Elchim Uragano Ion Ionic hair dryer.

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Product Description

Elchim Uragano Ionic blow dryer with Negative Ion Generating system. 1800 watts. Negative Ion Generating system cuts drying time in half and leaves hair smooth, shiny and static free.Features two speeds and a 10 foot flexible cord. Superior to the inexpensive spark ion system used by many manufacturers.

  • Superior Negative Ion Generating System
  • Cuts drying time in half.
  • Double switch, two speeds, four different temperatures, 1800 watts.
  • Leaves hair smooth shiny and static free
Customer Reviews:
  • Good, not sure worth $100
    I'm no salon professional, but I've heard good things about Elchim products. I got the ionizing hair dryer because I heard it dries one's hair faster. Honestly, I'm not sure it dries my hair any faster than my $30 Conair model (I'm sure hairdressers will be groaning as I type this.) I basically like this dryer-it gets the job done, and has hot and cool settings, but as I said, I'm just not convinced it was SO good that it was worth the price. ...more info
  • very unhappy
    I was never really able to use the product. It stopped blowing hot air about 5 minutes into drying my hair. I tried to contact the company but, they never responded. Don't buy this product....more info
  • I would buy this again
    This is the first ionic hairdryer i have bought. I've always used a professional grade hairdryer but mine was quite old and needed to be replaced. I have not found any noticeable reduction in drying time for my hair. BUT I HAVE found a noticeable improvement in the condition of my hair. I have much less frizz and the overall texture is much smoother. My only complaint is that the medium temperature could be a bit hotter (I find the hot temperature is much too hot for my hair which is fine and a bit fragile so i use the medium temp all the time). But overall i'm very pleased with this hairdryer, and would buy it again. ...more info
  • Fantastic Hair Dryer
    This hair dryer is fantastic! It is easy to handle. It gets really hot and can definitely straighten that hard to straighten hair. You will feel like you just bought your hairdresser's hair dryer....more info
  • Expensive, but worth every penny
    This is the ultimate hair dryer. It is built like a tank - heavy, but well balanced and easy to use. It comes with an optional air intake that increases air flow (which was already higher than any other hair dryer I have ever tried) but decreases the maximum temperature somewhat (it is still hot enough - any hotter would melt your hair). There are 3 air flow settings and 3 heat settings (one of which is no heat). I have no way of telling if the ionic mechanism works or shortens drying time as there is no way to shut it off. This hair dryer drys much faster than any other I have tried, but I can't say if it is the very high air flow, high maximum heat setting, the ionic stuff, or the combination of all three. Whatever the mechanism, this dryer is fast and built to last....more info
  • Will This One Last 20 Years Like The Last One?!
    We had our last Elchim Hair Blower for about 20 years. This one seems fine so far. The Uragano's ionic ability is new, and seems to dry my long hair more quickly than our older, traditional one....more info
  • Love it!
    I have nothing but love for this dryer! I have very frizzy hair and this dries it nice and smooth in no time at all. I read the reviews before I purchased it and most of the complaints were lack of English instructions and the weight. Well, let me tell you that there ARE english instructions and the bottons are not that difficult to figure out without one anyway. The weight never bothered me and since I'm not holding it that long it's never been an issue. ...more info
  • Professional Blowout at Home
    This high powered ionic dryer is worth it. It dries my hair very quickly and cits down on my time in the morning. It also makes my hair feel much silkier and straighter (I have curly hair). If you are going to invest in a good hair dryer, this one is definitely worth it. Get your professional blowout at home....more info