great job with almost every surface. The exception was the back of my car seats, which are covered by fabric with fine, tangled fibers - pet hair is literally woven into the fabric.

    The one item lacking is a soft-bristle attachment for the hose to use when cleaning areas that need a bit of 'dusting' as they are vacuumed. If the 71B had come with that attachment, I'd have given it a 5-star rating....more info
  • I can only add to what has already been said, Great little vac!
    I really can't add anything new to the hundreds of glowing reviews for this little vacuum, but I was so impressed I figured I had to add to the ground swell of positive reviews.

    To sum it up-
    -animal fur on furniture is no longer a problem, powerful sweeper and suction
    -carpeted stairs are now a breeze to clean, even great suction along the edges
    -the reuseable filter is very durable and very easy to clean
    -very well designed, feels very balanced, cord storage is excellent
    -easily switch to hose and crevice tool, and it has great suction as well
    -glides effortlessly across flat surfaces

    This little guy is so handy, I will sometimes get on my hands and knees and do a guick spruce up of the entire living room. So much easier than bringing out my big upright and it is so easy to get around coffee tables, end tables, lamps and such.

    If you have the need for this type of vacuum, stop searching and buy this now!

    I guarantee you will be satisfied....more info
  • Tackle carpeted stairways with ease!
    I bought this after wasting my money on two other handhelds that didn't cut the mustard. I have cats--and the reason I bought this handheld was to clean my carpet covered stairs without having to struggle with the attachments on an upright. I chose Eureka because I'd gone through three bad vacuum cleaners before I got their superior upright--and it's amazing. This hand-held has a motor operated brush and powerful suction! It's easy to disassemble and clean out, and it vacuums as if it were a small upright, picking up everything! Very powerful suction and the brushes never stop turning because of clogs or anything. Recommend this highly! ...more info
  • A great little vacuum
    This vacuum is great! I can't believe I didn't order it sooner! I have two cats who leave hair, litter and food bits all over the place! It's great for those quick clean ups when I don't feel like dragging out the big vacuum cleaner. It works well on the stairs too. It's lightweight very easy to carry and very compact. I highly recommend this vacuum! I love it! ...more info
  • Where to get an extension hose
    This is a great hand vacuum. It's a little heavy and unwieldy for a hand vac, but the suction is very good as is the construction and design. As others have mentioned, the hose is a little short. So I went looking for an extension hose and found the perfect fit in the Electrolux Automotive Vacuum Kit KIT01N. This kit comes with a 5 foot extension hose, plus one crevice tool, one wide nozzle, and an adapter. But you don't even need the adapter. The hose fits perfectly on the Eureka as is. Now with the hose attached, I can set the vacuum on the floor while cleaning areas of my home that are eye level or even higher.

    The Electrolux kit really adds to the functionality of this little Eureka. The on-board crevice tool does fit the extension hose too, but you can also use one of the two attachment tools that come with the auto kit. In fact, since the Eureka's on-board hose as well as the Electrolux extension hose use standard size vacuum fittings, you can use any standard size vacuum attachment with them. That's a thoughtful design decision by Eureka that just adds immensely to the versatility of this little vac. Right now the Electrolux kit is being sold at uBid for just $15 with free shipping. It's a great deal that might not last long. So snap one up if you want to get even more out of your Eureka hand vac. (Note: the pictures accompanying the Electrolux KIT01N on many websites show a small turbo brush, but this kit does not include that ... just the crevice and wide nozzle tools.)...more info
  • I really like this one, but...
    I really do like this vacuum. I bought it when we lived in a 3-story townhouse with our 8 cats. It made vacuuming the multitude of stairs so much easier. I like it so much I bought one for my sister. But I really wish it had a brush attachment. When you're sitting on the stairs vacuuming you're so close to the moulding you can't ignore the hair/dust resting upon it. The crevice tool gets some of it, but not all. A brush would make this vac perfect. BTW, don't use it to vacuum sheet rock dust as my husband did BEFORE I knew what he was doing. Hopefully a new filter will help the suction. ;o)...more info
  • Handy
    Product is quite handy in sucking up cat fur that seems to be everywhere this summer. ...more info
  • Absolutely awesome!
    Absolutely awesome vacuum. Small, convenient, gets into all the nooks and crannies, and it even looks cool....more info
  • This vacuum sucks! In a good way...
    Dang this little puppy sucks up more dirt than our regular vacuum! I have never seen such performance out of a hand-held vacuum before. The stairs are easy to clean now and I am looking forward to using it on my car.

    While using the hose, my husband kept having his shirt sucked into it!

    Very heavy duty construction on this, and the front of of has a little sliding door to change the angle of suction from beneath the vacuum to the side, so that when you're cleaning stairs or upholstery you can hold it at a natural angle instead of having to tilt it. A crevice tool to attach to the hose is stashed on the back of the unit. There is a place for the cord to be wrapped around for storage.

    I am very pleased with this purchase and I couldn't recommend it enough. ...more info
  • Excellent Vacuum
    In my opinion, the best hand held vacuum on the market. I use strictly on hardwood floors, so can't speak to carpet capabilities. Would definitely recommend....more info
  • There's a piece missing!
    I just opened the box and the crevice tool that was supposed to be included is not there. So now I guess my options are to pack this whole thing back up and send it back at my inconvenience or live without the tool that SUPPOSED to be included. I'm not at all happy....more info
  • Great for the price
    This is a great little vacuum! It picked up things on my stairs I didn't even realize were there. The amount of dog hair in the cannister was embarassing - and I clean my stairs at least once a week. The only complaint would be the hose which doesn't have as great of suction when you pull it out to use it for edges, etc. The cord is very long which is extremely helpful also. Great product for the price!...more info
  • Works great on couches with pets
    I bought this in hopes it would help keep my couches cleaner. I have 2 cats and a dog, and between them you couldn't sit on the couch without getting hair everywhere. This vacuum i light and the brushes do a really good job at picking up all the hair. Its compact which is good because even still I have to vacuum the couch every other day. I would probably give up if I had an upright vacuum and the pet attachments. It works better on smooth furniture (like suede) better than textured cloth, but it still does a great job on both. the only slight downside is that the compartment for dirt is small so you empty it often, but on the other hand it would be to big and heavy if this was bigger. So overall I love this machine....more info
  • Impressive
    I was expecting a great product and I received one. This little hand held vacuum is amazing. I am sorry I went so long without it and my stairs have never looked better....more info
  • Meets expectations

    The vacuum works well. We use it mostly to clean our sofa and stairs. I used it once to clean out my car, but it is a bit heavy and awkward to use in the car. My shop vac works better. The spinning brush does a good job of picking up our Labrador Retriever's hair from the couch. However, a piece of thread from the carpet got stuck in the brush and it was a pain to pick it out. Overall it does a good job, probably better than the other small vacuums we looked at....more info
  • better than i expected
    I got this vacuum for my truck and limited areas in our home. WOW!! what a surprise at the power.We have a good household vacuum but this 71b picked up dirt and pet hair that our big unit did'nt. I only wish it came with an extra filter. R.G.Fort Myers,FL. ...more info
  • I love this little vacuum!!
    I was tired of having to haul out my big vacuum to do the stairs all the time. It is heavy and the nozzle doesn't reach to the top so I would have to switch plugs half way up the stairs. This Eureka Hand-Held Vacuum is WONDERFUL!! It has saved me so much time and back pain!! It has incredible suction and has an extra long cord which makes doing my stairs SO much easier! I can even get my kids to help out with the vacuuming now because they love it too! I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone who asks!!...more info
  • Powerful suction
    I will never buy a Dirt Devil again! This little handheld has incredible suction. I'm very pleased. I hope that it lasts! My only complaint with the vacuum is that the hose is very short and barely stretches at all. The upside to a short hose, though, is that it keeps the unit compact with less unruly bulk to have to put away in your closet. ...more info
  • Didn't work for long
    Like many others, it worked great for a while (a few months) then died. Don't get it!...more info
  • Eureka 71B - Great little machine
    Was anxious to receive this Hand Vac since I heard great things about it. Could not wait to open the box. Have three pets so I knew this vacuum would be a great addition to the other vacs I have. Never been happy with the battery hand-vacs so I thought I'd go totally electric. Well, I love this vac. It has a few different adjustments such as how much power you want and a beater bar for more power on furniture to get off the pet hair, etc. Seems to be a well-made machine and the plus is it has a hose attached for tight areas you want to get at without losing any power. There is one down-side for some folks which would be the weight of the vac. If you have problems with arthrits our lifting I should say that this hand-vac has just a bit of weight to it but I believe it is because it is built so well and not flimsy. I am happy to own it just for the great job it does on the pet hair. It has a dust cup you can empty. Make sure you read the instructions that come with vacuum so you know all the plusses it has and also how to adjust for power and the notch for empty and replacing the dust cup. I finally figured out why I could not get the dust cup back in easily and found out it was only a slight touch on the cup release switch that was needed...but of course I did not have my reading glasses on (LOL). It is great for steps with or without carpeting and can be used in your auto. This vac has the power you need....more info
  • Wow!!!
    The quality of this handheld is evident upon opening the package, I was impressed at the quality of construction and fit and finish.

    Upon use I found the suction to be incredible, especially neat was the adjustable access for different angles of use and the emptying and servicing to be straight forward and easy.

    I highly recommend this to a potential purchaser, for the price you can't go wrong....more info
  • Great vacuum!
    I bought this vacuum to simplify cleaning my carpeted stairs and was amazed at the dust it picked up on both my stairs and upholstered sofas. My previous dirt devil was unbelievably loud and apparently only picked up dog hair and anything visible on the surface. I also use this in my car. It's very light, not too loud, and has strong suction. A great buy!...more info
    I reviewed and reserached hand held vacs to be used on my new carpet on the stairs and the couch. I had to wait awhile before ordering and it was worth it. This vac not only got up all the cat hair from the current inhabitants but also hair from cats/dogs long ago. This ia a great item and I recommend it to anyone who has pets and carpet....more info
  • Only one drawback
    I was really impressed when I first used this hand-held vacuum. It is extremely powerful, picking up dirt and pet hair, working like a charm.

    I have only one complaint, and I think it's a big one: the brushes are very hard to clean once hair got tangled in them. Thus after a while, it could not pick up as much hair as it used to. Maybe the reason is that I used it on carpet. Perhaps it is not designed to handle such heavy work. After all, it's hand-held.

    But overall it's a great buy...more info
  • This vacuum is wonderful!
    My stairs were not as clean as they should be as I kept on putting off vacuuming them as it was so difficult using my canister vacuum. I decided to search for something that would make this job easier and after looking at various products I decided to buy the Eureka Hand-Held Vacuum. I ordered it on a Sunday and it was here by Wednesday.

    It is amazing. I couldn't believe the vacuum's suction power. It managed to make my stairs look so good. I have three flights of stairs and this vacuum has made an intimidating and time-consuming job a whole lot easier....more info
  • Powerful little machine
    We have a Beam central vac, which we love but it can be a lot of hassle if you just want to do a little bit of quick dusting. My home office is an especially dusty room (I believe in part b/c it's farthest from any return ducts), so I purchased this Eureka mainly to keep in my office to suck the dust off my desk and computer components every few days. I had used those expensive little canned air blowers, but it doesn't take but once to obviously realize you're just blower the dust and hair into the air to breath it in when using a blower. The day I got this and opened it up for first use I was immediately surprised at how powerful it is and it feels very solid in hand. The flexible hose could definitely be longer. After two days of using it I went to Vacuum Center to buy a brush head $5 and 20" extender $8; it does use a standard size so buying attachments is not a problem. It blast air so hard out the back that I ended up sending papers flying a couple times; which isn't a complaint, it just shows how much air this little unit moves. Overall I'm very happy with my purchase and am considering buying another for my (non-home) office....more info
  • Suction is pretty decent with this Hand Vac.
    Decent suction...but it seems to work slightly better on carpet than hard floor. Then again, most vacuums work much better on carpet....more info
  • Vacuums so good sparks fly...well sort of
    After reading the glowing reviews on here, I purchased this vacuum to use on the steps in my home. Plugged it in, and I will say for the first 10 steps it did a TREMENDOUS job...was cleaning like crazy. Then, all of a sudden my vacuum lit up like a Christmas tree, a small ball of fire came out the back, a big puff of smoke and then as the sound of the motor got weaker and weaker, sparks began to fly out the back. I realize with all the good reviews, I must have gotten a lemon...but I will say this was one of the best fireworks displays I have ever seen...which is why I gave it 2 stars instead of 1!...more info
  • Best little vacuum around
    I love this vacuum! It is lightweight, powerful and easy to handle. The hose and attachment are great for those hard to reach places in my car. I get great results with very little effort....more info
  • Not Worth It
    I ordered this to pick up pet hair off the furniture. I wasted my money. I will probably wind up purchasing a Dyson....more info
  • Eureka Hand-Held Vacuum
    I had an old Eureka hand held and it lost its power after many years. So I bought a different brand, that was battery run. I hated it! I used it for 2 months and decided to look on for the Eureka hand held vacuum. The price was great! I love my new vacuum. With 2 dogs and 1 cat you can't go wrong with this little vacuum. It has great power....more info
  • Great suction for the money
    Great small vac. Has amazing suction and the detachable tube is so convenient. Easy to use and empty. A little heavy, but totally worth it! You can't beat this kind of power for this low price....more info
  • Thumbs Up!!
    I am a truck driver; and I travel the US with my dog... This vac works great!! Picks up the pet hair on the seats, floor, and doors with ease. I especially like the fact that you can turn off the powered brush. What a great tool for the proffessional driver to keep his or her rig clean. The power of the vac is unbelieveable. ...more info
  • great little machine.
    Great for stairs and furniture. This machine works very well. I would recommend....more info
  • Awesome Little Vacuum
    We have a cat and have been searching for something small that will get those cat hairs that appear everywhere. I read the reviews of this vacuum and thought I should give it a try. They were correct - this vacuum works!! It has unbelievable power. It isn't battery operated - but it has an extra long power cord. We just leave the vacuum plugged in and tucked in a corner out of the way. That way it is always ready and available. I definitely recommend the Eureka Hand-Held Vacuum!...more info
  • Great product
    This handheld vacuum does a great job on carpeted stairs and the rise on stairs. My only complaint is that the little attachment brush does not fit on the hose--the opening is too large, and it won't stay on, so you're not able to use the little hose & onboard tool. But it does a great job otherwise....more info
  • My dream tool
    This is my dream tool that I've been searching for. The suction is stronger than my upright and the noice level is lower when using the hose only. It's a little louder when using the rotating head. The power hose fits on the real easily. It's light and convenient.

    The only con I would say is it's missing a brush head. I have a brush head with a long hose from my upright. It's the perfect tool when I connect that hose to this little thing, but it'll be better if I can find different brush heads with different softness for different surfaces (e.g., soft brush for computer screens).

    Since I just got this one, I don't know about the durability yet, but the quality looks great....more info
  • Works Great
    I bought for my stairs and it works very well! I have 2 cats and a dog and it is wonderful for the couch too. It makes vacuuming stairs a breeze and is easy to empty and figure out, etc....more info
  • Another happy customer!
    LOOOOVE this little vacuum!! It does all that the other posters have said it can do. Excellent value for the money. As soon as it arrived I took it out of the box, plugged it in and went to work on my stairs. Less than 7 minutes later they were done and looked fabulous.
    Thanks everyone for recommending this little gem!!...more info
  • vacuum
    I got this vac as a present from my Mom, and ended up getting her one as well. We both use it for stairs and to do windowsills, shutters, furniture, etc. It has good suction, you can use it with or without the brushes turning, and the cord is a nice and long. I would recommend this product to anyone. ...more info
  • great value
    great vaccum for little apartments. it is well designed. only drawback is it is loud...more info
  • Amazing!
    This is an amazing little handheld. My husband used it on all our upolstered furniture the day we got it. Needless to say, he pulled up a lot of dust and other stuff. Although it was disgusting, I was glad to know it wasnt' in the furniture any longer. This vacuum worked amazingly well. It's a keeper!...more info
  • Pretty good for cat hair
    I received this vacuum for Christmas. I have had it for three months, and I generally use it once every two weeks on the stairs and on my sofas. The sofas tend to build up fur from my long-haired cat, which I sweep up using a combination of this vacuum and those strong yellow gloves that you can get at the dollar store. This vacuum does a decent job of getting the hair off of my sofas, and I finish up by brushing with my yellow gloves over the sofa. Overall, I was slightly disappointed because it does not remove the hair as fast as I would have desired. The brushes are not as powerful as I would have liked. If you press down too hard on the vacuum, they stop turning. However, I like this product because it picks up the hair if I brush it off with my hands. It is light enough for me to pick up and move. Also, the cord is nice and long so I can go anywhere with it. Another advantage is that it is bagless and easy to clean....more info
  • As Good as the Reviews say
    Bought this after reading Amazon reviews for the product. This is one great little machine - it very efficiently sucked up tons of dead skin and powdery whatnot from my aging mattress and couch. The world is safe again for old upholstery. ...more info
  • Super Little Vacuum!
    This is very easy to use, is not too noisy, and really does the job. I use it on carpeted steps, automobile interior, and on furniture. I don't have pets and so cannot comment on its ability to remove hair. I give this unit and A+. ...more info
  • Great vacuum!
    great hand held vacuum, love it for my stairs. sucks animal fur off of furniture and blankets great!...more info
    We have purchased several hand held vacuums for cleaning carpet on our boat and not one has come even close to this vacuum. When we first received it I took it to the boat vacuumed the rugs with the Dirt Devil we had been using and then re-vacuumed it with the Eureka 71A and had to dump it three times before done. We have told everyone we know about it and four people have purchased them and have the same re-marks WOW what a great vacuum.
    ...more info
    I purchased this vacuum about two years ago for the purpose of vacuuming my stairs and my chenile couches. I have two cats (one a Himalayan). This vacuum WAS amazing for the first 2 years. Suddenly I smelled something burning, not like rubber burning, more like electrical. Then I saw sparks inside like near where the cord goes into the vacuum. I cleaned the brushes all the time but it still sparked up. I am so disappointed because it worked so well. ...more info
  • Much Better Than I Hoped
    This is a great and user friendly little vacuum. The filter is heavy-duty and eash to clean and empty. I've bought two other hand held vacuum in the past, and this one is by far superior to those.
    I did not want to buy a battery powered vacuum cleaner and a good corded one is hard to find. I realyze some other reviewers have complained about the weight but it is not that heavy. This is a wonderful little vacuum....more info
  • Outstanding Vacuum
    I upgraded to this because I was tired of the cheap Black and Decker dustbusters that lasted about a year and then wouldn't hold a charge. This vacuum has an attached cord so power is never a problem. It has superb suction. Of course the tradeoff is you have to plug it in but the cord is very long so the range of motion is not a problem. I has two settings when powered on, one for straight suction and one for suction and the beater bar. Beater bar is good but doesn't compare to an upright, which I wouldn't expect. Filter is easy to clean and replace also. All in all I'm very pleased with this product....more info
  • Mighty Mite
    This is a great little vacuum with lots of power. I bought it for my stairs and car. It is so light that my kids, ages 5,8,9 and 10, have no trouble helping out. The only thing is that we wish the hose was longer. It is a very manageable vacuum that really gets the job done and is easy to use and clean. ...more info
  • Great vacuum and value!
    Our cat hair was out of control, and this vacuum get is up GREAT! Also great for steps and for cleaning out the car as well. What a bargain at ~$40!!...more info
  • This Vacuum Sucks!
    I just bought this vac after my Dirt Devil's beater-brush died. This is 10 times the vac than Dirt Devil's best handheld. This Eureka sucks very well! It can get all cat hair off of any furniture, including furniture with heavy-woven types of surfaces. :-)...more info
  • Pleasantly Surprised
    We had a hand dirt devil for 14 years, until the motor started to smoke. I bought one of these based on reviews and I am happy with it. It has very good power, I like the attachment and power cord storage and the ease of cleaning the dirt out. One other thing I really like is that on the front it has that clear piece that can pivot so you can either vacuum the floor, or lower that piece and vacuum the side of something, like the side of stairs. Its a really neat feature. The only downsides of this is that it is somewhat heavy for a hand-vac and is pretty loud, but I can live with both those. This is a nice unit and I do recommend it for others....more info
  • Excellent product, great buy!
    This little hand vacuum packs quite a punch! In a small apartment it's impossible to justify the purchase of a large vacuum, and the dust buster just wasn't doing the job. The dust cup in this unit needed to be emptied three times during the course of cleaning our few small rugs and upholstery for the first time, a testament to just how much it picked up. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Eureka 71A Hand-held vacuum
    Excellent product; really gets the dirt out! Great value. On using it, our son has decided to buy one too....more info
  • Wow!!!
    OK, so I've had this item in my cart for probably a couple of months anyway and every once in a while I'd go back and look at it and think, hmmm, is this going to be another one those vacs that claims to blow all the other ones out of the water and doesn't deliver? So, I'd leave it in the cart and move on to something else. Well, about a week ago when I went back to re-evaluate all the specs on it, I happened across a review that claimed that it actually worked on cat hair. Let me tell you, THAT got my attention!! I decided then and there to order it and see if it could possibly be true. Today the item arrived and I just couldn't wait to see for myself if that writer was onto something. I plugged it in and hesitantly placed it on one of my cat/dog hair covered sofa cushions and turned the vac on... Let me tell you -- IT'S A MIRACLE! I've finally got something that tackles the pet hair problem that I'd basically given up on. So, any of you that are as skeptical as I was, hit that order button as fast as you can and go out and wait for the delivery van to show up at your door! You won't be sorry....more info
  • Finally found the right one
    As a tool junkie and gadget collector, I had been loooking for the perfect vacuum to clean the steps as well as some nooks in our house and the Eureka blew my expectations out of the water. I was sick of lugging my heavy Rigid shop vac up and down the steps on a weekly basis and I had been looking for a small hand held for some time. I read all of the reviews and I didn't think it could be as great as everyone said but after one use cleaning the steps and seeing all of the dog hair it pulled up, I was convinced. The hose attachment is a nice touch and wasn't really talked about in the reviews I read but the few times i have used it, it worked like a charm. ...more info
  • Eureka 71A hand held vacuum
    This is by far the best hand held vacuum that I have ever had. I needed to find something that would not blow out bug dust from a bag and still have a lot of suction power. This little vac is amazing. We have a lot of beetles...and when you vacuum them up they emit a terrible odor. This vacuum has a dust cup that can be emptied quickly. A brush easily cleans up carpet on steps...and the crevice tool is right on the vac and the cord wraps and it goes from brush vacuum to crevice vacuum with the push of a button. Not heavy so it's easy to use. Definitely a five star product....more info
  • Best hand held vacuum
    I've tried them all, this is the best. Great service from Amazon, too. Arrived quickly and in perfect ordfer. ...more info
    I use the vac for the stairs in my two story house. The vac is impressive for:

    1) decent suctioning, it makes the post vacuumed carpet pattern in my medium height carpet.

    2) not very heavy

    3) bagless and easy disposal

    4) the switch has 2 settings. First setting turns on the suction. 2nd setting turns on the suction and the rotation brush.

    Negatives if any would be:
    1) dustbin is almost 1/2 full after doing my stairs

    2) Rotationg brush feature doesn't seem to reach the carpet when you raise the plastic visor to clean the sides of the stairs. (but the vacuum still has suctioning to clean the sides of the stairs)...more info
  • No disappointments after 6 months
    I've got two dogs, lots of carpet and many tiny places the big vacuum can reach. I've owned Dustbusters, Dirt Devils and Sharks and I can tell you this little vacuum leaves them all in the dust (no pun intended). I was amazed when I got it in 2007, but held off on my review until I had it a while. This hand-held has LOTS of power and pulls up everything. I find it perfect for stairs and vacuuming under furniture that has enough of a rise for clumps of hair to hide. Cord is long enough for my use and the bag empties very easily. Some don't like the see-through collection tank but I do (cuz I don't trust vacuums) .... but I do trust this one!!...more info
  • One answer to dog hair.
    Found this product works great to get dog hairs. The motorized head brush helps to dig them out of carpeting and throw rugs. And the filter is much better than the paper type that is hard and messy to clean....more info
  • Powerful little vacuum
    This is a vacuum that rivals its full-size cousins for suction. We bought it to keep the area clean around our wood-burning stove, but it does a perfect job on stairs or furniture. The hose is very convenient. The cord is not as convenient as batteries, but probably it will not lose charge with use. Pleasant surprise after not-so-pleasant with typical hand-held vacs....more info
  • Eureka 71A Hand Held Vacuum
    This is by far the best hand vac I have ever owned! It has loads of power and is very easy to use....more info
  • Best Hand Vac Ever
    My cat sheds like crazy and we were going through tons of lint rollers trying to keep our furniture clean. After reading the positive reviews on Amazon, I decided to try this vacuum cleaner out. Well, I'm really glad I decided to buy this product. The Eureka 71A really sucks up all the layers of cat hair we have on our area rugs and sofa. It is quieter and so much more powerful than any other hand-held vac I've ever owned. And for less than $40, it is quite the steal....more info
  • Amazing Hand-Held VAC
    Eureka 71A Hand-Held Vacuum Amazing little vac that really sucks. Great on furniture upholstery with cat hair. Also did a good job cleaning the interior of our cars. Creative, functional, powerful....even the original packaging was cleverly designed. Wish it had a easy way to hang it on the wall, but we can work around that. A good value at $40....more info
  • Great for removing pet hair!
    After having this vacuum for a couple of months, I'm happy with its performance. It works quite well for getting dog hair off of furniture, and the riser visor feature is great for cleaning the stairs. I find that the design makes it a bit awkward to handle, but worth the trouble given how well it sucks up the dog hair. As another reviewer noted, the dust cup fills up quickly....more info
  • Works great, fills up fast
    Great suction and powerful bristles, but the dust chamber fills up quickly. Very quickly. on the bright side, it's easy to empty. Plan on emptying the dust chamber four or five times at least, when vacuuming the car out. This is not a big deal. It works great, all things considered. ...more info
  • This thing rocks!
    I bought this after my wife asked me to get a compact vacuum for doing the stairs in our house. After looking on Amazon for highly rated such item, I bought this. WOW is all I can say. I received it yesterday and promptly vacuumed the stairs with it. Our 8 year old carpeting on the stairs (builders grade) almost shined!! I couldn't believe how much dirt this thing captured in the cup!! The rotating cover allows you to do the riser part of the stair as easily as the horizontal surface, and the on board crevice tool is easily maneuvered in and out of the unit, without leaving the steps. This thing will undoubtedly perform great for other uses as well, cars, basement, spot cleaning, etc. Don't hesitate buying this if you are in the market for such a beast........more info
  • Great!
    Use it on stairs and small bathroom tiled floor.

    Love it. The hose is a nice addition as is the ability to turn the brushes on and off.

    Lightweight enough and storing is not an issue.

    If it broker today, we'd get it again....more info
  • Love it!
    I bought this vacuum to clean my carpeted stairs and am very impressed! It is lightweight yet has very good suction. I cleaned the same area with this little guy immediately after using my Oreck upright and it was still collecting debris that the Oreck missed. I would strongly recommend this product!...more info
  • Lasted about a year before burning out
    I had a good run with this vacuum, but just last week as we were vacuuming the floor it started to smell like burnt rubber and suddenly the bottom part where the cord is plugged into started to emit some sparks. I suspect it's the mechanism that turns the brush in the front because it continued to suck in air but the brush didn't turn. We used it on average 15 minutes at time, once a week. I think if it would have lasted 6 more months I would have considered giving it 3 stars....more info
  • Excellent
    Did not expect the power or the performance. I'm extremely pleased. I bought it for my stairs. I made the right choice....more info
  • Great Eureka Handheld Vacuum
    This is a great vacuum! I bought it to do my stairs, which are carpeted, and was tired of dragging my large vacuum up and down them. It does a wonderful job, especially since it has the convertible brush for doing verticle surfaces. The hose is very handy, too, for going into the corners of each stair. It is even better than I expected. The cord is nice and long, but the vacuum tube could be a little longer (but it does not keep it from working well). I found it is also good on furniture, since it is made for both verticle and horizontal surfaces. Keeps everything looking very nice!...more info
  • Great for stairs and furniture
    This is a great little vacuum for stairs and furniture. The suction is excellent and the brushes do a great job of picking up pet hair....more info
  • Lots of suction, But...
    The Eureka Vac does have alot of suction, and that's great. Easy to use on the floor, but heavy (which I expected). However, when I used it to vaccuum the car, it was hard to maneuver when using the wand. It did do a good job cleaning and getting out debris and dirt and even larger items. I expect that to have a large amount of suction, the vaccuum can't be any smaller, so it comes with the territory. It was just awkward in small spaces. All in all, a decent buy, and I expect to get alot of use from it. ...more info
  • Great little Vacuum!
    I love this vacuum. Well, not exactly love - after all it is still just a vacuum. But it certainly does make vacuuming the stair steps a lot easier. And it picks up a lot of dirt that one wouldn't think was lurking in those carpet fibers. I also use it to vacuum around the edges of wall-to-wall where the upright doesn't quite reach. It is a very nice weight and doesn't tire you out if you have any back, shoulder or arm problems. Although it is primarily designed for carpeting I have used it successfully on hard surfaces. I also find the cord storage feature quite convenient as well as the on board crevice tool. My only complaint is that the crevice tool doesn't stretch out longer but am willing to sacrifice that feature to have the convenience of it being built in. All in all a very useful little machine. ...more info
  • It really does suck.
    The Eureka 71A is worth every penny, and then some!

    I purchased this hand-held vacuum because lugging a canister vac up and down flights of carpeted stairs and precariously resting it on a step to vacuum with a tiny attachment was driving me nuts. (If this is you, definitely keep reading.) Oh, did I mention I have allergies, and 2 indoor cats?

    This Eureka performs just as promised, and other 5-star reviewers ain't lyin'! The suction is very powerful, and the unit is so easy to maneuver on the stairs. It has 2 "on" settings. One to turn the suction power on, and the other to activate the brushes. Because these 2 actions are powered separately, the brushes are powerful and pull up dust, fur, kitty litter... anything embedded in that pile from years of ineffective vacuuming. The clear part on the front also flips down so the brushes can have at the risers. What a difference that makes! You don't have to contort you body into advanced yoga moves to vacuum anymore!

    The cord is long enough so you don't have to plug and unplug during your cleaning, and the mini-hose and crevice tool help get into the corners. My only negative comment is that the mini-hose doesn't seem to have enough suction for carpet. But it does it's job alright. I used it to clean the dust bunnies on a hard surface by my computer and it worked brilliantly. Just not as effective on carpet.

    The vac is also amazing on upholstery... even velvety pillows are cat fur free after a couple of sweep-overs with the Eureka.

    The weight of the vacuum is just right. If you have wrist or arm problems, however, you may find it a little heavy, so be careful. Otherwise, consider it a great way to tone your biceps.

    If you're convinced, you can stop reading. But I have to share one more thing... my canister vs. Eureka 71A test. Other reviewers have done this, but I had to see it myself to believe it: I vacuumed my bedroom floor with the canister, and then went back over the same floor with the Eureka 71A. OH. MY. GOSH. The Eureka picked up a mound full of dust that the canister missed. And I mean a LOT of dust.

    This vac is HIGHLY recommended. It'll make vacuuming fun! (No really, I enjoy vacuuming my stairs now, honest!)
    ...more info
  • Tons of Suction for Such a Small Vacuum!
    Ordered this vacuum for my wife this Christmas. She originally wanted the hand-held, battery-powered Dyson, but after reading reviews that panned the short life of the batteries between recharges, I ordered this Eureka. Yeah, it has a cord, but for a fraction of the price of the Dyson, you can run it all day! Really does a job on pet hair, carpet and furniture alike. Great value. ...more info
  • Two white dogs and a black couch
    I love this hand held vacuum I think it works so great. I used to waste hours of trying to clean my black micro fiber couch. I have two white dogs and they shed so much the have very fine hair that just stick to the couch like a magnet. I know what you think what a bad combo but his hand held works so great I have been using it for 2 months and I love it I would have to say this is the best hand held that I have ever found and used it get the job done fast and effetely I think that everyone should have this even if they don't have pets it is just such a great product and well worth the money....more info
  • My Carpets Are Smiling!
    Small 500 sq. ft. house with no storage space for a larger vacuum, cat in residence
    who sheds enough to make a coat for a petite human. These are just two of the factors that
    led me to this vacuum. On first try the dust cup was practically full and I did not do a thorough
    job. The suction on this small machine is amamzing! My carpets have not looked this good in I don't
    know when. Don't think twice about this. What made me give it 4 stars instead of 5 is that I wish it had a longer
    hose so I could stand up as I vacuum. Other than that, no complaints. ...more info
  • Hand Vac
    I'm so pleased with this product! I use it on the furniture for cat hair, and the rotating brush does the trick - no more pet hair!!!...more info
  • Heavy, but Heavy Duty
    6 months ago we moved into a residence with fully carpeted stairs. I owned an upright vacuum, and a smaller stick vacuum, and neither were practical or efficient at cleaning said stairs....I needed a handheld. After tons of research, I decided on the Eureka hand-held. Let me just say "WOW!". The first time I used it on the stairs, I had to empty the cannister halfway through. It was filled with cat hair and other debris. The power on it is so strong, it fluffed up the old carpet fibers and made the stairs look terrific. We've used it in our cars with similar great success. My favorite feature is the small hose that you can pull out and use to get into crevices on the's amazing how much popcorn a 3 year old child can shove in there...LOL! The vacuum is heavy, which is emphasized by the amount of suction it has - doing the stairs is a workout, but I'd rather that than the alternative of a light vacuum with weak suction. I'm quite pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend it....more info
  • Excellent! Great Performance
    I know this has lots of good reviews but I still wanted to add my own. I was looking for a vac to do high pile carpeted stairs. This thing is AWESOME! I did all 14 of my steps in about 4 minutes. It even sucked up lint that was stuck to the carpet. My old handheld dirt devil would take me 15 minutes going over and over the same spot to get everything. This little vac picked it all up in one pass. It worked so well I decided to try it on the couch....then the hair covered dog bed. It worked great. I spent about 15 minutes playing with and looking for more things to vacuume because this cause it impressed me so much.

    I like how you can shut off the brush roll too for hard floors. I was looking at the new dirtdevils before I bought this and understand that a "turbo brush roll" is useless. This has a separate electric motor for the brush roll. I can't say enough good things about this little vac....more info
  • I love this little vac
    Lost my little Hoover in Katrina, and looked everywhere for one that I would like. After reading reviews on this little vac, I decided to give it a try. Great little vac, a little heavy, but for the end result it is worth a little heaviness. I highly recommend this product, and it beats out the little Hoover. Much more powerful. I give it ten stars....more info
  • Not what I was hoping for -- my husband would rate this higher
    A couple of years ago, a friend told me that she had purchased a lightweight stick vacuum that was easy to use and was as powerful as her old vacuum (remember, old vacuums weren't nearly as powerful as newer models). My husband had developed the habit of using our aging vacuum more frequently in his workshop so I thought I would let him keep that one and buy a new lightweight stick (a Hoover), which I did. We are nearing retirement and don't plan to have much carpeting in our new retirement home, so I didn't think I would need a heavy-duty new cannister or upright vacuum. But duhhhhh.....I forgot how much I relied on all of my vacuum tools, which the new Hoover lightweight did not have. So, I thought I would supplement it with a handheld vacuum, and after reading many reviews, bought this Eureka. Duhhhhh #2......I realized immediately after it arrived that it still wouldn't easily do all of the things I needed it to do - like vacuum around my ceilings and walls -- instead of using a telescoping wand which comes with a full-function vacuum, I climb on a stepstool, vacuum, climb down, move the stool, climb us....repeat many times...and it was extra inconvenient on the main floor where we have a cathedral ceiling. Also, I would never buy a bagless vacuum again...not ever. The filters on both the Eureka and the stick Hoover get clogged quickly and I dislike how much dust scatters when you remove them. Also, I found this Eureka rather heavy and clumsy. Then my husband "borrowed" the Eureka to use in his shop and he loved it for cleaning up sawdust and all of his small shop jobs. He would probably rate it a 4, but for me it was only a 3. He agrees, though, that the filter on the cup clogs too easily.

    In conclusion, this is a nice little handheld vacuum but this one plus a stick vacuum cannot replace a heavy-duty canister with tools. I finally broke down and bought a new top-of-the-line, powerful cannister with hepa filter bags, wonderful assortment of tools including a power brush attachment which is easier and lighter to use for cleaning stairs and upholstery than the Eureka. I continue to use the stick vacuum for my kitchen floor, but I never have any desire to use the Eureka....more info
  • Sweeper sucks... and it should !! :)
    A very handy sweeper that my wife really likes. She's used it on the furniture and in her car....more info
  • Great Little Vacuum
    Lifesaver. The rotating head picks up dog fur from the furniture wonderfully. Little heavy, only complaint....more info
  • Great vacuum
    This little vacuum does a great job and is quite easy to empty out. My only complaint is that the hose is better used with your left hand as you hold the vacuum in your right hand. A little awkward for a "righ-hander".

    ...more info
  • Works great on pet hair, easy to empty, could use a few improvements
    We like this handheld vacuum and would recommend it to others. I bought it based on other reviews. These are the features we like; It has good suction and works great for vacumming our carpeted stairs, clear dirt chamber that allows you to see the pet hair getting sucked up so you can tell when to empty it(makes you feel like a good housekeeper too!), the dirt chamber is easy to empty, the cord is nice and long. We have three dogs and a cat, so this vacuum gets lots of use at our house.

    These are some improvements that would be nice to have: a longer more flexible hose attachment (use softer hosing that collapses and stretches out easily), thinner handle that fits a woman's grip better.

    Wish list ideas for a ramped-up model: put a shoulder strap and a long hose attachment on this thing for people who have dogs who leave hair "puppies" in the corners of the rooms. Then we can walk around the house sucking up the dog hair that collects around the edges of the rooms without having to crawl around hunched over on cleaning day. ...more info
  • Good for small jobs
    Does a great job of picking up pet hair on rugs and furniture. I have mostly hardwood floors so it's only used for small jobs. The only downside is that it's heavy for continued use which isn't a problem for me, but you wouldn't want to use it for rooms full of carpets or any longer jobs....more info
  • Powerful & easy
    Got this vac about a month ago and have been very impressed since. Quite powerful, easy cleanup and a nice long cord that's easy to wrap up. ...more info
  • Handy little vac
    This is a nice little hand vac with good power. It gets rid of my pet hair on upholstery very nicely. The only drawback is its short hose. It really can't get into places like under couches or my dressers. Since I am older I wanted something that could clean under my furniture without my having to move it. I am looking for an extension wand....more info
  • Eureka power
    I purchased the Eureka 71A hand held vac after reading the various reviews on this site. They are accurate. It DOES suck - and that is a good thing! Vacuums are supposed to do that and this one does it well. We have a bunch of dogs and I often just need a quick pick up of hair and other stuff that they drag in from outdoors. The on board crevice tool is handy. The only thing that I would say is a drawback is that the hose, when used in the right hand is either short(it is on the left of the machine) or if you turn vac then you blow the exhaust right at what you are trying to suck up. I do love the machine tho. It is easy to use, has lots of power and the cord is long enough to go everywhere I need it to go. ...more info
  • powerful hand-held vac
    I'm glad I reviewed all the reviews before I made the purchase. The vacuum is perfect for our carpeted stairs, which is exactly what I wanted it for. Extra long cord is a plus. Powered beater bar and strong vacuum make the carpet look great. Emptying dirt is not a problem.Great product....more info
  • Great Vacuum!
    I just got mine today, and after reading the reviews had high expectations for this. I bought it mainly to take care of the stairs and landing in my home which were totally a pain in the neck to vacuum with the upright, even with the detachable hand tools it was just a lot of trouble to lug up and down the stairs. This little vacuum cleaner really did a number on the stairs, and with the little flip up part even gets the riser parts of the stairs without trouble. The extra long cord is nice because i didn't have to get yet another extension to take care of both sets of stairs and move from outlet to outlet. The crevace tool stores conveniently in the back of the unit and as you can see by the photo's the hose stays wrapped around and out of the way when not in use.
    As vacuum cleaners go, this one is pretty quiet. We have four dogs and two cats and the amount of hair this picked up that we thought we were getting with the upright was both amazing and disgusting. So to wrap up in two words....BUY IT!...more info
  • Light but strong
    This hand held is light enough to carry around, but really gets the job done. Wonderful for stairs. I purchased this one because cordless models I looked at had only a few minutes of run time between charges. Even with a cord, this one is still handy....more info
  • Great Little Vac
    This little vac was exactly what my wife and I needed for the stairs in our house. It is a wonderful vacum....more info
  • Great portable hand vac
    If you're looking for a lightweight, portable hand vac for cleaning stairs or furniture, this hand vac is it. It also does a great job of getting pet hair off of furniture and the detachable hose is convenient for cleaning the crevices on stairs. Very good suction for a small vac....more info
  • Works great, just don't drop it.
    It's been dropped a few times on the front end and the gray shield in front broke at one end. ...more info
  • Amazing!!
    Wow, I have been very impressed on how well this can vacuum cleans. It pretty much sucks up anything in its path. I have used the hand tool numerous times now and it works great. The only problem is that the hand tool I find sometimes is too short and when you are picking up on tile before you can suck it up the exhaust on the bottom of the vacuum blows it away. Oh well. Also the capacity could be a little bit bigger I feel like I am changing out the collector and cleaning the filter about every 5 minutes. Other than that though this vacuum does everything and more. I love it!...more info
  • A handy item
    The Eureka 71A handheld vacuum is the real deal! I had been looking for something to replace an old Black & Decker handheld and given the good reviews I had seen, I decided to give this one a try.

    This is a good and powerful vacuum for the size. The suction and cleaning provided from both the hose and beater brush are very good.

    It is a sturdy and well-constructed unit with a good length of electrical cord. The cord wraps around an area provided on the back of the unit. The vacuum also is bagless and emptying the particle container is effortless. The "Riser Visor" feature is also clever as they at least thought about someone having to vacuum a vertical surface.

    There seems to be many more rechargeable vacuums on the market than in years past and my experience in trying those is that they just don't provide the same performance as a corded unit.

    The one complaint or issue I have is that the cleaning hose -- even when extended -- is somewhat shorter than you might expect. When cleaning along a baseboard, for example, you will have to tote the vacuum with you as you move even a little bit.

    I also might have liked to see an additional (smaller) crevice tool, but the one included will get most jobs done.

    I would rate this a very good value for the money.
    ...more info
  • it really sucks, in a GOOD way!
    I really researched before picking out a handheld vac. I've been dissapointed in the past with others. This one is everything people say, works to perfection!...more info
  • very happy with my purchase
    This vacuum is great. I bought it to vacuum stairs. The cord is the perfect length. The weight is fine. The suction is great. The noise is appropriate. If I had to complain about one thing it would be the handle. It is not great for small hands but you know...that is minor problem. Soooo happy I didn't buy the dirt devil....more info
  • recommend!
    I had one of those dustbusters some years ago and have been reluctant to purchase anything similiar since. But with a 4 year old granddaughter living with us that loves 'crafts', I decided to try again. I am very pleased with the suction power of this small unit. It is a bit difficult to push across the floor--no rollers like the big vacs, but definitely worth it for the smaller messes. It has a long cord and a hose which makes it work well for the cars too....more info
  • 3 basset hounds + microfiber upholstery = ...
    ... a LOT of stubborn, stuck-on dog hair on my sofa and loveseat! I wanted a 'heavy duty' handheld vacuum with a revolving brush that would actually get the hair off. This works beautifully! As other reviewers have mentioned, it's a bit weighty, but this actually works in its favor for me. I was afraid I'd end up pushing the vacuum into the upholstery to really get a good clean, and with this vacuum's weight, that's not necessary. I find myself wanting to clean more and more around the house when I see that dust cup filling up. The cord is a great long length, I have the option of turning the brush on and off without losing suction, and it's a snap to empty and resume cleaning. My only complaint would be that the filter is not cheap enough to replace as frequently as I'd like, as we have a lot of really fine, 'sticky' dust because of the dogs. However, I will try another reviewer's suggestion and use my upright to vacuum clean the filter for longer life. This was a great purchase!...more info
  • Eureka 71A Hand Held Vacuum
    This is a great little vacuum. Great for little jobs and for steps. It has a generous cord and really does I nice job! It is easy to empty and clean....more info
  • Excellent bang for buck!
    I have one dog and two cats with two staircases in my house. I purchased this vacuum specifically to clean the stairs. But with the animals in the house and the hair they all shed, this vacuum has worked out a real treat! It has great suction, light to carry around and holds quite a bit even for a small vacuum.

    Definitely rate this a 5-star purchase. The best few dollars I have spent in a while....more info
  • Eureka 71A Hand-Held Vacuum Rated the Best!!!
    I would rate this the best overall handheld vacuum I have ever used in my life! The suction is great! The front flips up to vacuum stairs or down to vacuum carpet. You can use on floor, rugs, or in the car. Great for quick messes or big! It has a hose that pulls out on the side to get corners and crevices. The only downside to this vac is that you have to have a plug in available for use since it is not ran on batteries. My suggestion is to invest in a car adapter converter because it is well worth the money spent! I got mine on Amazon refurbished, The only thing wrong with it was it was missing the small black crevice tool. I simply called the Eureka number provided in the manual for missing parts - no questions asked about where I purchased the product and within 2 weeks (it was on backorder) I was mailed a brand new one without charge! This has all other brands beat by far!!!! This small hand-held is as great as my full-size Dyson!!!! A++++++Eureka 71A Hand-Held Vacuum...more info
  • Excellent little machine
    Excellent, it replaces a shark, which over-heated since day one, finally burned up. This little cleaner works very well, does not over heat. Works well on stairs, will even do the risers, would like a longer hose, but hey, I'm happy....more info
  • Nobody's mentioned emptying the thing!
    Yes, I agree with the other reviewers about convenience and suction power. I chose it because I have had good success with Eureka products over the years, although I currently have a Dyson Animal (great action) and Bissell (v. inexpensive) uprights with almost equal efficacy. I figured a corded model would do better than a battery one for power and duration. However, the BIG negative for me is the nuisance of emptying the cup. Emptying HAS to be done outside, using a brush (not provided) to clean off the filter -- not very healthy inhaling that stuff, for sure. If you have a pet (we have a kittycat) it only takes a very few minute of vacuuming to clog the filter. Y'all let me know when Mr. Dyson has solved the battery life of his handheld! I think we're all waiting for a 5-star hand vac!!...more info
  • it really sucks!
    This thing is great for cleaning car interiors or furniture. It has lots of power, and I love the crevice attachment, not to mention the vertical cleaning feature! ...more info
  • Little Brute
    Before I purchased this hand held vac, I read the customer reviews and basically they told me that this was a very powerful but heavy unit. That's no lie! If you want power like I did then this is your baby. However, power comes with a price. It is heavy and my hand gets tired if I use it for more than 5 or 10 minutes. Remember this is a corded unit and if it is a competition of endurance this vac will beat you every time. I like that! I could see someone with limited upper body strength or a weak grip having a problem handling this unit. But, if you can handle it I think it's the best hand held vac on the market. It also comes with a cleverly concealed crevis tool and is very useful with the beater bar turned off. This is a 2 motor unit which is another plus in my book. As for quality this unit is built tough and should be able to take a lot of abuse. good luck!...more info
  • great suction--all the other reviews are correct
    Works great. Awesome suction at an awesome price. I've had it for a few weeks, and so far no loss of suction. It lives up to the earlier reviews....more info
  • Like a dream
    This thing is great! I had back surgery a couple months ago so I can't lift the old vacuum like I used to. We have a cat and a very furry dog so pet hair is a constant problem. We can do the furniture with ease and the stairs get more attention now too. The way the front guard flips up makes it alot easier to do vertical surfaces. It sure beats holding a full size vacuum sideways! My 9 year old is even capable of using it. Yeah, more chores!! The only downfall I've found is that the pet hair and dander block the filter very quickly. You have to empty it often which can be annoying, but lets face it, you're probably not going to vacuum your whole house with it. I'd buy it again in a heart beat....more info
  • It works fine... it's a vacuum!
    It's sturdy. It sucks up stuff. The little spinning thing spins and helps suck stuff up. I have 4 kids under 8. I suck up fruity pebbles and broccoli and jewelry in a single sweep. I'd buy it again. I just can't bring myself to give a vacuum a 5 star rating no matter how good it is. I mean, it's not like a Wii or anything....more info
  • this thing really sucks (in a good way)
    Good suction, sturdy construction. No problems so far. For some places like my car, I wish the brush head was narrower....more info
  • works well but bulky
    This hand vac does the job, however it is bulkier than I assumed it would be so when there is a small mess to clean up, it is my job and not my wife who will do it. I will admit that it is light enough to handle so I would still use it over the regular vacuum for light jobs. ...more info
  • Great product, great service
    More than lived up to the reviews I read. Timely service with excellent and safe packaging....more info
  • I hate cat hair
    This little vacuum works very well. GREAT FOR PET HAIR. This is why I bought it. It isn't cordless so it isn't the most convenient, But it is probably more powerful than a cordless. Good for furniture and carpeted stairs. Very good price, however I still think it would have been cheaper to shoot my girlfriends cats. I'm more of a dog person....more info
  • Powerful little "Sucker"
    Great little product that can really deliver a full size service. My wife was really impress with it, the only bad part now is that I have no excuse left for not keeping the inside of our car clean....more info
  • good vacuum
    I use this vacuum for my car, and I find it does the job well. I also used it on my carpets for spot cleaning, and it picks dog hair up pretty well. Many cordless vacuums power will die out fast, but you don't have to worry about it in this model since you must plug it in an outlet. Not a bad buy for a hand-held......more info
  • Powerful Hand Vac!
    After researching numerous hand vacuums, I settled on this one and I haven't been disappointed. Apparently the powerful suction and motor-driven brush are not possible with a cordless vac. The cord on this vacuum is nice and long, though. The powerful brush is driven by an independent motor, so the brush doesn't bog down on contact like the air-driven brushes on many cordless (and some corded) models. this vacuum has very powerful suction. So powerful, in fact, that it takes some sustained effort to keep the hose fully extended (when using the hose). The other drawback is the moderately cumbersome size, shape, and heft. This is a great vacuum for easy stair duty, but I found it to be somewhat unwieldy as a car vac. I'll stick with my old cannister vac for car duty. This is a "bagless" vac, but does use filters. The filters can be washed periodically, but Eureka recommends replacing the filter about every 6 months. Being a planner, I purchased several filters to have on-hand. I found the lowest price directly from the Eureka - about 2.50 apiece. Overall, a very powerful and useful compact vacuum....more info
  • Serious power
    This little unit has a lot more power than I expected from a hand-held vac. It's great for stairs but also very handy for spot cleaning, either with the powered brush or just with the hose and crevice tool.

    When I first unpacked it, I tried it out on what I thought was clean carpet. I was shocked to see all the crud it picked up!...more info
  • power & well made
    This vacuum is very powerful and sucks up things very well.
    It is a little heavy but not difficult to manage.
    Wish the filter could be a little bigger so it would hold
    more lint as now the lint seems to get stuck all around
    the filter surround.....would buy it again if needed.....more info
  • Not as great as reviews seemed
    I bought this vacuum based on all of the great reviews. It's okay, the suction is strong enough to pick up dirt but it is not like super powerful or anything. It is good for getting pet hairs off of upholstery and vacuuming stairs. I think it would be great if they put a strap on this so you could carry it on your back with a long extention hose that way you wouldn't have to bend down and scoot every few feet to get whatever you want vacuumed. Basically the only things I would use it for is upholstery and stairs. Anything else would be too laborous because of how short the hose is and because it is hand held and fairly heavy for a handheld. ...more info
  • Good power in small package
    Nice little vacuum. Good power, works great on stairs and for small cleanups. Also good for use in the car....more info
  • Amazing Suction
    I purchased this product after reading all the great reviews and I'm not dissapointed! We have 2 cats and the amount of cat hair that collects on the stairs is crazy. This little hand-held vacuum did an amazing job of picking up all the cat hair (and everything else) and left my stairs looking better than they had in years!! My regular vacuum attachments never, ever left the stairs looking so good. I also use this machine to vacuum the microfiber upholstery on the couches and it did a great job there, too. The collection cup is a bit small and has to be emptied often, but this is a small price to pay for the suction power. I highly recommend this product, especially to anyone with carpeted steps and pet hair to contend with....more info
  • Eureka 71a fits the bill
    I needed a small, lightweight, powerful handheld vac for a set of carpeted stairs and the cars. I looked at the cordless models, which are convenient, but lack the power to tackle anything more than a little spot cleaning. After reading the reviews on amazon, i decided on this vacuum.

    Powerful suction. This vacuum has comparable suction to a full size vacuum.

    Light Weight-It is easy to carry up and down the stairs.

    Long cord that easily wraps around the base of the unit.

    Crevice tool is internally stored, making it easy to find.

    Easy to switch from carpet to tools.

    Cons-Brush motor is a bit weak...sometimes it gets stuck and you have to turn it on and off a couple of times.

    Filter gets full of dirt quickly, luckily it can be washed with water....more info
  • Everything and More
    I purchased this item after reading the other reviews posted here. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. This is one powerful machine. The cord is plenty long enough and I love the on board storage ability for the "wand". The only improvement might be to make the hose a bit stretchier so that it has a longer reach but overall I think this is probably the best item of its kind on the market available. ...more info
  • Excellent: small yet powerful!
    This vacum is great for stairs and furniture. It has good suction power and directiional bar lets you choose option for suction to come from front or bottom which allows easy vacuming of the front portion of stairs or backs/sides of chairs. Cord is long enough so you don't have to keep changing electrical outlets. You just have to make sure the cord is tightly wound when winding it so that it doesn't fall off the back of the machine when storing.
    ...more info
  • very good porduct
    this vacuum gives me the ease of a handheld and becasue of the powercord versus cordless, also the power of a corded vacuum. No more cordless for me. ...more info
  • Very Satisfied!
    I bought this vacuum mainly for the 2 sets of staircases in my house. I was tired of bruising my legs while dragging the beast vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs. This little guy has LOTS of power/suction. It's pretty light and easy to manuever. So far, I am extremely satisfied with it and the price is right! Most small handhelds don't have enough power, but this one sure does! ...more info
  • Great with the hose and not-so-great without it
    I like this vac b/c it plugs in, so the battery won't ever die and make it useless, and thus it's much more environmentally-friendly. It's pretty well-designed and it is easy to take apart to clean. The hose works very well to suck up small to pretty large objects--I use it to pick up stray litter off the carpet and off the bathroom floor and it works great for this purpose. Whenever I've tried to use the regular vacuum part I can still see the litter on the part of the floor I just went over, so I just don't use this feature. I do wish this part worked, since you can cover more ground this way, so that's a major downside for me. But the hose is powerful and does what I need to do, so overall I am happy with the product....more info
  • Practical hand Vac
    This little hand-held vac has been great for getting all the stairs and furniture in my house clean and for picking up small messes in other spots as well. I also like the option of having the brush on or off. The price was good too. If I could change one thing I'd make it a bit lighter and/or easier to hold and balance in one hand. ...more info
  • Eureka Hand Vac model 71A is heavy
    On the positive side, this hand vac cleans well. The wand attachment tool is easily stored. Cord length is generous.
    On the negative side, it's far heavier than a hand vac ought to be and the user will tire quicker. The option to clean a vertical surface is of limited use. after all, how many times does one need to clean the vertical face of the carpet going up steps? A brush attachment would do just as well for a surface like this that gets minimum wear. But, alas, the mfr includes only a crevice tool.
    Overall, it's in the same class as Dirt Devil hand vacs. But it has the edge on (appearance) design and appears to suction just a tad better. The weight issue is really one to make myou think twice about this unit....more info
  • Eureka Handheld vacuum
    At first, I was disappointed with this unit because of its weight (I am 84 and not so strong as I used to be) and the seeming difficulty in using extension wands to reach places I need it for. However even though the instructions (unless my poor vision missed something) did not tell me how to do this, I did discover the answer by accident. The answer is that the end of the hose on to which you might attach the crevice tool fits snuggly into a standard vacuum cleaner wand and other vacuum cleaner tools that I have. This made a wonderful difference. The vacuum cleaner has a lot of suction for a hand held. ...more info
  • Great little vac
    Needed small vacuum for little messes and quick cleaning of stairs---fit the bill perfectly. Powerful, light, good price, perfect product for my intended uses. Some complain of "noisy" vacuums - IT'S A VACUUM!!! To me, if it's not making noise, it's not working. I recommend this vac and highly recommend Amazon-fast ship, great service ...more info
  • Eureka 71A Hand Held
    I absolutely love this vac! It beats the Dirt Devil hands down! I cannot believe how much suction this gadget has ... I have hardwood floors with area rugs and when I vac I only use this ... NOT my upright. A great value for a great price!...more info
  • love it!!!
    this is the best hand vacuum i have ever owned! i go through about 1 a year. constantly vacuuming my steps from 2 dirty kids and one very fluffy cat. this vacuum really sucks it up and leaves those great vacuum lines! easy to empty and not as heavy as the other reviews have said. the best vacuum for the money and i have owned them all!...more info
  • Powerful and Perfect for stairs and cars
    I bought this primarily for vacuuming stairs and it's perfect. I love the on board attachment for getting into tight spaces, like between the center console and seat of my car, where all the crumbs tend to fall! This product is well worth the money. Also great for vacuuming the furniture and much easier to manuever than the big vacuum....more info
  • Great hand vac!
    I was trying to decide between a corded and cordless hand vac for my new house. The downstairs is all tile and there was tons of dog hair in the corners from the previous owners. I'm glad I got this one, even though its corded.

    Excellent suction, its not so loud that it leaves my ears ringing after I turn it off. Very long cord, with an area on the back to wrap/store it.

    The attachment works very well. So well, in fact, that it sucked up a baby wipe through the narrow opening. Convenient that the attachment is stored right in the back. I wish it were a bit longer, but this vac is so powerful that I guess I forget its a hand vac.

    The riser visor works well for stairs.

    I use this for cleaning my stairs, the downstairs, my baby's highchair (and it does suck up every little bit of gross leftover food), my car. Wow its GREAT for the car.

    I chose the corded in the end because I am the kind of person who will get started with a tiny little spill and end up vacuuming the entire downstairs, and that's exactly what I do with this little vac. I was worried that the cordless vacs wouldn't hold their charges long enough for me to finish my neurotic cleaning.

    Highly, highly recommend. Love this vac....more info
  • Professional house cleaner
    I bought this hand vacuum based on the reviews. The momment I received it, I tore open the box and put it to the test. It is a work horse. I vacuumed my stairs and chairs and couches. (gross) is all I have to say. I like the fact it will turn off if it gets to hot, which I found out by reading the manual, not reviews. I say it is worth every cent, I should know I clean houses 4 days a week.!!!!...more info
  • GREAT Value!
    This vacuum picks up so much more than my previous vacuum and is half as loud. The dirt cup is very easy to empty; no more bags to buy!...more info
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE this vacuum!!
    I had a corded Black and Decker hand vac that I loved. But after 12 years it just died. I have tried every type of hand vac from Target and Walmart and had to return them all for lack of suck.

    I have beige carpeting on my steps and a 2 year old son who tracks in a LOT of sand. In desperation I bought the Eureka 71A Hand-Held Vacuum from Amazon and it arrived today. I am so very excited - it really sucks! And the feature where the cover rotates on the front to allow for vacuuming of the stair risers is really neat. It makes it so easy to vacuum the stairs. You can't go wrong with this vac!...more info
  • Finally a Real Hand-Held Vacuum
    I bought this vacuum basically to vacuum up stairs and in lots of small nooks and corners where a full size vacuum is awkward. I love our Eureka full size vacuum, but it's pretty heavy to lug around. "Dustbuster" type cordless vacuum cleaners are convenient, but have no suction power. The Eureka 71A is a bit bigger and heavier than a "dustbuster" type, but still easy to carry and use with one hand. Does a better job cleaning stairs than any other vacuum I've used. Very good quality, well built, very easy to use, works great....more info
  • Great hand-held vac!!!
    This hand-held vacuum works great! It really pick up cat hair, which is the main reason I got it. It also has a very long cord, which you may see on a full-size vacuum. It may seem a little heavy for somoene who is elderly or has arthritis or another medical condition that would make it difficult to carry the vac.
    I would not recommend using it on large areas, though....more info
  • A great vacuum cleaner for it's size & price
    This is a great vacuum cleaner for it's size & price. Only minus I could think of after using it is the absence of a removable & replacable dust bag, which would make removing the collected dust from the dust chamber easier & clog the dust filter less over prolonged use.

    Didn't have time enough to see if other vacuums in this size/category have removable dust bags.

    Otherwise, in general I am v. happy using this vacuum cleaner for the single room that I live in at my rented apartment (am a grad student) at the University here....more info
  • Great little vacuum
    I bought this to clean the sand, dirt and pet hair on my carpeted steps. The suction power is excellent and the dust cup is easy to clean. This little machine is well designed and easy to store. There is a place for the cord, hose and attachment. The only negative thing is the noise. I have to put cotton in my ears when I use it. ...more info
  • A must-have vacuum
    This is the best little contraption I've ever bought. I thought perhaps the other reviewers over-did it a little when writing their reviews, but.....after vacuuming my couches, which are relatively new - I was amazed at the amount of cat hair this vacuum picked up. But I half expected that from the reviews, which is why I bought it, having long-haired cats. It works great on the hair - just remember to clean out the brush occasionally.

    But it got even better than that. I have a chair that was in a cabin in the mountains for a year. I made my husband bring it home because it was getting dirty - with that black mountain dirt we have. I thought I'd need to have it professionally cleaned. I tried the Eureka hand vac on it - and was amazed at how much dirt came out! I went over the chair about 4 times with the vacuum, getting more dirt each time. And now the chair looks new again whereas it looked faded before. Now the fabric where we sit matches the fabric in the back. Amazing. This hand vac is better than our upright cleaner, by far.

    I'm never going to be without one of these things - they better not quit making it! I'm taking it to the cabin next time - and will be vacuuming all the furniture there. I hate cleaning, but this vac is easy to use, not too heavy, and very easy to clean, so even I'm willing to use it. Plus the results are phenomenal....more info
  • Powerful Vacuum
    I've been searching for over a year for a handheld vacuum to use on my stairs to pick up dirt and pet hair. I came across this, read the other reviews and ordered it.

    I was thrilled to try it out when it arrived, and it works great! The revolving brush is fantastic and it really gets the dog hair from the carpet and even off the couch.

    The only downside is it's a bit heavy, but it's still quite manageable. However, I was able overlook this because of it's great power. ...more info
  • Great little hand-held vacuum
    I'm pleasantly impressed with this Eureka vacuum. I used it on my stairs and couch to remove dog hair. It worked great on both. The cord is nice and long and allows you to cover more area without having to switch outlets. The vacuum itself became a little heavy after using it for a while, but it beats the alternative......lugging a heavier full sized vacuum up and down the stairs. I'd recommend this vacuum to anyone looking for a good hand-held vacuum....more info
  • Let me use someone's review
    Let me use someone's pros and cons. My comment is written in CAPITAL.

    -has really strong & powerful suction : STRONGLY AGREE
    -long cord (25 feet!): STRONGLY AGREE
    -super stretchy hose with convieniently located crevice tool attachment: STRONGLY AGREE
    -brushroll on/off control: STRONGLY AGREE
    -riser visor great for those akward places: STRONGLY AGREE
    -holds a good amount of dirt in it's bagless bin: AGREE
    -automatically shuts off if motor is too hot to avoid overheating, (hasn't happened with mine yet, only use it for about 10 minutes at a time.): NOT APPLICABLE YET

    -pretty dang big and a little heavy for a hand-held vac, but its great power & suction make it an even trade-off: AGREE
    -it isn't cordless, but most cordless vacs die in a year or two, not a problem with this guy! : NOT APPLICABLE

    Not as great:
    -emptying is a bit messy, and you should use a bristle brush to clean off the filter as well as you can when empying: STRONGLY AGREE
    -the prongs in the plug seem too small, it will fall out of an outlet with the weakest pull: STRONGLY AGREE

  • Great price for the power!!!
    I recieved the Eureka and immediatey used it on the couch, all of my Samoyed's hair was quickly sucked away. Living in the Florida Keys keeps her shedding constantly, on the couch, in the car and on the bed...bad but beloved dog. Previously, I tried out the similar Dyson compact model and this was just as good at only a third the cost....more info
  • Love it!
    I'm glad I read the reviews of different handvacs before buying and this one lives up to all expectations. The little hose and crevice tool that comes "onboard" are a great addition to a great little vacuum.
    ...more info
  • My Favorite Toy
    Even though I have hardwood floors, I also have cats, so a good vacuum is necessary for me. After reading reviews from various sources, I finally decided on this one. I have not been disappointed! The cord is really long; and the suction is excellent. I love that there is a brush option and a detachable hose for crevices. The dust cup is easy to empty although (like all dust cup vacuums) it can be a little messy until you get a system.

    I have only had this vacuum for a few weeks, but so far I love it - no mechanical paroblems - and I use it practically everyday....more info
  • great little quickie
    Does a fine job on stairs - not quite a full vacs job, but close enough. I'd like it even better if it weren't corded, but that gives it its extra boost, and the cord is conveniently long....more info
  • PERFECT for stairs!
    I was looking for something to clean pesky dog hair off of the stairs. This does the trick. Big vacuums are too clumsy and small vacuums are usually too week. The rotating brushes on this bad boy are just what is needed. ...more info
  • Great little hand-vac
    I bought this hand vac to vacuum the stairs. It works great. But I like it better that is has a great suction using the attached hose. I had some dirt debris from a plant I had carried in the car and had tipped over, and this little hand vac took care of cleaning it up with no problem. ...more info
  • better than a battery-powered hand-held
    No more dust-busters and similar battery-powered vacs, please. For the few extra seconds this unit requires to plug-in to clean a quick mess, the better suction and cleaning effectiveness is worth it. Very well designed. A little heavy, but small price to pay for the strong motor. I especially liked how the shield in front of the rollers can be re-positioned to allow easier cleaning of vertical surfaces, such as the front of carpeted steps. Also, being able to quickly dis-connect the hose to use it with the neatly tucked away crevice tool is another nice quality. We use it primarily for cleaning steps, the cars, and spaces our regular vac cannot. Looked at a lot of hand-helds out there, and we are very pleased with this unit - been giving it a work-out for over a year now....more info
  • I love it!
    This thing is great. It pulls cat hair right off my upholstered couch and has a lot of power.

    One tip -- if you're using it on a rug don't tip it at an angle. You'll get the best brush/suction power when it is lying almost flat on the surface. Just drag it across the rug and voila, dirt and hair gone!...more info
  • Great Hardworking Vacuum
    Love this little Eureka - works great on the stairs and does a nice job getting the cat hairs from chairs....more info
  • Great little vac!
    The vacuum works great and I love the long cord. It is easy to pick up and use for small needs. I have also used it to clean up after a small construction activity at friend's home. It fits in my bigger tool bag with the rest of my tools and he was so impressed he bought one too....more info
  • Great product
    We were looking for something light-weight for cleaning the carpet on our stairs. The Eureka 71A is perfect for the job. It does a great job!...more info
  • Handy for stairs and cat hair
    My house is a sea of cream-colored furniture and carpet. The only downfall is that I have 3 very large black cats. This machine does wonders for the cat hair on carpet and chenille couches, however, it does NOT do very well on microfiber couches. I think the super-tight weave of the microfiber causes this vacuum to literally suction itself to the fabric, creating somewhat of an airtight seal. When this happens it doesn't pick up the cat hair very well.
    It is a dream come true for other couches and carpeted stairs though because this vacuum has super-strong suction and very good brushes. If you're trying to figure out how to win the cat-hair battle, this is the machine for you!
    ...more info
  • Great little vacuum
    This handheld is wonderful. It picks up all our dog hair and more. My only complaints are that it is a little heavy and the attached hose is not very long. This is, however, the first handheld I've found that actually works. ...more info
  • Little machine...Big Power
    I am so surprised by the power of this handheld. It really has a lot of suction. It also has an onboard tool attachment which makes it really nice. I ordered this for my upholstery in my home, but I also use it on the interior of my car....more info
  • Well worth the money and it actually does the job right
    This is a very nicely design stylish vacuum with good portability. It is very powerful and versatile. What's best about this unit is that the compact size and the long power cord make me more willing to do the cleaning jobs. Great on stairs!...more info
  • Best Ever
    I had about given up on discovering a satisfactory hand vac - and then I found this one. Light weight, easy to handle, cleaned up the furniture quickly and efficiently....more info
  • Works like a charm
    This little vacuum is great! It's powerful and easy to use. Bought it for the stairs (due to its unique riser feature) but have taken to using it for odd jobs around the house....more info
  • Lived up to the other reviews
    read the reviews and i must say that it's lived up to the other positive reviews so far. has really good suction for such a little guy and vacuuming the stairs has just gotten a lot easier. have already recommended the product to my sister who currently has a dustbuster which basically just picks up dust....more info
  • Great little vacuum.
    You want suction power in a small lightweight vacuum? This is it. I specifically chose a corded vacuum because batteries with enough power to supply any real cleaning power can be heavy, and they do deteriorate over time. So, if you don't mind a cord, this is a great thing to drag around the house, basement, car, etc. to do some cleaing....more info
  • Peerless Product, Backed by Manufacturer!
    Most of what I would like to say about the Eureka 71-A has been covered (and then some) by the scores of reviewers to come before me. Like them, I have found this to be an invaluable pet hair-gathering instrument. However, I can share an experience which may be unique among consumers who have purchased this item: mine broke.

    In its first month of use, my 71-A inexplicably burned out. It simply died. I called Eureka, and a helpful representative requested a written explanation of the problem. I wrote and sent one, and viola! Two weeks later, a brand new 71-A arrived at my front door. After three months of frequent use, I am happy to report no problems, whatsoever.

    I absolutely love this product, and I find it all the more valuable in light of the fact that its manufacturer stands behind it. If some unforeseen force of evil manages to overthrow your 71-A, rest assured that the good people of Eureka will be there for you....more info
  • Loved it at first, now it doesnt suck!
    I really liked this at first, it picked up everything. Now, it doesn't pick up hardly anything, and I don't even have much suction. I've cleaned it, and done everything I can think of to make it work like it once did.....but nothing has worked so far....more info
  • This is great
    For a really small, light, and relatively inexpensive vacuum, this works great. ...more info
  • Just stop working
    It was great for a good Year..picked up just about everything..then it just stop working, it wont turn on..seems like the vacuum felt it did its job and then just gave up!!!...more info
  • Amazing
    This thing is amazing. Worth every penny. I can't belive how much dirt it gets up....more info
  • Great Vacuum.... Its all you need to use for everyday cleaning
    I love this Hand-vacuum. It has completely replaced my Dyson for everyday use. It has great cleaning capabilities and for the non-super-duty-cleaning it does a GREAT job. Its suction power is just not enough to handle the really deep in there dirt like for example the crease in the runner on my stairs, but for the rug part itself its wonderful. I don't have any real carpets in this house [aside from the runners] so I do not know its how it cleans on carpets higher then 1/8-1/4 inch high. I use the "rug" function for my kids rubber play mats and it cleans them spotless [It even picks up the dirt I thought I would have to wash off]. If you are comparing it to a dust-buster its a little bit heavier but its very comfortable to hold and the handle placement is not hard on the wrist. The only flaw I see in the vacuum is the filter is a pain to clean off but I just use my Dyson to take off the dirt. All in all a very good purchase and I would definitely buy it again....more info
  • Simple, convenient, compact, great performance
    I live in a small NYC apt and this is my primary vacuum. it is great! The only drawback is the small capacity when cleaning up big jobs. Emptying the container is very easy though, so this is not a hassle. Great suction, great bruschroll for a small vac. Great for furniture as well....more info
  • Worth Waiting For
    After a 2 month backorder, the vacuum finally arrived yesterday. I put it to work today cleaning a Winter's worth of accumulated cat hair and dust from 5 porch cushions. Job number two was getting the dog hair off the carpet and seats in my truck. I couldn't ask for better performance. It is surprisingly sturdy and amazingly quiet for a vacuum. Obviously, it is not made for cleaning floors, unless you are someone who likes to spend time on his knees, but for it's advertised purpose, it certainly does the job....more info
  • Great little sucker
    I didnt have high expectations for this handheld vac, and I was pleasantly surprised.
    It is perfect for vacumming out the car, as well as the steps and the bathroom nooks & crannies. The filter is easy to replace, and it is holding up well. We even bought one as a housewarming gift. I definitely recommend it!...more info
  • Don't waste your money
    We bought this vacuum to clean our 3 area rugs in our house that is completely hardwood. At first it worked great, but after two months we are having major trouble. I bought 2 extra filters and have changed them out as needed. Right now we can't get the switch to go on and off. It is so stuck that I can barely get it to move. And since we can't get the switch to go on and off the roller doesn't work anymore either. I am very disappointed with this product. I am actually researching a better vacuum to buy to replace this one....more info
  • Powerful little guy. Love it.
    We have the large Eureka Boss and love it, but needed something smaller for quick pickups. After reading the reviews here, we decided to try this.

    What a wonderfully powerful little guy this is! The cord is nice and long and the suction is amazing. It's compact, you can use the base or the nozzle with an attachment. I haven't tried the big vac's attachments on it, but they look like they would fit too.

    I whip it out after baking, when flour is all over the place; after grooming our shih-tzu, when her fur is all over; when leaves blow in the window; for small spills; when my husband builds things that leave wood shavings around; whatever! We plan to use it in our car this weekend, which is much needed.

    It's great. The small filter seems to clean easily and seems longlasting.

    I highly recommend this powerful minivac for quick uses....more info
  • Got it - after two months
    Love it, I'd give it 5 stars if I could. You can use it w/o the brush running or with. It cleans easily, the crevice tool is quick and easy to access. It's powerful - actually was lifting up the carpeting in the room I used it in and got out cleaning powder we thought we'd gotten up a long time ago with the upright. It's a neat little unit....more info
  • works great
    My wife made a comment that it cleans carpet better than our upright sweeper. It is handy to use on steps and small area pick-ups as well as non-carpet surfaces....more info
  • Cat Hair
    I ordered this vacuum because the reviews said it was great for cat hair. It works fairly well but I wish it was better at picking up the hair....more info
  • Great vaccum
    This little vaccum is wonderful for the stairs, which were a pain to clean with a traditional vaccum. But it's so easy and fast with the hand-held one. We just used it to clean the cars after winter and it works great. I even use it in the kitchen to clean crumbs etc. It's a great little machine to have around....more info
  • Great little machine
    I bought this vacuum primarily to remove dog and cat hair from my red suede sofa. I was extremely pleased with the job it did. This vacuum is very light weight. I also use it on my stairs and it is much easier than lugging my full size upright vacuum up/down the stairs. If I could change one thing, it would be that I wish the hose was just a little bit longer. Other than that, I love this vacuum....more info
  • Great for stairs
    I got this since I was tired of using my regular upright on the stairs. This little machine does a great job on stairs or upholstery....more info
  • Great little vacuum
    Iwas skeptical about this but having a dark blue carpet stair runner, burgundy area rugs, and three, light-colored cats, I was desperate. How glad was I when it easily picked up cat hair and also cleaned deep into the carpet and rug. I would recommend this to anyone!...more info
  • This vacuum and I had bad karma
    We bought this small vac to do carpeted steps because we have 3 levels in our home and I didn't want to schlep the upright all over the house to do stairs. We wanted a vac with a rotating brush since steps tend to take a beating. We also wanted something that could really get in and suction the dirt up once it had been brushed loose. We thought a small handheld vacuum would be a good choice for the kids to use - small, not too heavy, filter shouldn't be too difficult to empty.

    The cord was nice and long - and if you don't have a cordless a long cord is a great feature for doing stairs. The suction was fairly good, and the weight was very manageable for the kids. All I needed was a little more enthusiasm from the kids!

    Since my primary purpose for buying the vacuum was for doing steps, I'm reviewing it from that point of view. After using this vacuum, I didn't think it was the best shape for really getting into the angle of the steps and getting dirt and pet fur out. It was mainly because of the rounded shield in front - which does come off, but if you take it off the brush is ineffective at the juncture of the steps that seems to capture the most dirt. The vac also bows out a bit on the sides - so if you're vacuuming near a wall, and trying to get tight, you run the risk of scraping the wall - so don't over focus - or you'll have clean carpet, but have to repaint!

    The filter was a real bear - difficult to get off, and made a mess when we pulled it off to empty. The kids couldn't undo the filter by themselves - heck I had trouble with it, which wasn't a big deal except that this vac doesn't hold too much - average for a vac of this size, but it's not an easy to pull off filter like a dirt devil, so they needed help pretty frequently to empty the filter.

    Unfortunately, we had the vacuum for less than 6 months before it broke and then all it did was blow dirt out the side - maybe it was just bad karma between me and the vac (just kidding), but it was okay - I love my Dust Buster Cyclonic and I'm happy to use it for the stairs until I find something cyclonic with a rotating brush, and then a suction attachment, to really get into the carpet and clean the steps.

    Any ideas? I'd be glad to hear them! ; )
    Happy vacuuming!...more info
  • Should be rated # 1 handheld sweeper of the century!
    This is the most incredible handheld sweeper that I have ever owned! I love everything about it... even the color! I like the brushes. I like the suction power. I like that it has a long cord and a place to wrap and store the cord. I like that it has a hose already attached and ready to use at a moments notice. I like that it has a tool attachment for the hose hidden in the back of the unit. I like that it has a clear and easy to empty dust compartment on top. I like that it has a plastic door in front of the brush that can transform it into a vertical sweeper (I move the plastic door into the vertical position to sweep the backs of my car seats, the back of fabric chairs and the backs of my staircase steps). It does a fantastic job on carpeted stairs! This sweeper immediately replaced my old handheld sweeper that did not have many of these wonderful features! I used to have to manually plug the hose into the sweeper which, trust me, was not an easy job... thankfully I don't have to do that anymore! I also used to have to wrap the cord around the sweeper and it had a cloth bag which would put a ton of dust into the air when emptied and shook out. This is a MUST HAVE cleaning tool - remember WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER!...more info
  • Great Vacuum for the stairs
    I love this vacuum cleaner for my stairs, it has wonderful suction power and really gets the job done. The only thing I wish it had is an angle attachment for the hose to get into tight spots in the car. ...more info
  • Great Product
    I did so much research looking for a handheld vacuum that could actually clean my stairs. This little vacuum has great suction, great power. I definitely recommend!...more info
  • Great for RVers
    We live in a fifth wheel with a Golden Retriever and a short haired mutt. We had 2 other brand handhelds with the inferior vacuum operated brushes and they invariably quit after a couple of weeks (and did a mediocre job of cleaning). This direct drive brush makes quick and easy work of dog hair and anything else on the rugs. We have to clean out the brushes once a week for the really long dog hair, but it still does a great job. We would recommend this to anyone with an RV....more info
  • Eureka 71A Hand-Held Vacuum
    Replaced an older Bissel model with this one. I like it and our infrequent house cleaner likes it too. It does a great cleaning job, is lightweight, and is easy to maintain. ...more info
  • Got clogged
    I am still impressed with the great suction of this vacuum. After 3 weeks I was disappointed to find the suction dropped by 80%. I thought that was because I had sucked up plaster dust that had clogged the filter. I went ahead and bought several new filters thinking that I'd have to change them regularly. Upon further inspection, I found that I had clogged the hose going into the vacuum by sucking up lots of hair, bottle caps, hard candy, etc. Once I cleared the clog, the vacuum started sucking again like it was new. I guess I'll put those new filters on the shelf. This is a great vacuum....more info
  • 3 cats, 1 dog, and a hairy husband
    I have tried EVERYTHING to completely remove mammal hair and dander from my furniture, car, stairs, crevices, etc.

    Animal allergic guests and relatives, who would otherwise go into anaphylactic shock, now don't even realize that I have pets until I tell them otherwise and are always shocked to learn how many, especially since all are indoor only (minus husband and sometimes dog).

    I imagine falling into a deep state of mourning should anything ever happen to this fabulous tool. Eureka 71A Hand Vac, you're my best friend....more info
  • Excellent - Wife loves it for stairs and small jobs
    I looked high and low for a vacuum that would be perfect for the stairs and other small quick jobs so that my wife wouldn't have to lug around the big vacuum for those things. We looked at every store and every possible brand but they were either too heavy or too awkward or not powerful enough. I took a chance on ordering this and she has now tested it for a few weeks now and she LOVES it.She said it does a great job on the stairs (better than our upright).

    Its LIGHT.
    Its POWERFUL- or as my wife put it - it has SUCTION.
    Easy to use and maneuver.
    The cord is long and ample for stairs.
    Bottom line - It just flat out WORKS - nothing else to say but that.

    Look NO further for a hand held. This is it. I hope this feedback/review helps others....more info
  • Wonderfull
    Great little guy for small messes or if you just want to get the big guy out! Works wonderful on stairs and in my camper!!...more info
  • Finally a handheld vacuum that really works!
    Wow, this vacuum is the best. Cleaned the stairs like a professional. Easy to use....more info
  • At last! A good hand-held vac that WORKS.
    After a lot of research in several locations, Amazon's product-review system gave us something to base a decision upon. We can now espouse this product along with other reviewers as being the Kat-hair King! It restores hope in American industrial design because this hand-vac really works and is not just ad-agency hype. Yes, it has a cord, but tis far better to have a cord and pick stuff up than to have no cord at all...or not to pick...or nose to pick...or stuff your nose. I dunno. (quote Wilson 2/07)....more info
  • Heavy, but worth the workout
    It's defintely not a Dustbuster, but that's a good thing, because this puppy really works. The brushes pick up a lot of pet hair. We got it mainly for cleaning the stairs. It's heavy, but a lot lighter than lugging our ShopVac up and down the stairs. It requires frequent emptying, but that's because it's actually working. I'd give it 5 stars if it were a little lighter.

    Before this we had a Dirt Devil, which was completely worthless. It was the loudest vacuum I've ever heard, and it had almost no suction. Then, after that we had a little Craftsman vacuum that came as a freebie with our Craftsman ShopVac. That thing had absolutely no suction, but at least it wasn't as loud as the deafening Dirt Devil.

    This Eureka is not quiet, but it's fairly typical of a vacuum--as far as noise goes. Most of all, it works! I also love the little wand. It's easy to switch to that and you don't have a bunch of hose to wrestle with or store....more info
  • Lots and lots of suction
    It is a bit loud, but it is easy to handle, and it cleans very well. Lots of suction. I would have liked a longer hose, but I don't have a need to use the hose all that much, as the attachements are sized as if they were taken from a Barbie doll playset. However, when it comes to vacuuming, it vacuums, so all these other things are forgotten and forgiven....more info
  • Exactly what I've been looking for
    I've been looking for a powerful hand vacuum for a long time. Tried cordless ones but none of them are powerful. This one is compact, powerful. If it can be a little bit lighter it'll be perfect. Overall very satisfied. ...more info
  • Eureka 71A Hand-Held Vacuum
    This vacuum is a back saver for cleaning carpeted stairs! It would be perfect for carpeted walls in a boat. It is easy to clean....more info
  • Great for pet hair
    I bought this unit for use in my car. I have two dogs that are often in the back and leave coarse hairs behind. This machine has the suction to get up the dog hair and also is great for along the sideboards of my house where a regular vacuum doesn't pick-up. Great product!...more info
  • great great great
    this little thing is so powerful, versatile, and handy!!! i don't know what we did without it. it's great for vacuuming out your car(s), couches and chairs and all the other places that big, bulkdy vacuums can't get to. get it!...more info
  • hand-held vacuum
    A very efficient machine for doing stairs which is what I bought it for. It is a little heavy to handle up and down the stairs, but it is powerful and does the job. ...more info
  • Everyone should own one!
    This is one of those products that are truly a great little product. I did a lot of reading before I chose this vacuum and as usual the majority rules on the reviews. The cord is a pain but I wanted the power vs. batteries....more info
  • eureka 71A hand held vacuum
    very pleased with vacumn,cleanes very well. just wish cleaning hose was a little longer...more info
  • This thing ROCKS!
    Never have I been exuberant about a vacuum, but this thing is really great. Works fantastic on the stairs and has wonderful suction. As another reviewer said, it's a little heavy, but my arm can use the workout. Get one for yourself....more info
  • It's OK
    Granted, I believe this vacuum is meant for cars not small apartments...but that is what I'm using for and frankly, it's not working.
    If I ever buy a car, I'll let you know if it works better there....more info
  • Another reason to love eureka vacuums!
    I now am a self identified Eureka addict! All of their vacuums have worked great for me so when it came time to buy a handheld stair vac I searched specifically for eureka. The reviews this particular model were great and after reading them I decided that was my best option and what and incredible deal I got! free shipping and about $50 total! The fist time I used it on my stairs I was almost crying with joy. I have three hairy cats and the stairs were always a hastle to clean, I tried using my eureka boss but someone else had to actualy hold the vacuum while I was on the floor with the attachments. THis one I did it all on my own and the extra long cord allowed me to vacuum my entire 13 step stair!!!!!!! ANd there were no visible hairs, I had to empty it once halfway through but with three cats!!!!!!!

    I really recommend you to buy this for your stairs and car. I also comes with this cool little corner attachment which previous models seemed to have missed and that is perfect for corners and hard to reach places. It is a little noisy and somewhat heavy but no biggy because it gets the job done easily.

    If you are looking for a handheld, mutliuse portable vacuum look no further than the eureka 71a you won't regret it. ...more info
  • Finally, we found a hand-held stair-step vac that works! :)
    We have carpeted stairs in two locations in our current house where we have lived for 10 years.
    I think, that during that time we have purchased and disposed of 4+ handheld and other larger vacuums, leaving us very disatisfied and frustrated. NONE of them were successful in cleaning the stairs with ease OR in cleaning thoroughly.
    Uprights & cannister types (the larger ones) are NOT good for cleaning stairs, in general as they are diffucult to manuever for a variety of reasons.
    The handhelds we have had in the past, worked poorly at best not having enough suction power & eventually dying within a short period of time so that they were a complete waste of $$.
    I decided to look on-line at other person's opinions, and after a lot of searching and reading I chose the Eureka 71A to try, at the same time we purchased an ANIMAL DC15 Dyson upright for the other parts of the house. We ordered them together here on Amazon. (I'll reveiw the Dyson another time> ++++++ so far)
    The Eureka 71A has been THE BEST handheld sweeper purchased to date, and having had it a month now, we are VERY SATISFIED with it :)
    It has 2 motors with plenty of power and the front "flap" where the brushes are, can be lifted up to clean the fronts of the steps as well as the tread area.
    It is easy to use, easy to empty and clean the unit, and has a nice long cord.
    Hopefully, we will be as satisfied in a year from now as we are today...
    It was a good buy on Amazon as we applied all the discounts that were allowed at the time.
    Our 11 year old son is the main user of the Eureka 71A as sweeping the stairs is one of his weekly "chores".
    Brightly colored sweeper/vacuums seem the be all the rage today, and this one is no exception to that trend. It is a bright yellow with black, sort of like a bumble bee (the Dyson we bought is purple).
    That is probably a good thing, as IT CANNOT EASILY get misplaced by our son...
    So, for those of you who have also had the type of stair cleaning issues we have had, I highly recommend this little EUREKA 71A :)...more info
  • no more cat hair
    The best vaccuum for animal hair I've tried. A little heavy for a small person to wield but the results are worth the effort. The rotating brush makes all the difference and it has a lot of power. Highly recommend it......more info
  • Most of your reviewers were right on!
    I was looking to buy an entirely different small vac, but I went out to check out other ones you had available. I started to read the reviews of this one. Reviewers kept mentioning how great it was on pet hair and stairs which were the specific cleaning problems I had, and, eureka, the vac works just great! One of the disadvantages that was mentioned a few times was the vac's weight. I had no problem with weight. It's nice you ask us to do these reviews...I find them very helpful....more info
  • Effective
    Effective, great at picking up cat hair, very easy to clean. Functions perfectly for area rugs and difficult to reach areas....more info
  • Great vacuum
    This is a great vacuum..I bought it to use on the stairs because it is lightweight and does a great job. This does what I need it to do....more info
  • Super product !!!
    Not much to say about this. Not only does it look cool but it's powerful too. It has a long cord and can go anywhere. Works great on stairs, furniture and in the car. Before I purchase this item I was looking at the cordless dust busters. In the past I had problems with them holding a charge for the time I needed. Not with the Eureka though. You wont be sorry with this product....more info
  • This is a good little sweeper
    It has a lot of power, and the stair cleaning feature is great. i like it, because it cleans really well, and one doesn't have to get out the large sweeper to do in-between pickup. Would recommend it....more info
  • Eureka 71A Hand-Held Vacuum
    I Love it! Wish the hose was a little longer but it does the job especially the stairs. very light and much better than the ones that charge on the walls. the electrical plug is very long, so you can get around very easily. great for windowsills. good product. powerful...more info
  • Exactly what I wanted.
    It's lightweight, has a long-enough cord, and is plenty powerful. Just what I wanted. Can't think of any reason to give it less than 5 stars....more info
  • An Amazing Hand Vac !!!!!!!!
    This thing is great, it's small, super portable but it's got some power !!!!! The rotating brissles get rid of pet hair off fabric without any problems. I recommened one to anyone !!!...more info
  • Wish this had a longer wand
    I purchased this because I have a bad shoulder and other orthopedic problems. I wanted something powerful and easy to use for under the counter cleaning in my carpeted kitchen and other quick clean ups. The attachments are very short and you have to bend all the way down to utilize this unit. The workmanship and power is wonderful, it picks up great and also is easy to clean. I called all over for a longer attachment, even Eureka and it is not an option. If anyone knows of something for this, please let me know....more info
  • amazing power
    This vacuum is a little bigger than most hand-held vacuums, HOWEVER it is worth it. This thing sucks pet hair right off the furniture and would suck carpet off the floor if you let it. It has amazing suction power and for anyone that has cats...and hates the hair that attaches to the this vacuum! ...more info
  • Good product.
    Works quite well. I am amazed (and somewhat disgusted) at the particles this thing can find. It is remarkably easy to use and the long cord makes it possible to use all over the place....more info
  • Great Product
    Love the product. Everything I hoped it would be. If you need a GREAT handvac for your stairs look no further!...more info
  • Nice little machine
    Excellent little vacuum except the 20' cord needs to be wrapped around the unit and is somewhat cumbersome to do and keep in place. Would be better if it were retractable....more info
  • Eats cat hair and great for stairs
    Finally something that really works. Can't believe the stuff it picked up.
    Great for old man with arthritis and a cat. Light enough to work with and super pickup....more info
  • Incredibly powerful
    Based on previous reviews, I thought this might be good for picking up cat hair, and it is. It's as powerful as any full-size vacuum. I like how it lets you keep the hose and electrical cord organized there right on the vacuum. I thought the Riser Visor was silly until I used it to vacuum my car--very helpful. And the Eureka's not cordless, so there won't be any problems with rechargeable batteries that get wimpier over time. Highly recommended....more info
  • Excellent Han Vac
    I purchased this vacuum several months ago to mainly suck up dog and cat fur. With a dog and 2 cats, we had fur stuck to everything. Unfortunately, my regular vacuum does a less than great job getting fur off of furniture. This little Eureka does a marvelous job on removing the fur and it so handy to get out for touch up jobs as I see them. It's a little heavy, but not an issue for me. It doesn't have a bag which usually causes problems for me, but it gets so much stuff when you vacuum if it had a bag, it would have to be changed very frequently. For pet lovers this is a must!...more info
  • Great Vacuum without a doubt
    Being a teenager, I detest brooms and needed a vacuum that can clean anything and anywhere; this baby does it all. With its small size, I can take it anywhere. Many complain about its weight, I simply drag it along the floor with myself cleaning underneath my furnishers with no problem since the cord is very long. Its suction is powerful and has picked up everything in its path. There are only two things I dislike about this vacuum; it's very loud and the tube that acts as a channel for the dust. The tube springs back if you try to pull too far; I wish it was a tad longer. Other than those problems, this vacuum has served its purpose. ...more info
  • A Clean Sweep
    The Eureka 71A Hand-Held Vacuum is by far the finest, best-engineered hand vac I've encountered. The hose can easily be disconnected from the main body to remove blockages, and the cord is sufficiently long for most jobs. Eureka makes affordable, well-made products, and the 71A is a prime example....more info
  • Sexy powerhouse!
    I bought this little vacuum cleaner to clean up little spills around the house, especially cat litter that my cat always manages to spill outside her box. I was torn between a corded, powerful unit like this one vs. a cordless, less powerful version like a Dustbuster. I decided that power was more important and I decided on this unit because of the amazing reviews.

    People are correct in saying that this little machine is powerful! In fact I am convinced it has more suction power than my crappy entry-level Eureka upright! The first time I used it, I was amazed to see how much crud it picked up from my allegedly clean rug. It has a beater brush, which you just can't beat (pun intended) when it comes to vacuuming carpets. I didn't think I'd use the visor feature, but I do. You flip it down to be able to vacuum vertical surfaces like couch backs. It's actually quite helpful, especially because the unit is kinda big and heavy! You can also shut off the beater brush if you want to vacuum non-carpet surfaces, like drapes or bare floors. The hose is excellent and has incredible suction too. There is a crevice attachment (a must) that hides inside the back of the unit. There is a handy and effective cord wrap section in the back which accommodates the entire cord. The cord end has a clip on it so storage is tidy and you don't have loose cord everywhere. The dust compartment is a cinch to detach and empty. The cup filter is thick and strong and gets completely saturated with dust very quickly, but I haven't noticed a noticeable reduction in suction power yet. I dump the compartment frequently and usually rub off as much dust as I can from the filter. I haven't tried washing the filter yet, and I can't remember if the manual says you can. My suspicion is that they'll try to say that you can't and that you should replace it. However, in my past experience with other similar filters, you can carefully wash them and let them drip dry and this works just fine for a long time. Finally, the vacuum looks very cool and sporty.

    There are some negative aspects, though. The unit is heavy! This is in fact probably the heaviest compact vacuum I have ever used. I guess that powerful suction requires a strong, heavy motor. It's not a big deal for quick clean-ups, but it can become cumbersome for more thorough jobs and maneuvering around couches. On the plus side, if you like solid, well built machines, this one definitely feels that way. I am also very disappointed that no brush attachment for the hose is included, and am considering looking into the possibility of finding one online--I'm not sure they exist for this unit though. Another annoyance is that there is a vent on the back of the machine that blasts outgoing air. If you're trying to vacuum light messes, like clumps of cat hair dust bunnies, if you're not careful, it can make the mess go flying. Again, this is probably a consequence of the suction power. I'm not sure where they could have placed the vent to alleviate this problem (facing upwards perhaps?)

    Overall, this is a great little vacuum recommended for people who like lots of suction power, sturdiness, and who need something that spot-vacuums carpets and vertical surfaces well. However if you tire easily and have a lot of spot vacuuming to do, you might want to look for a lighter machine. Also note there is no brush attachment provided....more info
  • Deb-Aurora, IL
    I've been looking for a light weight hand-held vacuum for a while. My fibromyalgia stops me from lifting weight over 8 lbs. most days. I would give the Eureka 71 A Hand-Held a four-star rating. It's light, easily vacuums the hard to reach riser on the stairs. We have 14 stairs. I'm well aware of how tiring vacuuming came become. This little vacuum even picks up my Maine Coon's angora-like cat hair. The weight of this vacuum is perfect for small jobs, confined and small space areas to clean. The main disadvantage is the vacuum's very small filter. I need to change the filter after every vacuum but I put this vacuum through the paces. I'd highly recommend this vacuum for small apartments, condos, cars, etc. It is easy to handle and its light weight of 5 lbs. makes it possible for almost anyone to use. Very delighted with this hand-held and happily recommend this item to others....more info
  • Great for Stairs
    I decided to purchase this vacuum after reading other reviews. Thankfully, the reviewers were right on target. The vacuum works great on stairs with a brush-roll that picks up the carpet pile and good suction that picks up the junk. The cord is long enough to reach the top of the stairs and the vacuum -- while not lightweight -- is still easy to hold and maneuver. I haven't used it for my car yet, but I'm sure it'll work great there too -- with an extension cord. A good buy!...more info
  • Portable Vacuum
    Great tool for tight spots, stairs (especially) and the car. This little vacuum has been a real work horse for our household chores. Easy to use, easy to clean out, and the cup filter is washable - very nice....more info
  • It Gets the Job Done
    I bought this vacuum because the reviews were great. I was a little hesitant in the back of my mind because I've bought vacuum's like this before and they did a poor job.

    I was very glad to have bought this vacuum... It has powerful suction and the attachment is great for those problem areas... I used this vacuum on the stairs of my house and the carpets looks so clean and plush. I'm very glad I bought this!...more info
  • Great for a handheld
    This little vacuum does great on the stairs, but it does get heavy. I have not had any problems so far, but I do not use it as often as I thought I would. I guess it the weight of it keeps me from grabbing it for the smaller jobs and having to crawl on my hands and knees to vacuum the stairs keeps it on the shelf for that job as well. It does to better on the stairs than my upright. The extension nozzle is very convenient and works great. ...more info
  • Some serious noise here and lots of exhaust...
    I have ringing in my ears after I use this unit but the suction is really good and that's why I bought it over some battery models. You have to be careful where you point the exhaust port which is on the back of the unit. The hose with the unit is extremely short, 30 inches stretched and 16 otherwise. I was cleaning our pellet stove and lost operational containment when the exhaust port got pointed INTO the pellet stove. Ash was flying everywhere and I thought I could suck it back into the unit with the suction hose but kept pointing the rear end of the unit back into the stove. On this occasion I didn't notice the ringing in my ears as I staggered back from the stove blinded by the ash. Subsequent use of the unit has not been that dramatic. The filter cup is not stellar and the odor of ash or dog will pass through but the suction works well and traps all you would expect. ...more info
  • powerful vacuum
    It is a really good vacuum with a lot of power. Just one thing I would like to suggest -- moving the hose to the center instead of on one side. When I use that to vacuum desk, I have to have one hand hold the vacuum, one hand hold the hose. Then no hand for moving items on the desk....more info
  • Wow!!!
    Absolutely love this vacuum! Does wonders on our furniture and stairs to get rid of cat hair and everything else. Haven't tried it in the car yet, but I'm sure it will do great. My arms do get a little tired when using it but it's worth the power and suction....more info
  • Great vacuum
    Ordered this off Amazon and I am very pleased.
    Very powerful hand held vaccuum. Really gets the pet hair off the carpets.
    Well worth the money.

    ...more info
  • A Perfect Machine.
    I'd planned to get the small Dyson, but the reviews of this vacuum persuaded me to give it a try. It's absolutely excellent. It's the best handheld vacuum I've ever tried, and I've thrown more of these things away than I can remember. Fortunately, I've always saved the attachments. Sometimes they fit another model, sometimes they don't. Since there's no fancy coupling required to attach tools to the hose end of this one, its just friction, most fit it.

    This is a solid, powerful vacuum. The filter is heavy-duty and seems very durable. It's easily removed and reattached. I use those over-priced compressed air duster cans to blow all the dust and dog hair off of the filter. Between this and my full-size Dyson, there's probably more of the family dog outside the house than in by now. As for the weight of this machine, it is a little heavy, but then I only have to support its weight when doing vertical surfaces or carrying it around. When it's vacuuming stairs and furniture, I let the horizontal surfaces support most of the weight.

    Everything about this machine suggests its maker really put a lot of thought and effort into making an absolutely excellent product. And, I commend them for packaging it in protective plastic that can be easily removed without knives, pliers, bolt cutters, or a chain saw. The engineering on this one was obviously thoughtful and thorough.
    ...more info
  • Nice Small Vacuum
    This little vacuum has great suction and picks up pet hair much better than the previous small vacuum we had. It is used primarily on the carpeted stairs and to vacuum the floor of our cars. The filter is easy to clean & you don't have to mess with a paper bag. The built in hose attachment is easy to use and did a nice job on dust on the stairway banister. ...more info
  • This one is a "Supersucker"
    Very efficicient in collecting dirt and even, other little particles from the carpet. Highly recommend it. It beats those rechargeable hand-held vacuum which will die on you. Wires are long enough but, an extension my be necessary for people who are too lazy to disconnect the plug to different outlets....more info
  • You won't be disappointed!
    I just used my Eureka 71A hand-held vacuum for the first time. It works like a charm. I bought it especially for upholstery, based on a review I read on the website. It is a little heavy, but it definitely gets the job done. Directions are simple. I couldn't be happier with my purchase!...more info
  • Good vacuum for stairs and upholstery
    This vacuum is wonderful. Way easier to handle on the stairs than my upright. The cord is not long enough to do all of the stairs in one shot, but neither is the one on my upright. It does a very good job at removing cat hair on furniture. We have one chair that has been dubbed the cat chair. I had given up on the chair before this vacuum, but now the chair can actually be used....more info
  • Very strong suction!
    Bought this one for my small apt. (300 sqft), suction is very strong when empty, use on carpet and hardwood floors. However, when the filter is covered with dust/grime/dirt, it loses a good deal of power. But thanks to the ease of emptying the canister, I don't see this as a problem. Overall, I'm very satisfied with this vacuum!...more info
  • Great suction, but could be lighter
    Its amazing how much dirt this little baby sucked off our couch and upholstry. The ability to make the suction head vertical is quite helpful. The vaccum cleaner is a bit on the heavy side though - if it had been a little lighter, I would have given it 5 stars....more info
  • Finally a hand held vacuum that works!!
    I recieved my Eureka hand held vacuum yesterday. The first thing i did was vacuum my sofas...WOW was i amazed at what was in there! I have had many other dustbusters that work great for awhile and then give out after about a year. (usually charger malfunction) I decided i was going to try an electric one this time and i'm so happy i chose this one. I couldn't be happier!! I can't wait to get to the stairs next!! LOL. The suction power on this vacuum is better than my upright vacuum. The filter probably will need to be cleaned out after each use. I have to clean out the filter on my upright after each vacuuming i'm used to it. We just use our aircompressor to do that. Someone had mentioned that the cup fills up fast. I imagine if your doing a big job it would. But for in between cleanings or doing sofas, beds or stairs, I wouldn't think you'd have to empty it more than once. You absolutely won't regret buying this machine. I never have written a review on anything else before, but this one deserves it!! I love it, love it, love it!!...more info
  • Great little machine
    This is a great little machine. I bought this to clean stairs and my car. It has a good suction and the hose is a great plus. Clean up is very easy with the cup. ...more info
  • it sucks well but fills up fast
    It works very well as many others mentioned. But it fills up fast and needs to be dumped frequently. Also the filter needs to be taped out or washed at the same time since it clogs a bit.

    It is still very good and I would happly buy it again....more info
  • Awesome Suction
    This vacuum really, well, sucks! It is like having a 12 Amp unit in your hand.

    The only downsides I see are the hose is short and there is no brush attachment. I think one can be ordered from Eureka though.

    Still, I think this is the best hand-held on the market considering it's price....more info
  • Boat Vac
    After reading many helpful reviews I decided on this particular vacuum to purchase for use on cleaning our boat. I couldn't be happier with the job it does. The riser feature works great for going up the carpeted boat sidewalls. We have an old boat with Navy Blue Carpet and we have a yellow lab(makes for a vacuuming nightmare). I must say after using this vacuum the blue carpet looks brand new. and with the attached wand feature I was able to clean out the many nooks and crannies. Also the long cord is handy. And the suction is powerful enough that it sucks out any water left in the carpet(probably not recommended), but it has handled it with out any problem. ...more info
  • Very Pleased!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This vacuum cleaner is amazing. I read one reveiw where the person said the hose was too short. Evidentally that person doesn't realize that the hose is spring-like and you can stretch it. I am very pleased with the suction too!!!...more info
  • Eurika!
    The name says it all. Eureka! (At last I found it). This is an awesome little handheld vacuume.It has more power than my expensive upright vacuume and that is an understatement. I have had several cordless dust buster types but this beats them all. A very long cord makes it so handy and the on board storage for the crevice tool, the brush or just suction option and the wrap around cord storage make it effortless to use. I vacuumed my couch as soon as I got this little wonder and it amazed me what it picked up...I give it an A++++++++++.
    ...more info
  • Fantastic so far
    I have had this vac for maybe a month or two and I love it! I have two cats, vacuum at least once a week but use this hand vac to get the dust bunnies (cat hair bunnies?) during the week. But this does not give a sense of how strong & effective this thing is. It's great for getting all that cat hair (and dust & everything else) off the furniture & area rugs too. The powered brush roller WORKS, the extendable hose tool is just fine, and while it is not a quiet machine, I do not find it to be louder than my Eureka upright (which I also love) or past hand-vacs. It's also not noticeably lightweight, but I don't find this to be a problem (I am a small 35-year-old woman with average or below-average arm strength). Use your regular vacuum cleaner to do the main job, then use this hand vac as an excellent "finishing tool" for pet hair issues, furniture & in-between clean-up. Enjoy!...more info
  • WOW
    "WOW this vacuum totally ROCKS!! Wow.. that is all I can say.. I am so glad that I purchased this item, A total must if you have pets in the home, even if you don't you will be amazed as to how much junk is in your couch. Easy to clean the filter, and has a long cord so you can move around freely. WHAT A GREAT ITEM!"...more info
  • great for stairs
    We bought this product to vacumn carpeted stairs. It is a little heavy but does a wonderful job picking up cat hair....more info
  • Awesome little vacuum
    I have to agree with other reviewers. This is a great vacuum that does an awesome job anywhere. A must if you have pets for cleaning dog hair off of furniture or in the car. Amazing all that it picks up and very easily on the first time around. I would highly recommend it! I have already given it to others as a gift and they too are amazed at how good it works. ...more info
  • Great little vacuum
    I bought this vacuum to clean up small jobs, furniture and the stairs. I LOVE IT! We have 2 cats, and it really gets the cat hair up off of the furniture. The flip piece in the front for vertical vacuuming (steps, furniture) is a great feature and so easy to use. The detailer tucks nicely into the side and doesn't get in the way at all, yet it's easy to get to it when I need it. The one detailer attachment is "hidden" in the back but also easy to get to. I love that it's bagless too, just empty the dust cup into the trashcan (very easy to get on and off too). It's not too loud, not too heavy. I can't say enough good things, I'm very pleased with this purchase!...more info
  • Great product for the price
    Very good if you only have a few areas of carpet. I needed something small for my 3 rugs, and I have a dog and 2 cats, so I needed the brushes as well. Does a great job of picking up the dog/cat hair. Good with the attachment, but I have extensions from an old upright vacuum that fit on this vacuum, so I can have a long extension and don't need to bend over so much now. Downside is that the dirt cup doesn't hold as much dog/cat hair as I seem to accumulate on my rugs in a week, but that's a very minor inconvenience. Cool factor on getting to see the dirt get collected while you use it, feels like you're actually making good progress on cleaning when you see that....more info
  • Awesome!
    Wow...I never knew that I could get my rug this clean. I use this for everything, sucking up crumbs, hair from the bed and rug, you name it. It has amazing suction powers, I got so much dirt and dust off of my rug that I'm plain floored. My only quibble with it is that I need to get new filters for it and Amazon doesn't stock them. ...more info
  • Great for stairs and pet hari
    I bought this based on another Amazon review. It is great for pet hair on stairs and upholstery. The hose is short, but the power is worth it!...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I live in a townhome with multiple levels. I was searching for a vacuum to take care of my stairs and finally came across this one. I love it!!!! It is small enough so that I can do the stairs at any time with ease and powerful enough to do an great job cleaning. I recommend this vacuum to anyone who has the need to clean steps....more info
  • worth every penny
    It is very good, a bit heavy when the 20ft cable is wrapped around it. I Highly recommand it...more info
  • This thing SUCKS...
    ...and sucks and sucks and sucks. You have no idea how much dust and dirt you have in your carpet and furniture until you use this wonderful vacuum.

    I have a small manhattan apt with an area rug and don't have much room for storage. This takes very little space in my apt, cleans amazingly well, and is worth it for the great price. Gotta be on your hands and knees, but for the convenience, size, and price, great for home, office, and car!...more info
  • Pretty Suck!
    Yes, very suck! Any dusk on the floor, in the corners and even carpet it sucks them all. I even use it to sucks the dust inside the machine of my CPU.
    Powerful/ Easy to carry/ Never run out battery(wire) / Don't need to spent extra $$ for bag!
    ...more info
  • Finally, An Effective Small Vacuum
    This is the small vacuum that actually works. The suction is terrific, and if you have carpeted stairs, you will most certainly appreciate both the brushing action and the flip top that allows you to vacuum the risers. I have a heavy canister vac which is wonderful on my hardwood floors and area rugs but very difficult to use on the stairs. This is a quick and easy way to get the job done. I also use it on the basement staircase which is not carpeted, but this little vac really gets the corners and edges. The on-board tool for crevices also has amazing suction. The machine is light, the cord is long enough to do a whole set of stairs, and I am sure it will be great in the auto as well. This small vac is worth every penny....more info
  • They Should Sell This at Pet Stores
    I am going to echo most of the other reviews here, but regardless- WOW.

    If you have pets, you need to get this vacuum. I'm sure that other people could find use for it too, but it is absolutely unmatched in getting pet hair off of carpets and upholstery.

    It changed the colors of my carpets entirely. I thought one of the area rugs was faded.... noooooooo, it was just covered with 3 dark cats worth of hair. Who knew?

    I'm sure that you could find minor faults with it, but overall, if the cat or dog hair floating around your life is driving you crazy, BUY THIS NOW....more info
  • The Amazing Cat Hair Machine
    I have gone through many vacuums trying to find something that picks up ground in cat hair. This machine really works! I cannot imagine any machine that works any better than this! I saw other reviews complaining it was too heavy, but I didn't think is was too heavy. I love it and was compelled to write a review in favor of it. ...more info
  • Powerful, but loud!
    We bought this vacuum after reading the rave reviews here. It has both good and bad points.

    It works well on stairs. The visor flipping feature does a really good job at cleaning the risers.

    We bought it primarily to clean the cars, and there, it's not that great. Most car seats are a little curved for comfort, and the head doesn't reach the parts that dip below it (it's fairly wide). If you use the hose, you will rapidly find it very short - you have to bring the vacuum to about 1' of the area you are cleaning. It does do well in flat areas, such as the trunk, but the nooks and crannies are hard to get with the large head, and a real chore with the short hose/tiny crevice tool combo.

    Overall, I am not unhappy with its cleaning power. However, I find the noise level bordering on deafening if I use it for more than 10 or 15 minutes. The last time I cleaned the car, I found myself longing for some earplugs, and I think I'll use some next time. Since the hose is so short, you never can really get away from the noisy vacuum motor, so cleaning will definitely not be as therapeutic as you might wish!

    ...more info
  • One of the best purchases EVER
    We recently adopted a dog who sheds A LOT. I tried all of these gimicky devices for removing pet hair, but realized that this job couldn't be done with something that lacked power. I did a lot of research on handheld vacuums before buying this one. I bought this one based on the other reviews I read, and now I'm here to encourage you to buy this. It works great!!!! It literally gets all of the hair out of furniture, rugs, blankets. My only complaint is that it is pretty heavy for a handheld...but still worth it! I try to look at the bright side and consider it an arm workout. I think this vacuum would work well for any purpose, but I can personally say that it is the perfect vacuum for pet owners. If something ever does happen to this one, I wouldn't hesitate to replace it with the exact same model....more info
  • Two thumbs WAY up!!
    And ditto to all the great comments regarding pet hair. I vacummed the stairs with my regular upright and then went over them again with this handy hand-held. A fistful of cat hair and dust was sucked up and away.

    Thank you Eureka!...more info
  • Great vacuum
    I am really impressed with this vacuum. I had an old Dirt Devil vacuum that I used for stairs and the new Eureka is so much more effective. I could not believe the amount of dirt and cat hair that came out of the carpeting with the Eureka, even on the main carpet areas that I regularly use the big vacuum on. Great for upholstery, too. It seems overall that the designers of this vacuum actually thought about customer needs and wants. The only drawback is that is is a bit heavy....more info
  • Awesome vacuum, just a little big and heavy for a handheld
    I wish I could give "4 & 1/2" stars for this eureka hand-held, because it really is a great vacuum.

    -has really strong & powerful suction
    -long cord (25 feet!)
    -super stretchy hose with convieniently located crevice tool attachment
    -brushroll on/off control
    -riser visor great for those akward places
    -holds a good amount of dirt in it's bagless bin
    -automatically shuts off if motor is too hot to avoid overheating, (hasn't happened with mine yet, only use it for about 10 minutes at a time.)

    -pretty dang big and a little heavy for a hand-held vac, but its great power & suction make it an even trade-off.
    -it isn't cordless, but most cordless vacs die in a year or two, not a problem with this guy!

    Not as great:
    -emptying is a bit messy, and you should use a bristle brush to clean off the filter as well as you can when empying.
    -the prongs in the plug seem too small, it will fall out of an outlet with the weakest pull.

    As you can see- I highly reccomend this Eureka 71AV hand-held vacuum!...more info
  • was compelled to write a review for this 5 star hand vac
    its not often that i order a product from amazon and think to myself "i MUST write a good review for this" - but in the case of this hand vac, i did.

    its great.

    solid construction, slightly heavy to tote around but nice and solid. very strong, got cat hairs off of the dining chairs very very nicely. easy to empty/clean. long cord length, although yes the plug pulls out a bit easy. but with the long cord, just leave some slack. kinda noisy, but i dont mind the noise if it WORKS. and it works great. the riser visor thing is cheesy but comes in handy! seriously. when using the handheld tube vac thing, it works great - still a lot of suction. nice edging tool stores inside. the cable sometimes is annoying in that when you wrap it, the length is such that to connect/stick it on its not on the side of the wrapping area, its right on a corner and is kinda hard sometimes. but oh well.

    so in summary:
    - good quality
    - strong
    - easy to use and clean/empty
    - has the features i needed
    - very reasonably priced...more info
  • Perfect Hand held vaccum
    This vaccum has more than what I have expected. It has a great suction power that I have never seen in any other vaccum machines. I already have dirt devil and hoover for regular use; still I always wanted a small hand held one to cover standing surfaces and carseats. I bought this machine based on the reviews I read. I am very happy and extremely satisfied with this machine. I thank to all those people, for writing reviews based on true facts.
    I high recommend this product....more info
  • very true to these review comments
    i got this vacuum today, curious as to its performance after reading all of these stellar reviews. without a doubt, it met all of my high expectations! not only does it get larger pieces of fur etc with the rotating brush, it also has such good suction that its able to get very fine pieces of dust as well. i was completely amazed at what this pulled up from my rugs. it is, as stated in previous reviews, on the heavy side but its superior performance far outweighs any negatives you might have with this product. i can't wait to vacuum again! im ready to tell my guests to just keep their shoes ON so i can have another excuse to see what this little guy can do!...more info
  • An amazing Vac
    Like other reviews I also tried other hand-helds and returned after one use. I purchased this because I like the design and because I have owned several Eureka Uprights in the past and feel they are the best on the market. I am not dissappointed in this as it's also in a class by itself. I couldn't believe the dust it pulled out of the seats in my car. I'm still singing this vac's praises to anyone who will listen. GREAT JOB EUREKA!...more info
  • Best hand held vacuum
    I thought I kept a clean house. I used this vacuum on one step and I could not belive the dirt it got up!!!!!

    Fantastic buy and great price!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Even a vacuum-hater loves it!
    I REALLY hate vacuuming (just ask my kids), but I really like this little handheld.

    I like it so much I'm wondering whether I might just "handvac" my carpets for those few times when I need a vacuum instead of my Roomba (which I also adore)....more info
  • Very Impressed!!
    This is an excellent vacuum for the small jobs, great suction and ease of use....more info
  • A winner
    A terrific little vac - handles dog hair - dirt, anything that gets tracked in on the stairs. Plan to buy one for my daughter in law.

    VERY NICE...more info
  • Oh My Gosh!
    Wow! This thing REALLY works! I could not believe what nastiness this thing picked up immediately AFTER I vacuumed with my Dirt Devil Vacuum! There was so much dust/dirt that the Eureka picked up that I got on my hands and knees and "hand-vacuumed" my entire room! It was amazing! I am so impressed with this tiny guy that I'm buying one for my mom! This is great for the couch and dusty furniture!

    And I love how it plugs in and doesn't "charge" on batteries. All of those rechargable vacuums use their power by one year. I love the long cord and the power this baby has! I love love love it!...more info
  • Does a good job
    I bought this after reading the specs and reviews of the Dirt Devils and the Fantom. Comparing all of them, I thought this would be the best one for my requirements, which are a carpeted stairs and small oddball vacuuming jobs around the house.

    I like the riser visor, because it cleans the vertical carpeted surfaces of the stairs. I like the bagless cup, which I can empty easily into the trash. The suction is very good. The only thing I worry about is being able to find the filter when it needs to be replaced, but that is the case with any filters for vacuums or air filters.

    Works well for my uses....more info
  • Does the Job
    I ordered this item based on the other reviews and am glad I did. With 2 small dogs and a Golden Retriever, we have a 'fur on the floor' house. I got this little guy mainly for the stairs, and am not dissappointed! The weight is not a problem at all. My 9 year old granddaughter was able to manage our 13 stairs just fine. I am pleased that the noise level is low, and the built in hose feature is excellent. ...more info
  • Well made vacuum
    We bought this through Amazon after reading it great reviews. My wife had previously had a Dirt Devil which she returned after one disappointing use, and she likes this one much better.
    I'm impressed because its much less noisy than the other....more info
  • Could it be any better ??
    This vacuum is just amazing. We have two big long black hair dogs on a offwhite carpet (house and cars!!), and this little thing is more efficient than I ever imagined. I have a Kirby and I was looking for a vacuum to use in the hard to reach areas, car..., and wouaw, the Eureka is as good as it gets ! The rotating brush gets the hair off the carpets, very precious for the stairs, couches where my Kirby was too heavy to use....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I'm shocked at how well this little vacuum works. After vacuuming with my expensive German-made vacuum, I used this machine over the same area. I could not believe how much dog hair and dust this handheld unit picked up! I did one bedroom floor and had to empty the handheld canister four times.

    Besides the suction power, the things I like best in this vacuum are the attached hose and clever storage for the crevice tool (inserted into the base of the vacuum). I also really like the flip up guard over the roller that lets you get the vertical rise on the stairs without having to do contortions.

    The only thing I think could have been done better is the handle. A more ergonomic design would be more comfortable----especially since I am going a little nuts with it now on the entire house....more info
  • Best portable vac i have ever owned
    Living in the desert means dusty gritty conditions, but this little vac gets it done. The "riser visor" is unique and works very well on upolstry and stairs. The crevice tool attachment neatly stores away inside the little machine, and the hose is long enough to be very functional.

    What I like best about the Eureka 71AV is it's superior suction and that it is corded - not battery powered or rechargeable.

    Rechargeable vacs are always too weak, and the battery cycle life declines rapidly causing you to spend more money replacing the battery or throwing the vac away. The cord of Eureka 71AV easily wraps around the back of the unit when not in use, so it's a big asset not a liability....more info
  • Wow!
    I thought I was a good housekeeper until I used the Eureka 71AV. I can't believe all the dirt I got from just one chair. Even my husband was amazed. Today the chair, tomorrow the world!...more info
  • Excellent product, best handheld vac ever
    No cons. Excellent vacuum, the best I've tried yet....more info
  • Great handheld vacuum
    Most rechargable units work fine if you are trying to vacuum up a small amount of debris from a hard floor, but I needed something to clean pet fur off the couch and to clean the carpeted stairs.

    This little unit beats all other handheld vacuums I have ever used. The rotating brush in this vacuum combined with the power of a corded vacuum is just the perfect combination.

    While the cord limits the portability somewhat, and this vacuum is a little heavier than rechargable units, the additional power is well worth it.
    ...more info
  • I was Dramatically Impressed.
    I have a cat. The cat has fur.
    I bought the Eureka EZ-Kleen to get the fur off the furniture.
    Did it ever.
    I was slackjawed with amazement to see the sheer amount of cat hair the little machine got up off visually pristine sofas and carpets. While Kitty does not have the Olympic shedding capabilities of my late hound dog, she still produces about an inch of vacuum cleaner fill per day.
    This is a great little machine and I will recommend it from the housetops....more info
  • This is great!!
    I got this vacuum to clean my three flights of stairs that are always dirty. We have three kids and a dog. My 8 year old son started cleaning the stairs and he said, "Hey, Mom! This thing Rocks!!". He was right. My stairs finally look clean and we did them all in half the time it took with our upright cannister vacuum. I am very pleased. Whoever designed this thing should get a bonus check. ...more info
  • Not Just For The Car
    I purchased this with only one real use in mind. Cleaning cat hair off of our furniture.
    Well this thing works great. We could not believe what it pulled out even after using our fullsize machine.
    I had been thinking about buying the Dyson Animal because of the rotary brush attachment but it seems most reviews of it basically called it useless for furniture, its vacuum driven and doesn't spin if much force is applied.
    The rotary brush on this machine is power driven and does the job well. ...more info
  • Worth waiting for...
    We bought this hand vac after our hand held powerhead attachment broke on our Sears canister unit, and our Dirt Devil was relegated to auto use. The old DD was so loud that we used ear plugs, and was just okay in the power dept. We were fairly happy with the old DD, so we bought another. Mistake! We didn't realize that the brush roller was beltless...powered by the incoming air. Any pressure on the roller and it stopped. Returned it promptly to the store.
    We did more research at Amazon and bought the Eureka. This one works well. We share our home with 4 cats and so far, this vac handles it well. My wife is not an occasional cleaner. She keeps the house spotless and goes thru poorly made vacs like water. The 71AV vac picks up cat hair well, even on course fabrics. It has impressive suction, even when compared to bigger vacs. Even so, it's much quieter than the Dirt Devil we had. The only thing that prevents a 5 star rating is the weight...5 lbs. Also, we have not proven the durability yet. Time will tell. Summary:
    GOOD: Great suction, strong brush roller, convenient cord wrap, quiet.
    NOT THAT GOOD: A little heavy, a little hard to clean around the filter, unproven durability (wife WILL test it!)...more info
  • A great little vacuum
    Two cats and two fabric-covered couches, can you feel my pain? After a while, I was going nuts. I'd go broke buying the adhesive type lint rollers, the rubber ones (search for "sweepa") and the reusable brush type didn't do the job. All I'd heard about was dysons, dysons, dysons, so I started saving. But then I thought, hey, what I want is the little motorized roller brush attachment -- so I got online, started searching, and found this. I figured $40 as opposed to $500 was worth a try, especially with the good reviews.

    and it *was*. It gets all the cat hair off my couch, and the nice thing is that the hose just tugs right out and you can also get the little cracks and crevices without missing a beat. The "riser visor" thing, I thought was kinda silly til I started using it -- and it's great. You can vacuum horizontally and vertically, and for furniture, stairs, etc--a great feature.

    My only complaint is that it's just a *bit* heavy, especially for longer use. Wears that arm out, but that can be a good thing, too.

    I'm still hoping to get a dyson eventually, but for the job I wanted to do, getting pet hair off my furniture -- this is *perfect*. ...more info
  • Excellent product for a low price
    I agree with the five star commenters -- this is a very handy vac for stairs, small places, the car, etc. It is easy to use, empties fast, and cleans like a wiz....more info
  • Outstanding
    This vacuum is outstanding. We always had problems getting our carpeted stair case clean. It works like a charm cleans everything right up. Good power & the flip cover that enables you to vacume the vertical part of the stairs is genius....more info
  • Great power vac!
    If you are looking for a hand-held vac that has a powerful beater bar look no further. Great for stairs and furniture! We have 3 cats and it works great to pick up all the hair they shed. We used to have a Shark hand-held very similar to this but the motor burned up and couldn't find a replacement in stores anywhere. Luckily we finally found this one!...more info
  • Modest size, but lots of power.
    This Eureka is primarily designed for cleaning carpet on stairs and getting dirt in corners with the hose & crevice tool. The rotating brush head is a rare feature in a hand held unit of this size and price range, and it works much better that just suction alone. However, because of the length of the vacuum it's sometimes difficult to get the brush head flat against the carpet in narrow staircases and on the carpeted areas in small automobiles. You may find yourself constantly flipping the unit from left to right and from vertical to horizontal to get the carpet clean in confined spots, or you may just give up on the brush head completely and use the hose and crevice tool.

    Otherwise, the dust container fits snugly, removes easily, and empties quickly. The filter is durable and easy to clean. The cord is very long and stores neatly on the back of the unit with the crevice tool. You can also turn off the rotating brush when cleaning hard surfaces or using the hose. Basically, this unit is well designed and performs as advertised, although it would be more useful in tight spaces if it were a few inches shorter. I recommend it for cleaning long narrow strips of carpet on stairs, ledges, baseboards, and other contoured surfaces. The rotating brush is too powerful to use on upholstery.

    Note: You can also purchase other types of cleaning tools and extensions that will attach to the vacuum's hose....more info
  • Best for Stairs.
    I received it sometime last week and used it twice on stairs so far. Suction is very very good. I had a Dirt Devil before and thought that it was the best, but now after using this one I have changed my opinion, this is better than dirt devil. The only disadvantage to this one is that it is heavier than the dirt devil but with a lot better suction. I was surprised to see the amount of dust this one picked up on the stairs.

    Pros: Good Suction
    Cons: Very Heavy...more info
  • Best so far!
    I just received this vacuum today. My stairs have been neglected since the Dirt Devil we purchased previously was way too loud and did not do a very good job. I opened this vacuum up and tried the first few steps, and... Wow!... We have a long haired cat who likes to sleep on the steps and a Collie who likes to drop a lot of hair as he travels up and down the stairs. So, there was plenty of dirt for this first trial. This vacuum is surprisingly quiet (compared to the Dirt Devil's high pitched whine). The brushroll power is separate, so you can turn that off when you are using the crevice tool.
    I am starting my review with 4 stars just because I have only had it for a day... we will see how well it holds up with the hairy creatures in my house!
    Well a year later, I still love it! The Brush-Roll motor did go out after a few months, but Eureka replaced the vacuum under warranty and I haven't had a problem since....more info