Slendertone Men's Flex Abdominal Toning System Belt

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Product Description

Slendertone? Flex Pro provides multiple toning options for those who want greater variety and challenge from their ab training program. With seven built-in programs, it gives you maximum training flexibility and provides a great toning session for even the most advanced user. Slendertone? Flex Pro contains the same safe, effective EMS technology cleared by the FDA and demonstrated to give real results again and again in clinical studies.

Whether you're a casual exerciser, a senior, a fitness enthusiast, or someone facing physical challenges, The Slendertone Flex Abdominal Toning Belt for Men can help you build a stronger core foundation, add variety to your workouts, or enhance your training regimen. The Slendertone Flex system includes the belt, controller with four programs, three AAA batteries, three GelPads, travel pouch, and instruction manual. This belt fits waist sizes 27 to 47 inches.

Slendertone uses clinically proven, patent-pending C.S.I. (Concentrated Slendertone Innervation) technology to firm, tone and strengthen your entire midsection with patented medical-grade muscle stimulation technology. The unique construction of the Slendertone Flex features three pre-positioned, medical-grade GelPads, covering the central abdominal muscles and external obliques. Signals from the belt reach out to nerves where they are most concentrated. These nerves branch out to reach all the abdominal muscles (not just those under the pads) causing them to relax and contract naturally, exercising all the muscles at the same time.

Used regularly (as little as 30 minutes a day) in conjunction with a healthy diet and some moderate exercise, you will notice results within 8 weeks. You can wear the Slendertone Flex when you just don't have time in your hectic schedule to hit the gym or go for a run, or wear it during your workout for added emphasis.

  • Exercises all abdominal muscles simultaneously by stimulating nerves controlling muscles
  • Battery-operated (3 AAA batteries included); lightweight, breathable
  • Ergonomically designed for men; adjusting to fit 27 to 47-inch waist sizes
  • Built-in memory/intelligent control increases exercise level through four programs
  • Comes with controller, three GelPads, travel pouch and instruction manual

Customer Reviews:

  • really did not work
    i have used this for a number of months, and it has not worked like it says it would. i have lost weight due to diet pills, but my stomach has not firmed up at all one bit. ...more info
  • Full year's usage of Slendertone report
    I've been using my Slendertone intensively and faithfully for a full year simply because it not only absolutely works it actually offers incremental development over a long period of time with dedicated use.

    I haven't done a single situp at least four years prior, but after a year of Slendertone sessions exclusively, my abs have never looked better now at 56, including a decade ago of focused ab training. Nothing extraordinary, except for me.

    The first weeks use showed the promise of helping tighten a sagging midsection as expected. But the current state of slowly, but surely revealing individual ab muscle segments, not yet enough to declare "six pack," but at least giving glimpses, was never imagined.

    Enough to see continous use an absolute benefit and promise of results driving desire to keep intensity focused impossible to imagine any passive exercise device could offer.

    I suggest the Slendertone System or Flex Pro for their highly advanced power output and particularly for the intensive training sessions programmed. Just like all exercise, increasing intensity over time gives results potential missing in the lower-end belts.

    I've done hundreds of sessions and during found the secrets to unleash the short pads life-cycles. Do read the long description how-to in the Slendertone single pad set review comments. Enjoy!...more info
    It's very easy to use and it really works; need to have it : )...more info
  • 1 week
    After using for one week my abs already looked like they were toning up! I love this thing. I cant wait to try out the pants!...more info
  • Slendertone ab belt
    I bought the slender tone ab belt form the manufacture, where it took 2-3 weeks just to ship me my item. I'm a college student working 2 jobs and I have been wearing the ab belt for a week now. I can feel the vibrations, contraction and I have to say it's very addicting. Since I can feel the contraction I want to wear it more and more. I have seen any real results yet i'm on my 19th session, I do feel a difference though. The gel pads after one week have lost stickiness and are deteriorating. For the price it is I would say don't get it because the original price plus the maintenance of buying gel pads. If i don't see any results in two more weeks I will send it back....more info
  • Double Duty
    I'm in love with this product. I wear it when I workout to get an extra burn, and when I clean the house or watch TV to be doubly productive. I would recommend this to any and everyone with either a busy lifestyle or a sedentary one. This thing really works....more info
  • Not sure, I feel something
    It works, instructions are so so, pad life has been great. I guess if you take care of them and put them away nicely they last sometime. I'm just about to replace my first set, just because they are almost losing their stick almost (and this is from a month of use).

    I feel the muscles working, my abs are getting tighter. I like the idea of electronic stimulus. I first was introduced to this after my first knee surgery (had had 2), it really helps the physical therapy along.

    40 minutes at a setting of 8000, easy. But I was running at 4000 or so at the beginning. I think it works, no reason it shouldn't work. If you don't diet your not going to "see it", but you should feel it, having strong abs helps everything else.

    I don't think the instructions are very good, I had a hard time deciding if the placement was right and still wonder. The waste size is not the whole store, if they would simply provide a better picture of the ab muscles and where you should place the pads (how to locate) that would be better.

    Kind of cheap I guess, but well worth it if your not the crunch type of person. ...more info
  • It works!
    I ordered two for me and my husband. When I open the package, I was disappointed because woman's was opened and has been used. However, this product seems to work for me and my husband as well. We are using this product around 8 PM and it even give us a good sleep all most every night. ...more info
  • Not that Bad
    I wasn't sure About this product the first time I saw it. I was quite skeptical but a month later I saw it again and had the money So I said why not. Well I can tell you this works the hell out of your abs, the intensity level is ridiculous. I went max one day but couldn't do it the next because it was to much, I had to drop it down by 10. I work out and trying to lose my gut, though I cant see my 6pack yet My abs feel super tight to a point where I could feel the muscle. I'm not an overweight guy So I can still see the lining coming along and feel this product is helping especially while working at my desk, I wear it for 40 mins mid afternoon then When I get out of work I hit the gym. I had it for less than 2 weeks and I do notice a difference. Battery life does suck, after 2 or maybe 3 uses with Duracell batteries, you'll need new ones. I recommend getting rechargeable ones, it will save you money in the long run. As far for the sticky Pads I'm still using my first issued ones, but after 17 or so uses you can still try to use them if they barley stick or pay 7.00 to get new ones. Just pray that they don't slip out of place or your in for a painful shock....more info
  • Slendertone ab toning belt.......i don't know yet if it works
    Slendertone Men's Flex Abdominal Toning System Belt

    It has been about 15 days, since i started using this product.
    I do feel some sensations of contractions on my stomach but so far i am yet to see any visible change in my body. I guess the time frame of 15 sessions is too early to review this particular product.

    I am not all that gung-ho about the product yet but i did do some research before buying this product. I also went through a sports meidicine journal article written about the use of this product on a focus group of 40 people. That article let me trust this company to actually go ahead and order it. You can search for that article on google scholar, search for author "John.P. Porcari" title of paper is "THE EFFECTS OF NEUROMUSCULAR ELECTRICAL STIMULATION TRAINING ON ABDOMINAL STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, AND SELECTED ANTHROPOMETRIC MEASURES"

    About the use of product, the manual is self-explanatory. I did some tweaking with the recommended training scheme and now use program 4 after 2 weeks. The vibrations do feel a bit awkward initially but then you get used to them. Progressively increase ur intensity levels don't jump around from 60 to 90 straightaway.

    About Amazon service experience, they mailed me a defective product initially. But as soon as i emailed them about it, they shipped a replacement to me. Its another story that it got lost in transit. So i emailed them again about the product and they promptly sent me a replacement of the replacement :)
    So far i am happy with their service quality. ...more info
  • One of the most hideous engineering I ever seen. But have no other choice.
    This takes 3 AAA batteries, which drain pretty fast. It is alright, if it is easy to insert and take out batteries, like in any other electronic devices. But in this one, you have to squash in three batteries in order of, left one first, right one second and then the middle one last, through very ungenerous opening provided. Now the real difficulty starts when you have to take out those batteries, which you have to do regularly.

    There is no proper mechanism to hold those three awfully delicate gel pads on the belt. It slightly sticks on the belt once you place it on, but if you move the belt pretty fast, it can easily fall off. So when you are putting the belt on, make sure it won't fall off, or if it fall of, not to land it on any dirty surface.

    Putting the belt on part, not very nicely designed either. It has neat velcro lock, but you have to lock them from your behind with a minor struggle. I guess woman are pretty used to that kind of locks, since they have experience locking the bra from back.. But we men never encounter such a lock, until you get one of these belts, like I did. If you are little over weight, you may find this pretty annoying to adjust it correctly (and make sure those gel pads won't fall off at the same time) or rather get some else's help. It could be really nice if they care to place the locking mechanism on side of the belt or font. But unfortunately they didn't.

    You can take out the plastic electronic part from the front of the belt really easy even while you are wearing the belt. You have to take it out when you have to change batters while jell pads still stick to the belt. But it is not that smooth to slip it back correctly.

    Make sure never to touch metal connectors in the belt without gel pads, because that can give you quite annoying electronic shock. But once you place the gel pads over it, they are fine.

    It has small neat display; even you can look at pretty easily while you are wearing it. But just like everything else, it is poorly designed too. It has some sort of code language like hieroglyphics. I read the manual couple of times hoping I can understand what all those symbols means, but finally I gave up.

    The first thing you feel when you wear the belt is, those cold sticky gel pads stick on to your skin. After you get over with that feeling, it is perfectly fine. You can wear it while watching tv, and you feel it working on you. So far I only feel side pads working, not the middle one like it suppose to do. I adjust the belt few times like troubleshooting section advised, without any luck.

    Once you finish using the belt, storing it is another absolute disappointment. Those gel pads come with cheap plastic films you can peel off (just like the papers on back of stickers), and then you have to save those, in order of use it over and over again to protect those jell pads.

    Overall, this unit should have cost somewhere around 25$ or less.. Because that is how it feels like and that is how it made. This is not something made to last long. For a unit that cost more than 100$, they should have give something more than half a cent worth of plastic films to store those expensive gel pads.

    Also note, Amazon picture (Nov-24-2007) have carrying pouch and batteries. But you won't get any of those. Instead I got a printout saying, Amazon special low priced package does not include traveling pouch. They didn't mention anything about batteries.

    Does this unit works? I have not used it long enough to say exactly how good results this gives. But I feel this works (so far). I feel it when I'm using it, I feel it afterword.

    This product is a good example for horror of market monopoly. Since I had no other similar product to choose from, and since I'm too busy and too lazy to do proper physical workout, I had to get this one.
    ...more info
  • Amazing product.
    I have been using the slendertone for the past six weeks. I work out regularly, and I am at my ideal weight. However after delivering my baby a year and half ago, I lost my six pack. Ever since using the slendertone, I have notice a huge improvement on my muscular toning that I had been unable to obtain with my workout alone. I would recommend this product to people that exercise and eat right and want to get some extra help. This is not a product designed for people that need to lose weight. ...more info
  • Best Thing Ever!!
    I love this belt I've only had it for 2days but I can already feel it working! I jumped to the highest lvl when I got it and increased the pulsations to 20 just to start with and now I'm at 55 on the second day. I use it 2 to 3 times a day for quicker results! I'll do a 40 min work out on lvl 4 and when thats done I do a 20 or 30 min work out just for a little extra boost! I'm trying to get my tummy toned quick Because I'm going on Vacation and I want to look my best (and i've kinda let my image slip, I wouldn't say I'm fat I'm just not happy with my Belly)Making sure your body is free of all dirt helps out ALOT! and cleaning the pads with water when your done seems to help keep them in better shape!...more info
  • Amazing! I love this thing
    I've only had the Slendertone flex for about a dozen sessions now...but I love it. I am already at a 67 intensity, and I don't want to take it off. I am disappointed when my session is over, as I enjoy the sensations it proivded thoroughly. Be warned however, this will only strengthen your muscles, and make them more pronounced...but will not burn much or any fat, or help you lose weight. It will make your abs much much stronger, which will enable you to do more ab exercises, and that will make you lose the pounds and inches. Its an excellent supplement, and I will reccomend to anyone, but it is not a substitute for exercise when your goal is to lose weight.

    I am overweight, with more than 20 lbs to lose, and I am already seeing more strength, which causes more motivation. This makes my normal exercise easier. I have a wedding in 3 months, and my bride is already slender. This will help me keep going, and help me reach my goal weight....more info
  • love this belt
    I have been using this belt for a few months now and i love it! The first

    belt must have been defective since it was constantly giving me an error message. Almost drove me nuts! i went thru 3 packages of pads in 1 week!

    I sent the belt back and asked to try a replacement. HSN was great about it and sent me a replacement belt right away along with some extra pads.

    this belt works great! the trick is not to use any body creams or lotions on the mid section nor touch the pads with fingers etc. mine last a good 30 uses. The batteries have been changed a couple of times and there is a little trick to getting them in easily. I haven't figured that one out yet!

    The pads are expensive so be sure to order the right ones from I made the mistake of ordering the ones for the shorts. Sam at tried to help but I had opened the pack so he offered me an alternative. I highly recommend this item. It feels good and it works.

    ...more info
    The kinks must be worked out because I found the directions simple and accurate. I anticipated struggling with placement and adhesiveness of the product and was pleasantly surprised at the ease of my very first usage. It was working 5 minutes out of the box. Moreover, the muscle contractions were strong and I could feel the tightening. If you are more than a little overweight the results might not be as obvious. As for me, I am quite happy with the product and can't wait to try the shorts....more info
  • Works
    This is a review of the model here: Slendertone Gymbody Abs Belt - Mens, a previous version. I was skeptical when I decided to try this product, but yes, it works. Read on, only if you're willing to take a little bit more medical detail than you might like. I ordered the unit when I weighed about 195. I was 52, and 6'3", so not overweight, but not fat-less either. I exercised fairly regularly, 3-4 times a week, including 50 crunches, and a number of other abdominal exercises, along with light weights. I used the Slendertone for a few months, and then learned I had cancer. About a month after the diagnosis, I had to have a stomach tube or PEG implanted for feeding, at the same time I had my port installed for chemo. This is normally a one-hour general anesthesia procedure. Three hours later, they got done. Even under general, I distinctly recall being "hammered" on and hearing my surgeon yell at me to relax. Later, my wife told me that my surgeon said to her: "Your husband has the ab muscles of a 20 year old." All due to the Slendertone? Probably not, but I know it helped. As soon as I got my PEG removed two weeks ago, I started using it again. I dropped 35 pounds during treatment, and don't have anywhere near the energy I used to have [but I will get it back], but the Slendertone I can start using right away, even though my exercise routine is still very light. And I'll admit that the electrical sensations actually feel okay.

    I saw there is a new Flex Belt out, and although the website is unclear, it appears to be a Slendertone product, retail priced at 199. It uses a rechargeable battery pack [definite improvement] with finer and wider ranging control [another], and the stim unit on the front is less bulky [biggest current drawback]. It claims to be the first FDA-approved class II medical devices for EMS muscle stimulation. Based on my experience so far, I just may have to try it....more info
  • Malfunction after first use
    I bought this belt extremely excited to use it. After assembling the belt it wouldn't work. I tried to troubleshoot for about 2 hours with no luck. I called the company to see if they could help me with no resolution. I am very displeased with this product because of the malfunction....more info
  • works good!
    This really did work for me! I have an almost flat belly to start with, and I used to do ballet and stopped a few years back, so I had lost a lost of muscle/definition. I could really see a difference in a few weeks! I'm not so sure it would work as well with someone who doesn't already have an almost flat tummy. The only thing with this, was after awhile I just stopped using it, got tired of having to put it on everyday :-P I use it for 2 months, and then stop using it for a bit.. then start using it again. Works okay for me that way....more info
  • IT WORKS..............BUT
    I just received the belt and hopped right on it. It contracts the u know what out of your abs, THE ENTIRE CORE. I was sooooo skeptical at first. Everyone I know told me not to buy this product but I had to at least try it. Boy did it pay off, I feel more energized, more strengthened, and more toned. I am a 16 year old couch potato(meaning I have no abs at all) about 170 pounds looking for a quick fix. I FOUND IT! The only knock on this product is the constant replacement of the Gel Pads. Your going to have to purchase new Pads about every 3 weeks, so if your willing to make that investment GO FOR IT....IT'S SOOOOOOO WORTH IT. ...more info
  • Love It!
    I have been using the Slendertone Flex for about 2 weeks and already notice a difference in my pants. I use it faithfully everyday and love it! I did measure at the start of this week and plan to track measurements after a month. I'll let you know....more info
  • Nice product, very useful
    I bought this two weeks ago. Using that almost every day. It works significantly for me. So I recommend that to my friends. Two of them bought, (one is for man, the other is for lady)and both of them extremly likt that. ...more info
  • Slendertone Flex
    I received it several weeks ago. It would not do anything. I called the phone # for help. You need to put the sticky belt on and then call. I never did as I was just getting ready to go away and not prepared to put it all back on, and stand there with a sticky belt on and wait to get through to customer help. I am thinking of returning it. Also, after approximately 20 uses you have to buy new sticky pads. Not looking forward to continually replacing them....more info
  • sucks
    I'd like to know more about those who gave a '5 star' review. I can't imagine giving this product more than a one star. It hurts your abs and doesn't work at all! ...more info
  • Works, but don't expect instant results
    I bought the Slendertone Flex Toning System about a month ago, and have been using it daily.
    So far I haven't noticed any slimming effect on my waist, but my abdominal muscles feel harder and stronger. The product promises visible results in 8 weeks (with other exercise and diet) and I think I am on course for that.

    First of all, the "belt" is really easy to use, and it can be used watching tv, or reading. I don't recommend moving about too much as you use it, as it can sometimes be painful. There are no cables or anything tripping you up or restricting movement.

    The "cons" of this system are minor, but kinda irritating. First of all, it's battery operated. The battery holder has been inexplicably badly designed, and it's a real effort to insert and remove batteries. Let me just say that I'm pretty technological, so it's not a problem from that point of view, but if you have normal man-sized fingers, the opening is tough to manipulate. while this is a minor irritant, it won't stop you using the machine, rather it just delays you by a minute each time.

    While this otherwise might not be a serious problem, the second irritant of the belt is that it eats batteries. The pre-supplied batteries don't even last one session! Buy a good brand of batteries, or even better, get yourself some rechargeable batteries, like I did. More initial expense but will save you big time in the long run.

    those irritants aside, I can recommend this system for anyone who is looking to get toned around the abdominal area. Be warned though: this is not a miracle cure; you're not going to lose your gut by watching tv and using this system 20 minutes a day. It has to be used in conjunction with healthier food choices and an increase in your daily exercise.

    I bought this product through Amazon from a seller called Young Zebra. I paid $97 dollars not including postage, and it's been well worth it. I would recommend both seller and product to a friend. ...more info
  • Product is good, Slendertone customer service is horrible!
    DO NOT buy Slendertone products from SlendertoneUSA and/or! First of all, their prices are up to $50 higher per item that what is offered on Amazon and other retailers. Next, the product will take up to three weeks to get to you. Finally, their customer service is the absolute worst I have ever experienced.

    SlendertoneUSA is not the manufacturer of Slendertone products. The products are manufactured in Ireland and they work well. SlendertoneUSA is just one of the US distributors of Slendertone products. I learned this the hard way. I ordered the Flex belt via, then saw it offered on for half the price. When I called Slendertone customer service to cancel the order, they wouldn't take no for an answer, told me they'd match Amazon's price and upgraded my product from the Flex to the System Abs (a better product). Two weeks later, I received the wrong product (the Flex)and my credit card was charged at the inflated price.

    I have contacted their customer service four times now and two months later, have yet to receive the System Abs (the product they promised). It took three calls to find a supervisor (who was rude and unhelpful)and when I took the trouble to write an email of complaint, I got a generic, automatic response.

    Slendertone USA has the worst customer service department I have ever encountered. After eight weeks of dealing with them, I have yet to receive the product I was promised. Meanwhile, I am being billed for a product I cancelled.

    NEVER order any Slendertone Products from! Believe me, you will regret it!...more info
  • They only want your money
    I really don't have much to comment on the product, it seemed not to do anything for me. What I can comment on is their returns and customer service though. Since it didn't work for me I sent it back honoring the time limit Now after 4 months they are charging my credit card stating I didn't return the product They argue with me at customer service and go around in circles concerning this issue and forget about calling the service center where you send it back to they never return calls. Currently they are disputing it with my credit card and continue to charge me again each time it is reversed. I may never see my money back from them but hopefully I can warn someone who is considering ordering this....more info
  • just ok
    Everything seems new on the belt except for the gel pads that seem to be used. ...more info
  • Slendertone flex
    I bought this product a few years ago from HSN. At first it freaked me out with the pulsing, but I've gotten used to it and it seems to work. The only thing is that you must place the pads precisely where the directions say so you don't hurt yourself. The pads last quite a while as long as you don't use them after you've put on body lotion....more info
  • Very Bad
    This product goes through AAA batteries like water, the pads only lasted 17 times and costs $20.00, the unit needs to be reset by taking it in and out, and the batteries need to be taken in and out as well everytime to make the intensity work.

    They have not worked out the bugs yet. I do not recommend this product....more info
  • Must try this product
    I am a satified user of this product. Try it, you will find out for yourself....more info
  • Slender tone for women
    I don't like it. It didn't do anything. I hope I can get my money back. It was expensisve. =(...more info
  • Product arrived defective
    It appears I was sent a reconditioned unit without my knowledge and it did not work. I got the manufacturer to send me a new one which I have not used as the process has stretched out for 5 weeks. This does not encourage buying on the internet, and I would chose not to do so if this product were sold at retail....more info
  • Decent Results But Expensive...
    I'm sure the #1 question of everyone's mind is: DOES IT WORK???

    Well, let me just say this: Yes and No. You have to be in shape to see those results. I am 20 pounds overweight, as I try to lose weight. However, when I look in the mirror and suck my stomach in, I see the ab muscles that I have never seen before. I am already in my 30th session and I know I will see more results as time goes on. If you are an average weight and want to see and strenghten your ab muscles, this should do the trick, because it STRENGHTENS your ab muscles, it doesn't just paint them on your stomach. So if you are 100 pounds overweight and expect to see rock-hard abs in a week, I wouldn't recommend this product. However, if you are trying to lose weight and/or already in good shape but have weak and underdeveloped abs, you may consider investing in this. How do I know this? This device sends vibration to your abs and has levels from 1 to 99, with 1 beaing weakest and 99 being the most intense. During the first few days, I couldn't handle the sensations over 50 as I felt like somebody grabbed me by my stomach and wouldn't let go, but now, I can easily handle vibrations over 85, which means my abs did become stronger than a month before!

    Other things to consider: You will invest $150 into this and possible $15 per month on new pads as they slowly get stretched and deteriorate. With that type of investment, you can easily joiin a gym membership, if you think about it.

    Bottom Line: A good buy if used properly but expensive considering the alternatives such as gym, where you can excersise your whole body, as Selndertone Flex just targets one part of the body....more info
  • Great
    I have owned this belt for about 2 months now...i had an "ab belt" in high school and it only pulsed a lil...but this is the real deal....after ya reach like 15-20 on the intensity(that goes to 100) you can actually feel the muscles contract. The package says to use it for 30 min a day....but i find it so easy and comfertable i use it at least 80min a day.

    I have gone from a generally height/weight prop, with little definition....tonow i can actually see where my stomache actually "cuts" looks so good....and all i do is watch my food intake(no junk)

    As for a complaint in a review below...
    1) i have never had a problem with batteries......same batteries for over two months...used everyday for at least 80min
    2) The pads....i have found that if you make sure to properly place them, yes the stickyness wears off after about 30 uses...but that is only used to hold in place....THE BELT IS VELCRO!!!!!!!!! no need to always be sticky.....i just use a water base lube to keep the contact uniform across the like new pads.....never had a problem

    p.s. its so easy to use i try to wear it whenever i am on my computer...matter of fact...its on right now :)

    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • This will work if you don't take shortcuts! Be smart about using medical technology.
    Slendertone Men's Flex Abdominal Toning System Belt

    If you're going to go high tech, understand what it is you're working with!

    I'm writing this, becuase this product derserves a fair representation and some of the reveiws are very misleading.

    I have been using this belt for a long time and also know a bit about the technology in relation to using a tens unit as well as having a decent understanding of the medical device industry.

    This is not a cheap product and everything that is utilized in the manufacture of the product is in line with the grade of the tens unit I use that was made by a medical device manufacture and regulated by the FDA and recieved through insurance - Not some cheap little unit bought from a TV add. The slendertone is not cheap and it's not easy to muck up. The following items are the areas that I felt were important to review and share for consumer information.

    1. The comments about the pads and how they don't stay on the belt are extremely misleading. These pads are extremely sticky; they stick perfectly fine and stay on. Continuously re-adjusting the pads on the belt will cause them to lose their adhesive. So if you're taking them on and off the belt continuously, they are of course going to lose their adhesive affect and fall off. Avoid taking them on an off and constantly re-adjusting them and you'll find they will stick just fine. Tip: The guidelines on the belt are for a standard waist size. Everyone's measurements vary, so don't necessarily go with the guidelines on the belt. Hold the belt up and identify the best positioning based on where your muscles are that you need to work out for your waist and postion the guides accordingly. You can use various adhevsives on the protective covers to figure out positioning that will work for your body.

    2. The covers that are used to protect the surface of the gel that comes into contact with your skin work perfectly fine as well and are not cheap. Yes they could be improved upon, but they really don't differ from the medical grade products sold on the market. Improvements could occur with all the products. It would be beneficial for the covers to be a bit more flexible so that the cover adheres with even the slightest bend to prevent the gels from losing that valuable moisture. The more of us that write into the company about requesting this improvement, the more apt the company is in making it. Be a good consumer and do so please. Tip: To avoid moisture loss, continue to place the protective cover on the gel after use and then put the belt in a platic bag and then put the entire belt in your carrier. The plastic bag will add another barrier to keep out the drying air that will dehydrate the gel and cut down on it's adhevise properties.

    3. If you're getting shocked, your pads are too old or dirty. The key is to keep them clean and moist and change them when they need changing.

    4. As far as batteries go, the device is putting off a high electrical current and somehow that current has to be generated by something which is where the batteries come into play. It's not very convenient to be plugged into a wall with a cord now is it. Yes, a high electrical current is going to zap the energy out of a battery: This is why pacemakers and other devices like those use high buck specialized lithium batteries that provide longevity. So, if you want to use a device like this ab belt that does work, well then be smart about how you generate the energy. Don't buy cheap batteries. I'm not sure if lithium batteries can be used in this device, but it may be worth asking the manufacturer about that. Lithium batteries could be an expensive venture though. I personally use duracel coppertops and the energizer bunny ones at this moment; However, I'm looking for a good rechargable system that I can utilize. I've done that before with other gadgets and it's worked wonderfully. I've misplaced my charger though and now need to get a new one.

    5. When it comes to changing batteries, yes that is not the easiest, but it is not over the top difficult either - You might use a swear word or two if you have large fingers, but changing the batteries takes seconds. We're so impatient these days that if something takes over a minute, we fall apart. If you're hands are too big to manuever, get someone with small hands to do it for you.

    6. Mold - I would never recommend wearing this for physical activity in which you are heavily sweating. You body will deposit all the nasty stuff from your body which in turn could cause the gels to mold. The gels to remove lose skin from your body becuase they are sticky. So if you're not very tidy when you use the product, whatever particulates you transfer to the gels from your body could from your body could also mold.

    Bottomline, the belt works and it is not difficult to use. It's not a shortcut and you can't shortcut with it. This is a great device for folks that have physical challenges and perhaps find regular exercise more difficult. Pair this up with some sort of exercise, good eating habits and you will get great results. Take care of it; store it properly and keep the gels clean. Change the gels when they don't seem to be generating consistent sensations. Be consistent with your use. Be smart about how to use batteries for high tech devices. The battery industry is big business. Let the battery companies know you want stronger and better batteries that last longer and they will continue to work on improving their product. Be a good consumer by telling companies what works about their product and what does not. In the meantime, enjoy that slim waste you've worked so hard to get!
    ...more info
  • works for me!
    I purchased this belt after reading the reviews and I figured I would give it a shot and if I didnt like it I would return it. I am on my 9th session as we speak, and I am already seeing slight results! I am 19 years old, 5'4", and weigh about 130lbs. Other people would describe me as skinny, but I can't seem to look past my stubborn belly fat. In the past, I have tried different types of workouts to get a nice tummy, and even fell into the Bender Ball scam, but I have scoliosis so any type of crunches hurt my back. After using the belt 9 times, I am starting to see those sexy lines on either side of my belly button. Haven't seen those since I was dancing 3 times a week! Like other people have already stated, I think this product works the best on the people who already have close to a flat tummy. The batteries have not died yet (infact, the meter on the belt says the battery life is full) and the pads are still sticky. In my opinion I am moving rather slowly, like I said I am on my 9th session, and I just turned it up to level 73 of 99. Maybe thats slow, maybe its not. Im probably going to order some more pads right now, because I really like this belt and I will be using it for a while....more info
  • Real Dissapointment
    I was so excited to get this set, and I also purchased the thigh and bottom shorts. Both were such a dissapointment. I used each one daily, sometimes twice a day, and it did absolutely nothing as far as toning, however, I did feel quite energized afterwards. The shorts we also very difficult to put on and remove. I was surprisingly pleased with how long the stick on gel pads lasted though. ...more info
  • Great Product !
    It is a very powerful unit to use. It really does make your stomach muscles work. what i like is the unit is programed to advance you to the next level and it really does firm up your stomach! ...more info
  • Love It
    Although I haven't had this belt for a month, I just love it. I'm making an effort to use it everday for 25 minutes at a good setting (35/35) for myself. I'm not a fan of taking measurements, but I can feel and see a difference....more info
  • Careful....
    This product really does work; however, I got a nice-sized bruise on my side after 2 weeks of continuous use, and had to hold off for a week or so, which kinda defeats the purpose. They say not to use it on any other body part, but I found it works well on the arms. The only other issue with this product is I was using it one day, turned it up a little, and all of a sudden it felt like someone attatched a live wire to my naval. I don't know if it was a quirk with the product, or if the pads go bad after only a couple weeks of use....more info
  • YES, it works.
    Slendertone Gymbody Abs Belt - Mens

    I ordered the Slendertone - expecting to be disappointed, but hoping for the best. I am relatively fit (work out 3-4 times a week), but am having trouble losing in belly/hips area. I have used the slendertone belt for only 10 days straight - and can't believe how I'm seeing definition already - particularly in my upper abs. I was planning on giving it 14 days before judging, but I could see a difference after 5 days. And last time I did weight training, I was actually stronger. I'm now thinking of getting th slendertone shorts. First few days were uncomfortable, but now the electronic shocks don't bother me - Totally think this is worth it, and can't wait to see results after a month! Just in time for beach season!!...more info
  • Slendertone Flex gel pads grow MOLD !
    "You can even use SLENDERTONE products while you work out!" - NOT!

    There is no mention of the acceptable intensity of that workout.

    Before purchasing my Flex, I downloaded the directions and read them. It said not to get it wet. I called technical support to ask about wearing the belt while exercising and sweating. I was told that, that is what it is designed for.

    My problem: The center gel pad grows MOLD.

    I wear my belt, setting 80-99, while exercising on my Orbitrek for 30 minutes. I lay my Flex belt out flat, gel pads up, on my weight bench, place the plastic covers on the gel pads and leave it until next day. In just a couple of weeks the center pad starts growing MOLD on it. The outer pads are still fine. Slendertone pads are pretty expensive to be going through center pads so rapidly. You can only buy the gel pads in a set so I wind up with extra/wasted outer pads.

    I contacted Slendertone - info@slendertone.*** - to inquire about the gel pads growing MOLD and they told me that they were unaware of anyone else having this problem.

    Is anyone else's Slendertone Flex center gel pad growing MOLD?

    The Second problem I've experienced is the display on the control unit loosing segments. Banner Therapy, the company I bought it from replaced the first one under warranty. Slendertone sent me a second replacement control unit. I'm on my third one now.

    Anyone loosing segments on their display unit?

    Other than the two problems - MOLD growing on center pad and display malfunction - I have been very satisfied with my Flex ab belt. It firms and tightens my abs while doing my aerobic exercise. I want to get much more use from this product, if the MOLD problem could be remedied....more info
  • Slendertone good!
    This product works really well at strengthening the lower abdominal muscles.
    Note: I say Strengthening! This is really not for losing weight.
    This is useful if you already have a flattish stomach and want to get the last bit of fat off and tone up.
    I have had one of these in the past so I knew what I was buying and would recommend it to anyone who is already working out and and needs a little something extra to get rid of that last stubborn bump of fat on your stomach.

    The gels last a long time if you look after them, you can revive them by smearing a little tap water over them with your fingers before you use them.
    Battery life is surprisingly good, I've used it every day for the last 3 weeks and haven't had to change them yet. My wife has been using it every day too, as well.

    Shop around and make sure you get a good price though!...more info
  • It does work to a degree.........
    I have had the flex belt for about three months and used it continuiously for about 6 weeks, then it seems the pads wore out as I was getting a shock on one side of my body and the unit stopped working properly. I could feel some results after about a month but as soon as you stop using it, it's back to what you were before. I feel that the pads wear out too quickly. It's expensive to replace them and they are not that easy to find. I guess i was looking for a quick fix to get rid of that baby belly, but just like exercise, this takes commitment, both time and money....more info
  • slendertone
    so far I havent seen any results, but it does say that it takes up to 6 weeks to see results and I have only been using it for about 3 weeks. I do feel the muscles tightening up as it says it is suppose to do... so now it is a wait and see.......more info
  • Abs again
    I am in a wheel chair and have lost all muscle tone in my midsection. Slendertone is fantastic! I can sit up again and have real abs. Pads wear out, but a great product!...more info
  • don't waste your money
    if you're considering these, my recommendation is to invest your money elsewhere.
    my belt size is ~31 (32 is too big & 30 is a little small) & i'm a fairly active person with a lot of walking & healthy eater. i bought it after extensive review/research and knowing its limitation. but since i drive a lot, i go "what the heck"..... yet after 30 days of INTENSE use (max setting at 99, 2-3 hours / day. 4-6 days / week), i have noted minimal improvement in my abdomen musculature. so i don't know if these are as good as the claim. my take is to limit your calorie intake & increase daily physical activity (30+ min /day, until sweating) is much more cost effective than these, especially considering the cost of the replacement pads. when you exercise, you use whole lot more muscle mass, instead of only the ones stimulated by this belt....more info


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