Retriever Rolls

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  • 100% Natural Beefhide From Free Range Cows
  • Promotes Healthy Teeth and Gums
  • Helps Prevent Tarter Buildup
  • Resealable Bag
  • Value Pack

Customer Reviews:

  • Retriever Rolls
    My dog loves most retriever rolls I have given her and these are no exception. She likes them just fine, but I find that they splinter into many small pieces as she is chewing on them and this makes an ugly mess. Other than the mess, these retriever rolls are fine; however, next time I will try another kind of roll. Also, these rolls cost about $1 a roll whereas the last time I ordered rolls (through EBay) they cost half as much (100 for about $50). Maybe the price has doubled over the past year because I wasn't able to find retriever rolls any cheaper than the ones I am reviewing here today. ...more info
  • pretty good
    Good but not as substantial as the ones I have bought at CostCo in the past. I thought they were more solid in the middle. Thse splinter too easily....more info
  • Retriever Rolls were a big hit.
    My dog loved them.
    She's a super chewer and goes thru one of these in about 30 minutes, but
    it is a very happy and quiet 30 minutes.
    They came promptly and were great....more info
  • Fast Service
    The Service was great and fast!
    BUT the product was different than expected.
    "Cadet" the Manufacturer must have changed this item, they didn't hold up as well as the previous bad I got from Costco, the packaging was different but still "Cadet Retriever Rolls". Not Rawhide Depot's fault, manufacturers change.
    ...more info
  • For power chewers
    I've got a 130 lb Lab- not fat- who, at 5 years old, is nothing more than a puppy in a dog suit. He loves the retriever rolls (cut into 1/3rd's) at night to relax him.

    Too bad Costco stopped selling these....more info
  • My dogs love them
    these are the only few chew toys my dogs like and they are hard to find in the big bag. Because when you have 8 dogs you like to see some savings. ...more info
  • My dogs love these the best!!
    My dogs are Goldens so of course they love to chew and eat rawhide. This roll is wonderful because it doesnt leave a mess like many of the other types did. It is highly digestible so I dont worry about how much they are getting. This seller is always top notch in my book. ...more info
  • The Best
    These Retriever Rolls are the best and they last the longest for my Mastiff. Used to find them at Costco as well....more info
  • My dogs are happy again!
    Simply the best rawhides for the price, anywhere. These are the same rawhides that Costco used to carry in stores. They do not have the filled core, and therefore do not stink up the room like other brands. The transaction with Rawhide Depot was simple and error-free. I would recommend anyone looking for a good value in rawhides to try these Cadet Retriever Rolls - you won't we disappointed. ...more info
  • retriever rolls
    Great product!! Most of all, I like buying this product in larger quantities to save money....more info
  • He loves them!
    This is the second time that I have purchased these rawhide rolls. My dog just loves them ... he has very healthy teeth and his breath smells good! I will continue to buy them, no doubt....more info
  • Good dog treats
    This is a good product although not as good a value as what Costco was carrying until they stopped. My dogs are labs and need something more robust than pig ears or other lightweight chew items which they consume like water. As a lot of others have commented, they do splinter more easily than the ones at Costco (may be due to the manufacturing or variation in hide used). They last much longer than other chews and our dogs seem to be very happy with them. I did have one bad experience where there were issues with the shipping (with live UPS tracking, they left the warehouse after they were estimated to arrive) so if you need them for a certain time period, plan ahead and order early....more info
  • Great
    Great bone for the price. My Lab will chew on this for hours, and will last at least 3 days....more info
  • Satisfies my picky pooch!
    A retriever's gotta chew! That's what they do! My bowser tends to ignore most synthetic chew toys (nylon, rubber, etc.) and material 'toys' rarely last 5 minutes regardless of 'quality' (meaning price!). I give him one of these rolls each morning after breakfast, and it satisfies his need to 'chew' all day. (As a puppy, he ate an entire couch, the walls - even my lawnmower!) These are good, high quality, leather chew rolls, in quantity, at a great price. Through Amazon, a 1-click order brings a 2-month supply to my mailbox. Now that's service!...more info
  • bones for labs
    Our lab loves these bones. We used to find large bones at Costco but now we buy them on the internet. If you get them at the grocery store they are VERY expensive. These come in a large zip lock type bag and were shipped promptly. We will be a repeat customer....more info
  • Happy doggy tail
    These 10-11 inch retriever rolls are about the best price I've found. At the time of my order, they came out to about $1 a piece, which is the same price as my local dollar store. However, there are several reasons why I'll keep buying them here. First, these are rolled very tightly and seem to contain more rawhide per roll. Being as dense as they are, it keeps a big chewer busy longer. Second, it's hard to stock up at our dollar store, because they never have too many on hand. I don't like having to stop in every week to see if they happen to have some in stock. Buying them at Amazon means I'm stocked up at the click of a mouse. The only reason I didn't give a 5-star rating was that they are marked Product of Brazil, rather than being made in the USA. I'll still keep buying them, though....more info
  • Great price, great seller
    Got the product in a timely manner, good quality - have used them before and will continue!...more info
  • A great retreiver roll
    My golden will only chew rawhide retreiver rolls. In the past, the only ones I ever purchased that our dog did not chew up in 15 minutes came from Target; made in the USA. We moved from a large city to a small town when my husband retired from the USAF a couple of years ago. We are from 3 hours to 4 hours away from a Target and when we did go, it was difficult to get enough packages to stock up on.

    I found these while searching on-line for an alternative and thought "well, the reviews seem good, I'll give them a try." I LOVE THEM. Mattie, out dog, loves them. They last and last, so she gets to chew and chew. I probably won't be buying any other retreiver rolls but these from now on.

    Thanks Rawhide Depot!!

    Judy Wiseman...more info
  • Great Product, Great Bargain
    These have gone in price (by 50% of the original price) since I originally wrote this review but its still a bargain compared to what you pay at other retailers.

    November 2006
    When I first ordered the retriever rolls I was worried I had sacrificed quality for quantity but I was absolutely wrong. Each retriever was about 11" long and about 1.25" thick. They were identical in quality to the rawhide rolls I buy at the pet store for $2.99 each!! I have a VERY active 18 month (100 lbs) yellow lab but when I give him a retriever roll he will lay down to chew and play for hours at a time. They are thick and durable enough to last about week which is a miracle since he is a chewing machine. I highly recommend them to anyone with a puppy or dog who chews....more info
  • Toffee's favorite pastime
    These rawhide rolls are the best. They keep my dog entertained for hours on end. ...more info
  • best chewy for your best friend
    I breed Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Having young large breed dogs around your home can be a chore all by it's self. If I keep plenty of these retriever rolls on hand it keeps my adult dogs and my puppies very happy. My dogs LOVE these rolls. I have tried other types and brands but I always come back to these. Amazon has the best price and fastest service to keep me in stock. Outlaw Ridgebacks, Atwater Ca....more info
  • Variable Quality
    Two out of four bags purchased have been great. Good for at least a day of chewing by our happy Lab. However, two bags must have come from old cows, because they couldn't be chewed. The dog gave up interest quickly. We tried soaking them in water, but this had little effect once the they dried. Overall, they're great whan you get a "good" bag!...more info
  • Great Value for High Quality
    These rolls are some of the highest quality "bulk" rolls you can find. Each roll will take my aggressive eater 1 to 2 hours to chew through. I've purchased these rolls several times and have never been disappointed....more info
  • My dog's choice in rawhide
    My yellow lab loves these rawhides.... and I love Rawhide Depot - price is good, shipping is prompt. I don't have to worry about finding them in stock at a local store - they come right to my house :)...more info
  • for the "Chew Crew"!
    Having 3 Jack Russells and a Shiba Inu gives all new meaning to the word "destruction". As you can imagine, the little busybodies do a whole lot of chewing!
    These are probably the most tightly rolled retriever rolls, and the rawhide quality is also very good... well bleached, wont stain your carpet (unless you have a severe drooler!) and very thick. The bulk packs are well worth it, and the pricing from this vendor is the lowest I've found! They last quite a while, even with my power chewers. I will continue ordering this product for my "chew crew" as a boredom buster!...more info
  • These rolls are fantastic
    This is my 2nd time of ordering these. I was apprehensive at first but after they arrived I realized they were the best ones I'd found yet.

    I have a 2yo lab who has to chew on something and I don't just want it to be any old thing. These are natural rawhide, they don't stink, they aren't coverer or filled with something that will make your dog sick.

    I'm ordering more today. You won't be sorry if you order these. ...more info
  • Great Rolls!
    Lab mix loves these rolls!! Much better than you buy at most stores, these are rolled much tighter, so it takes him much longer to make his way through one. Hours of fun!...more info
  • excellent product but cost has gone way up!
    This is a great product. I have a big Lab and a Siberian Huskey puppy who both love these rolls. I used to purchas them at Costco. I gave it a four star rating because I'm a little disappointed about the price going up [..] a bag, in less than a year!...more info
  • My Dog Loves These
    I was spending a lot of money on rawhide dog bones at the grocery store, when I discovered the 1 lb bag of retriever rolls. My lab just loves them. They are much more reasonably priced and I have the added benefit of having them delivered to my front door. Although the shipping is a little steep (they are ineligible for Amazon Prime), it is still cheaper than grocery store rawhides....more info
  • Rawhide Retriever Rolls
    These have worked great for my 8 month old Labrador Puppy. He is such a chew monster! There is a bag at Costco that is about$15.00 for $25 rolls, so I buy the ones from Amazon when they are not available at Costco and they have helped me threw the CHEW MONSTER days... :o)...more info
  • Great Product
    My dogs love these. I have tried other chews, but they like these the best....more info
  • Great Deal - Great Price
    I have 3 very large dogs who love these bones. They go through a bag every week and 1/2 - 2 weeks. I used to buy these at costco, but they no longer carry them and I was so glad when I found them here. Shipping is a bit slow, but it's a great price as long as you don't mind waiting. ...more info


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